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  1. Quick question: where are the files located that save the keyboard/joystick configurations? I want to transfer them to another PC. Thanks!
  2. Hi y'all. Quick question: im planning a route from SPJL to SLCB, however the flight plan elevation profile has a large gap in it, as circled in the screenshot. Can anyone else confirm this is happening to them as well? Anyone know of a fix? Thanks!
  3. Ah so they completely disabled the course line on the moving map. Interesting. However the NAV autopilot still works so it basically defeats the purpose 😄 As for clearing the screen, someone else told me to press the audio button twice...I haven't tried that yet but would be interesting if that worked.
  4. hey y'all, quick question: i just fired up the alaska bush trip and it came preloaded with a course. However it's not showing up on the moving map. 1) Can someone tell me how to show the course on the map please 2) also i can't figure out how to get rid of the "insert before/after, etc" menu 😛. Back button doesn't work thanks for any help!
  5. As I'm browsing the main menu or marketplace, my PC fans are roaring away and GPU use is consistently >40%. Anyone else find this odd or know why it needs to do that?
  6. Does anyone know why FS2020 doesn't utilize directx 12? It seems odd that a next-gen game, developed by Microsoft, didn't even use its own current-gen development system. Microsoft is even encouraging developers to use directx 12... Seems at the very least odd, and at most oddly hypocritical
  7. really? there has to be a density setting for tree density. how else is it able to change density as it does? every played Crysis 3? thats what it looks like, New York City has been overgrown with foliage as the apocalypse has taken over and humans are no more. quite a bleak outlook MSFS2020 has given us 😛
  8. i also found out there's a "slew" feature that allows you to move your plane anywhere. it moves very fast but can allow you to move your plane to the perfect spot on the ground. press 'Y'
  9. ok this has been driving me bonkers the last two days. I load up a flight plan in FS2020 (built using little navmap) and select a random starting location (since you don’t know where they are). the sim loads up, and you realize you’re in the wrong spot! How can you quickly change your starting gate/parking location? currently only way i can figure it out is to completely back out to the main menu and start all over again, which is causing me to pull all of my hair out 😵 someone smarter than I please let me know how achieve this
  10. i was JUST flying to mitre peak and was so confused as to where the mountains went 😵.
  11. also, the terrain mesh quality for seems very low in most places. using ortho4xp in x-plane generates much more life-like meshes (hills, valleys, mountains, cliffs, etc). I thought that msfs2020 would have even more high quality meshes, especially in places that provide that data (like new zealand). I'm hoping they'll add in a setting in the future that allows you to adjust the quality of meshes you want to download. i would attach screenshots to show what i mean but i haven't figured out how to do that on this forum yet... 😕
  12. comment: wow, the sim loads up WAY faster than I thought it would. For real. Loading up cold and dark on ultra settings in Auckland, NZ takes just over 30 seconds. I had read horror stories on how it takes some people 5 minutes to start up the sim. I honestly believe it has to do with your true internet download speed. Some people may think they have fast internet but a lot of times they don't actually test speeds/or know what "fast" really is. I have a consistent 220mpbs connection that I test regularly (and restarting router regularly helps). I think that is the magic trick to load up fast. A 20mbps connection is very slow these days so that may be the bottleneck. Question: anyone know what ortho ZL levels are used in sim? I have "terrain level of detail" set to 200 and it doesn't look any better than a ZL16 in most of New Zealand (which has very high ortho resolutions available for most of the country). I would assume that if you cranked it up to the highest you could get ZL19 if you wanted. Does the "terrain level of detail" actually equate to ortho resolutions? thanks!
  13. I was just told by a MS insider on the forum that VNAV doesn't work on the G1000 (not sure about other pits). Not just the autopilot, but also the vnav calculation and TOD in the flight plan. nothin. that sucks
  14. anyone else's main airport selection world map super blurry? like the terrain is just a massive blur. can still select airports normally. can't post a pic unfortunately.
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