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  1. Landing surfaces on moving stuff, e.g. ships. I so miss being able to land on Henrik's ships, and moving carriers.
  2. Same here. Very happy with the FBW, and never owned anything PMDG before, so it's a pretty easy choice. 🙂
  3. No issue here loading EIDW, it rains there ATM! I have no addons for the area except for the UK update, if that's relevant.
  4. Disappointed. I thought this thread was about the female copilot avatar ... 😄
  5. Agree, it would be nice with an "Everything" option as well as the others.
  6. I hold right mouse button to freelook (using default mouse button assignments), it works pretty well, with the one minor annoyance that controller input doesn't register while holding the button. EDIT: Oops, should have read your post more closely Sethos, sorry. I don't have that issue because my POV hat doesn't have axis mode.
  7. I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, and still somehow it's cloud illusions I recall. I really don't know clouds at all.
  8. I was beginning to think I was the only user with that particular issue! It didn't happen prior to SU5.
  9. Summer here is quite Danish at the moment, with sun and rain. 😄 No stress whatsoever Henrik, I just thought it could be a valid test point. For the record, I made a fresh MSFS installation after SU5 hotfix (MS Store version) hoping that this would alleviate the issue, but the result is exactly the same as with my "old" installation. Cheers, JP
  10. I have a slightly annoying issue with GAIST post SU5, even after the hotfix, it is repeatable and happens even with GAIST as the only community mod. The ships work just as fine as before, but the sim crashes on exit to desktop. My quick-and-dirty "test scenario" is flying the Icon A5 east from EKNB Nordborg, spotting a ship (or two), and land again at EKNB.
  11. I get a lot of enjoyment from flying the 135, so for me buying the 145 is more like late payment for that.
  12. Yup, got it in the store right now too. Thanks for the headsup Bob! -JP
  13. You need to turn on ADIRS (3 knobs in the upper left part of the OH panel) and give the IRS time to align, takes between 7-10 minutes depending on latitude. -JP
  14. One of the places i went to check the very first day. Yeah, the river defies gravity. 😄
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