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  1. Woke up early this morning for some photos of the moon and then decided to go and see it in MSFS as well... Taking the 145 on the same route I've taken to the City for work a few times. Thanks @HPG And the chopper heading back to NJ because it's too expensive to have it sit there in NY!!
  2. I had to disable HDR mode in Win 10 due to very bad colors (contrast, colors, sharpness, brightness), tried every thing possible with no luck, I was wondering if any one testing latest Windows 11 and have tried HDR, how is it? I wish MS/ASOBO would provide us with in-game sliders to tweak those options easily and on the fly, part of top menu maybe? Note; I'm aware my PC doesn't support windows 11, but planing on new system based on info I'm gathering right now.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with my problem. I have MSFS 2020 and P2A (updated). I can connect P2A to MSFS. When I do I can work with P2A and change frequencies. I have never used PTT, but want to get on VATSIM, so thought I would use P2A for practice. However, it only seems to work on the initial press of the PTT button. So when I start P2A up, connect to MSFS, then go to use PTT and say "Say Altimeter" it works. When I try it again, nothing. I try using the speech assist, etc. to no avail. I tried to disconnect then reconnect and it still will not function. When I restart P2A it will do the same thing . . . works once, then stops. When I use the Say It function it works fine, it's only when trying to use PTT. I have to believe I am missing something. I have a VR headset and a regular mic and they both do the same thing. Thanks in advance! Randy
  4. I’m deep in the Maasai Mara Reserve near the Serena Lodge and plan a trip to the East towards the Ngong Hills, made famous in the book and movie “Out of Africa”. I also found an appropriate plane for my trip, a Gipsy Moth with the correct registration. It’s the FSX GAS model, which I ported to MSFS. She flies beautifully and all gauges work. A bit of trivia, if you allow me: Out of Africa's 1929-model Gipsy Moth G-AAMY biplane was shipped to Kenya in 1985 in the back of a DC8 for the filming of the movie. Sir Henry Dalrymple-White, a noted Royal Air Force Wing Commander in WW2, piloted it, soaring high above the Maasai Mara and the Great Rift Valley. G-AAMY was flown for approximately 50 hours of filming in Kenya, during which, I’m sure you remember, it roused a large flock of pink flamingoes. That scene among others earned the cinematographer, late David Watkin, an Academy Award for his lens work. Since 2013 the plane is owned by a certain Jochen Zeitz, is fully restored and flown regularly at Zeitz’s Segera lodge in Kenya. Here is a nice 5 min video, where the plane is being assembled after restoration. Then he flies G-AAMY around his lodge: I have been to this area a few times, this looks very much believable. Close to the Ngong Hills Quite a few buildings to my left on top of the hills. It shows that they are not too far from Nairobi. At the time of Karen Blixen, an ox-drawn cart needed three days to cover this distance Getting away from the hills again, I turn south. I know a small, unmarked airstrip near another resort, where I can land and have my lunch. Ready for lunch? I am 😄 Thanks for viewing
  5. I start from the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge airstrip in Namibia. The lodge is located some 190 km south-west of Windhoek, which means, if you want to have something to eat, you either drive some three hours with your four-wheel-drive to the next supermarket or you go hunting. After taking off I head east towards the spectacular Rooiklip or Gamsberg Nature Reserve Thanks for viewing
  6. As the title suggests, there is clearly an issue with performance degradation when doing flights >10 hours. Could be less, but I've only noticed it with these extended flights. There's a thread that was created on April 11th on the official forum. Looking to see if others have run into the same issues with these long haul flights. For me, flying into Dubai this morning, I noticed over the ocean my frames were dipping into the 30s and would rebound after awhile. Approach Dubai, this became more frequent the lower I went until at one point it hit rock bottom around 13 fps! My performance stayed dismal all the way until final approach around 2500' when everything appeared to improve all of the sudden. Some things I noticed approaching Dubai... Heavy pop-in of structures and landscape. Blurry textures Tiles/Grids that remained blurred in the area. I recall seeing similar behavior in p3d during a lengthy flight. Mountains that were morphing Sudden improvement on final approach and afterwards. After landing, my fps returned to complete normal of 80+ and I was able to move around the city without any issues. I've attached some images for reference and a link to the thread in case anyone else wants to help out with votes! >>Click below for the thread<< After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS Arriving Dubai with FPS dropping to 14.... After landing in Dubai you can see my FPS returned to normal Great FPS floating around the city after landing!
  7. Iberia Jet Commuter...Madrid to Barcelona (Complete Flight, Approx 1 hour, 8 minutes) Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  8. I run FireFighterX_SE.exe and nothing happens (MSFS Steam Edition) Running Windows 10.0.19041.1 with Norton 360. I unzip the files and then a warning box comes up "windows protected your PC, prevented an unrecognized app from running". I run it anyway. Fire Fighter X License box pops up and press next. The FireFighterX_SE setup box appears. I press next, The FireFighterX_SE setup box appears (with the installation path). The Installation Completes. I press close. I run FireFighterX_SE.exe nothing happens. I Disable Norton 360 firewall and auto detect and tried again. Nothing happens. Help please.
  9. I put the weather on Vertigo Rainy looks pretty nice IMO.
  10. Of course this has been done before. By the British for example in the 1920s, here in a Hawker Hardy And more recently in 2016 by participants of a vintage air rally with special permission by the Egyptian authorities, here a Belgian couple in their Stampe I do it now in a Waco (without special permission 🙂) Thanks for viewing
  11. Grass in front of the WH seems pretty unkept. Anyone know why? 🤔 Not sure where she's going, but I'd wager to bet its Delaware... for the weekend....again.
  12. Eastbound in the G36 Turbo over western Kansas near sunset last evening. That cluster of red lights caused me to check the sectional map. Correct for the natural windy area I found it to be a windmill farm. Image is larger if you click on it!
  13. OK. Here is a call for yet another new 3rd party mod..... At least it did not come to the ground in front of the hangar!
  14. Since @fppilot likes context with the pics (I do as well, but get lazy like we all do, hehe). This is the magnificent PMDG DC-6, in a livery I happened to paint. 🙂 The title of the post should be quite obvious by now, LOL. I am currently flying her in a lazy trip across the USA....started at my home base of KDFW, headed generally west and a few legs later, just finished a beautiful dawn flight from Missoula (KMSO) to Bozeman (KBZN) As I was panning around her, trying to capture a shot that exemplified the mood, this taxi light pole got in the way. Just as I was about to move the camera in past it...thinking it was ruining the shot, I thought it may make a conversation piece to the insane people here that seem to love sitting at a desk and pretending to fly aircraft (current company included of course, LOL). This is default scenery...and I'd venture to bet that this white sticker is on all the default taxi light stanchions. Piqued my interest so I thought I'd share. On a personal note. I've had a few major health issues that have taken me from our hobby into the real world regarding depressing topics that I'd rather not expound on here. So far I have been very fortunate and blessed to have mostly recovered from them (and continue to) and have been slowly getting back into our passion. Just remember that our hobby is just that, and the real world ALWAYS trumps our virtual one. Don't ever let the things you've been blessed with in the real world fall to 2nd place in priority....it is usually then when reality interrupts our hobby and bites you square in the A55! (well, for me it was a region not far from there, but you get the point!) 🙂 Fly safe, and be safe!
  15. The plane is the long-range strategic bomber and reconnaissance/maritime patrol aircraft Me 264, developed during WWII for long distance flights of up to 15,000 km (9.300 miles). Two prototypes were built and later destroyed during allied bomb runs. After that, the project was abandoned, as Messerschmitt was asked to concentrate instead on the further development of the Me 262 fighter jet. This is the FSX model by Thomas Ruth, ported over to MSFS. I also upgraded the VC. We have finally reached Italian airspace and fly here along beautiful Lake Como Over Lake Maggiore on final for Locarno Thanks for viewing
  16. Just a short note to let everyone know that we have finally released Alicante Airport for MSFS! This scenery features extensive custom mesh, we'll post more details and screenshots here over the weekend.
  17. This particular Junkers Ju 52 has a very interesting history. She started life as D-AQUI for Lufthansa in April 1936. After only three months, she was transferred/loaned to Norway’s Det Norske Luftfartselskap airline, to replace a Norwegian Ju 52, that had suffered badly from a crash landing. In 1957 she was sold to Ecuador, where she was used for passenger and freight service until 1962. Due to spare parts problems for the still original (!) BMW engines, she was then parked after 26 years of service at an airport near Quito. There she was detected in 1969 by an American airplane enthusiast Lester F. Weaver from Polo, Illinois. He spent the next six months to bring the plane back to flying conditions and flew her on Nov. 22 1970 all the way from Quito to Dixon, Illinois. As he encountered problems with further needed repairs and the registration of the Junkers, the plane was finally sold again in 1974 to another plane enthusiast, American writer Martin Caidin, who flew the plane to Titusville, Florida, where it was to receive a substantial restoration. During this process it was also pragmatically decided to not overhaul but replace the ageing BMW 132 engines with Pratt&Whitney 1340 S H1G Wasp engines. It is interesting that the predecessor to this engine, the Hornet, was part of the first engine equipment for the Junkers Ju 52 / 3m in the early 1930s. The Hornet was the sample engine for the BMW 132 and was manufactured under license by BMW. In order to meet FAA requirements, Caidin had a hydraulic and braking system installed from a Curtiss C46. At the end of 1976, the modernization and repair completed and the FAA granted Caidin the N52JU certification. Caidin named the aircraft "Iron Annie", with which the aircraft was to be seen at numerous air shows in the USA over the next eight years. In 1984 Lufthansa pilots discovered the aircraft. They convinced the airline's executive board to bring the plane back to Germany to present it on Lufthansa's 60th anniversary in 1986. The transfer flight lasted sixteen days, with stops in Greenland and Iceland. It was restored again at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. Since 1986 it has been used for sightseeing flights with Lufthansa pilots in the cockpit at various locations in Germany and Norway every summer and overhauled at Lufthansa Technik in the winter months. One of the pilots I once met, he usually flies A 380s and was every time thrilled, when he was scheduled to fly the Ju 52. In the early 1990s, the aircraft received Hamilton three-bladed propellers in order to meet increasing noise reduction requirements. Investments were also made in modern on-board electronics in order to be able to meet the requirements of today’s passenger air traffic. With the aim of keeping the aircraft airworthy for another 20 years, since 2015 large parts of the wing structure were replaced at Lufthansa Technik. This lasted until May 13, 2017. At that time, the sixteen-seat D-AQUI had 21,000 flight hours behind it. Unfortunately, its operations had to be terminated prematurely in August 2018 due to severe structural deficiencies that were detected during another overhaul. Lufthansa technicians estimated that repairs could only be carried out with an extensive and very costly reengineering of large parts of the fuselage. They also said that due to the age of the plane, more such findings were to be expected in the future. After hearing this and taking also into account the tragic accident of HB-HOT in Switzerland, the Lufthansa board decided in April 2019 to end the D-AQUI operation. Since 1986, “Iron Annie” or “Auntie Ju” had a total of 11,500 accident-free flight hours for Lufthansa since 1986. She now resides at the airport of Paderborn, where a sponsoring association for vintage planes maintains her. Incidentally that airport is also home of Aerosoft. I guess that D-AQUI with its modern instrumentation will be the basis for the upcoming Asobo/MS Ju 52. I still use also in MSFS my old FS9 JU 52, once developed by Oliver Fischer. I have used her in FS9, FSX, P3D and now in MSFS. Even once the new one is around, I don’t think I will ever uninstall this one. Our flight today starts near Koblenz, from there we fly south along the Rhine river. This was also one of the last flights of D-AQUI in 2018. The first two pictures show the Lufthansa Ju 52 in real life in 2017 flying along the Rhine river. Here you can clearly see the FS9 origin, but all the gauges work The “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner) is the name of a headland in Koblenz, where the Mosel river joins the Rhine. Named after a local commandry of the Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden), it became known for a monumental equestrian statue of William I, first German Emperor, erected in 1897 in appreciation for his role in the unification of Germany. On our way to the “Katz Castle”, we pass the nice village St. Goarshausen The Katz Castle was first built around 1371 by Count William II of Katzenelnbogen. It was bombarded in 1806 by Napoleon and rebuilt in 1896–98. It is now privately owned, and not open for visitors On this small island in the middle of the Rhine is another castle, built in 1326, but not existing in MSFS. I’m sure, it will soon be available as an add-on Thanks for viewing
  18. Apologies if there is already an active thread elsewhere. I have searched and didn't find anything. Could we maybe use this thread to aggregate all the mods that either people have found work after WU6 + DACH without CTD, or any updates released that are explicitly WU6 compatible. The sim seems to work fine without any mods by the way as I removed all mods with AddonLinker. Orbx LOWI works fine - 50-60fps in default TBM, pre-caching slider set to HIGH. I then tried adding the WT CJ4, WTG3000, Nxi, PMS50 GTN750 and Bijan seasons. I experienced CTDs with these enabled. I have not disabled them one by one as yet so no idea which ones caused a CTD. Good to know if anyone has any feedback on this yet... Thanks, Ray
  19. I was doing with a friend a leisure flight around Shelter Island, northwest of Juneau… …when we spotted this. Wow, she is huge That must be the Tirpitz I’ll ask the captain to bring me back to Juneau airport. Let’s see how close we can get to it If nothing works out, I can hopefully use their on-board Arado plane It’s going to be tight and from the looks of it, we have some nasty currents here Ok, that’s as far as we can get without running the ship aground Let’s back up and turn her around slowly and head south instead for the port of Juneau Thanks for viewing
  20. Since the last update (1.15.7), I can't use my right mouse button anymore to view around in the cockpit or external view. I tried several options, but without success. Anybody who can help me to solve this problem? Thanks, Mart
  21. Enjoying the agricultural patchwork @ 10,000 ft. above Colby, Kansas, enroute from Kansas City to Denver. A big thank you to Bert P. for mentioning the Robt Young Turbo Bonanza in a post a day or two ago. I had not flown it since perhaps this past March. Pulled it out of the hangar, serviced it, and had a great flight!
  22. What MSFS is good at is to ally the serious fun of flying (or is it the amusing seriousness ?) and discovering the world. The Sahel is the vast region from the Atlantic to the Red Sea which separates the Sahara desert to the North and the more humid savannas to the South. This is a flight in Mali, from Nioro du Sahel to Manantali and its large reservoir on the Baffin river. Leaving Nioro du Sahel In spite being an arid region, a lot of small towns A fine rendering of the relief The Manantali reservoir ahead (11 km3 of water !) Dam in view hmmm,.. The city of Manantali Landed along the shores but the mesh is bad under the water (humps), the Cub didn't like that at all and quit...
  23. The new ORBX Alaska mesh and the Captain Sim 707, which I have ported over to MSFS. As you will see, the 707 has a few shortcomings. One of the most striking ones is that the undercarriage doesn’t show, but she sits at the right height on the tarmac and she rolls and moves fine. Also engines and flaps all work as they should. Then she has no instruments. She never had in MSFS, which is in my case not a big problem, as I have all necessary flight information on a second monitor. With SU5 we know that you have a CTD, as soon as you switch to VC view, when you use an FSX plane. Well…. not anymore, as I have found out by accident. I know that you can make it work again with MCX, but in my case this isn’t possible, as for some reason my MCX doesn’t save anything anymore, after I have made changes to a plane. I found out that if you fly in windowed mode, which I usually do, you have to move your mouse to the top of your screen, before you switch to VC mode. Then everything works just as before the update. But as soon as you move your mouse down over the screen again, you have a CTD (only in VC mode, in external mode, you can move the mouse around freely and everything is fine). Why do I go through all this trouble? Because I’m mad, didn’t you know? Ok, I just love flying older birds and I don’t know, whether we will ever see a 707 or 727 in MSFS. So, on occasion I love taking them up to the air. No worries, I never smoke while flying. I just drink 🙂 Finally Juneau comes into sight Thanks for viewing.
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