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  1. still wondering about this a year later 😄. having the plane severely off center gives me a headache
  2. is this mod still needed with latest MSFS version?
  3. ah, strange. i assumed they'd have updated the main download file for such an important update. but i found the thread thanks
  4. I just downloaded the C310 but same version 0.1.0, has it been released?
  5. it worked! i've definitely not had it for weeks now, i just thought i was too blind to tell but now that it's on it's definitely on. thank you
  6. i've tried to alt-enter to change between full screen and windowed, however i haven't tried to wiggle the screen trick. i'll see if that does anything
  7. correct. flipping HDR10 settings in MSFS on and off produces no discernable effect for me, so I know something isn't working correctly. Probably something wrong in my settings or configs. actually made a post about it: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/626300-can-you-tell-which-one-is-hdr/
  8. it is g-sync ultimate. It also has HDR1000! however I'm currently working through an issue where I'm unable to get HDR in MSFS working at the moment. But I utilize its HDR1000 in other games and it's simply stunning. So I imagine when I get it to work in MSFS it will be similarly fantastic.
  9. I use my trusty ol MSFT FFB 2 after having it since I was a little kid and still works wonders. But it is frusterating going from DCS World there some modules have FFB implemented AMAZINGLY (with even rumbles during high speed takeoff rolls or if you forget to close the cowl flaps) to MSFS2020 where the stick feels like a semi-stiff dead fish.
  10. I have the new Alienware OLED Ultrawide and it's amazing. But you should definitely add in a screensaver or enable auto-off after X minutes. It has built-in pixel refresher after a certain number of hours so it's difficult to have burn in but you can do it if it you really try hard enough. Just enable a simple screensaver after X mins of inactivity and you'll be good.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find additional detailed DEM maps of the World Update locations? I found this one awesome map of the US showing very detailed DEM quality locations: b281b1f6bb4f952325faec83c16286d78c3e8040.jpeg (2560×1046) (flightsimulator.com) But we need to know this sort of detail for all of the World Updates. It t'would be especially good for the new Canada update as it’s a huge area with lots of mountains. Where in Canada has the best DEM? A map like this would be perfect. Anyone know if where to find them? Cheers
  12. I've never used the xbox game bar before but I'll give it a shot and see what happens thanks for the reply. I connect via DP and play HDR-enabled games quite a bit so I know it's working in general. I have an HDR1000 monitor so its very noticeable when enabled, really looks amazing. I like to flip the HDR setting in-game on and off for fun just to witness how much better it makes the graphics. thats actually how I noticed it didn't seem to be working in MSFS 😄
  13. UPDATE: i tried the alt-enter trick but still couldn't tell a difference. *sigh* i guess i'm destined for non-hdr simming
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