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  1. This is what it looks like on my system..
  2. OK.. one step at a time.. You installed the RXP GNS530 gauge package, correct? As part of the install, you also installed the Garmin GNS Trainer (in its default location), correct? For the a2a 182, you selected the RXP GNS530 in the a2a config app, correct? When you start up the airplane, you see the GNS530 in the panel, correct? Now what happens? Does the screen on the GNS stay dark? When you click on the screen, do you get a popup window? Does the popup window GNS gauge say GNS 530XP in the top right corner? Can you please post the contents of the rxp log files (in your Documents folder)?
  3. Just another user, and I can understand your frustration.. Tell us which simulator, and which airplane, and most likely, one of us can talk you through the steps to make it work!
  4. I've also had CTDs with the GTN running.. not sure if it is the cause though..
  5. If you go to Windows/Settings/Apps.. can you find MSFS there? Editing the registry should NOT be required.. I would install over whatever is there..
  6. Thinking about it... it sure would be nice if the RXP Assistant would remove the F1Stack and add the F1VC gauge... 😉
  7. The real unit has this capability... but this simulation does not (as yet?)
  8. Two suggestions: [Window07] ... // gauge00=F1GTN!GTNStack, 0,0,255,870 (add the // to comment out this F1 holdover..) Secondly, do you have two GTN units in the panel? [Window08] ... gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,100,50 gauge01=rxpGTN!GTN_750_2, 0,50,100,50 If not, delete the gauge01 line.
  9. That is a separate issue, but fixable... There are topics in this forum that describe how you get the bezel buttons to work correctly. Sounds like you got the initial problem solved! 😀
  10. What I read is: Flight1 GTN 750* integration Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX) Alabeo GNS530
  11. I would one more time run the F1GTN exe file and load the plane. That should give you a black GTN screen in the panel. Then, using the RXP assistant, replace the two instances of F1GTN by the RXP GTN 750. For the Popup window, no special options required, for the Vcockpit entry, add the NO BEZEL option. If you complete that, the airplane should reload and the RXP GTN appear.
  12. The OP keeps asking the same question, again and again.. time to let this lie.. 😉
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