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  1. Did anyone get to try the Black Pearl Adventures stuff I saw on the Marketplace today? It has 5 stars and looks pretty interesting. https://www.blackpearladventures.com Cheers sp
  2. I adjusted the equalizer with Dolby Atmos to really improve the bass. The have a great sound now.
  3. Until recently I've been running my MSFS sound through my integrated Samsung panel sound speakers but have since upgraded to some nice noise cancellation Samsung Ear Buds. The result is that it feels much more realistic as I am using the sim noise cancellation setting. Anyway the fidelity and positional sound is much better with the ear buds. What are you using? sp
  4. Fixed after SU11 for me. Used to take 20 minutes now 5 seconds. sp
  5. Actually I have a Logitech Trackball but it was on low charge which caused the pause. Charged it up and the issue is gone. sp
  6. Currently 531.79 DCH after clean install no error. 3060TI 531.41 gave me the error also. sp
  7. Its a really good good stance to take except with the fluency of todays hardware, software and driver updates to improve things. You don't want to be left behind. sp
  8. I clear the shader cache doing a clean system files with the Windows 10 drive cleanup utility after every Windows update or nVidia driver update. sp
  9. Something to consider with nVidia drivers is that there are now 2 flavors - standard and DCH architecture. I found that after installing the DCH version over a standard one wirhout doing a clean install I got the error. A clean DCH version install with the latest driver fixed the issue. sp
  10. If you are using a wireless device make sure the battery is fully charged to minimize the effect. sp
  11. All I can say is today I have a ton 10x more RealTime traffic than normal and I don't us any AI addons. Something with Realtime traffic is much different today, sp
  12. Not sure if it is just me but lately I only choose to fly 1 plane in MSFS and that is the MG HJET. Reasons are performance range and simplicity. Not to say it is a simple aircraft but with a very cool VNAV and G3000 avionics it allows me to get into the air quickly and fly one of my 800 mile routes with ease. Capable planes in MSFS abound but wondering if and why folks choose just 1 bird to fly. Cheers sp
  13. As the OP I like to create positive MSFS threads because I feel it deserves the positive vibes. One thing I can add is that MSFS has energized the hobby so much that I feel flight simming has a great long lasting future that we all can all be proud of. sp
  14. WT is one of those special pluses that make MSFS what it is. Once again MSFS has a leg up on this kind of great development support. If you can name another sim dev team with the provenance of WT then I can assure you that they are devoted to MSFS. sp
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