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  1. The annoying thing about it is that in the early days of FS2020, AI traffic did work. I can recall being parked waiting for takeoff, and AI traffic landing and/or taking off. Now, Little Navmap shows AI traffic, but you never see them in the sim (except parked at airports). ATC will pass traffic to my co-pilot (she who does the radio work) and she spots the traffic, but I never can see them. Probably doesn't exist !! So if it worked well once, why not now ????
  2. "You can follow the flightplan directly from your PFD." "Since the flights are organized according to the Bush Trips scheme, the route is not displayed on the MFD." What is a PFD and what is a MFD ? Where can I follow the flightplan ?
  3. Yes I mentioned this in a previous post (off center prop. Too far to the left).
  4. From the pilot's interior view, the propeller is not centered. It is too far to the left.
  5. Thanks Chock. Very enjoyable video 🙂👍
  6. I am seeing very few AI aircraft (not Live AI). Using Little Navmap as a guide, I see occasional AI aircraft in flight, but not in the sim. ATC asks my copilot to report traffic and she always see them, but I cannot. Little Navmap also displays a bunch of aircraft at airports but very few in flight. What do others think ?
  7. A reboot seems to have cleared the problem. Now seeing road traffic 🙂
  8. I also installed roads and rail for Germany, and did see the occasional car, but defiantly no ground traffic in the UK or Ireland. Strange.....
  9. Downloaded and tried the UK and Ireland roads. Roads are well defined, but there is absolutely NO traffic (cars or trucks) on the roads anywhere. Anyone else notice this ??
  10. Thanks Ark. That is a very good explanation. Easy to understand.
  11. With the autopilot used in the HDG mode, when I adjust the Heading Bug, the aircraft will turn and follow the Red Heading indicator, as it should. However, when I press and turn the knob directly to the left of the HSI, the aircraft ignores any future input of the heading bug. Why is this ?? And what is the purpose of this "push" knob ??
  12. Give us back the ability to hide the HUD with a keystroke please.
  13. Using spacedesk, my android tablet displays my main window screen (same as on PC) with the task bar. However, when I try to open LMN on the tablet, it opens up on the main PC screen. What am I missing ??
  14. Trying to relocate software which I seem to have lost. Cannot remember the name, but it loaded separately to FS2020. It enabled the user to plot a flightplan with waypoints. It enable the user to fly a kind of auto approach into an airport It enable you to see other multiplayers It enabled teleporting. The first level of use was free, with additional levels obtainable at a small monthly cost. I think there were also a few instruction Youtube with it. One was an approach to Broome with the TBM and the other was an auto approach into YSBK. Any help in finding the software would be so greatly appreciated 🙂
  15. Cloud reflections on the water look OK to me. (4K HDR LG 32" monitor).
  16. The Multiplayer tip worked. Thanks for that Jim Barrett 😀👍
  17. On Steam. Status OFFLINE. The only option I have is to SIGN OUT. I have signed out several times, then signed back in with my Microsoft email and password. Checking my status, is says Status OFFLINE again. What can I do next ?
  18. Hopefully it will come with full documentation so that we will know how to fly this baby ?
  19. Whenever I land at an airport, I lose all control of the aircraft. ATC instructs me to taxy to general aviation parking, and my AI pilot just goes ahead and does it. I have no control on where the AI pilot goes. Too bad if I wanted to taxy to the runway threshold and depart again. This is with autopilot turned off. Anyone else experiencing this ? Steam version.
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