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  1. fppilot

    No Import Button

    Hi Rusty. Happy you got it solved. I have a good number of routes saved as .gfp files. It provides an archive in case some future glitch robs me of what I have saved in the gauge(s). It also provides a method for getting the same routes into both GTN(1) and GTN(2) since the Garmin GTN Trainer design does not seem to allow RXP a method to provide crossfill into the it's GTN series. Since you are interested in the flight plan catalog import feature here are some lessons I have learned. Avoid including Departures, Arrivals, etc into the .gfp plans you save for import. Example: Indianapolis (KIND) JAKKS2 arrival will soon cycle to JAKKS3, and then later to JAKKS4. If you update the GTN database at some point, such as if a new Garmin trainer becomes available, the .gfp file saved with JAKKS2 will no longer import. It will return an error. I find it best to wait until after importing to insert transitions and approaches into a flight plan. That and the fact that you will likely not always use the same transition and/or approach each time you fly the route. Also, recognize that occasionally you will find a flight plan you saved and then imported will have some wayponts "locked" in the GTN until you manually edit them, usually by deleting them and manually entering them back in. This is a nature of the Garmin GTN, and GNS for that matter. It most often occurs when an intersection has a duplicate in the database. For instance, on V221 west of Bloomington, Indiana, there is an intersection named BUNKA. There is also an intersection named BUNKA over the country of Ivory Coast in Africa. The respective Garmin GPS series and models do not attempt to read your mind on which it should use, so it requires that you tell it. When I discover these duplicates I find a way to strip them from the .gfp file so they are not later a nemesis.
  2. fppilot

    No Import Button

    Did you find the thread linked below from several months ago? It is obvious from the results in that thread that flight plans can be imported. That user defined a custom path for at least part of his installation. The critical issue is finding the correct path. The RXP manual points to the correct path unless a different path is defined for either the gauge or separately the path for the trainer that is other than the standard path. The files must also have the right file extension of .gfp. Where are the files created that you are attempting to import? https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/534760-flight-plan-import/
  3. fppilot

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    Took a good look at windy.com. Took me a while to find the way to select altitude. Nice. I see how to display pressure, and from that with my background I can perceive weather systems (L's, H's, fronts). However I cannot find how to display weather systems. Is that a feature of the site? If so please point me....
  4. fppilot

    Advice to make descending less stressful?

    The most significant adjustment to this is that you will not be maintaining 440 KIAS throughout the descent.
  5. fppilot

    Advice to make descending less stressful?

    Must just learn to manage forward and vertical speed and perform some simple math. You have a lateral distance to the target fix. You have a vertical distance to reach at or before the fix. You have a lateral speed to manage, and a vertical speed to manage. Say you have a distance to the fix of 84 NM and your lateral speed is 6 NM per minute. Simple math says you have an ETA of 14 minutes to the fix. So take a look at your current flight level and your target altitude at or before the fix. Subtract the target altitude from the current altitude and divide by 14. Example, if you are at FL310 and you need to reach 10,000 ft at or before the fix, then you need a VS of at least 1,500 fpm. (21,000 (ft) / 14 (minutes). You then just need the proficiency in the aircraft type to manage your available controls to hit the marks you need. Proficiency comes with practice. Get away from only flying routes until you gain proficiency in type. Do not shy from just taking the aircraft up and gaining experience through repetition. ex. climb to FL310 and then practice until you can manage a descent to say 250 kts IAS with a 2.000 FPM rate of descent. Take notes and develop a profile of what you need to do. Most quality simulator aircraft come with operating manuals that contain information pertinent to this. Climb back up and repeat. Repetition is learning.
  6. fppilot

    Recent Updates

    No, however I have had recent difficulty contacting either PC Aviator or Megascenery. I have had questions about which Megascenery states have been updated to the latest "across borders" color matching as the upgrade emails I have received have not been consistent in description on that feature. I have written both entities multiple times without response. A couple of phone numbers either go unanswered or end up at a voice mail box not currently able to take messages.
  7. fppilot

    Win 10 Updates, FSX Stopped Working

    Jim, Have you tried rolling back the updates? Right click on the Windows Start icon, select Settings, then Update and Security, then Windows Updates, then Update History. There you will find the option to Uninstall Updates. I have had to do that on a couple of occasions, though neither was related to FSX. There is also the possibility that its due to a video driver. Either a newer one installed by the updates, or an older driver that is not compliant with the updates.
  8. fppilot

    Win 10 Updates, FSX Stopped Working

    One suggestion is to locate the fsx.cfg file, usually located something like: "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\". Make a secure backup to another location. Then delete it. When you start FSX the next time it will rebuild it, and may advance you through several prompts based on add-ons you have installed. See if that will resolve the issue. If not, reposition the backup you made and continue problem solving from there. You can try the same with scenery.cfg. Those are worth a try before spending hours chasing other ghosts. Good luck! Also check Windows permissions for the folder(s) related to FSX. That in case the updates did something there. Updates installed on my system this morning and all is still good on my system.
  9. fppilot

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    That was mine and can be found in this previous topic: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/488532-setting-pressurization-how-to-avoiding-the-red-cabin-alt-hi-warning/ The document is a .jpeg image in that topic and can be saved with a right click on it, then "save picture as".... It may be two images, one for each page. The files are formatted to fit on 5.5" by 8.5" paper, which is an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper cut in half. Fits then on a small clipboard. For my use I put the two pages back-to-back and embossed them in plastic. They can also be put on a smart phone or tablet and referenced that way during flight.
  10. fppilot

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    I have a relative who is a ground service agent and the members of his team, including him, routinely move aircraft at night when the airport is closed. And I do not mean they tow it.
  11. fppilot

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    Yes, would be WSJ.com
  12. fppilot

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    Been wondering what would come of this... Has anyone done a search here to see if he was ever here?
  13. fppilot

    Weather Radar Gauge

    I have this WX500 working perfectly in Windows 10 and used it well also in Windows 7. I both windows versions with FSX.
  14. fppilot

    Installation issues w10

    When it happens try using keyboard Alt-Tab to sequence through your open applications. You may have a dialog box open from the installation process that is not on top where you can see it. I have not had this happen with RXP installations, but I have had it happen with other add-on installation processes.
  15. Where are you flying? Legitimate question. I too use Skyvector and FltPlan.com and am easily bypassing such issues. The changes that occur in the database rarely affect my flights. The most frequent issue I have is when an arrival or departure increments. Ex. CHICKN5 becomes CHICKN6. And often there is no difference between one and the next. So I bypass that issue. I do not include departures and arrivals in my flight plans at those web sites. Instead I use the respective transition fixes for my route for both departure and arrival, then in the sim GTN I use its flight planning to insert the respective departure and arrival that is in its (sim GTN) database. The web site gives me CHICKN6, I find CHICKN5 in the gauge and use it instead. Works like a charm. By the way. Neither of my flight planning web sites provides export to the GTN file format (*.gfp) for importing into the sim GTN gauge. So if that is where you are planning then you are still needing to use the GTN gauge to input the plans. Just mirror what the planning site provides with the transition sequence that the gauge contains.