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  1. The RealAir Legacy V2 has its own GTN install app.. FSX\RealAir\legacyV2FSX I'll send you the Kodiak mods.
  2. As we figured out, the F1 GNS does not correctly report the next waypoint name to FSX.. Over to Flight1 to fix.
  3. In response to requests, I have now also added a revamped popup GNS530. The GNS can be used to drive the autopilot, by right clicking the memory card slot on the GTN750, which toggles the GPS source between the GTN and GNS. This can be useful if you have an FSX flightplan loaded or you want a Direct-to an FSX airport that is not in the GTN database. Request V3 from me via PM, including your email address.
  4. Great flight! Someone, asked me enroute, if a popup version of the GNS530 could be added to the PC12 with a GTN750 in the panel. I've now added it, personal request via PM with email address, please.
  5. That is a budget motherboard... go for something better. 32 GB RAM is overkill, stay with 16. Not sure how much you would gain overall - for 1300+ euro.. but your call.
  6. I believe that these are L: variables within the Carenado gauges.
  7. PM received
  8. I believe that you can skip the "close fsx, restart fsx" part... just save flight and reload. Not quite as bad..
  9. You are not alone, Welcome to the Club! Many FSX and P3D users are running into the exact same OOM wall. For me, it means staying at LOD=4.5 when 5.5 and 6.5 look much better.. Others make other trade-offs. Lets see what P3DV4 offers up, and how much of a performance penalty there is in going to 64 bit addressing..
  10. OK, one more to try: </Macro> <Macro id="Engine Fuel Flow PPH 1" Name="FFLowPPH1"> <MacroValue>(A:ENG1 FUEL FLOW PPH, pound per hour)</MacroValue> </Macro> <Macro id="Engine Fuel Flow PPH 2" Name="FFLowPPH2"> <MacroValue>(A:ENG2 FUEL FLOW PPH, pound per hour)</MacroValue> </Macro>
  11. Robert, Happy you like it!
  12. Also, you appear to be mixing up 530 and 430 gauges, which are not the same size.. (or was that a typo..)
  13. Mod package for the GTN equipped PC12 V2

    Hi Bert,

    can you send me the Mod package please.

    Thanks in advance



  14. Mod package for the GTN equipped PC12 V2

    Hi Bert,

    can you send me the Mod package please.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Confirmed: AutoPilotMode=2 set and changing LinkOBS=Off to LinkOBS=On worked for me also..