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  1. Hi Tony, I do not use the PMS50 GTN, but as best I know, you need the basic PMS GTN version in the Community folder as well.
  2. Interesting... KUCC seems like an elusive location.. 😉 https://flightsim.to/file/6254/kucc-yucca-airstrip
  3. That is true, but it can be used in other planes as well.. your call.
  4. I have added the freeware Rob Young mods to the G36, but it flies just fine in its default state.
  5. It is very similar.. but the overall experience is better, especially if you own the TDS GTN 750.. Sorry for emphasizing that, but the PMS GTN has the same "inside out" bezel as its FSX cousin..
  6. Do not assume that this is necessarily an Internet problem. The Rolling Cache may have developed a problem and scenery tiles are not loading as they should. As a troubleshooting step, delete the Rolling Cache data and turn off the Rolling Cache. If things improve, you can restart the Cache.
  7. Just to say it one more time.. if you own the TDS GTN 750, this is the plane to get.. 🙂
  8. I would like the answer as well.. this has never worked for me..
  9. Since SU9, my 8 GB Rolling Cache which I had been using for two years started giving me trouble. I now fly with it off.
  10. I am flying this airplane on a 4770K just like yours and have no trouble with it. The TDS GTN works really well in this airplane.. 😉
  11. I do not use the PMS version, but I believe you get better in flight flightplan management.
  12. I believe you are onto something.. in my case the Rolling Cache caused regular "Connection Lost" messages, after SU9. This was while flying around my home airport, so the data was in the cache, but clearly did not get used..
  13. You have to turn the OBS / course knob manually to center the CDI needle. That is normal operation for VOR tuning. If the VOR is part of your flightplan, and you are flying in GPS mode, the CDI needle will turn to the VOR direction when it becomes the next waypoint.
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