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  1. I would say that the simming community generally helps each other and when it comes to turning our frustration at a fellow simmer it must reflect that we are truly upset at what we endure spending SO MUCH MONEY on carenado products and yet these problems do not even exist with other companies. Your all forgiven and its NOT us. I have around 50 or so Alabeo and Carenado aircraft. I rarely say anything as its like politics. I keep buying them but wish I ran the company, at least I would NEVER release them without an extensive testing. A2a tests, tests, tests. BUT you know they will NEVER stop until all is perfected. You do not even have to say anything to them or EVER wonder if they are going to fix things.
  2. troybilt

    Two sound issues

    Same annoying brake sound. Sounds like a pump running and with the squealing. Fortunately I keep all old files and used the sound from the Version 1 C337. YES it IS there and reinstalling etc... did NOT fix it. Why some have it and others not??????
  3. This is 2 days after first post. Just back from V.A. oncology have a bit of a headache from Chemo but I went back to these settings which work perfect for me. At 13.9 inches manifold pressure the alarm comes on and shuts off with landing gear extended. The flaps seem to have no affect. [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available=1 //pct_throttle_limit=0.35 original pct_throttle_limit=0.35 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_power=41 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_idle=0 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle reference used from alabeo M20 mooney I am going to leave mine at this setting as it is GOOD ENOUGH. Also I think the original radio panel only worked with one radio on. Either 1 or 2 but not the 1/2 or 3 settings which allow com 1 to remain on while listening to ATIS. You can replace with any Alabeo or Carenado radio panel that works. Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=513,513 texture=$Panel_3 //gauge00=Radio_PA32TC!RadioAudio, 0, 0, 512, 99 gauge00=Radio_PA31350!RadioAudio, 0, 0, 512, 99 ******sorry I do not remember WHICH aircraft this is gauge01=DIGTTRANS_PA32TC!transponder, 0,101, 512,130 gauge02=GAUGEPA32TC!Gauge_ENGINE_DIGVC, 0,232, 349,139 gauge03=GAUGEPA32TC!Gauge_Clock, 350,232, 160,162 gauge04=GAUGEPA32TC!Gauge_Anum_TOP, 0, 391, 512, 57 And a quick alter I did to install the GNS430 from reality WITH the GNS530. [Window Titles] Window00=GNS530 XP Window01=GNS430 XP Window02=Toggle_Control Window03=INFO Window04=ENGINE SETUP Window05=START [VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=10.000, 0.000, 0.000 VIEW_FORWARD_ZOOM=0.5000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] window_pos=0.739583,0.000000 window_size=0.260417,0.300000 visible=0 ident=15531 zorder=99 gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS530,0,0,100,100 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] window_pos=0.739583,0.300000 window_size=0.260417,0.175000 visible=0 ident=15431 zorder=99 gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS430,0,0,100,100 //-------------------------------------------------------- ***************************************************************************and then skip down to the VC's [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_1 gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS530, 0, 0, 512, 372 gauge01=PA32TC!ToggleCAR530, 64,0, 256, 32 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_2 gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS430, -10,-10,512,258 gauge01=PA32TC!ToggleCAR430, 0,0,512,30 gauge02=ALSound_PA32TC!CarSound, 0,0, 1, 1 gauge03=PA32TC!SYS_SMOKE, 0,0,1,1 //-------------------------------------------------------- Thanks hope this has been helpful. My intension is to reveal the makings of the WARNING SOUND so that anyone can see them to experiment on there own. Keith
  4. New observation is....tried some new settings and they worked perfect flying around KFHR yesterday. I would fly KFHR to KORS and then to S31 making takeoffs and landings frequent. All worked fine. Today is the next day after and I took off from KSBA to go to KMRY about an hour flight. DERN!!! today no go! Warning came on at 12.9 mp and DID NOT shutoff??? My new experimental settings that worked last night but DID NOT today are... [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available=1 //pct_throttle_limit=0.35 original pct_throttle_limit=0.25 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_power=25 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_idle=0 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle reference used from alabeo M20 mooney
  5. I was just flying the Carenado PA46 Malibu Mirage it is similar to the Saratoga I think they both have the Large Turbo Charged engine. It has the gear warning and the flaps are NOT part of the process. The warning comes on at 11.9 inches of manifold pressure when decending without gears extended. [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available=1 pct_throttle_limit=0.25 flap_limit_power=13.22 flap_limit_idle=0.0 [Flaps.0] type=1 span-outboard=0.7 // Percent span for flap position extending-time=5 // Seconds, time to fully extend system_type=0 // 0 = electrical damaging-speed = 175 // KIAS blowout-speed = 195 // KIAS flaps-position.0= 0 flaps-position.1=10 flaps-position.2=20 flaps-position.3=36 flap limit position is 13.22 with the position 3 @ 36 degrees ??? So the thought of the M20 being 33 degrees with limit power at 34 must have NOTHING to do with being one number past 33 as a rule. Well anyway........the Saratoga I use the GNS430 GNS530 combo which I got the 430 sized just right in another listing on this forum. I have the GTN750 but am NOT like most people who SEEM to prefer it. Too much like flying a computer monitor. I was thinking as a humorous moment today about Alabeo, Carenado self fix program. I wonder if all this is on purpose cause they think we are having more fun fixing and tinkering with the airplanes then NOT needing to. I do like it a good fix when it works!!
  6. pct_throttle_limit=0.15 //Percent throttle that activates warning I had change this from 0.35 I remember just to see IF it was the problem. This lowers the manifold pressure to 7.4 BEFORE the warning comes on. I set it back to the normal 0.35 which makes it 13.9 inches manifold pressure before the warning comes on. I believe in non turbo charged normal aspirated engines keeping the manifold at 15 inches on descent is about the lowest for cooling purposes etc... I tested with and without flaps and the warning comes on at 13.9 either way. If the flaps SHOULD be set FIRST before warning???? more tinkering needs to be done. Thanks and hope this makes it better. The phone company is putting optic lines in and keeps cutting my copper cable to the internet.
  7. I read the other postings and since I have almost all the Alabeo and Carenado aircraft I figured I would look up one that uses the warning sound and how it is set up. I only tested this once at KFHR and was to excited to wait and post. IF I made a mistake I will repost with a fix. [gear_warning_system] THIS IS THE CHANGE I MADE TO THE SARATOGA AND SEEMS TO WORK gear_warning_available=1 //pct_throttle_limit=0.35 original pct_throttle_limit=0.15 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_power=41 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_idle=0 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle reference used from alabeo M20 mooney //Percent... //Flap....and //Flap were written on the M20 mooney WHICH explains WHAT it does. The flap_limit power was one number past the last flap setting. I raised the landing gear with flaps at first setting and the warning came back on coming into KFHR. I put the landing gear down and it went off. When landed there was no warning again. I powered to idle on taxi and no warning sound. This is the Saratoga flap settings note: last setting is position 3 @ 40 so I put down 41. I will post the M20 mooney setttings so if you do not own it you can see it. [Flaps.0] type = 1 THIS IS TO THE SARATOGA span-outboard = 0.45 extending-time = 6 system_type = 0 flaps-position.0 = 0 flaps-position.1 = 10 flaps-position.2 = 25 flaps-position.3 = 40 damaging-speed = 115 blowout-speed = 120 lift_scalar = 1.0 drag_scalar = 1.0 pitch_scalar = 1.0 [Flaps.0] THIS IS TO THE ALABEO M20 MOONEY type=1 span-outboard=0.7 // Percent span for flap position extending-time=5 // Seconds, time to fully extend system_type=0 // 0 = electrical damaging-speed = 204 // KIAS blowout-speed = 209 // KIAS flaps-position.0= 0 flaps-position.1=10 flaps-position.2=33 [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available=1 pct_throttle_limit=0.15 flap_limit_power= 34 flap_limit_idle= 0
  8. troybilt

    Transponder Not working?

    Glad someone else noticed. On All "literally" 101 aircraft I own EXCEPT this one, my ELITE avionics will control the transponder. This one has to be done with the mouse AND even when it is tuned in the stock FSX ATC does NOT respond correctly. THIS IS THE ONLY aircraft with this problem. I tried finding a transponder which is like this on ANY of the Alabeo or Carenado aircraft. If so it could be swapped out and would function correctly. I remember this one is digital. I used to swap out the ADF's on a lot of aircraft "alabeo,carenado" with the 2 frequencies showing the active and backup and it had the new timer installed. It came out on one of the newer aircraft and I liked it so much it was a simple swap. There MAY be another transponder but I spent 15 minutes and did not find one, so I think this is a first digital one of its kind and THUS it should have stuck to earlier protocol. Untested most likely
  9. troybilt

    Decimals missing on RPM and Manifold

    That is puzzling how you did it. I am scrounging around in curiosity to check out the possibilities on how you did this while waiting for a Mod from you. "Tim-HH" . In Microsoft Flight SimulatorX/Gauges/....there is GAUGE_M20R.CAB and the AP autopilot. This stuff is encoded and to figure out how to open in a rewriteable and readable language is brilliant in my book. And IF this is it you still have to figure out the solution. However when I went to your avsim library it goes WAY back to a lot of work you did in flight sim 2004 so understandably your ablilitys have been tried and seasoned. I have the MAAM b-25 which was one of my favorties and saw your repaints. Your repaints on A2a's are incredible and I love the Navy A2a T6 Texan work. Your quite the painter. I can not imagine JUST starting this hobby and diving into all the things you have to understand to install and fix everything involved in this hobby "cold turkey". It took me years and years and years. Thanks for your contributions. I emailed "hopefully correctly" just a few minutes ago. Thanks keith
  10. troybilt

    how to get com 1/2 functioning

    Just came back from the kitchen thinking about your question. Maybe you mean WITHOUT using another aircraft. I think I read one of Bert's forums awhile back that this is "hardwired" into the model. It would have to be fixed by Alabeo. Usually after SP1 you are at the mercy of Owners who fix the BROKEN NEW aircraft.
  11. troybilt

    how to get com 1/2 functioning

    I was just looking thru the forums and noticed your question. Do you have any other Alabeo or Carenado aircraft? If you do if the audio panel looks the same and functions go into the Panel.cfg and see what they use. Just looking at the Alabeo PA44 Seminole you can see the Audio panel. My fsx takes up to 15 minutes to turn on with 1/2 US in megascenery etc... so I do not know what this audio looks like?? [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_2 gauge00=DIGTTRANS_PA44!transponder, 0,242,512, 130 gauge01=Radio_PA44!RadioAudio, 16, 2,484, 94-------------------------THIS IS IT HERE. gauge02=GAUGE_PA44!Radio_KR87_ADF, 0, 396,485, 100 gauge03=GAUGE_PA44!Radio_KN62A_DME1, 0, 113,485, 100 gauge04=ALASound_PA44!CarSound, 0, 0, 1, 1 gauge05=PA44_WX!SYS_SMOKE, 0,0,1,1 gauge06=GAUGE_PA44!Gauge_UPDATE_DIG, 0, 0,1 , 1 //--------------------------------------------------------
  12. troybilt

    beacon light strobe effect boxed

    Thanks, just checked it today. I added the Carenado CT206H beacon light as a replacement a couple days ago but did not check it. I was VERY impressed with the lighting when I bought the 206. The strobes on the wings of the 206 at night casting unto the tarmac or runway was an awesome surprise. I have the 441 and just about all the Carenado and Alabeo aircraft. Thanks very much as this fixed it perfect, I did exactly as your instructions.
  13. Found this awhile back before Carenado came up with the idea OR this may be the guy who is working with them " the inventer" on the synthetic project. You can see in this video all the possiblites. almost endless, BUT they need to stick in FSX case with realism pertaining to modern aircraft systems. Had family at Las Vegas concert and have been busy so I am not as complete on this as I should be. YES there was more then one shooter. My wife has not been sleeping as she left hours earlier from a friends wedding close to there with my son and one of my daughters. Keep these familys in mind please.
  14. troybilt

    beacon light strobe effect boxed

    I have not had time to go back to fsx yet but it is on top of the tail. Seems like it was a beacon WITH a strobe??? The reason I am responding now is thanks for the fix and IF it is the other do you have the fix. It is on top for sure, but will try to get time to turn on FSX. I have an autistic grandson me and my wife are raising and it consumes just about all waking hours.
  15. troybilt

    beacon light strobe effect boxed

    I managed to get a picture BUT it does not seem as though there is a way to attach it. Tried everything. Maybe they only want text??? Oh well