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    Former USAF meteorologist & ground weather school instructor. The technology of weather has changed, but the science and understanding of weather has not!

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  1. Will be interesting to try this out when available. It is a nicely appointed 6 seater. Will have to pull my 340 from the back corner of the hangar, do the mods, and fly it again. It got blocked into the back of the hangar by another 6 seater, the Real Air Turbine Duke V2. I have mods for the 340 that put a single RXP GTN 750 in the panel along with an RXP WX500 weather radar. My 2D popup for the GTN 750 is a stack that includes a Bendix King KFC225 autopilot under it.
  2. Apologize. Failed to note this was xplane. Ignore my post above. xplane is not in my realm of experience.
  3. It's on the floor between the pilot's and copilot's seats and difficult to get to. Use the Ctrl-Backspace key combination to move the eye position forward until you can see down past the armrest, then change view to look down. Do that cycling through views with the A key until you find the one that works best.
  4. You know, at one time Tom found and put up an archive of the posts on this site from before that hack. I know it went back to at least 1998 when Sierra's Pro Pilot was released because I was able to find and read some of my old posts. Wonder if it still exists?
  5. If you walked away you are fine! LOL!
  6. I second that question...
  7. Check for one at FlyAway Simulation. I checked my flight log and see I logged a few hours in one in 2013 before my current system build.
  8. Had an uncle who was loadmaster on a B36 that in the late1950's was converted into a mid-air refueling tanker. One of only two that were so converted if I recall.
  9. And that is the correct approach! No pun intended!
  10. No issue with your or that action on your part if you retained the installer. But would be a big no no to provide an older installer to someone who states he just recently purchased.
  11. That would be a big no no! Please be patient. RXP has recently been quickly responsive.
  12. Check your recycle bins for the filename(s). If you have not emptied it since mid December the previous update should be there, dated 12/20/2017 plus of minus a day or two.
  13. I do as well but have not so far had to attempt to revert. I note they have the same consistent filename and the filedate is different. So when it goes through the F1 wrapper, with the same filename, how does it distinguish?
  14. For others, how did you roll back?
  15. Believe you meant to say It works for others? That is actually the basis for my earlier post. Is there anyone who is not experiencing the issue. Not sure I have seen anyone affirm that.