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    Former USAF meteorologist & ground weather school instructor. The technology of weather has changed, but the science and understanding of weather has not!

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  1. A .pln file is a flight plan file for a flight you are about to fly. It is usually created with an external flight planning program or flight planning web site. A .flt plan is a file that has saved some of the elements of a flight you have underway, presumedly so you might later resume the flight. However there are some significant issues with resuming a flight, such as restoring the position(s) of your flight controls, restarting some systems like GPS, re-engaging AP and AP settings, etc. The two; .pln and .flt are intended for two significantly different scenarios. If you have not created any .pln files then none will be displayed for selection. They must exist for selection and must first be created. Who is Workplace GNS? Did you intend to write Working Title?
  2. Get a set of replacement casters where one or two have locks or brakes. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=office+chair+casters+with+brake&crid=3QXXNIIZS96AR&sprefix=office+chair+casters+with+brake%2Caps%2C77&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  3. Be very very very careful how you name entities in your messages. There is no entity named MSFS Simmarket. There is an official MSFS Marketplace. There is also a totally separate supplier named Simmarket that is unrelated to Microsoft and has been around for years and supplies addons for literally all sims dating back 10 to 20 years, Microsoft or not. So have you taken note that this and other forums are not overloaded with complaints similar to yours? In many cases what you report is indicative of conflicts between the model and your settings for your controls. Have you tried setting up, from scratch, new profiles for your controls specific to the problematic auircraft model? Also for a number of other MSFS users over the past couple of years, since MSFS release, have found issues related to another addon, and detected that by completely empyting their Community folders and testing the model. Are you using any app to manage your addons so that you can quickly remove them for testing purposes and later quickly reposition them?
  4. After testing by some weather qualified beta testers. Or at least have developers study cloud types, cloud type appearance, and appropriate cloud type altitudes first.
  5. How far our from a wall are the pedals to be? My Crosswinds slide even on carpet. Mine sit with the leading edges approx 18 inches from a wall. I cut an 18 x 20 inch section of pegboard and attached 20 inch lengths of 1 X 2 over each 20 inch edge. I then just slipped assembly in between the wall and the pedals. Works great! Once the pedals stay still you may next need to keep your chair from rolling....
  6. Just like icing effects, Asobo could not get thunder and lightening right. When it was present it was ridiculously overdone. Three or four lightening bolts in five seconds kind of overdone. And too often it was out of place in regard to location and even season (based on coverage). They could not seem to find a reasonable/realistic balance. Hopefully Hifi will come to the rescue, as they have previously. This, looking east from KDEN last September 15th, is the only depiction of a something like a cumulonimbus I have ever seen in MSFS, and it could as easily be a nuclear blast or a cloud from a cooling tower. Perhaps Hifi or REX will give us missing cloud types, and more realistic versions of some cloud types.
  7. Why treat it like the sky is falling? I had this happen this morning, even though cold booting my system and heading directly into MSFS. It got worse as I approached a payware airport, KOMA, and really had me in freeze frame during taxi after heroicly landing. Among other violations I had done some web research during the early stages of that flight and my browser was still open. I have flown once or twice daily for the past week with no such preceding flight issues. I perservered through this flight after checking my settings. Cold booted and started MSFS again. Positioned myself at the same KOMA and taxiied around as smooth as butter. I suspect a server issue was the fault.
  8. Not sure what you mean by external. I use it standalone. I maintain the encrypted file and backups on my PC and email the most current encrypted file to my phone and tablet. It goes nowhere else. It is not a Cloud type app. i.e. you store it the same secure way you store your non-encrypted text file. Only your text file is likely not encrypted.
  9. Text files are the most vunerable files to store logins. Check out this free applicaton, Pkeeper/Psafe. It is itself securely password protected, has mirroring apps for IOS and Android and allows where device-capable face and fingerprint recognition. I store all of my logins in it and have for a number of years. It is easy to organize your entries in folders and easy to cut and past ID's and PW's from it over to login boxes on websites. Very secure, easy to backup. https://www.pwsafe.org/
  10. Fully agree. For the time being my relatively speedy plane with scenery appreciating visibility is the 337. Oh! Retractable gear as well as two engine security.
  11. I am with you. Since I returned home from some International travel last July, I have logged 347 Hjet hours and about 50 additonal hours spread between the modded Bonanza and Baron, and the Kodiak. The Hjet has me hypnotized it is so good, and it continues to improve. It fits my sports teams schedules based flying to a T. Another significant update is just around the corner. The announced but likely some time off Turbine Beech Duke could steal some hours, 50/50 from the Hjet and Baron/Bonanza duo. The Real Air Turbine Duke v2 (TDv2) was my go to aircraft in FSX and P3D, and still holds a special place in my simulator heart.
  12. Be patient, a Hjet update is around the corner. Navigraph Charts are working in the latest update test versions as it is refined. The update will include much more than just Navigraph support.
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