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  1. Penz

    Updating to V4.1

    There is really no "update", the two sims (V3 and V4) are independent installations.
  2. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    The list posted by Gridley above has all the pre-FSX models. "SuperDimonaMX" and "SuperEtendardMX" are FSX models though, not sure why they made the list. I deleted the models completely, the reason why I thought this could have any significance was because you stated that the error happened right after the model folders were scanned. Maybe it doesn't matter.
  3. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    I eradicated all pre-FSX models from the MT6 Simobjects, don't know if that can make a difference Roland, just an idea.
  4. Penz

    SODE Jetways not working

    If I were you I'd post about my issue at the SODE forum, and get actual support.
  5. Penz

    MT6 + v4.2 = CTD, only me?

    I'm using MT6 in P3D v4.2 without apparent issues. I can still crash the sim if I don't disable "MyTrafficMil.BGL" and take off from somewhere crowded like KLAX, but that's not a new thing.
  6. Penz

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Just use the one Hilkiah linked.
  7. Penz

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    I had no issues upgrading (client and content), Active Sky and ORBX Objectflow were updated already, and fortunately I still had FSUIPC version 5.122c stashed away in a dark corner of my archive drive. :) After the FSUIPC "downgrade" everything checks out fine.
  9. Just out of curiosity (and a genuine attempt at understanding the 21st century consumer ...): Did you contact imaginesim support about your issue?
  10. Wow, great news! Congrats on the fancy title and new job Daniel. - JP
  11. Penz

    Better nightsky

    +1 for Autostar. If you run it regularly, you will even have the major planets in the correct positions.
  12. Happy holidays and the best wishes for a grand new year to my favorite global mesh dev team! Thank you for the continued dedication to making FreeMeshX awesome. - JP
  13. Penz

    Top 5 addons in your opinion

    FreeMeshX. ActiveSky. Little Navmap. FSUIPC.
  14. Try checking if your hat switch is indeed set up as "View (pan)" in "Options - Key Assignments".
  15. Penz

    KBKL airport missing

    It is stock in both FSX and P3DV4, so that is really odd.