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    Former USAF meteorologist & ground weather school instructor. The technology of weather has changed, but the science and understanding of weather has not!

    Founding member and former Chief Pilot of Sunair VA, the original virtual airline, founded on Prodigy in 1992 and originally based in subLogic Flight Assignment:ATP.
    480 hours real life flight time. Multi and instrument rated but no longer active or current.

    MSFS enthusiast since V1.0 with 5,000+ total hours in FS versions, subLogic ATP, Fly! and Sierra Pro Pilot. Was the second owner of the original IBM PC in the USA state of Oklahoma (Computerland franchise owner was the first owner) and Microsoft Flight Simulator was was one of the first three computer programs I purchased!


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  1. fppilot

    Tyndall AFB is really a mess

    That base is just off the coastline, stretched along the primary runway in a narrow strip of land that runs west to east and separated from the gulf by only a narrow barrier island. Most if not all of the housing and administrative buildings sit between the gulf and the runways. Totally exposed. Look at it with Google Earth and you will see what I refer to. The entire base was exposed to this storm like a defense line is exposed to the enemy in war.
  2. fppilot

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    I found it for a free watch on Amazon Prime.....
  3. fppilot

    GTN750 not picking up GS on RNAV/LPV approach

    I would suggest that a handful of posts and responses, particularly here on the 4th page, be assembled into a pinned topic, and appropriately in both the Xplane and FSX/P3D forums as the material is not specific to one.
  4. fppilot

    LPV not activated

    Either of those good for a $100.00 hamburger sim flight from the Baltimore area? Cafe/eatery?
  5. fppilot

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Lot of great ones in that list, but surprised nobody mentioned Bat-21. Gene Hackman, Danny Glover, and an O-2 (Cessna 337).
  6. fppilot

    Anyone flying a hurricane hunter with live WX?

    Still seeking an answer to my question.
  7. fppilot

    Anyone flying a hurricane hunter with live WX?

    I fly an annual trek down to the Caribbean each year and have had excellent results from FSGRW, closely matching the real weather based forecasts at Fltplan.com and live weather radar images. But I have never tried flying into a region during a hurricane. Still would like to hear from anyone who has. Might be a good mission challenge.
  8. fppilot

    Highest wind ever experienced?

    Over 120 MPH in eastern North Carolina in the mid 1950's when I was in grade school. Hurricane Hazel. Was in the small town of Ahoskie, about 30 miles inland. Can imagine what the people inland that distance in today's storm are experiencing. Never to be forgotten.
  9. Just interested in whether anyone is flying a sim hurricane hunter with live weather from any of the sim based weather engines, and if so, what was your experience? Screenshots?
  10. There is no way up front to conclude that you do not have a hardware issue with your yoke, but there was a known problem with Saitek USB devices and Windows, so you should chase those down first. Do web searches for Saitek and Windows Advanced Power Management. Your yoke may be timing out because of the Windows energy saving features. There are patches available on the web and a number of topics here on Avsim about the issue. Work your way back in these forums, particularly in the Joysticks forum instead of this Drivers forum . You should be able to find help. In particular do a search for "SaitekUSBFix.zip" (or .exe). It is one of several apps that patch related Windows registry entries. There are also entries that may need to be set via Windows, Device Manager, Human Interface Devices, identify the hardware item, then Properties, Advanced, and deselect power management options.. Again, sift through these Avsim forums and find the discussions. They may well help resolve your issues. By the way, if anyone responds here that advanced power management is an issue only with Windows 10 let me say firmly, I had the same issues with Windows 7, and they were documented in now aged topics here.
  11. Your paint program should allow you to flip the image either vertically or horizontally to temporarily overcome the reverse nature. Flipping or reversing the image is not the same as rotating it. Then if needed and desired you can rotate it so it appears upright and thus easier to work with. Make the changes. Then reverse any flipping and any rotation to get it back to the original state of the texture and save.
  12. fppilot

    Thank you for your service...

    As a Vietnam era veteran I never fail to greet and appreciate an identified or otherwise obvious veteran of any era. And most much appreciate, based on my era, the tone and expression of my greeting, apparently understanding......
  13. Interested in which weather engine and cloud texture set you have in use?
  14. Thank you for that detailed response. Let me say that I was not raising questions regarding your products or installation processes. Instead I was stating concern on my part about my system and my interest and intent to comprehensively clean up all of my GTN gauges to remove fragments that are now not needed (F1) and fragments, widows and orphans so to speak, from previous RXP and Garmin Trainer versions. Having all of that present on my system has at times made it difficult to know which is current and needed. i.e. to know correctly what to back up to another location, and what to discard. I had noted that a number of support questions here may have been due to other users facing the same issue(s). A topic such as this may be able to lay tracks for others to then follow.