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  1. Bert Pieke

    Hawker with GTN 750

    There is no GTN (2), only two copies of GTN (1).. so unfortunately, no.
  2. FSX\a2a\Cherokee180\Tools\Aircraft Configurator Do not use the F1 config tool.
  3. Bert Pieke

    Must-haves / essentials for P3Dv4?

    Orbx FTX Global is the first thing I would install.
  4. Try: L:H850XPAltInnerWheelUP, number and L:H850XPAltInnerWheelDN, number
  5. Bert Pieke

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Pictures on the Carenado Facebook page.. sure looks pretty
  6. Bert Pieke

    Hawker with GTN 750

    ..and received
  7. Bert Pieke

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Lets hope that Carenado do the job for us
  8. Bert Pieke

    P3D v4 vs FSX acceleration

    Yup, I know the feeling.. I did not repurchase all my FSX a2a planes either..
  9. Bert Pieke

    P3D v4 vs FSX acceleration

    The a2a Texan is now available for P3DV4. (you can buy the academic version if you do not want to spend a lot of money..)
  10. Bert Pieke

    Over Nevada and Socal

    Like all photoscenery, it looks best from "up high".. but from there, it sure looks convincing
  11. Bert Pieke

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Adding a F1 GTN 750 to your Phenom 300 will totally transform the airplane (for the better).. my favorite small jet in P3DV4.
  12. Bert Pieke

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    I am not sure there is a maximum.. it is more a case of the benefit you get from farming out work to ever more cores.. Just like 9 women cannot create a baby in one month, there is a practical tradeoff in terms of coordinating the effort. From what I have read on these forums, a 4-6 core CPU is plenty for scenery loading which is really all the additional cores do. The raw speed of the main P3D core is ultimately what determines actual rendering performance (alongside the other critical components like motherboard, memory and GPU, all of which are part of the effort).
  13. Bert Pieke

    Alaska in 2018

    Got them... and ready to go!
  14. Bert Pieke

    Best CPU for Prepar3dv4.2

    Sure is sounding like a topic for the Hardware forum to me...