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  1. Latest on the A2A home site is V1.3.0 Where is the 1.4.0 ??
  2. When I take a screenshot by pressing F12 where does it store them ?
  3. Anyone know if this MU2 has documentation? If so, where?
  4. Sorry I am new to this. Where do I find these links ?
  5. Have you tried using these keys? I thoght they were Airelon Trims ??
  6. Agree with the above. Also, I cannot hand-fly the TBM 850 without it always wanting to drop the left wing and go into a dive. Always have to fly with AP on. Sad when you want to practice circuits. Ajusting the rudder control on the yoke is finicky at best. Whats with the up-down arrorws ?? I would expect rudder trim to be left-right arrows. unless I am doing something wrong.
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