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  1. Bert Pieke

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4
  2. Bert Pieke

    Realair Lancair Legacy

    For what it is worth, I have never seen a GNS gauge in the Legacy, only the GTN.
  3. Store the flightplan in the GTN, and then edit it.
  4. Bert Pieke

    Universal FMS?!!

    The rules for FSX and P3DV4 are different... FSX looks in the panel folder first, P3DV4 looks in the Gauges folder first. Just to make sure the cab file is not used any more, you can rename the original FMCF50.CAB file to as an additional step.
  5. Bert Pieke

    Vertx DA-62 News

    We are getting closer....
  6. Bert Pieke

    List of 3rd Party add-on A/C supporting RXP

    Lets try this the other way around.. which aircraft are you interested in?
  7. You can use your computer keyboard to enter waypoints, once you have activated the cursor at the first character.
  8. Bert Pieke

    P3DV4 Hardware Config

    The OP is actually planning a faster 1 TB drive... not a data drive The Orbx scenery folders can be spread across multiple drives, using file linking. Any Orbx regions that cause pauses when loading (like SoCal) or addon airports that cause stutters should be put on the fastest drive you have got to minimize this annoying effect..
  9. Bert Pieke

    You guys had me scared...

    It is what???
  10. Guess which one is me?? ps. Inspired by this flight, I now have my FSX Marchetti installed in P3D.. looking better than ever..
  11. Bert Pieke

    FMC with GTN

    As best I know, if you select the GTN750 option for this aircraft, the FMC is indeed inop. I had a quick look, but have not found a way to reactivate it.. Maybe someone else..
  12. Bert Pieke

    Yaw Damper

    Have a look in your panel.59\CustomPC12 folder. There should be an ASandYD.xml file. Open it with Notepad.. You will see: <!-- Turn off YD if AP disconnected via Yoke Button --> (A:Autopilot Master,bool) ! (A:AUTOPILOT YAW DAMPER,bool) and if{ (>K:YAW_DAMPER_TOGGLE) 0 (>L:AP CONNECT,bool) } If you do not like that, change it to <!-- Turn off YD if AP disconnected via Yoke Button (A:Autopilot Master,bool) ! (A:AUTOPILOT YAW DAMPER,bool) and if{ (>K:YAW_DAMPER_TOGGLE) 0 (>L:AP CONNECT,bool) } --> and that section is disabled.
  13. Bert Pieke


    First of all, you need to start with a set of P3D settings that run well on your system, without payware planes and airports. I also came from FSX, and this is what I would recommend as a starter set. You can change all this later when you have things working well. Since you do not have an HT option, forget about affinity masks, P3DV4 will make good use of your four cores. Also forget about PTA etc for now.. You are taking too big a leap and as a result, you cannot tell what is causing the performance issues. When you have P3D running, have a look at the Windows Task Manager and see what is using CPU cycles.. you should not be at 100% CPU usage, at least not on an ongoing basis, only when loading scenery. SETTINGS within P3Dv4 Display: FXAA off AA: 4XSSAA texture filtering: anisotropic 8X texture resolution: high 2048x2048 Vsync off Target framerate: unlimited Wideview aspect: off mipmap VC panels off Screen resolution: 1920X1080 World LOD radius: high Tesselation factor: high mesh resolution: 5m texture resolution: 1m high resolution terrain: on Scenery complexity: extremely dense autogen draw distance: medium autogen vegetation density: normal autogen building density: dense Dynamic vegetation: unticked water detail: medium Reflections: user vehicle only Special effects: medium/medium Lighting shadow quality: high draw distance: low casting and receiving: Internal vehicle only Dynamic lighting: off HDR on: Brightness 0.85 Bloom 0.05 Saturation 0.97
  14. Bert Pieke

    it's out, first thoughts ?

    I do.. send me a PM with your email address