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  1. As best I know, there is a Navigraph option for the Phenom. If you do not have that installed, the default sim navdata will be used.
  2. Look in FSX or P3D \ Carenado for a B1900 folder.
  3. Not sure I understand... Radios=0 will cause the GTN to display the NAV1 frequencies (active and standby). What airplane are we taking about? And what does the GTN show?
  4. I do not understand your question..
  5. I kind of expected you might say that... but 46 GB is a bit much So, getting the Orbx mesh! Thanks.
  6. This makes P3D4 look a lot like the FSX we know... I am sure that some will cringe at turning off shadows, but I quite like it this way.
  7. Radios=0 means NAV1 Radios=1 means NAV2
  8. Mike, do I need any mesh for this flight?
  9. Try this as a test: FXAA off Lighting shadow quality: off HDR on: Brightness 0.85 Bloom 0.85 Saturation 0.80
  10. Try this as a test: Lighting shadow quality: off HDR on: Brightness 0.85 Bloom 0.85 Saturation 0.80
  11. Flight1 is aware... but it is not (yet) available. It IS on many people's wishlist, though. Mine included.
  12. They will have to be adapted for P3D4..
  13. Got an early P3D4 version to test.. Contact me via PM if you would like a copy.
  14. Do not replace anything. Just add the panel.gtn folder alongside the panel folder. In the aircraft.cfg file, select one or several variations with panel=gtn That is it!