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  1. Hi Bert. I have written you maybe a few times in the last 10-15 years. I am 66 yrs old and the V.A. has given me some bad news. Fighting Cancer for 11 years now. I will be not able in 3 weeks after surgery to do anything but HOPEFULLY my new computer and FSX acceleration and MSFS on the SAME DRIVE AND on the SAME COMPUTER. The question I have is not TO complicated. Having the TDS on the MSFS and having FSX the Reality XP 530 and 430 work fine. BUT the F1 GTN 750 -650 Databases are not as updated as the TDS in MSFS thus they NO LONGER work. Somewhere, which I cannot find, someone brought this up EXACTLY about the Databases being different and problems. But this was in the RXP GTN forums?? I would purchase the RXP GTN's which most people seem to like better anyway, but I Kinda think its not gonna work. I took ALL the folders in AppData, Programs, Programs x86 etc... on and on and saved them off to the side and put the old Garmin folders on my other desktop which ONLY has Fsx Acceleration on it, and figured this has got to work. Switching between the two different GARMINS all together. Never worked. HELP!!!! you are the expert. I KNOW you have GOT to have MSFS and MAYBE??? dealt with this, Thanks, Keith.   I am signed into AVSIM. I have NO IDEA  how you reply????  have enough sense to NOT publicly put my email out. 

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Hi Keith,

      If you are still flying FSX, it is indeed time to switch from the now unsupported F1 GTN to the much better RXP GTN.  This should work just fine with the TDS GTN in MSFS.  Having said that, I have not touched FSX in two years and only fly in MSFS now.  What makes you go back to FSX, now that you have MSFS up and running?


  2. I have written to Just Flight, no response yet. EXACTLY!!!! the same EXACT thing. Real life pilot but little experience of pressurized aircraft. Thought MAYBE the heating box was not pressurized, or maybe pulling out the heat knob did not go straight to the heatbox and took in some fresh air?? Went up frozen to the chair and same thing. NO MATTER WHAT I DID. Hours of flight no resolve. On X-Plane forum there is a manual for download, TrapperDan 1984-1986 Beechcraft Baron. I believe its the pressurized version....however for 2 days my password and reset password does not work so I cannot get to it. ONLY the Differential warning goes off. There is a vent knob on the ceiling between the visors and ITS SHUT. Also on the pilots sidewall towards the floor there is a air lever.
  3. JUST GOT AN EMAIL FROM PC AVIATOR, to complicated to explain so here it is PC Aviator - The Flight Simulation Company! (crew@pcaviator.com)To:you Details Slideshow PC Aviator - The Flight Simulation Company! crew@pcaviator.comHide To Cc Bcc Slideshow IF YOU HAVE BEEN LEFT STRANDED BY YOUR FLIGHT SIM RETAILER GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU REDOWNLOAD YOUR PURCHASES IF YOU NEED TO. Hi " my name" We are sending this e-mail out to all customers who have ever done business with PC Aviator. It is especially intended for customers who over the years chose to do business with other new flight sim companies that have cropped up in the internet era when setting up a flight sim store is as easy as setting up a website. Unfortunately many customers who did do business with these other stores have seen recently that a number of these pop-ups have gone entirely out of business. It is truly unfortunate since it means that you have lost all of your order histories and purchases from these stores. Your records and purchases have disappeared into the ether. 100% stability in a company is critical these days with most software being sold via download. Unless you made backup copies and kept your own records of your license numbers, you are left stranded. I want to make a specific point to remind you that PC Aviator was established in 1990 and we are now in our 30th year of business of selling flight sims. We started business before the internet in the days that you had to have a solid bricks and mortar business. We have been around longer than any other company selling flight sims. We have seen these pop up companies come and go while they took a number of our customers with them. We actually feel for you if you have indeed lost your order histories and ability to redownload your products. We are here to help you in the event that you might need to redownload products that you have purchased from other vendors that you no longer have access to. If you are stuck and need to redownload a product that you purchased from one of these other companies that has gone out of business, please contact us at crew@pcaviator.com. Send us a copy of your original invoice from the other company as proof of purchase (PDF or an image of the invoice) and any license numbers that might apply and if it is a product that we have available in our store, we will provide you with a download link so that you can redownload your software. We ask that you only contact us by e-mail at crew@pcaviator.com and we also ask that you give us around 72 hours to attend to your request. Please note that we will only be able to do this with any products that we currently sell or have previously sold where we have had the files available. If you did leave us to do business with other companies that ended up going out of business, we would love to have you back as a loyal customer. We will be equally loyal to you and provide you with the best quality of service possible. Just some of the benefits of ordering your flight sim products from PC Aviator are 1. You have PERMANENT ACCESS TO YOUR DOWNLOADS and order history so not only is there NO CHARGE to redownload, we don't need to do any resetting, you can redownload as much as you like at no charge. 2. We automatically notify you of any updates to your software and all you need to do to reinstall is to download from your original link 3. Our servers are state of the art and you will download as fast as your connection will allow. Our uptime is 99.999%. If our servers would ever go down, alarms go off and expert technicians usually have them back up within just a few minutes. 99.999% reliability, all of the time! We have to be in order to serve what is sometimes 2 Tb of data per day. That's a lot of data for a small company. 4. Support reqests to crew@pcaviator.com answered within 24 hours, always! If you don't get an autoresponder acknowledgement, then resend. It means your message did not come through to us. So if you are stuck right now with a redownload needed, go ahead and contact us at crew@pcaviator.com with your proof of purchase from the out of business vendor and we will arrange a download for you. Again, please allow up to 72 hours. We hope that we can help you if you are left stranded and we also hope to have you back on board as a regular customer of PC Aviator. To help you save a little on your next purchase, please use coupon code: IMBACK2019 at checkout and you will save 10% off your next purchase. This code expires on 31 October 2019. You will need to login for the coupon to work. Sincerely Robert Ferraro Owner and Founder PC Aviator Inc - The Flight Simulation Company! Serving Flight Simmers Since 1990 - 30 Year PO Box 296 Loris SC 29569 Ph: 843-716-1616
  4. Just tried there phone number a few minutes ago, Monday 9-23-19 which is not working. I did not get a second response from Nemeth after I told them THEIR link did the same thing. I tried getting a refund "email" from PC aviator with no response. It has been over a week. I was going to take the refund and use it to buy the Milviz CH-47 from their site. Oh well..........First time I have lost money in 20 years of flight simming, NOT BAD.
  5. Could you give the year of your computer and the specs. It would be of great interest as I have checked out Jetlines internet site a few times in the past. My last computer for flight sim was??? 2014. I have been using flight sims since 1998 and never, NEVER had what I would call a good system. The one I have now is a HP Envy. It was getting so bad that I looked up what was available in compatibility with the motherboard etc.. in there original advertisements. I bought a I7 3770 for it which was an expensinve $400 plus dollars. It was suppose to be an 3770k but I don't think that panned out. It has a turboboost from 3.5 to 3.9 which SEEMS to work. Then from the pea shooting gtx 645 I spent $5oo on a GTX680 which made ALL the difference. WHY DID I NOT BUY A NEW COMPUTER. Answer is it would take 2 months to put back and tweak everything, software and hardware to get working as EVERYTHING now finally purrsssss like a kitten. I am TOO OLD to spend ALL my time on piddling and NO sim time. My next move is to either build or buy $3000 worth of computer. My hardware is a mixture of CH products Saitek and Logitech and Elite Avionics. To get them all to work together was a feat in itself. Steves Dx10, Orbx, Megascenery 100 aircraft. Tweaks, fixes, tweaks, fixes, on and on. I have a 6 page brochure next to me just to remind myself of ALL the addons. I also have an original Microsoft forcefeed back stick. I use two different sticks and only the CH yoke which I have completely altered the Mechanics on the yoke and throttles. I just took apart the CH Throttle and restored it and I have TWO Saitek TPMS which I just took apart the old one to vamp up. The other one is Brand new and has minor spiking??? I am really getting interested in the Honeycomb products as a Yoko is $1000. FS Elite interviewed the creator of honeycomb which I watched on youtube an hour ago. WOW!! they are building Pedals and Avionics he said also complete systems but will not give anytime. THIS IS EXICTING as he said, " new product components and price is his motivation". He mentioned we are using a lot of 15yr old technology and his products are all upgraded new materials and technology for a price that is to hit the MORE AFFORDABLE market with highend quality. Austin Meyer tested the Honeycomb yoke and its on youtube. He said though it was not as high end as the yoko, its quality and FEEL were ALMOST as good. He was extremely impressed. Mind you there is a LOT of plastics compared to Yoko and Redbird etc... you do get what you pay for. Flight simming is still a lot less then the $100 plus an hour I was paying to fly 15 years ago.
  6. Back again. Nemeth designs contacted me the very next day with new links. They asked me to try them and see if they worked. I think it was on a Friday?? that I installed them but there was no change and the " no visual model" sign appeared again. I emailed them, but of course its the weekend. So, thanks Jim and wanted to post this as a confirmation on contacting the creator of the aircraft. Also on a note. Pc Aviator sent me upgrades to Milviz and other aircraft as they were made available without fail over the years. One time I called Mark at PC aviator to ask about an upgrade and within the hour he had sent me a link. So its still a mystery what has happened at PC Aviator. Tried a phone call just minutes ago and there phone is still shut-off. Its hard to imagine but PC aviator has been in business for 29 years!
  7. Troybilt again. Jim, to your suggestion I emailed to" support Nemeth Designs" with my receipt from PC Aviator and briefly told about my difficult in reaching PC Aviator and that I have Called them for YEARS with no problems. I told them if in anyway they could help I would appreciate it as it WAS my B-day present.
  8. Same here. I bought the Majestic Q400 maybe a year ago BECAUSE it was on sale. I have maybe 2 hrs fiddling with it. I have my Just flight, A2a, Alabeo, Carenado, Ants eaglet, Milviz GA, REALAIR dukes and Legacy, Aerosoft PBY, which are about 100 aircraft. I flew GA in RL till 15 years ago and just never got the itch for larger aircraft. The A2a Connie, B17 and B377 I fly probably because their historical. My dad is 94 years old and was a navigator on the B29's on Tinian Island. I also need to upgrade to the 2080ti series with 320gb memory and a fire extiquisher system before I start getting past the aircraft I have. I still use FSX sp2 which I bought a copy of Acceleration for $12 brand new and have had it installed for about 3 weeks so FINALLY my Milviz B407 and Alabeo R66 work correct. I talked to the people at RealSIm a couple weeks ago "who are a couple hours away" and they said that the P3D platform is probably not going to be as good in the future. I will go back to X-plane and after the new Microsoft SIm comes out, after everyone else has been yelling at them for being offline and NOT helping, I will MAYBE start ALL OVER AGAIN with the new Microsoft sim. EVERYTHING has to be bought ALL OVER AGAIN as NOTHING we own will work on it. I have??? with Megascenery, Orbx airports, and software about $4000 in FSX. My next move is going to be patient and WELL thought out.
  9. YES!!! got the Tuesday discount notice. There equipment works so I would assume there office equipment works. There internet works. There ability to accept money works????? Once again what has happened. After all these years I will stop my purchasing from them till the last issue at LEAST gets responded to.
  10. Never thought about the hurricane. Sure hope it did not damage their property, business or their livelihood. Thanks for the heads up on that one.
  11. Forgot an important detail. The phone message machine worked fine to leave messages weeks ago, now it rings 20 times and then a message something like the " the phone number no longer works". In any case there phone number is no longer operative. Indicating I think there is a good chance they folded up shop???
  12. Forgot to mention that this is the United States PC Aviator in South Carolina. I noticed someone having problems with the Australia PC aviator in the same way. I could not tell the POST date as it did not have the year. I think it was recent. I did ask if they went bankrupt or are going out of business??? NO RESPONSE
  13. I have purchased maybe 50 items from PC aviator over the last 15 years or more. I have NEVER had any problems till now. I purchased the CH-47D From them weeks ago. Something was wrong with the files and it does not work. I have tried calling " which has not always been to easy". Sometimes a recording and the last week.... NOTHING??? I have emailed them several times. I preferred to have a fix, but now for ethical purposes I have been requesting a refund with NO RESPONSE. Maybe something "NOT GOOD" has happened that they are dealing with. I suggested in one email if ANYONE is there PLEASE leave something on the answer machine or anything so we have an idea...NOTHING??? IF ANYONE knows what is going on, for there sake could you post it, Thanks so much
  14. Sorry I meant the fuel control switch oooops
  15. Well, again they have listened and heard us. WOW! reminds me of A2a. I took it for a 5 minute flight and it APPEARS as if it is all fixed. The fuel gauge is completely reworked and functioning, including the artwork. The gauges seem to be all functioning and change as flight changes. Thanks to Alabeo. Wish that Carenado was as fast and thorough in fixing there aircraft??? This ALREADY has priority in my hanger. Thanks again.
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