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  1. yup that did it, thanks. removing the '-'. i was able to copy over my config files from ProgramData to the new folder and it loaded them up
  2. Hmm it didn't seem to work for me. Here is what I have in the shortcut target line: "X:\MSFS\MSFS Tools\Addon Linker v12\MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe" -configfolder="X:\MSFS\MSFS Tools\Addon Linker v12\ConfigFiles" Do you see anything that looks wrong?
  3. ah found out there is indeed working VNAV system....on the p3d version 🤦‍♂️ was looking at the wrong page. i got excited
  4. In the official description for the Learjet 35 it says "1 model uses Flysimware's GNS 530 with working VNAV system" so I was wondering how a VNAV system with a GNS530 works? i hadn't heard of this before. I know how to use the 530 descent calculator but that's different than a "working VNAV system". This sounds like the Lear's autopilot connects with the GNS530 and follows a descent course. Anyone know how to do this?
  5. do you need any additional files or software for the WT version to use? why would one choose the non-WT version?
  6. that's the issue is I DO perform those operations fairly often. and every time it wipes out my dependencies which are very labor intensive to create. I was hoping I could tell MSFS Addon Linker to save those configs in its main install folder instead of out on the C drive
  7. the presets are good, the issue is the dependencies. if you change computers or re-install windows it wipes those out, even thought I have the app running on an external ssd. i'm looking for a way to change dependency location to save onto my SSD
  8. For the MSFS Addon Linker, every time I install MSFS on a new PC (i’ve had to do it quite a few times), addon linker acts like its the first time its started up and I have to specify all of the directories all over again. I keep AddonLinker on an external SSD so I don’t have to reinstall it, however it seems the configs are kept somewhere else on the PC. One big issue is the “Dependencies” feature, as it’s incredibly time consuming to recreate all of them. Is there a way for AddonLinker to keep the settings and dependencies in its current main install folder so I don’t have to re-create them all every time I install MSFS on a new PC? Thanks!
  9. nope this is a new PC i'm setting up. i moved the SSD from old computer to new (with MSFS on it) but LNM didn't recognize. not sure what I did but eventually it started to work. thanks for helping out though, you're one of the good ones
  10. I noticed there's a Glidepath icon activated on the PFD. Wondering how you can set that and get it to activate. I have indeed set a flight path descent in the GNS 530/430 systems that is active and working. However the GP doesn't seem to reflect this. What are other techniques to activate this (in addition to an ILS approach)?
  11. setting up a new PC install and trying to load the sceneries but i'm getting this message when trying to validate. i'm trying to do what it says but i can't click "scenery library -> load scenery library", the icon is greyed out
  12. I've been trying to get on the MSFS Forums all day but keep getting an "Oops" error. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. I believe you are correct, however I have upgraded both in-sim nav data and LittleNavMap data to latest 2401 airac so the should match. not sure whats going on. will move on and change it up manually now though
  14. something more interesting: upon closer inspection of the two routes it seems the A300 has placed the D051M waypoint in the wrong place, which seems to have caused the crazy wavy line to poof out on the side. if you look at that waypoint on the map it's aligned with the runway heading. not sure why the discrepancy, but I discovered it by turning curved ND tracks off and it still made a super funky shape.
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