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  1. thanks for the response! thats a bummer to hear but i feel a little better knowing that it even is a drag in the real world and it's just mirroring that. fancy calculator indeed!
  2. i think i posted this question before but couldn't find it. big issue is the GTN 750 won't produce a glide slope in the PC-12 on any approaches. For example when approaching NTTB using vertical guidance with a 3 degree g/s. In any other plane this activates the vertical guidance on the digital artificial horizon gauge, of which you can then activate the approach autopilot which follows it down. however only lateral guidance appears in the PC-12. can you please take a look and see if it's a PC-12 issue or an issue on my end? again this works with all the other modules that integrate the GTN 750, only the PC-12 won't work
  3. hi. i'm approaching MYEF in the Carenado PC-12. I've activated visual approach for runway 12 that includes a 3 degree G/S. however the glideslope indicator is not appearing on the attitude indicator. the lateral navigation is appearing properly though. i've had similar issues with the PC-12 and GTN750 before and asked on the Carenado forum, and the mod said it worked for him and to ask here. i've taken a screenshot but unsure how to post one here. is this a common issue with possibly an easy fix in a setting somewhere? the GTN 750 visual approach system works fine in other modules. thanks.
  4. I use the x plane G1000 to program in a waypoint altitude and descent angle, enable VNV mode, then the autopilot takes over at the TOD and descends the correct speed automatically. very handy. i've successfully gotten the GTN750 VNAV display to work, however I'm wondering how/if it can connect to the autopilot as well in any of the X Plane payware planes, similarly to how the G1000 works? thanks!
  5. hi! did you ever get this working in the B200?
  6. Can you tell me where to locate the guide. I see many directories that were installed all across my PC with heaps of files, its pretty confusing and hard to memorize where everything is: 1) C:/ProgramFiles/realityxp/gtnsimulation 2) C:/programfiles/garmin 3) C:/realityxp 4) C:/users/<me>/AppData/Loca/Garmin (hidden files below) 5) C:/programData/garmin 6) C:/programData/realityXP There might be more but that's all i can find for now
  7. one more question: i've noticed that when coming in for approaches to non-ils runways and using the "Visual" button on the GTN 750, that some of the time it will say "No Vertical Guidance" and will provide localizer-only info. however many other times it will provide a 3 degree glideslope for you to use in autopilot approach mode, same as if there was an ILS beam coming off the runway. my question is how come the glideslope is provided in some of the cases and not others, and how to know ahead of time which airports are supported this way? how does the GTN 750 decide which runways to have a GS for and which to only have LOC for? thanks!
  8. seeing if anyone has created a config for the new Embraer jets? thanks for any info!
  9. sorry to necro this old post but i have this same question, can anyone answer?
  10. Hello - I noticed that the majority of the flight plans I attempt to import into the GTN750 contains "locked" waypoints, which then don't allow the flight plan to load at all. However I can load the same flight plans into the GNS 530 just fine. Does anyone know how to unlock those waypoints, or at least allow the non-locked waypoints to load into the 750? Thanks!
  11. hi. i just updated to the newest version, and i'm getting the invalid license message again. where does the license need to go? also how can i prevent this issue from reoccuring when the software updates? EDIT: i got it to work by reinstalling again. seems i need to install it twice each time for the license to work? strange
  12. hello! i recently got the GTN750, and see on the website you can get the 650 for $24.95 with a bundle coupon. can someone explain how to use that? i downloaded the installer for xplane, then unzipped the bundle coupons. i tried to add the "rxp-add-650-to-750-xplane.cpn", however it says thats an invalid coupon. i've tried several different coupons but they all say invalid. i would like to get the 650 in addition to the 750 if i'm able to figure this out
  13. i've read it several times. the footer says "The FPLN folder must reside in the folder "GTNNAVDATA" for GTN Trainer 6.5+..." I think I have the newest version 6.5? That's where it's throwing me off
  14. i tried searching this topic before asking but could never find a solution. i want to load a flight plan i made in other software. i've tried to follow the user guide to the letter, but it's confusing. here's what i did: 1) create a shortcut called "FPLN" in C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Trainers/Databases/GTNNAVDATA that points to my x-plane flight plan folder, 2) put the starter pack .gfp flight plan and user.wpt files in the x plane flight plan folder 3) open Xplane and go to flight plans, click menu. however there is no import button thanks for any help
  15. re-installing seemed to fix it. not sure what went wrong the first time
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