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  1. Someone should write this up and post it to the MSFS 2020 Tips and Tricks area.
  2. I am doing just fine with a Corsair Gold 850W PSU. My 3080 is the 12 GB variety. My full system specs are below in my message footer.
  3. Not sure how to best say this without starting some form of war, but here goes. I am 100% appreciative of all the work by 3rd party developers, both commercial and private (freeware). 100%. My feeling is that as collections of those are combined with the constantly changing core MSFS simulator, the probability of conflicts and inter-conflicts begins to rise, and even perhaps exponentially. The long term resolution may likely then be incorporating these hosts of improvements into the core sim itself, with interrelated testing and proving to gain stability. At some point it seems the core sim needs to turn from focus on aesthetic to focus on effective depth in simulation of flight and flight related environmental accuracy. Taxi signs are one great example. Credible ATC and credible ATIS/AWOS are a couple of others.
  4. So anyone observing results at GA altitudes, even away from detailed cities? My typical flight is between 4,000 and 14,000, at 180 to 200 kts, from places like Maryland to Indiana, or North Carolina to Florida. No airliners at M76 or above, but nothing above say 15,000 (at least until the Hjet is released). Happy for Hoosier7001. What suits one may not suit others.
  5. Do you have other freq's that do work satisfactorily? Understand that when real world freq's change, and they are reflected in updates for these addon GPS gauges, the updates are applied in the gauges but that is not changing the freq's in the core simulator. That for P3D is up to LM. In FSX/FSX/SE I used an editing app that allowed me to modify frequencies in the core sim as I found such mismatches. If you have most freq's working and only missing select others, then that may be the issue. If you are finding all such freq's are missing then you may need to check your RXP GTN connections settings near the top in the RXP GTN's "Configuration Panel" (shift-right-click on the top edge of the GTN bezel either the gauge in the 3D panel or in the 2D pop-up.
  6. I do generally agree. However Asobo has made it clear that they have locked out SDK for some other key areas of potential 3PD development. Avionics (please do not refer to Working Title as Asobo brought that in house and so far significant production is limited to the G1000Nxi) and weather/weather textures are two that are undeniable. They have made statements on both of those multiple times. Do not recollect if they have made such a statement on ATC/ATIS/AWOS but it also needs major attention. Key phrase: "not planned". In print. I highly value PMS and TDS who both appear to have figured at least some of it out despite lack of SDK support, AFAIK. Core MSFS ongoing development has been like a bit of white water rafting. Or Ying Yang. Much in the way of progress has been offset by simultaneous backslides.
  7. Is the solicitation created by the same who do the SU's? If so they might look instead for experienced coders.
  8. Did you at the time start from a saved flight? A saved .flt plan will lock in the weather at the time you save it. A .pln file does not save/lock in the weather.
  9. Not sure if this is representative of my system's handling of MSFS at this point or of the development process. But with my CPU and GPU one is not performing consistent with the other, and the conveyor belt is out of control..... A humourous watch... Please watch at least a minute an 30 seconds in... https://duckduckgo.com/?q=i+love+lucy+cake+conveyor+video&atb=v314-1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPN6mDHr1BW4
  10. Roughest landing I ever experienced as a pax was into KMSP about this time of year in 1985. So much for climate change! LOL!
  11. The Steam edition is cheap, improved, totally installed from the internet, and would have rescued you from all this frustration.
  12. https://github.com/microsoft/msfs-avionics-mirror/releases/tag/framework-v0.2.0
  13. Honeycomb has the hardware figured out. But badly need to ramp up support, including a dedicated and staffed venue for growing user's configuration knowledge and user-to-user sharing. I for one am stunned at the lack of commitment on those fronts!
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