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  1. Vatsim have released a statement: https://twitter.com/vatsim/status/1348055113663983621?s=21
  2. The popular traffic matching package for VATSIM used by FSX/P3D users has been decommissioned. They have released a statement on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/195475951057687/posts/697943554144255/?d=n. You can also read it on their website: https://flai.app/ Pretty bad news to be honest and a loss to the community.
  3. I never really understood people who post "default camera saves you X" or "default weather saves you X" - Nothing wrong with having options for 3rd party weather addons or camera systems. It's great to have alternatives if something in the sim by default isn't up to scratch. I haven't been a fan of the camera system since the early alpha days, I'm some what used to it now but I wouldn't say no to Chaseplane if they did eventually release a version for MSFS (Assuming it was possible).
  4. They normally release them in the afternoon/early evening (UK Time)
  5. I personally wouldn't pay money for that. I guess I can see what they are trying to do but the cockpit systems/gauges are nothing like that.
  6. Can't wait to see what kind of updates they bring to the UK to be honest.
  7. You do have to hope they do finally fix this weather problem. Especially since they have decided not to open up the sim to 3rd party weather addons. (Stated as not planned on the latest roadmap images) At least with something like ActiveSky you could actually see it inject the weather and you could also tell it to refresh and actually make sure it's doing something.
  8. Release notes at: https://www.flightsimulator.com/release-notes-1-11-5-0/
  9. Hi, Is there anything that can be done to improve the way the sun reflects off the water? As shown in the screenshot below. I've never been a fan of it since the V5 changes. It just looks terrible IMO.
  10. Best to keep an eye on their blog. They did update their products to support 5.1 at the end of October (https://www.togaprojects.com/post/p3dv5-1-products-update). So they probably just need to check everything with the new hotfix.
  11. I do really enjoy using MSFS and prefer the visuals compared to what you get in P3D.The main problem is for me, I like flying PMDG/FSLabs aircraft. I just can't wait and hopefully it will eventually come to get some actual decent 3rd party aircraft in the sim. Such as like PMDG/Fslabs/QualityWings etc. Then thats when MSFS will go up another level for me personally. As it will then have great aircraft and also great visuals.
  12. You could probably use RNAV in this situation. Looking at the Navigraph charts again - It seems like this could be due to work taking place within the latest AIRAC month. As it states the following: It's possible the ILS approaches may return in the next AIRAC update assuming the work has been completed and they bring them back online.
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