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  1. So what is the standard (or good) setting for LOD? 100 ?
  2. Thanks Guys. Local Host refuses to work for me. Am using FS-FlightControl and happy with that.
  3. Confused !! Fidler says that it connects via SimConnect ?
  4. Fidler >>It links to the sim via SimConnect and displays your aircraft on a moving map. I've installed it, and it's great." Does this mean there is now no need for Local Host, as described in the VFRMap instructions ?? How exactly do you install it then ? Thanks in advance...
  5. The only aircraft I have in my Community folder is the C152X. How to change callsigns of other aircraft?
  6. Where is the menu's is it possible to change an aircraft's registration ?
  7. Can we please have a VFR moving map that does not depend on Local host ? When clicking on http://localhost:9000 or My computer IP:9000, Myself and several others are confronted with "Cannot reach this page. Localhost refused to connect". Thanks
  8. Just flew from Queenstown to Strahan in the C152. Landed on R18 without incident. No CTD.
  9. When flying in full screen mode, what keys do you press to go back to Windows 10 ?
  10. >>Use the one available for the QW 787, it's a free download on their site. OK What site is that ??
  11. So what do I look for in the Navigation settings? POI settings are already off.
  12. Doing a flight from Christchurch to Auckland. There is a round pointer floating in the sky, giving me direction and distance to the destination. How can I remove this? Searched through the menus! Also there was another pointer in the sky telling me how far to taxi to the active runway. Annoying !!!
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