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  1. Thats for P3D - I don't remember hearing of them working on a MSFS version just yet but I could be wrong.
  2. Microsoft Flight Simulator on Twitter: "Just a reminder that there is no Development Update today, and Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it in the US! We'll be back with a Dev Update next week. ✈️" / Twitter
  3. I can't really see how MSFS would be able to kill the monitor but just bad timing that you had MSFS open at the same time.
  4. If you aren't in the Discord then this was the latest announcement on the 22nd October:
  5. Are you sure you didn't actually download it by accident or did a Windows Update? As I hardly see updating MSFS on it's own would then go and downloads Windows 11.
  6. Maybe it'll fix the CTD I have been getting every flight I do when using the FBW or CRJ. I have tried all sorts to fix it but nothing has helped so far. Strange as last month I wasn't having any of these problems.
  7. I get it but until one of the other sites improve their file library then it's not going to any better overnight. Like is there even anything for MSFS uploaded to Avsim? The search keeps telling me no but I know it's not always accurate. We have to remember flightsim.to gained its popularity due to how easy it was to locate and upload addons for MSFS. If there was another site similar or one of the more original sites like Avsim or Flightsim.com did similar then it would be fine to have multiple places to upload/download.
  8. Because the library on those sites (no offence) are old and outdated and isn't as appealing and really that easy to use compared to Flightsim.to. The search on Avsim for example has been hit and miss for a long time. It's also a bit of a pain to upload items as well.
  9. Sorry if this has already been posted but can't see it - In a recent development updated thread - The folks at Inibuilds/iniSimulations have announced that they are bringing their Aibus A310-300 over to MSFS. They have also posted some early WIP screenshots in the thread (near the bottom) Source: https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/3624-development-update16-a-big-update/?fbclid=IwAR1_6w4dfGbOoTxHf0YxcDjIWbX7IqQwIK_yEZsdNhg5lcRstBZPxiYD_sY
  10. This looks awesome. If you need any more testers then I'll be happy to help.
  11. You will have to ask them. Also it's still an early access product so you can expect things not to be as polished. Anyway, here is the FAQ for you: GTN750 Q: Why does the display say GTN? Where do I get the pms50 GTN750 addon? A: https://pms50.com/msfs/downloads/gtn750-basic/ Q: Is the GTN750 required? A: No, H145 will work without it, but the GTN750 adds a lot of functionality with no disadvantages Q: Do I have to pay for it? A: No. The free version is more than enough. AUTOPILOT Q: Which AP modes work? A: HDG ALT NAV GTC.H. Other modes may activate but will NOT do anything yet. Q: How do I engage the NAV mode? A: Click the CPL key (couple/decouple) on the bottom of the pilot MFD. Q: How do I change the NAV source between NAV1, NAV2 and GPS? A: Press the NAV key on the bottom left of the pilot MFD. Q: What is beep trim? A: quick primer on AFCS and beep trim: https://discord.com/channels/426503612819046401/814935624745222194/880349771393536021 Q: Will it get better later? A: Yes! 4-axis AP is coming later. BASIC / ADVANCED FLIGHT MODE Q: Does H145 have Basic/Advanced modes? A: Yes. The Torque push button will display OFF for basic mode, and BLANK for Advanced. Advanced is the new default mode.
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