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  1. Saturday, March 24, 1900 UTC. Starting in Barbados, we'll go exploring the Grenadines Suggested flightplan: TBPB - TLPL - TVSB -TVSM -TVSC - TVSU - TGPZ - TGPY This touches all the FlyTampa Grenadines airports. I just tried linking to my existing FSX Grenadines scenery and adding the AFX_Txxx_flytampa_dummy.bgl files to my P3D Scenery \ World folder. Looks fine Just like last time, scenery suggestions are welcome!
  2. RealAir Piston Duke with RXP GPS500

    Agreed - looks great
  3. Can someone paint a replacement Vertical Speed Gauge?

    Sure, someone with Photoshop needs to edit the Gauges_1_night and Gauges_2_night dds files.
  4. Eastern Caribbean

    We can be doing this all week.. but I actually removed the "RealAir" bit a long time ago, and am sticking with it, unless it creates problems for others.. which I guess it does
  5. Eastern Caribbean

    Nope.. changed it back to: Legacy V2 C-BERT
  6. Remove fixes from nav display?

    You should be able to choose an HSI mode that does not include the map.. (I have disabled map mode on mine altogether..) As for the FMS... Carenado is not known for their avionics.. which had led some to prefer the GTN750. I would not suggest purchasing the GTN just for this aircraft, however.. it is more at home in GA / business aircraft.. like:
  7. Eastern Caribbean

    That does look spiffy!
  8. F50 GTN750 mods

    That is correct.. I disabled the HSI map mode for performance reasons. There should be instructions to reenable..
  9. Fokker 50 missing altittude call out on approach.

    P3Dv4.0. What messages do you get when you push the GPWS test button? I find that it takes 20 secs or so before it starts up, but if you click on the left Test button, and wait patiently, it will talk you through all the stored messages.
  10. Eastern Caribbean

    I have it without and it appears to be fine..
  11. Eastern Caribbean

    ... and the Orbx 50% sale is over
  12. Eastern Caribbean

    Hi Mike, Les Saintes now has the airport/island in the correct location which is great (!), but the old islands are still there.. Have you been able to remove them?
  13. Eastern Caribbean

    Pilatus PC12
  14. F1 GTN Framerate chopped in half

    First of all, try to assign the GTN to the least used CPU core to avoid conflict with P3D! Assuming that this is your PC (copied from your post at Simforums), i5-5200U 6GB DDR3 RAM 1600mhz Intel HD Graphics 5500 you may be attempting to run something that your config (integrated video?) cannot properly handle.. Most of us run P3D on 4GHz+ quad core CPUs with nvidia GTX 10xx video cards.. or better..