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  1. Is anything running in the background when this happens? Have a look at the Windows Task Manager, processes tab, while this is going on.
  2. Bert Pieke

    Start up state

    Correct, the pitch wheel adjusts pitch for the autopilot. Even with only FD selected you can see the flight director bar move up and down when the pitch wheel is turned.
  3. Bert Pieke

    Start up state

    Re 2. Lower the gear and some flaps. What you hear is a gear warning.
  4. Nope.. the Turbine was updated for P3D... the B60 was not... only the installer has been updated. The B60 is still the original FSX version, and it clearly struggles in a P3DV4 environment..
  5. Bert Pieke

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    Good choice! If you own the Flight1 GTN750, you can turn this into a really nice airplane..
  6. Bert Pieke

    Do you use triple buffering?

    Triple buffering can introduce "control lag" on some systems.. maybe that can be a good thing
  7. Bill you are talking about the Turbine Duke, it is fine! We are are trying to solve the Piston Duke situation.. not the same airplane
  8. OK - understood.. in that case I would still consider the RXP GPS500 instead of the RXP GNS530.
  9. OK, that is not fair... that is the Turbine Duke..
  10. Bert Pieke

    Do you use triple buffering?

    I find that my controls lose their immediacy and prefer to fly without it.
  11. Bert Pieke


    It will put additional load on your system (CPU and GPU), no doubt. Up to you whether you consider the visual improvements worth it..
  12. If you use the GPS500 mode, you only have one knob at the bottom, not two.. correct? How do you fit a GNS530 into that frame?
  13. You can try setting it by hand... personally, I can only make the RXP GPS500 appear cleanly in the cockpit.. BTW the RealAir P3D config app does not run without error messages on my system.. But try this as a test: 1. Make a copy of your panel folder as a backup. 2. Open the Config folder in the panel folder and open the Options.xml file with Notepad 3. Make the following change: <Value>(G:Var1) 0 == if{ 30 (&gt;L:dukeRadioConfig,number) }</Value> 4. Open the panel.cfg file with Notepad 5. Make the following change: gauge19=rxpGNS!GNS530, 1, 660, 504, 364 gauge20=rxpGNS!GNS430, 1, 448, 504, 211 6. Save it all and try it. In my Duke, the two gauges show up, but they have various graphical problems.. Maybe someone else can jump in and help further..
  14. The RealAir config app likely looks in the Gauges folder (only)..
  15. You have to have an RXPGNS.dll file in the prepar3d\gauges folder. Use the 64 bit version for P3DV4.