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  1. Cessna Longitude - Screens are way too dark. I can adjust the captain's screen to lighten it up. But the centre screen and the copilot's screen remain difficult to see.
  2. Yes that was it. Thanks for the tip 🙂
  3. Although I have selected Ultra Performance with Nvidia DLSS in Ultra settings, it changes back to TAA and High End next time I boot FS2020. Several times and the same results. Has anyone else experienced this ?
  4. Not going to happen. School holidays this week so expect nothing for a few weeks yet 😪
  5. Yes but is this the fault of MS or Bing for not updating their satelite imagry ? Yeah I agree the lack of updates does sux.
  6. Just did the Darwin City tour. And there are things in this tour that I was not aware of (and I was born in Australia) but have never been to that part of the world 🙂
  7. Typical negativity from Avsim users. Why am I not surprised. 🤕
  8. Adventum Simulations is proud to announce the second release in our Adventum Tours series, Adventum Tours: Australia for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Explore the vastness of the Australian continent as you fly over several different types of areas that the country has to offer. Amazing coastlines, rugged canyons, white sandy beaches, ruby red deserts, and beautiful rainforests await you to discover flying all sorts of aircraft within the sim. The product includes 55 different activities with unlimited replayability. Adventum Tours: Australia Product Features Authentic Tour Guide Experience Our friendly tour guide from Australia, Addison, is back to give your tour passengers custom narrated tours with each flight. The tours are filled with points of interest information, aboriginal culture, Australian history, pop culture facts, and geographic information throughout Australia. 20 - Adventum Tours: Australia Tour Missions You won't be flying multiple leg-to-leg routes with Adventum Tours. Our tour missions were created from the inspiration of real-life aircraft tour operators by having just one takeoff and one landing to complete each tour. The tours included are: Adelaide Tour (South Australia) Alice Springs Tour (Northern Territory) Canberra Tour (Capital Territory) Darwin Tour (Northern Territory) Great Barrier Reef Tour (Queensland) Hobart Tour (Tasmania) Melbourne Tour (Victoria) Perth Tour (Western Australia) Sydney Tour (New South Wales) Uluru National Park Tour (Northern Territory) Each mission is available in two different mission modes: Casual and Advanced Pilot Blue Mountains National Park - Explore the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney as you fly over Eucalyptus forests and enjoy the mountain vistas and the Three Sisters. Gosses Bluff - Journey to the middle of the Australian outback, where you can view the remnant of an asteroid crater that hit the area over 142 million years ago. King George Falls - Fly over this remote Western Australia region to view this beautiful area's twin waterfalls. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre - Explore the vast area of the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre region, the lowest natural point on the Australian continent. Mawson Peak Volcano - Experience one of the most remote locations on Earth as you fly over Heard Island in the South Indian Ocean. Mawson Peak and Mount Dixon are located here and are the only two active volcanoes in Australia and its territories. Mitchell Falls - This beautiful waterfall is located within the Mitchell River National Park system in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Mount Ossa - Discover the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park area, the highest point in Tasmania, Mount Ossa. Snowy Mountains - Explore the tallest mountain range in Australia, which is home to several of Australia's highest peaks, including Mount Kosciuszko. Whitsunday Islands - Experience the beautiful Whitsunday Islands archipelago with beautiful white sandy beaches and over 74 different islands of all shapes and sizes. Wilpena Pound / Ikara - Journey over this beautiful geographic area of folding ridges and mountain vistas north of Adelaide. I found this on Simmartket and thought it was worthy of attention 😀 Also available on fightsim.to
  9. Got that one a few days ago. It does what it claims to do. Had a few questions and the developer was very quick to reply. Not sure if there's much else to say. It's 11 euro. Both works pretty much the same way. Get Phantom's one. I am confused 🙁 Does not "offline" indicate that your connection to MSFS is lost, due to server interupption etc. Who wants to play offline if you did not have to ?? Offline scenery is pretty bland.
  10. Yes if you want to go off-line. ☹️
  11. Anyone using this software by Taburet from simMarket ? Has some interesting surprises as you fly around (VFR).
  12. Thanks for your input Yoda967 🙂
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