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  1. I would say that the difference between boolean in FSX and enum in P3D indicates that something has changed. Maybe FSX had an "undocumented feature" that P3D treats differently.
  2. Code looks the same: FSX version: Switch ignition right (%((A:TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH:2,BOOL) 0 >)%{if}On%{else}Off%{end})1 (>L:BUFFER_CLICK1_PLASTIC,number) 2 (>K:TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE) Switch ignition Left (%((A:TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH:1,BOOL) 0 >)%{if}On%{else}Off%{end})1 (>L:BUFFER_CLICK1_PLASTIC,number) 1 (>K:TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE) P3D version: Switch ignition Left (%((A:TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH:1,BOOL) 0 >)%{if}On%{else}Off%{end})1 (>L:BUFFER_CLICK1_PLASTIC,number) 1 (>K:TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE) Switch ignition right (%((A:TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH:2,BOOL) 0 >)%{if}On%{else}Off%{end})1 (>L:BUFFER_CLICK1_PLASTIC,number) 2 (>K:TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLE)
  3. OK, worked independently in FSX...
  4. The ignition switches which cause the ticking noise after startup need to be turned off, but in the P3DV4 version, they do not operate correctly. The best I have been able to do, is click on the top of the right toggle switch which somehow turned off both switches..
  5. Alabeo has released the V4 version, and since we do not have a GTN750 to go in it, we are stuck with its GNS530 for a while. I've fixed it up a bit, so that the knobs operate nicely with the mouse wheel, and I have turned off the Airspace messages. Also included are my autopilot fixes. Let me know via PM (include your email) if you would like a replacement panel folder.
  6. All I know is that I have set Vsync to Off in P3D, and set it to 1/2 refresh rate in NVI. The framerates in P3D are holding steady at 30, and no tearing... so I am happy.
  7. Thanks! Waiting for the GTN750 myself. Had to rediscover the default GNS530 and figure out once more how to turn off the Airspace messages
  8. Try NVI, Vsync set to 1/2 refreshrate. Off in P3D itself.
  9. Let me say that I just installed P3DV4 this week, coming from FSX Accel. It has been a very pleasant experience! Orbx FTX Central has been most helpful in getting my favorite scenery installed, and adding two of my go-to planes, the Realair Scout and Alabeo Seminole, has worked very well. Had some issues with visual settings, but now, with FXAA off and 4XSSAA on, it all looks great and flies very well. This, to me, is what FSXI should have been all along
  10. 4XSSAA works nicely on my four year old 4770K/GTX770 system.
  11. .. and mine. (Seminole)
  12. Not saying it could not be better, but this transforms the flight experience, for the better
  13. Try dialing the LOD radius back to 6.5. Any bigger numbers are pretty radical IMHO..