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  1. Has anyone resolved the issue of not being able to exclude the flightsimulator.exe and other associated MSFS files from Anti-Virus software (Firewall) warnings? I purchased MSFS via the Microsoft Store.
  2. Patch Version Is Now Available! September 16, 2020 | Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team The primary focus of this patch is to address many of the « in-sim » issues reported by the community. We are constantly triaging the issues/feedback we have received to help plan our future patch work. Feedback from the community is a vital part of how we define our focus for each update. Thank you for all your help and we look forward to continuing working with the community to improve the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Optimized cockpit screen display when screens are not displayed on screen. New option available to control cockpit screen update frequency. Tweaked CPU thread priorities to reduce interruption of frame critical threads. Optimized loading system to reduce overall loading times. Optimized heavy airport scenes impact on CPU. Reduced the amount of GPU overdraw to improve GPU performance. Memory optimizations to reduce software memory footprint and improve performance on memory limited computers. Overall performance optimizations. ATC Incoming ATC Azure speech has now three different voices. ATC voice gender is now based on the avatar of the pilot/copilot. Fix for the incorrect voice pack being used if the game is not localized in English and if the Windows Offline Text-to-Speech option is used. UI Filters and sorting have been improved in the marketplace. Manual cache layout has been improved and the download estimated time should now be correct. Improved support for gamepad navigation in many menus. Case sensitive search is now working properly in control screen. Search by axis in control screen has been fixed. Active pause button has been added in the toolbar. Pause button has been fixed in the Content manager. AERODYNAMICS Improved wind turbulence simulation to reduce horizontal turbulences. Added simulation of low rpm piston engine vibrations on cockpit. Added simulation of water particles (rain/clouds) density in aerodynamics => generates vibrations flying through clouds or rain. Fixed wet surface friction and braking distances. Fixed live weather wind offset in higher latitude areas (America, Asia…) that was causing the 3kts Wind bug. AIRCRAFT COCKPITS VISUALS AND ANIMATIONS Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: AP buttons animations have been fixed. Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, Beechcraft Bonanza G36, ICON A5: placards have been updated. Cessna 172 Skyhawk : compass texture have been improved. Zlin Savage Cub : tail wheel blur effect is now correctly triggered. Zlin Shock Ultra : arcs on airspeed indicator is correctly set. Zlin Shock Ultra : turbo mode has been removed from dashboard. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : MCP buttons visual improvements. GENERAL AVIATION SYSTEMS Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX : propeller sound has been improved when RPM is changing. Cessna Longitude : AP altitude and speed management improvements. Cessna Longitude : auto throttle is now inhibited during take off and until 400 feet AGL. Daher TBM 930 : yaw damper is now automatically turned on when the AP is enabled. Beechcraft King Air 350i : windshield deicing is now working. ICON A5 : « incorrect heading indicator » notification is now correctly triggered. Zlin Shock Ultra : flaps now operate mechanically instead of electrically. Zlin Shock Ultra : trim management improvements. Cessna Citation CJ4 : reverse thrust has been removed. Cub Crafter X Cub : IAS AP mode is now working properly. Daher TBM 930 and Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX : PT6 engines shutdown duration has been increased. GENERAL AVIATION AVIONICS Cessna Longitude : several knobs of the G5000 are now working. Beachcraft Baron G58, Beechcraft Bonanza G36, Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000, Diamond DA40 NG : fixed missing ALT knob. Beechcraft King Air 350i : « menu » key is now working properly. Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat : avionics state have been fixed using Honeycomb device battery switch. GNS 530 : flight plan display alignment has been fixed on the Garmin GNS 530. G1000 : automatically switches from NAV to LOC when needed. G1000 : ETE and ETA fixed wrong values. G1000/3000/3x : AP setup is no longer reset when enabling AP. G1000/3000/3x : fixed missing flight plan when the selected departure is coordinates on the world map. G3x : text size in « approach box » has been increased. G3x : approaches can now be selected and loaded. G3x : fixed bad information in nearest VOR page when unknown VOR is selected. AIRLINER SYSTEMS General : AP behavior improvements. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : rear wheels steering has been fixed. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : pressing the battery button now always display the ON part. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : improved flaps deployment and retraction sequences. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : fixed auto–throttle not giving back control to the pilot when disabled. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : center tanks drain first when decreasing fuel quantity via fuel and payload menu. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : auto–throttle is now automatically disengaged when landing. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : auto–throttle now engages correctly during take off roll when conditions are met. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : alt intervention no longer needs to be pressed again when not needed. Airbus A320neo : automatic speed management improvements. Airbus A320neo : alpha floor condition is now correctly triggered. AIRLINER AVIONICS General : weight is better taken into account for V speed calculations. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : FMC now allows to activate approach without going to route page. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : approach VREF speeds are fixed. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : empty rectangles no longer displayed on the FMA. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : runways are now displayed in correct order in the FMC. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental : cruise altitude no longer automatically filled in the FMC. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : LNAV and VNAV correctly displayed as armed in FMA when conditions are met. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : altitude target on MCP can no longer be set to negative values. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : auto–throttle mode no longer displayed on FMA when auto–throttle is disabled. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : fixed wrong flaps value displayed in the FMC take off page. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : target heading line on ND is no longer reset while in heading mode. Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner : direct-to flight plans can now be entered in the FMC. Airbus A320neo : target altitude can now be changed when AP is disabled. Airbus A320neo : armed modes no longer appear in boxes on the FMA. Airbus A320neo : flaps « FULL » indication instead of « F » on ECAM. Airbus A320neo : FMGS message « INVALID ENTRY » replaced by « NOT ALLOWED ». Airbus A320neo : FMGS now only displays arrival procedures corresponding to the selected runway. Airbus A320neo : FMGS now correctly displays ETA for approach points. Airbus A320neo : removed remaining waypoints on ND after selecting different approach procedures. Airbus A320neo : fixed heading bug alignment offset issue. Airbus A320neo : fixed missing runway in the perf page of FMGS when a departure runway is already selected. Airbus A320neo : fixed constraints flickering on ND. Airbus A320neo : FMGS block fuel indication now correctly initialized. MISCELLANEOUS Fixed freezes caused by glass cockpits. Travel to feature no longer disengages autopilot when used. WEATHER Fixed 225°/3kt issue with inconsistent wind in game. Fixed issue with weather persistency on flight restart. SERVICES Upgraded multiplayer servers. MARKETPLACE Rating display on bundles has been improved. Performance drop after downloading an item in marketplace has been removed. An addon purchased outside of the marketplace no longer has an impact on the “Installed” filter in the marketplace as it is considered as a “community” content. CONTENT MANAGER Addon purchased outside of the marketplace now also visible in the Content manager when online, and offline if downloaded in the community folder. 3rd Party content thumbnail display improved. Pause download during installation is fixed. LOCALIZATION Various typo fixes in multiple languages. ACCESSIBILITY Subtitles are now enabled by default. Subtitle option has been moved from Sound menu to Accessibility so users can set it during initial install. CAMERAS Remove rotation clamp on “Instrument cameras”. Pilot camera position can now be saved or reset. BUSH TRIPS Fix leg completion trigger. Completionist achievement should now unlock when all activities have been completed. WORLD Detected buildings that intersect roads are now excluded. Longer bridges are less prone to having a gap. UK city houses models should no longer appear in US suburbs. “In The Wild” Achievement can now be unlocked
  3. Hehe...I know you older guys were coming in this post looking for KIT. 🙂 Or David maybe? LOL Riding in the back of an empty Caravan (except the crew up front of course)...heading to Key West at night. I had to over-expose the pic so you guys could even see it here....but in the sim...it's dark and perfectly illuminated....taking my breath away! Here is a shot of up front, descending into Key West on the RNAV09. Finally getting more familiar with the G1000 and MSFS's idiosyncrasies, and can manage an approach without the terror I've experienced in the past, LOL. Again..the screenshot does no justice to the atmospheric feeling of night flying in MSFS. Like how the ground lighting gradually came on as it got darker...priceless!
  4. Made this shot a bit bigger than my usual scaled down 1800 pixel ones because it just looked so cool. What I can't show you in a screenshot is how the shadow on the bottom part of the mountains slowly crept down as the sun rose behind me...where the mountains on that side were casting those shadows. I turned the sim rate to 8x....much easier to see that way. 🙂 Then as I'm sitting here typing this up and getting the pics ready...my Caravan is shut down so in the background I hear nature noises and ground vehicles moving around. Suddenly I hear what sounds like a Southwest 737 flying over my house. In the real world I live right under the approach path to KDAL, so really hear them all the time. I thought that the noise was not comming from the window as usual but from the speakers. Sure enough....pan around...a Skywest plane flies overhead on its way to KLAX. He's a little low for this approach in real life...but you do fly over KPSP on your way to LAX. Just a surreal moment...hehe. This sim, with the new patch. Never in the history of simming have we had a better looking, better performing application..period. And OUT OF THE BOX!!! That is what truly blows me away.
  5. Having fixed the Spitfire, I’m now ready to try out Dover. The closest airport, I believe, is Manston, but I decide to take off from Southend to have more time to enjoy flying the Spitfire and listening to the Merlin sound. Passing over Ramsgate Here is the Manston airport Over Deal and Middle Deal Dover is dead ahead But where are the cliffs? Ok, the other side of Dover looks a bit better Thanks for viewing
  6. The year is 1937 and in order to maintain peace at its Western border with Afghanistan, the British used to patrol the area with bomber planes such as the Hawker Hind. This an actual photo of a Hind patrolling along the Afghanistan border Unfortunately there is no Hawker plane of that area available (at least I haven’t found any), so I use the nice Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog instead and have ported it to MSFS. Btw, I have done a similar flight a few years back with the same plane in P3D and wasn’t too impressed with the scenery. This time is different. Of course, as already stated in previous posts, I will use this port-over only for my own enjoyment, until a new MSFS version will be offered. Armed with my trusted friend, a Webley Mk V pistol, I take off from a small airfield near Parachinar, west of Peshawar and close to the Afghan border Close to the Khyber Pass. The toughest opponent the RAF pilots had to face in those days was not an enemy airplane, but Afghan tribes They were farmers and they enjoyed war as a hobby. Nearly all of them were armed and from time to time they would take some kind of action either against each other or against British police posts. The British army didn’t have enough men in this remote part of British India, so the RAF was required to do something about it. Their main job in case of violence was to bomb the villages, but before doing so, they flew over them and dropped leaflets to indicate to the tribes, what they were going to do and why. With luck, these leaflets brought the attacks against police posts to an end. But on occasion the tribesmen were less than impressed. In this case, the planes would return, dropping leaflets one more time. But this time they contained a warning to evacuate the villages within 48 hours. After that, the bombing of the village started. As stated earlier, the opponent, the pilot had to face, was not an enemy plane, but the Afghan tribesmen. Because sometimes you as the pilot had the misfortune of engine failure over Afghan territory. Once you have managed to bail out with your parachute, you knew that you would meet down at the bottom with extremely angry villagers, who were not going to welcome you with open arms. They might hand you over to the women of the tribe, who would do some extremely nasty things to you. That is why all pilots carried a so-called “Protection Certificate” that promised the tribe a large sum of money, if they would return you to the nearest British outpost alive and, more importantly, complete. They would get less money, if they would bring you in dead, or suffering from, shall we say, sudden surgery. But this time all went well, I didn’t face engine failure and the tribe below had stopped attacking the police post close to the border. I could return to my outpost near Parachinar Thanks for viewing
  7. Boy, do I love MSFS 2020. It is clearly the next gen sim. And this is from someone who is invested in XPlane 11. There are many minor missing features such as replays, rewind/resume, TrackIR pause, etc. I am sure in time these will be addressed in future updates. Most importantly, there are workarounds today. But one major issue remains without a workaround. And it only affects a small population of people trying to fly with triple monitors, or super duper ultra-wide monitors. That is, MSFS doesn't yet support such views. Current attempts using Nvidia Surround produce distracting distortions which does not actually help with flying. I am trying to raise awareness of this issue, so that it can be prioritized by Asobo properly. Or perhaps some smart members will figure out ways to tweak config variables such as WideViewAspect and the like, to make this work today. This long article shows lots of pictures taken in the last two days, to illustrate this issue: https://xinhaidude.com/2020/08/22/geometric-distortion-in-a-triple-monitor-setup-for-msfs-2020-compared-to-xplane-11/ Here is one of many illustrations from the article:
  8. Tried out a few more port overs. In most cases, even when it works it doesn't really result in anything that matches the sim, Standards of lighting, reflection etc don't match up. I've had a couple of planes though that I will use regularly and hope to be able to replace with modern versions eventually. This was a failure, which is a real shame as I've got a few nice boats of one sort or another and I like the water environment in MSFS (lack of wake and other reaction will get fixed at some point, I hope). Paint didn't come across, and no motion possible. This flies, but needs to be slewed into the air and the finish is a bit off. No instruments (this seems to be the norm for these ports, reasonably enough) This looked promising at first, but no real control. Flies weird, needs to be slewed into the air. This works. Looks a bit dated in terms of finish now, but a grand old beast and might see some action I switched to this in miod-flight and it just fell out of the sky. No response at all to controls I really wanted this to work (It's a C5 Galaxy, which may not be obvious from this shot), and it almost did. Powered up on the runway and took off ok, but when the undercarriage went up the nose wheels stayed down! Weird. This worked though. I think it even had some working dials in the cockpit. Again, the finish is very much a couple of generations old now but it's good to see it in these skies. I'll probably keep trying some of my faves from FSX/P3D. Got lots of interesting planes in the hangar, many others have been tried and failed to even load or appear in the selection list. I have two approaches to simming. One is the low and slow in a cub or similar (probably actually just the drone cam now) to allow me to investigate the world out there, and the other is to see all the sorts of planes that fascinated me as a kid in the days of the old plastic models. So I have a huge hangar full of oddities and 40s, 50s, 60s models, lots of which don't even play nice in the later releases of P3D. I would love to fly ove some of the MSFS world in my B58 for example, or maybe the B36. Or maybe the XB70. Hmm, then there's the flying saucer . . I dare say some of this will happen in time though.
  9. This was a reasonably successful port over. Flies ok, take off and land ok, looks and sounds ok, but no instruments. Will be nice for an occasional outing. Just a few over Honolulu - It is in this picture, but you have to look hard to find it It'll be nice if some of these old planes get a makeover and a re-release for this sim. Alway's liked this one.
  10. A few randoms from recent experiments, starting with a couple of rainy / misty shots around Marseille which led me to my first rainbow! A couple of the freeware photogrammetry (is that right?) Monaco. Didn't seem to look as good on my system as in the video for it - and although it looks fantastic from a little ways up it doesn't work for me down at rooftop level. But I'll keep an eye on it, it's a WIP apparently Here's a DH60 ported over to MSFS - these last two are in the Camargue, which will be the next bit of my Provencal journey That'll do for now - enjoy!
  11. This is an attempt to recreate a photo I saw of Toronto and until today I didnt know it was an airport approach shot. I can't share the original photo unfortunately because it isnt mine. but heres my recreation attempt:
  12. Found it! my favorite Idaho bush landing strip to scare passengers and crash! It's not in the game as a departure/arrival airport like with Orbx NRM unfortunately, but it is depicted and landable. I love the sound of a stall horn in the morning! Start off at the Vines landing strip in Idaho near McCall, and head west along Big Creek. If I have some ambition in the next couple days, I might film a quick video guide. If you want to practice bush landings, this whole area is fantastic.
  13. Hopefully some memories for a fellow simmer! Apparently, this was an occasional visitor to Calgary, and could cause a certain amount of excitement as it came in over the golf course at the end of the runway. I wonder if this was where plus-fours were invented? <grin> A seemingly busy airport Unfortunately, the undercarriage seems to have a mind of its own in this portover. I didn't touch anything (honest!) but it came down with the wheels up. Hope they've got a real big crane here.
  14. It had been my understanding that an additional set of liveries for the default aircraft was being made available as a promotional gift for this week through 30 September in the in-sim Marketplace. Per this 18 August reference: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/08/18/microsoft-flight-simulator-available-now/ "...In celebration of the return of the beloved franchise, all players will be able to claim a free “Aviators Club” livery set as a special thank you for being one of the first to take flight from next week through September 30, 2020. The livery set will be available starting next week for this limited time in the in-sim marketplace and includes Microsoft Flight Simulator-inspired liveries for all aircraft available in the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe Editions..." I seem unable to find this within the in-sim MP, and it is not presented along with the other available products/addons which appear prominently. Might anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks much, Rusty
  15. Sometimes i see strange rock formations, sometimes pillar like when at an airport or when flying closer to the ground. Does anyone know what is causing it? Its almost like the scenery did not completely load or something. Thanks
  16. I almost titled this post "Dang!" but it was too non descript 🙂
  17. The combination of the drone cam, an X-box controller, and this sort of scenery opens up some amazing levels of exploration. All shots in 4k, with ultra settings I mean, even the reflections in the windows . . . that rooftop is pretty impressive Below is from the roof of the tower block in the previous pictures, looking back up at our apartment (the ones about a third of the way in from the left, on the hillside) And the harbour from that roof - just look at the rendering of that concrete on the wall. And as it is supposed to be a flight sim (<grin>), here's a plane! (Heading west from Monaco - plenty to explore along this coast)
  18. After I had successfully ported the a2a FSX Bf 109 to MSFS (although the gauges do not work), my next attempt was the Spitfire. The a2a version did not work, but the Just Flight Mk 1A was a success. All instruments work, only the tires, exhaust and the pilot seem to have an issue. I need to have a look at this. Of course, I will not share this and once the real MSFS versions will be introduced, I will delete them and buy the new versions. But for now, it’s a total blast to tour Great Britain's countryside in the Spitfire low and fast. I hope you allow me to share a few pics with you that show the area around Edinburgh. Btw, also the freeware DH Vampire from developer Robert Richardson flies nicely in the new sim. It appears, MSFS loves British military planes 😉😉 Thanks for viewing
  19. Can someone post a video (or a link) on how ocean waves hit the shoreline? It was totally unrealistic in all previous versions of FSX/P3D. Thanks.
  20. Who knows this iconic place for Georgia Tech fans? The level of detail is amazing. And its default! Bonus points for knowing what the round, tall structure is just behind my left wing.
  21. Left mouse click twice on each pic to bring it up to full resolution.
  22. The lightning in this sim is better than any I've seen (I wouldn't rule it perfect, but its the best thus far....maybe a modder will find the code for it and tweak it). I find the thunder very convincing. Poor rampees.....had to bring me in when I had no business flying. I'll buy them dinner. 🙂 Cloud to cloud.....but the lighting effects of the bolt as it illuminates the ground is awesome! OK...that one was a little close....they ran back in when that one hit 🙂 Pics just can't do the feeling of immersion justice.....
  23. Ok...these are brighter...daytime flight from KELN to Richland near KPSC Tri Cities region. Theres some great scenery and some really bad scenery along the way. Heres the great scenery: (imo)
  24. check out how you can see the city lights on the fuselage and cabin lights on the wings in the pic above
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