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  1. We take off from Bugalaga in the Indonesian part of New Guinea and fly to a little known airstrip called Tomosiga Tomosiga comes up in the distance The strip at Tomosiga is 370 m long, at a 2,700 ft elevation and comes with several slopes and ondulations It is slightly S-shaped with a rather narrow center section. The ground is always a bit slippery and of course, in places like this, there is no go around! The place opened in 2019. Hard to believe, but it took some 31 years to be built and it is still today a work in progress Every single piece of equipment had to be brought up there through the jungle by hand. Appologies for the poor picture quality, they are from a 1991 video Reality vs. MSFS Thanks for viewing
  2. Hi Nico, I have noticed that you have removed the control of the data buffer time. I used to be able to adjust the time of the buffer from the default 30sec to as low as 15sec (for spotting at good ADS-B coverage airports), or increase it at some poor coverage airports. Would it be possible to re-instate the user control of the time of the buffer? I appreciate the wish to keep PSXT simple to use for most users so I am not suggesting putting the control back on the UI, rather having it in the parameters.xml for the experienced user to use as required. What do you think? Peter
  3. Flying cargo in Greenland this time of year provides quite a show..
  4. It’s early morning as we prepare for departure with D-ALIN D-ALIN gained fame, as our first chancellor Konrad Adenauer flew with this plane to Moscow in Sept. 1955 (his first visit to Russia ever) to successfully negotiate ten years after WWII the release of over 100.000 POWs from Russian prison camps When he entered the flightdeck on this flight, Adenauer hit his head at the door frame, so the captain was wiping off some blood from his forehead Above Macau The Ha Long Bay looks better in real life We have reached Yangoon Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River, which is of course not blue Along the Malaysian East Coast near Terengganu Meanwhile we have reached Singapore Thanks for viewing
  5. Hi Nico, I have been testing PSXT with the direct data feed from RT a little this morning at EGPH, EGCC and EGKK. It could just be luck with the data quality, or a placebo effect, but I am seeing a big improvement in the spotting experience. The aircraft move much more smoothly, I have yet to the the jerkiness and stop, start, jumping forward taxiing I have seen before. The aircraft seem to park more smoothly too. Also, so far, all aircraft have spawned at the gates, I have not seen any spawning during the pushback. All in all a better and much more immersive experience so far, I hope this continues. Thank you. Peter
  6. My very first flight in the Dash 7 Into Long Beach Along Huntington Beach And Laguna Beach Torrey Pines is a Marine Conservation Area La Jolla, we are getting closer to San Diego Sea World We were still able to see Shamu perform here Balboa Park. In the basement of the building right in front of my plane is a huge model train exhibition. I must have been there at least five times 🙂 Thanks for viewing
  7. I had promised you some more port-overs, so here we go again. All planes that you see here are former FS9 freeware models that have been upgraded by various talented developers to FSX standard. I have used the Legacy Converter to make them function in MSFS. As always, the biggest problem was the VC. FS9 VC standards are just not acceptable anymore for me. So where needed, I have used VCs from different planes (pay- and freeware) that I have in my virtual hangar. These planes are now fully functional in MSFS, which means they start properly from the runway, engines and gears work as they should and it is really a joy to fly these beauties in this new environment. I doubt that any of them will be ported over by their original developers. But of course I would love to be wrong. Unfortunately, I cannot share them with you, as I don’t have permission from their original creators. This is especially valid for the payware VCs that I have used. Nuff said, here comes the first Russian plane, the Ilyushin IL-14, here pictured in the East German Interflug livery, flying over Dresden: The VC comes from the Just Flight Curtiss C-46 Commando. I like it, because it has the same two side-cutouts for windows, which adds to the illusion The next plane is the Ilyushin IL-18, a plane similar in size to the DC 4. That is why I added the excellent Flight Replicas VC to it. IL-18 over Moscow A younger plane is the Tupolev Tu-24, which can be seen here near Murmansk This is the original VC, no functioning gauges. I haven’t made up my mind yet, which one to use instead A favorite of mine is the Tupolev Tu-154B. It also carries its original VC, which I will keep Over Vladivostok And now comes my all-time favorite, the venerable Tupolev Tu-114. I just love this plane and am super happy to fly her again in MSFS. The sound of her engines is just incredible. Here she is at Moscow Sheremetyevo this afternoon with real weather: Luckily I can keep her VC too, as most gauges work And this concludes my little Russian tour. Thanks for viewing.
  8. Hi Nico, I believe I may have found a bug, or otherwise something that I did not expect. Manual at 11.3. I have seen some live aircraft parking at a gate remove a live parked aircraft from an adjacent gate (normally when the gates are close together). Whilst I understand that removing static parked aircraft is what is expected, I do not expect a live parked aircraft to be removed by an incoming live aircraft arriving at an adjacent gate. When you are back from your break, would you have a look at this? Peter
  9. After 2 flights on my journey to Chunilna : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/638627-going-north-above-alaska-1/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/638788-going-north-above-alaska-2/ I flew from Childs Glacier Airstrip (6AK4) to Valdez (PAVD), a short 40mn flight. You can click on the map below to see the flight trace, and geolocalized screenshots : A few minutes after takeoff, over the Copper River Some interesting landscape in the Chugach Mountains, in the Wortmanns valley The weather deteriorated considerably as I entered the Lowe River Valley From this point I had to fly under 800 ft to see the ground I landed safely in Valdez, with a ground speed of approximatively 25 kts (with 10 kts wind blowing from the front). I could have joined the famous STOL competition !
  10. I've never used the B787 in MSFS so when the Horizon Simulations update I thought I'd take a look. (Although I have no idea what that entailed!) ANZ was Launch Customer for the -900 so appropriate livery. Departed NZAA with some (Real) dubious weather approaching. Plenty of wing flex modelled, shown in the sim ...and plenty going on with that wing, too I did find some issues: AP would not disengage (But maybe finger trouble?) and the cabin service truck got lost
  11. With the new ORBX mesh for South America, which I like a lot. But see for yourself 🙂 Above the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, here the amazing Cono Galcier Ok, Torres del Paine is a bit of a let down North of the Parque Nacional Bernardo O’Higgins. This looks just incredible South of the Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael Further north we find less snow We turn NW towards Santiago At FL180 and descending into the Santiago valley. Descending? Now? You can’t be serious!! The mountains are finally behind us! Over a small town north of Santiago. It’s called Colina and that light blue lake down there interests me. Wikipedia says this: Ayres de Chicureo is a locality in the province of Chacabuco north of Greater Santiago and this light blue lake is artificial and is being used as huge swimming pool Welcome to SCEL Santiago Thanks for viewing
  12. After many months of continued development and refinement of the basic Dash 7 delivered to PILOT'S by SWS, PILOT'S is very pleased to announce that the release of the Dash 7 for MSFS is now imminent. If all goes according to plan and there are no major last minute hiccups, the Dash 7 will be available at the PILOT'S Web Store this coming weekend. The Dash 7 will feature various real world liveries as well as optional equipment, such as the Working Title GNS 530. A specific model with built-in support for the GTNXi will also be available upon release. With valuable input and assistance from Air Tindi, the current largest active operator of real world Dash 7 aircraft, custom sounds and unique elements and features have also been built into the PILOT'S Dash 7. One such unique feature is the nose wheel gear doors slowly opening after the engines are shut down with the subsequent hydraulic pressure drop. I leave you with some screenshots taken with our very latest release candidate.
  13. Ken Hall from ORBX, who had previously developed the PNG airstrips for P3D, is active again, but this time for MSFS. A few days ago, he has launched his first PNG strips and they look superb. Here is one of them: Dinangat Thanks for viewing
  14. After accidentally buying the GotFriends DoubleEnder (dont ask me why/how 😅) I decided to take it to test its performance and STOL capability. Couldn't have guessed that such a tiny aircraft would be such a great addon ! So much details, light yet detailed system, overall perfect immersion. The only letdown are the engine sounds which are quite weak and the non existent "rain hitting canopy" sounds. The plan is to start from Stewart CZST and go North up to Chunilna AK98. Roughly 720 nm, which the DoubleEnder could happily cross in 2-3 stages cruising at FL120. But that wouldn't be fun right ? So I carefully planned < 400nm segments, cruising from 2000 to 5000ft between narrow valleys, above immense glaciers. Real bush flight ! With some "roleplay" constraints : never fly in imc conditions, restrict use of the autopilot to long straight sections, always land in the wild midflight to transfer fuel from the aux tank to the main tanks, and to refill with the carried jerrycans. And of course when landed before sunset, unpack the tent, start a fire and prepare for a restful night. For reference, I use MSFS2020.ARPC to change sky color during golden hours, with MorThe2nd colors : Here's the route for the first flight between Stewart (CZST) and Rusty Barge (AA42) : Starting in the early morning at Stewart A few minutes after takeoff, somewhere in the Ningunsaw Reserve Along Stewart-Cassiar Hwy Some early snow near Surprise Mountain At this point, with only 10 Gal left in the main tanks, I decided to land near Mt Gallatin, on the border between Canada and Alaska. 3 hours to relax, take a nap and drink a hot coffee with a stunning view while the fuel is transferred between tanks. Back in the air, I rushed the last 50nm to land before sunset. Approaching the destination, cloud cover thickened. With an estimated 50 nm range left, I decided to continue above my initial destination to reach Skagway where weather was reported to be clearer. Foretunately a few miles before destination I found a way between the clouds to descend. I landed safely at Rusty Barge just in time to set the camp.
  15. Just one beautiful shot of a flight this morning...this sim never fails to amaze me. Heading up to FL350 to join the others writing white lines in the sky 🙂
  16. Short flight in the South Seas, from Rimatara to Rarotonga. Rimatara is the westernmost inhabited island of the Austral Islands and belongs to the Overseas Territory of French Polynesia. Rarotonga is the largest and most populous of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Thanks for viewing
  17. We all know Lukla Airport in the Everest region of Nepal. When you fly into Karubaga Airport (WAVG) in West Papua for the first time, you are reminded a little of Lukla, as it too has a runway on a steep mountainside. Of course, I could have taken the Kodiak, Twotter or Pilatus Porter, but I wanted to make it a little more challenging, so I was thinking of the single-engine Fokker F.VIIa or the Junkers F13 instead. Especially the Junkers was a popular plane in this part of the world in the 1920s. The Fokker was more flown in the Dutch East Indies. This time I chose the Fokker, the Junkers will be used on another flight. I fly with live weather; should be fun. Took me some time, but finally I have reached 11.000 ft. The highest peak around here in West Papua is Mount Kwoka with 9,850 ft. I’m aware that originally the F.VII can’t go any higher than 8,500 ft. So, consider this one of the technical wonders of MSFS 😊 The weather seems to improve Did I say “improve”? And now the exciting part begins, we are about to land There’s my airport Thanks for viewing
  18. I like the new pushback procedures introduced in v3.3.0 which can be seen when the live departing aircraft spawns at the gate. I have noticed, however, that some live departing aircraft now spawn during or after the pushback rather than at the gate which breaks the immersion somewhat. Also, on some occasions, a parked static aircraft can be left at the gate as well which breaks the immersion even more. In v3.3.0 there seems to be a change in the logic for parking live departing aircraft. From my observations less live departing aircraft are parked at the gates for the start of the flight than was the case previously. For the moment I have reverted to v3.2.0 where the issue of parking live departing aircraft is not present, i.e. almost all live departing aircraft are parked at the gates with a subsequent full pushback. I hope that this issue can be fixed in a future update as I am enjoying the new pushback behaviour. Thank you for your continued efforts in making this excellent software even better.
  19. While in the Pacific, I thought to do something slightly different. So I decided that my FSX Bismarck will visit Midway Atoll. One of the Arado pilots on board always wanted to fly a P-38 and he had heard that a few of them were stationed at Henderson Field. 🙂 And off he goes for a joy ride Thanks for viewing
  20. Just some sceenies from the miltechsimulations supercarrier pro addon. Hope they don´t get classified as war/combat shots but if so, mods pls delete.
  21. Awaroa is located in the depths of the Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island and the Awaroa Lodge is well worth a stay-over for a couple of days, so you can explore the beautiful area. Awaroa beach, also known as “Peoples Beach”, made headlines in 2016, when its former owner planned to sell this property. Not wanting to see this popular holiday destination fall into private ownership, two Christchurch men launched a crowdfunding campaign that saw the beach purchased for NZ$2.8 million and handed over to the Department of Conservation for current and future generations to enjoy. Our plane, as unique as Awaroa, is the 1917 French Dorand AR1. This map should give you a rough idea, from where I take off. On my way to Wellington, I pass by Duncan Bay and Marlborough Sounds. What a beautiful area to pass over low and slow. Passing over Marlborough Sounds, west of the Endeavour Inlet Passing the last body of land of the South Island and on to the Cook Strait, which is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world. So I will cross it at its narrowest point, where it is 22 km (14 mi) wide North Island is dead ahead Before I land at Wellington Intern. I want to explore a bit the city’s scenery Thanks for viewing
  22. Above Lake Rotoroa Near Lake Brunner On the lower left side one can spot part of Lake Tasman Along the Tasman River into Mt. Cook NZMC Thanks for viewing
  23. In the manual for v3.5.0 it states that the hidden parameter Learn defaults to true, however my install defaulted to false. Also Soft defaulted to false.
  24. I was impressed by the posting from pmplayer of the Berlin Airport EDDI scenery of the year 1935,modelled by Redwing. In addition to his fine posting I hereby post some shots of the 2 other historic airports as it was in 1935. Friedrichshafen - EDNY - Animated moving(very slowly) of Zeppelin Hindenburg D-LZ129 out of the enormous hangar to locate 180 degrees at the grassfield. This Zepellin ended as a fire torch(was filled with flamable hydrogen) in Mai 1937 in Lakenhurst-New York after 17 transatlantic flights, 10 to the US(New York) and 7 to Brazil(Rio de Janeiro). Köln-Butweilerhof - EDK1 From 1922 to 1950 used as the airliner-airport situated NW of the nearby City, further used by the RAF till 1967. The current International Airport of the regio is Airport Köln-Bonn - EDDK
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