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  1. Not sure you have the latest..
  2. What is the gauge entry in the panel.cfg file?
  3. Indeed, and luckily, a bug that is fixable by changing a - to a +.
  4. See the V1.2. thread
  5. Just downloaded V1.2. There now is a choice of models - original and LITE.. The size of the interior model file for the LITE version is half of the original.. looks just fine to me, so that is going to be my choice. Two of my pet peeves have been addressed: - the altitude preselector in the VC is now fully functional (!) - a visual "gap" in the left corner of the cockpit panel has been eliminated. Smaller issues are still unchanged.. the trim wheel animation looks like the wheel is going backwards, and the autopilot clickspots still disappear when one of the overhead light sliders is activated. These I can live with, if necessary.. I'll have to fly it a bit to see what else may be below the surface, but first impressions: Great!
  6. Suggest you post in the FTX support forum.
  7. I just checked.. S40 is in my GTN database.. Can you choose the Americas version rather than the WW version?
  8. Based on this, I pulled the DA Cheyenne out of the mothballs and reinstalled it. It is an amazing airplane and certainly remarkable for its time. Given that the Carenado unit has better interior and exterior textures and better avionics, especially with the GTN750 option, I would say that the DA unit can go back into mothballs and I'll happily fly the Carenado version.
  9. The Garmin database includes whatever airports are included in the real GTN unit. There will always be instances where airstrips can be found that are not included in the Garmin database. That is just the way it is. You can add S40 as a user waypoint in the GTN.
  10. FSX-SE

    Personally, I would get Orbx FTX Global for a fresh scenery look. FSGlobal is elevation mesh only and can stay, if you like it. The two products are complementary to each other.
  12. It came with an RXP integration exe file. Works cleanly.
  13. I fly mine with an RXP GNS530 in the panel. Was one of the best planes, when it first came out. Lots of "character"..
  14. Let me answer my own question.. each of the ADF knobs (inner and outer) can be clicked to swap functions independently of each other.. Complicated, but it actually does work
  15. I cannot figure out how to change the middle digit in the ADF frequency.. Has anyone got this working?