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  1. Piglet's PC-6 is really nice, it even comes with a compartment for dog treats in the cockpit, and yes, it uses nothing but XML gauges, so it works perfectly in 64 bit. File name: "", can be found on various sites like There's also a cockpit sounds package available, it uses Doug Dawson's sound gauge, so the sounds can be used in V4 too with the 64-bit upgrade of aforementioned gauge. - JP
  2. Penz

    Halloween Scary Party

    This must be one of the best forum threads on the entire internet at the moment, it can warm the coldest heart. Thank you for the fine and funny gift Christian. And all best wishes to Rob. - JP
  3. Penz

    Default "globe" lights

    In my experience there are no stock lights like that, they're probably ORBX Global street lights on vector streets hidden underneath the photoreal.. - JP
  4. Penz

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    For whatever it's worth I tried replicating your issue but failed. I only have a lowly GTX 670 but with the latest drivers so that should hardly make a big difference. Hope you find a solution. :) - JP
  5. In my simple experience, stuff gets blurry if I have sliders too far to the right. It depends to some extent on airspeed (it gets blurry faster at mach 2!).
  6. FSUIPC 5.132 creates those two files on exit, at least on my system. If I disable FSUIPC in DLL.XML, they are no longer created.
  7. Penz

    P3D Change default Avatar

    Select the avatar you want, and save default flight.
  8. Penz

    Updating to V4.1

    There is really no "update", the two sims (V3 and V4) are independent installations.
  9. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    The list posted by Gridley above has all the pre-FSX models. "SuperDimonaMX" and "SuperEtendardMX" are FSX models though, not sure why they made the list. I deleted the models completely, the reason why I thought this could have any significance was because you stated that the error happened right after the model folders were scanned. Maybe it doesn't matter.
  10. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    I eradicated all pre-FSX models from the MT6 Simobjects, don't know if that can make a difference Roland, just an idea.
  11. Penz

    SODE Jetways not working

    If I were you I'd post about my issue at the SODE forum, and get actual support.
  12. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    I'm using MT6 in P3D v4.2 without apparent issues. I can still crash the sim if I don't disable "MyTrafficMil.BGL" and take off from somewhere crowded like KLAX, but that's not a new thing.
  13. Penz

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Just use the one Hilkiah linked.
  14. Penz

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    I had no issues upgrading (client and content), Active Sky and ORBX Objectflow were updated already, and fortunately I still had FSUIPC version 5.122c stashed away in a dark corner of my archive drive. :) After the FSUIPC "downgrade" everything checks out fine.