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  1. Wow, great news! Congrats on the fancy title and new job Daniel. - JP
  2. +1 for Autostar. If you run it regularly, you will even have the major planets in the correct positions.
  3. Happy holidays and the best wishes for a grand new year to my favorite global mesh dev team! Thank you for the continued dedication to making FreeMeshX awesome. - JP
  4. FreeMeshX. ActiveSky. Little Navmap. FSUIPC.
  5. Try checking if your hat switch is indeed set up as "View (pan)" in "Options - Key Assignments".
  6. It is stock in both FSX and P3DV4, so that is really odd.
  7. In my experience, ADE 1.70 cannot open an airport BGL compiled with the V4 compiler, but 1.75 can. - JP
  8. If you expand the "Legacy Client" part of the V.3 download section you will find the 3.3 client, along with the other pre-3.4 clients.
  9. Did you put any easter eggs in? I covered a lot of miles in the US this week and it has all looked great. Mostly using P3DV4, but also tested FSX and V3 a bit, all of them with FTX Global Vector, and AEC, installed as well. The closest I have been to an anomaly was a small lake in the Californian mountains that looked like it was placed 20 feet too low.
  10. A fresh download yielded a better file! Now to install ...
  11. My part 11 has a bad checksum (dccb8266bd1043d005a3ed0f9f2a9b2c), all the others match. I'll try redownloading.
  12. I get an error while installing: "D:\FreeMeshX\FreeMeshX - USA\scenery\N35W110.bgl An error occurred while trying to copy a file: The source file is corrupted." I cannot see any obvious errors regarding file sizes or similar, I had the download running overnight. Could you tell me which of the source files contains said BGL, so I can try to redownload that part?
  13. Don't know if it helps, but the Tom Ruth 727-200 ( in the library) has two panel configurations, one of them using the CIVA INS. It's native FSX, and has nothing but XML gauges, so it will work fine in V4.
  14. Tom Ruth's DC-10 works fine in V4.