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  1. I am sure an SSD would help you.. and it would not be that hard if you have a SATA cable connection free on your motherboard. If you are OK with opening up your PC case and hooking it up, this is what I would do. 1. Order a 500 GB Samsung SSD with SATA cable (assume you have the power cable from your PSU). About $50. Or get a 1 TB unit for $100. 2. Install in PC case and hook up to motherboard 3. Initialize in Windows Disk Manager 4. Copy the MSFS Packages folder (containing the Community and Official folders) to this new SSD 5. Edit the last line in the MSFS Usercfg.opt file to point to the new location 6. Start up MSFS 7. If all works correctly, you can delete the old Community and Official folders from your HDD
  2. In the MS Store, select Library (bottom left corner), then Games.. what does it show? This is assuming that you are signing on with the same account ID as when you bought the program.
  3. Not sure you need to do anything... looks OK as is. However what I did, was to create a new folder on the D drive and called it MSFS. Then, in the screen you show where it says: "Choose a folder for your games on (D:)", I selected the new MSFS folder and and clicked "Move".
  4. Woody Allen: “My father worked for the same firm for 12 years. They fired him and replaced him with a tiny gadget that does everything my father does, only much better. The depressing thing is my mother ran out and bought one.” 😉
  5. Search for the XBox app in the Windows search, lower left corner of the screen. In the app, upper left corner, click on your avatar, and sign out.
  6. I would move both the Official and Community folders to a safe place (folder). Then, when reinstalling you can point at that location for the content.
  7. It actually runs just fine on my system... the only thing I had to upgrade was the RAM from 8 to 16 GB.
  8. I would interpret this as you being online in MSFS.. do you get scenery when you start at an airport?
  9. I run mine at "high" on an old 4770K system.. You should be at either high or ultra.
  10. Do you know where your Community folder is? If yes, go up one level, choose Official, and then the OneStore folder. Sort the contents by date and find yesterday's file(s). It there are "part" files, delete them.
  11. OK, that is indeed what it looked like and I executed the move. I now have yet one more link, from the original location H:\WindowsApps to the new folder H:\MSFS where Microsoft Flightsimulator now resides. Is that it?
  12. There is now a warning for Store Legacy users, with a recommendation to move the sim via the XBox app. Can you link to specific instructions on how to do this? I have looked at my XBox app and there is no mention of this option.
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