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  1. Pay close attention to the output ports provided by the MOB choices you consider. Do they match you needs? It's not always all about specs.
  2. Did these guys show up at FlightSimExpo Las Vegas? I see a recap on the main page here but no mention of Honeycomb.
  3. fppilot

    unable to import flight plan

    During installation did you create your own custom path for either the RXP or for the Garmin Trainer?
  4. fppilot

    Version 1.2 released!

    Is the VC Autopilot model fix just the model # label? 800B instead of 8008? Horribly slow DL speed tonight. Only fix I do not already have in place is the instrument reflections, which I have not perceived an issue with.
  5. So was this a "spoiler alert"? LOL~ Glad you got it identified.
  6. fppilot

    First impressions

    Its OK Tim. The Automixture gauge is great! Only posted it so others who may experience it will recognize what's happening and position their hardware control(s) accordingly!
  7. fppilot

    First impressions

    HI Tim, Took a flight with a long cruise yesterday at FL240 from Troutdale, Oregon, to Omaha, Nebraska (College Baseball World Series). Wanted to pass on an observation. Had the noise modified Automixture in use. After about an hour I began experiencing hiccups, for the want of a better description, at the rate of once every couple of minutes or so.. The engines would cough, then resume. I started checking to see what could be causing the issue. After several minutes of observing the issue I noticed I had not moved the mixture levers on my Saitek quadrants. They were still far forward while the Automixture controlled levers in the virtual cockpit were way to the lean positions. I noticed that at the time of a hiccup the VC levers would jump a bit. More like jolted. I pulled the Saitek levers down to equivalent positions and the hiccups ended. Thought it might be useful to report this here. Wish this Automixture discussion was in a separate thread where others would more easily discover it. Enjoying it very much. Frank
  8. fppilot

    Auto pilot odd behavior

    Assume one needs to extract the xml from the cab file? Then how to subsequently position it properly?
  9. fppilot

    First impressions

    Tim, This appears to raise a question. Does the automixture gauge get disabled by a manual adjustment (would need to reload the aircraft), or does it just get deactivated until reactivated (key combo again)?
  10. fppilot

    First impressions

    Tim, Flew for the first time today with the automixture gauge and flow values mod. What a much more pleasurable flight! Thank you again for putting this forward. Works great! 3.8 hour flight. this 421C is a very nice addition to my fleet! N176C at FL220 over southeast Oklahoma.
  11. fppilot

    If you had $2,000...

    Why do you need a new case? Save $100 to spend elsewhere!
  12. fppilot

    First impressions

    The general livery could still be done w/o tips
  13. fppilot

    First impressions

    So his 421 appears to have been N1557G. That would be a great candidate for an honoring repaint for this model.
  14. fppilot


    Bert. I have edited all three files now, including their respective alpha channels. Looks excellent in all lighting conditions. For the night textures I had to brighten up the B that I copied over the 8. Would you like the two modified night textures? Scott, Photoshop is somewhat different ( I use CC). PS with these files works with channels. One RGB, one each R,G,B, and then the alpha channel. All I had to do was load the file (have the plugin) and the channels were there in the channels control. I first edited the alpha channel, and had to save it, quit, then reload before I could edit the RGB channel. Editing the RGB channel also edits the R,G,and B channels concurrently. Saved again and good to go.
  15. fppilot


    Ron the man! Will check it out tomorrow. Worn out over this one. Finished my Friday flying! What a diversion!