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  1. Looked at this one and it looks great from what little I see. By that I refer to the fact that most of the screen shots they show are inside the airport. Concourses, baggage claim, etc. I am a pilot that does not deviate from the norm. I stay with my aircraft unless I need the closest rest room. And I don't see that closest restroom in the product shots. Is this product just a way to see the inside of the airport if not a ticketed pax? LOL And I would be flying through KGSP. Why do I need to have the drive up, drop off area? Or parking lot? I hate paying $18 flight sim dollars just to park. How many hours can I stay? LOL! Give me four airports with great accuracy on the flying side of things instead of one with all the interior stuff. Show me the GA FBO, or where I taxi to for refueling my Hondajet (Hjet)? How about an open maintenance hangar? Guess I will stick to the Greenville Downtown airport (KGMU)
  2. Paul. Have you tried using the AutoFPS utility with FG? It reacts to a target framerate and automatically adjusts TLOL and OLOD in increments to compensate. The combination with the FG mode is providing incredibly smooth results for me and I have General Options in MSFS literally max's out. Would take a very short time to test. AutoFPS, upon install, has a very good configuration out of the box. I'd recommend trying it. You simply install it and run it. No MSFS or nvidia tweaks required. One note. You can run AutoFPS on top as you fly, where you can monitor it. If you do so, make sure you click on your running MSFS underneath to make sure Windows reccognizes MSFS as its active window. Otherwise FG is disabled until you do.
  3. Thank you. Did have LT turned On. Switched over to AI until 16 later this month. Will see if that cures the issue.
  4. I follow steps like that routinely. Those are specifically for CTD (crash to desktop). That is not what is taking place in this discussion. Sim freezes in place with continuing sound. Can alt-tab to Windows and run other applications, like browser, and alt-tab back to MSFS. Still frozen in place. I run no other Windows apps when flying. Only the FltPlan.go interface for my iPad (have used it for almost 10 years) and the AutoFPS enhancement for MSFS. Also have in place the FG mod as indicated in my earlier message.
  5. I am having the issue at times, consistent for some reason on the same routes at approx the same altitude and distance out from departure. But I am not getting a GPU error. Only a freeze with no indication of why. Again I am using the RTX frame generation mod for less than 4 series RTX GPUs as well as the AutoFPS mod for MSFS. I am flying Hjet. I have 800 Hjet hours and can state the issue is not related to aircraft type. The issue is recent, like inside the past 30 days if not the past 20 days.
  6. Yes! Has happened to me multiple times. Typical scenerio is climbing out of departure to around FL270 to 280. Just above cloud tops. Has happened multiple times on two routes, and each time on each route at about the same geographic point. So common elements are altitude, just above cloud tops, same or nearly same point in route. Once was a route from Austin, Tx to Indianapolis, at about FL280 on climb out from Austin. The other was a route from Baltimore to Bloomington, Indiana. At about the same altitude and also just above cloud tops. For both routes the freeze, with only sound continuing, happened at approx the same spot. My system specs are in my message footer. Of additional note is that for my RTX 3080 I am using the < RTX4*** series Frame Generation mod, and also using the AutoFPS addon. I tried a different route from Austin to Indy and had no issue. Cannot fathom why one route would be affected and not the other, given other elements equal. Thank you for starting this topic. I thought these were only an issue for me.
  7. Did I really write "2029"? My bad. Still it is what it is and I do not have great expectations for MSFS 2024. Similar to my confidence on MSFS reporting in ATIS/AWOS of dew point, if you get my "point". (catch my mesage footer)
  8. Looks like the OP has not replied to the comments or posted an update. He was on the site last evening.....
  9. I agree with you that the MSFS 2029 logbook is a disaster. I spend a good deal of study time in new aircraft models, mostly payware, as they continue to add realism and depth. Not something I need logged but it gives me no choice. And no method to edit the logbook. Do I hear "seconds" to my motion of "Microfsoft! I do not need your measurement of so-called accomplishments!" In fact, subLogic created high success with that back in the early 1990's with their 50 "graded" flight assignments in their Flight Assignment:ATP simulation. If Microsoft feels that is of so much value then at least create something equal of better than what was in place 30 years ago. Same thing with ATC by the way. Flight Assignment:ATP had much more realistic ATC back in the day. I took it on my own many many years ago, like 1988? I have maintained my FS logbook in Microsoft Excel since then. Allowed me to compile flights in versions of MSFS; subLogic's Flight Assignment: ATP; Sierra Pro Pilot; Fly; and P3D. I have tabs in my current Excel workbook for hours by type; hours per simulator version; airports visited; etc. I highly recommend the approach.
  10. I was regarding the B36 as having three radials and one jet engine on each side. Did not realize it was actually two jet engines on each side. BTW, an uncle of mine was a flight engineer on a B36 that was converted into a mid-air refueler near the end of its service. He later was one of the initial crew members on C5A's at its outset. "Beginning with the B-36D, Convair added a pair of General Electric J47-19 jet engines suspended near the end of each wing; these were also retrofitted to all extant B-36Bs. Consequently, the B-36 was configured to have 10 engines, six radial propeller engines and four jet engines"
  11. B36 Peacemaker. With an "in-line 8". Or is it a V-8? (4 on each side) LOL!
  12. To remember it as it was....... Had crossed that bridge countless times since 1986. Many are surprised at the extent (length) of the bridge. Climbing from a left turn out of KBWI after a takeoff to the southeast from 13L
  13. The OP (ID: BBCM) for this topic was having the same issue and his last message said he has now found success. See the last couple of posts on page 1. Perhaps he can help.
  14. Bob. Please do not dissolve into the sky here. Am interested in any objective differences you see with the new driver. Pretty sure others are interested as well.
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