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  1. fppilot

    Turbine Duke Panel

    Cannot tell what you have done. I provided listings for three separate files. panel.cfg RealityXP.GTN.ini -and- f1vc.xlm It appears you may have put everything into one file. Send me a private message here on Avsim and include a good email address for youself and I will send you the three files and instructions.
  2. fppilot

    Two issuses please

    It is described on page 5 of the Reality XP GNS User's Manual, where it is referred to as the Configuration Panel. You can find the User's Manual via the Windows Start Menu. Scroll down to find Reality XP and it should be listed. Click to open it.
  3. The involvement of F1 is simply the use of their eCommerce wrapper process, which confirms your license and email address with known licensed purchasers from Reality XP.
  4. fppilot

    Purchase RXP now, install later

    Cannot imagine why not. The activation code works for as long as you own the product, with a limited number of activations. There is a simple process to navigate to refresh the number of activations. Just keep a record of your activation code and the email address you used when you purchased. Those are your keys. With the constant updates and improvements from RXP, most of us find ourselves installing newer versions and interim updates, so we often use the process described above.
  5. fppilot

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Did not see a response to the above....
  6. fppilot

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Feeling your anguish! 😞
  7. fppilot

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    A reasonably priced replacement yoke! Whoops.... For P3D4 to run on my current system with lots of Orbx and sophisticated GA aircraft. -or- For a real world hop in a Hondajet.... (my most recent ride-along was over a year ago in a Cessna 310).
  8. fppilot

    GTN 750 Stuck

    If and when you are successful, double check the startup screen for version numbers for the RXP and for the Garmin Trainer. Best guess at this point is a mismatch. Also, have you been doing anything with GPS databases, or with GTN flash memory databases (sys_nand(x)) files).
  9. fppilot

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Have you reinstalled the Garmin Trainer? And if you have updated to the latest RXP GTN 750, did you also update the the latest Garmin Trainer?
  10. fppilot

    Advantages of Reality XP

    All else being equal, yes. But each has its place in various aircraft based on any constraints of panel space; GPS gauge type support provided by aircraft model suppliers; and sometimes just plain old fashioned PC (period correctness).
  11. fppilot

    GNS530W & Duke Turbine Autopilot

    David. An issue like that seems to me to perhaps be due to flight plan entry. That based on the fact that it is NAV mode, meaning the GPS in both instances is flying a flight plan. A GTN flight plan does not translate to a GNS and vice versa. I would look into flight plan entry first if I were you.
  12. A big agree from me on that!
  13. fppilot

    Milviz C310 Redux control panel

    There is a great deal of that in this flight simulation activity.....
  14. fppilot

    Time for me to say hello

    Welcome! Recommend you go to your profile page and fill in some background about yourself. Helps make connections.