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  1. In FSX there was the ability to invoke a visual display of the glidescope when practising landing. This was very useful in making sure you were correctly aligned to the runway. I have tried the 3nm and 10 nm approach options in x-plane but I am having great difficulty, especially with the 10nm option, to locate the airport correctly. I believe that it's possible to toggle the flight path in x-plane with successive control-p clicks once the correct ils frequency is set in nav 1 but this doesn't seem to be the same thing or I am doing something wrong. Can anyone take me through a simple step by step process of what I need to do get the x-plane option to work correctly and be correctly aligned with the airport for landing approach. Thanks
  2. Hi Michael, will have. To go through everything to make sure I am doing things right, I can’t believe it can be that difficult, just a question of getting the address and port to match on both machines??? I am still confused about how to get Plan G on the slave machine to read the Plan G database files created on the master, Does this need FTP or similar, not done any of this for years, I could copy over the required files to my external hard drive and then transfer to the appropriate Plan G folder on the slave if I knew which folder the files are in on the master and which files to copy over. I assume if I did that Plan G on the slave would recognise the files or is there something else I need to do. Chris
  3. Hi Michael had a look at the manual and found the corresponding .ini file but there is no entry for x-plane. Do I have to add that perhaps after the Flight Gear entry? Also, can the map be enlarged as it's rather small as it is ideally would like it to fit full screen. Regards Chris
  4. Hi, I have Plan-G on my laptop but how do I create the x-plane database and get it to see x-plane is running on a separate machine ?
  5. Yes, I have seen references to the death of the developer elsewhere (but some people weren't too sure if that was genuine due to the way it had been announced) but as the site seemed to be working OK I thought I would give it a go. Will have to keep trying in the hope that eventually one of the progs will work across 2 machines.
  6. Looked at EFASS and tried to install EFASS but looks like it's no longer working as online manual not available also wont connect to server so looks a no go so uninstalled! At the moment the only external moving map that works for me is X-Mapper TNG on the ipad which is not really ideal.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Ihave been singularly unsuccessful in getting any of the suggested applications working across my network. Plan-G requires the x-plane database to be built but my x-plane is on a separate PC so how do I get the x-plane data into Plan-G and the how to set it up for external running. Little NavMap is running but in the Flight Simulator Connection options I firstly entered my x-plane PC's name but go host not found error I then changed that to the settings I got when I ran Little Navconnect but got a Connection timeout error. I also ran Free AirMap but not read the manual properly yet but first sight I haven't found any help on setting it up to run on a separate PC. External Moving Map has now been updated an runs on my x-plane PC but can't install on my laptop as that is 32 bit and it requires 64 bit. All very frustrating!!! Chris
  8. Thanks, that's very strange mine definitely won't load into the default 737 or a couple of other aircraft I have and the following article https://developer.x-plane.com/?article=flightplan-files-v11-fms-file-format quotes the change. I have now tried a couple of plans and get the same error. I am wondering whether this is due to my having the UFMC plugin enabled although I thought this only applied to the eadt X737. At a bit of an impass as to what to do next as I haven't yet got a handle on how to manually enter a route into the fms and especially how to deal with disconnects.
  9. After several hours of head scratching I have now discovered that x-plane 11 uses a different format (.fml) for flight plans which explains why whenever I tried to load a plan into the fms I got the error ROUTE NOT FOUND. I have a number of plans in the .fms format which were mainly copied over from x-plane to the the x-plane 11 output/fms plans folder although some were included in a package I downloaded from somewhere. Is there an online flight planner that saves in the .fml format or does it mean having to manually enter a plan into the fms and then save it to get the right format for future use? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. I did use Plan-G briefly in both FSX and when I switched to x-plane but never really got the hang of it to be honest and never knew it could be used as a moving map on a separate PC. I have tried Little NavMap and did all the transfer of scenery file without any problem but as yet have not been able to make connection betwen my x-plane PC and my Windows 10 laptop (64 Bit). I put the Little XpConnect plugin in my x-plane folder [Desktop\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\Little XpConnect] and if I check the Plugin Admin it shows it as enabled. I then tried to setup the connection on my laptop and as described in the manual for remote connection but having read the info again I wonder if I put the wrong address in. I used my Windows PC name but the port I used was not the same as shown in the LittleNavConnect text file when connected to x-plane. I will have to have another go later. When I tried External Moving Map 1.1 I had to enable the Data Output in x-plane (item 20) and the set network data option. There is nothing to indicate needing similar actions in Little NavMap so assume it's not needed and X-Mapper TNG doesn't need anything either and proves the two devices will talk if setup correctly Haven't looked any further at Little NavMap (especially the moving map) as no point until I can my laptop talking to the PC. I appreciate the suggestions for the Ipad but would prefer to have the map on my laptop so I don't conflict with my wife's Ipad use (plus I get a larger picture which helps). Also due to health issues I have to limit my "flying time" meaning I am a casual simmer (and a slow learner to boot) so paying for extra utilities isn't really suitable.
  11. I believe this has been raised several times in the past but I hope everyone will indulge me. I really want to get an external moving map so I can follow my aircraft on my Windows 10 laptop. I have tried the External Moving Map 1.1 by petitetre I found YouTube but just cannot get this working. I have set the UPD data outputs in x-plane settings but when I try to run the .jar file it sometimes, but not always, brings up what is supposed to be the external map but it never connects to the host set in x-plane. Usually the host address on the utility is different to x-plane and if I try to amend manually I get an error it cannot connect. Fortunately I have found an App for my wifes ipad called X-Mapper TNG and this worked straight away but got to fight for use of the ipad so would like an alternative option. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. ivatt

    SPAD does not see Saitek panels

    Just a quick update to say I have connected a PSU to my yoke and the Saitek panels are working OK so loks like it was my powered usb hub that was the problem. Thanks for all the replies.
  13. ivatt

    SPAD does not see Saitek panels

    Hi, thanks or the reply. 1) Yes other devices are plugged into the hub. 2) If that is the case it begs the question of whether if the panels are not seen by SPAD on the powered hub would they be seen if the Saitek yoke was powered. I have read somewhere that both the multi and radio panels need 500mA of power hence my interest in a psu for the yoke. My own AC/DC powered hub is rated at 1000mA. Chris