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  1. I know the 737 EFB is going to be more than that.
  2. I wouldn't say it's not fully impossible because the A310 can get flightplans from Simbrief.
  3. I think comments like this really don't help - While I do agree the camera could do with some more improvements. After taking some time in watching a video on how it works and setup custom camera views you can really get the hang of how the camera system works in the sim. Why do you think it's best suited for low level flying? MSFS is fine for your airliner flying at FL350 etc.
  4. You also have to remember which is often posted - You'll see people voice their complaints/issues more than the people who have no problems and are enjoying the sim. MSFS is not any less stable than P3D or X-Plane is considered and I really can't remember that many 3rd party addons being broken by a sim update.
  5. Oh wow, I did look but clearly missed that specific spot. Thanks for that! 🐥
  6. Here’s a link to the product page for this to make it easier for people to find https://cowansim.com/product/500e-for-msfs/
  7. The EFB in the DC6 doesn't communicate to the "outside world" so it's not pulling any data from Simbrief etc. Which is what they want to do with the 737 EFB.
  8. Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 (Basically the CJ4/Longitude and G3000 overhaul) that is currently in public beta and expected to be released to public soon.
  9. What a nice surprise that would be if it did turn out one of the future AAU updates is a G3X overhaul - I know they have said no plans in the past but never say never I guess. If not - Maybe one day.
  10. Took it for a spin and it really is quite nice to fly. Would love to see some TDS integration.
  11. The TBM was one of those and it just needed to be enabled - But I don't believe CJ4 and Longitude have the actual modelling to make that possible yet. As WT were asked about it they said they weren't modellers. So I expect this will be down to Asobo to add.
  12. I swear I thought I saw an addon dev making one but I can't find it now so maybe getting mixed up with East Midlands being made. But I do agree a decent Stanstead would be good to have.
  13. They did announce that was there intentions when the Vision Jet did get released so I don't see why not. May just take a bit of time after the public release of AAU.
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