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  1. there we go! i was hoping you'd chime in as I knew you'd throw down the good stuff. thanks i will use this info to study up on the approach
  2. oh interesting. i'm not a pro with plates, but does it look backwards in the LNM version?
  3. Any guess on why the ILS system would look like this in LittleNavMap? cheers!
  4. i've set up 10 custom internal cameras for the Twin Otter and they work great. This is my custom camera 8 (because the 8 on the numpad is the upper middle one, makes sense eh?). As the other commenter showed I have simple "ctrl + [numpad_number]" to save each custom view and pressing "[numpad_number]" to instantly recall the view. I can fly around the cockpit and cabin instantly this way
  5. It's actually much worse than frozen lakes in the northern hemisphere. Here's a topic I started showcasing how, even in the middle of summertime, MSFS is freezing over entire sub-continents. Frozen New Zealand (in summertime) - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums In this below images it's 22c 🥶
  6. you know you could really use that "argument" against any requested fixes. but it's not helpful 😉
  7. holy heck! look at all those animations! im a stickler for a well-designed cabin and this looks to the best one i've seen by far in MSFS. most devs either supply a simple, rudimentary cabin or just plain exclude it completely, and that's unfortunate. i already know i'm going to be spending many hours relaxing in the back cabin there with my glass of champagne, staring out the window
  8. that turned the airport black and still stays visible even when zooming out so i'll be able to quickly glance at the map and know it's a custom airport. win win!
  9. hi ablar, thanks for the quick and detailed response. Thanks for being honest about the next version not being released soon. Is there any sort of workaround I can do in the meantime, like manually changing the airport color somehow so I can quickly just glance around and know it's a custom one?
  10. Hello! I installed an airport upgrade addon and updated the LNM databse, however LNM is not changing the airport color to yellow circle like normal. Anyone know why this would happen? Link to addon attached guadeloupe TFFR » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  11. I just read about this plane on msfsaddons and have to say I am STOKED to get this day 1. The preview video made it look fantastic. A perfect plane for the medium GA airport hopper around the world.
  12. OP here. Shoot. It just happened to me again. I’ve been flying MSFS since day 1 and never have I had anything like this happen until yesterday and now again today. I updated my driver a while back and everything has been fine after so that’s not it. I’ve had multiple flights in between the incidents just fine. But now it happened again just a day later. What. the. heck. It’s very worrying
  13. it is except that's where all the xbox users have to get their addons, and there are A LOT of them, which means more $ for the devs which means lowers prices for us.
  14. When using Aersoft’s Rothera Station Scenery it appears doublely in Littlenavmap. Anyone know why this is and how to fix it?
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