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    Former USAF meteorologist & ground weather school instructor. The technology of weather has changed, but the science and understanding of weather has not!

    Founding member and former Chief Pilot of Sunair VA, the original virtual airline, founded on Prodigy in 1992 and originally based in subLogic Flight Assignment:ATP.

    MSFS enthusiast since V1.0 with 12,000+ total hours in FS versions, subLogic ATP, Fly! and Sierra Pro Pilot.

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  1. Chad, First, by all means welcome to Avsim. This a great place for sharing, and you have found the place to get both direct and indirect (other users) support. Glad to see you on board. Be patient. This is a worldwide site with time zones and other responsibilites involved in the equation. Bert has asked the key question. More detail is needed to help you out. All that can be seen at this point is that you are trying to use RXP GTN with XPlane.
  2. Can you put out some voting drop boxes, mail out unsolicited ballots, and hire some ballot harvesters? LOL!
  3. I posted a message about this along with some related screenshots in another topic here on Avsim a few minutes ago: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/600012-multiplayer-stuttering-hotfix-115100-is-now-live/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-4530715
  4. No. Not even close.... This from right now. Metroblue web Metar is accurate. Live weather in MSFS is nowhere close. In MSFS there is currently a thunderstorm with small hail and heavy rain. Has taken me 20 minutes to work on this post and weather in MSFS has not changed from that storm. MSFS ATIS is storm with heavy rain; Wind 002/14, temp 15C (59F)/DP 10C (50F), altimeter 30.04. Actual live conditions per the metar are partly cloudy at 9,000 (actually its quite clear skies here); Wind 350/08G14; temp 15C (59F)/DP 04C (39F); Altimeter 30.08 So the reported metrics are close, but the weather depiction is totally wrong. Last thunderstom was mid-day yesterday. Last reports of any hail was two weeks ago and that was rare for this area.
  5. I believe you misunderstood my post. I was referring to Asobo and their reluctance or refusal to release a full SDK or otherwise cooperate with some third party developers.
  6. There may however be contractual obligations or restrictive licenses that they already entered into.
  7. Locate the Saitek devices in Control Panel, Device Manager, Human Interface Devices. Check the Properties for each. Under Power Management deselect Allow Windows to Turn Off This Device to Save Power. There were also a couple of small apps to patch the Windows Registry entries for Saitek devices. I originally found the patch app on the Spad:Next site so you might ask over there. I have not used my Saitek Multipanel with my current system. I am now using Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo instead.
  8. Well. I have not experienced this issue yet. But that is because for a wide variety of other issues I am logging my hours in a previous sim.
  9. They have smashed the toes of third party developers by refusing to release an SDK that would foster third party avionics development! And we, MSFS customers, are limping around in the sim as another result!
  10. ????? Do you understand what pitot does?
  11. Their question was for training. Visuals were not discussed but perhaps should have been. An element that MSFS admittedly possesses in many areas are visual cues for use in patterns and approaches. Those however are specifc to the patterns and approaches for each individual airport. Should learn the value of those for general training I guess, but that goes beyond the nature of their question. I took it to mean "should we migrate" more than anything else, and they were not interested in my view. They were inquiring about in-use in training at other airports. And that is the nature of the question. Nothing more. Nothing less. They were not seeking opinions from any source but training venues. So "others need not apply" I presume.
  12. No argument. But ITRW roads are not so straight! And I'd rather drive mile after mile of twisty-turnies than a portion of a mile in a straight line. I worked in the motorcycle industry for 25 years, Raced AKF formula karts and raced Forumla Fords 30 years ago....... A Cortina engine in a FF trumps what you feel in a Shelby. But the karts with twin "Mini-Mac 90's" Mcculloch two-stroke chain saw motors, modded with roller bearings, burning "pop" and revving at up to 18,000 RPMs provided the fastest acceleration I have ever experienced. And the CG of the karts was incredible for road courses. At Indianapolis Raceway Parks road course and at Mid-Ohio such IKF Karts held track records over Indycar, SCCA, and AMA Roadracing. The Shelby's are admittedly much better C-magnets! But I can steal your girlfriend and outrun you in the Type R! LOL
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