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  1. Beautiful images. Makes me happy that we have live weather available, but not live smoke or live scenery. Don't think I could fly over the Sonoma Valley today if that were true. What tragedy the area has just experienced!
  2. Wow! That is quick detection! And great support!
  3. You can also use this online real world flight planning site. You do need to register and also build a profile for yourself and for one aircraft. I used a dummy tail number and it worked fine. Once you have a flight plan completed there are export options and one is for an FPL plan export. I tried it and it works fine with the GNS trainer and thus with the new RXP GNS v2. Just download the exported file into the appropriate ......./Garmin Trainer Data/GNS/FPL folder on your system. http://www.iflightplanner.com/ I only use one aircraft at that online site as I am building plans to import into RXP and thus focused on routes and waypoints and not concerned about matching aircraft performance
  4. And I can vouch for the credible hours you are putting in. Much appreciated!
  5. Looking at it again, yes the scroll bar does change size. I did not notice it. Likely because i had scrolled to the bottom. Also looking at it again when Advanced is clicked the Audio heading moves from view which should have also caught my attention. My bad on another front. After inquiring about LinkGPS= for the GTN, I mixed in GNS questions. Guess the settings and context is the same for both, but hope I did not confuse others. Sorry about that.
  6. OK got it. The way the setup frame situates on my system, scrolling all the way to the bottom, with Advanced and Audio at the bottom, clicking Advanced then opens but appears to only show Enable Failures. Since already scrolled to the bottom before clicking Advanced it felt like it was already at the lower limit of the options.
  7. Help. I am not finding the command or context for this either in the Setup app or in the updated .ini file(s)
  8. What about LInkGPS= ?
  9. Understand it is contained. I place an iPad and other items beyond the end of my Saitek yoke and in front of my monitor. I really like the look of the Honeycomb. It looks very promising. That three inches will likely cause me to reinvent my setup. That's all. That three inches may not be so great for all...
  10. That all depends on your physical setup. I mount my yoke on a desktop and the extra three inches of travel in and over the desktop could be an issue.
  11. Any new advisories?
  12. FSX-MS

    Posting this as new post rather than an edit to previous post so as to catch all who have read up until this point. The last post on the page linked below will provide insight as to how the global whitelist works. It does take several days. http://simforums.com/forums/flight-1-gtn-error-code-10_topic53033.html
  13. FSX-MS

    Also with the file clearly identified there is a worldwide database the GTN publisher can contact to have the file added to a global exclusion list that all AV companies use as they constantly update your AV software. That in time takes care of the issue for all. This should be done with this file as these reports show that the file is getting false-positive from multiple AV software.
  14. Is it still in production?
  15. Where is it currently available?