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  1. sonny147


    hi, how the hell do I activate this airplane, spent 2 hours downloading and trying ?, aim stuck having spent £180 dunno what to do lol ?
  2. i have a random goldfish whats going on ? lol
  3. hi i am on v4.2 and with the fsl a320 latest update when i return from cockpit left window view to mcp/ glareshield view the autopilot disconnects???, ive tried turning ASP4 off to see if that was the problem but the same result, its more evident if i move views rapidly!, very strange anyone else getting this?
  4. hi think i got a problem with views and the 320 autopilot disconnect??. whenever i switch quickly from my my 2 front views and maybe capt window and then back the autopilot disconnects and also my sounds go weird . the sound stutters in time with the master warning light. i can almost immediately switch the a/p back on but as i said i can only seem to get it to fault when i move my viiews around the cockpit???. ps i turned ASP4 off just to rule that out same problem! p3d v4.2 /FSLA320 v2 /ASP4 /skyforce 3d /pta2.6 /chaseplane /navigraph charts /pfpx /Orbyx FTX /gsx
  5. sonny147

    P3Dv4 Pause (Not Responding) Then Back

    the way i got rid of the pauses / p3d not responding was to fire up gpu tweak II and use the gaming booster function only, this turns off windows and other back ground processes, if you start after you load up all your addons it may close them so you will have to restart them, but no more blue circle pauses etc
  6. sonny147

    flight sim progression

    you fogies lol we have come along way right ? countless hours, £ pounds , time , energy, frustration, tweaking, late nights , weekends, weeks, you know what guys a love it and dont regret one minute:), cheers everyone and i wish you all very happy flying , we have a healthy and a damn fine community, respect to you all ! ps on my way to EHAM ( fly tampa) from EGLL( AS) still abit bloody laggy lol, but heathrow to amsterdam was not possible for me VAS:( , so hey iam not complaining !
  7. sonny147

    flight sim progression

    ladies and gents, i think the time as come for all of simmers to give a huge round of applause and a massive thank you to all the developers large or small and to the great amount of people who give up their spare time to help us with this wonderful hobby ( obsession!). without there help and dedication we would not be in this fantastic place we find ourselves at the moment. the list is too long to name but you all know who you are , and on behalf of all the simmers around the globe we salute you !, long may we all grow together and make this community even better, rgds everyone ( sonny147 15 year simming veteran )
  8. sonny147

    no scenery in undocked side views

    thanks Kevin, its a pity, i was hoping to use chasplane for the main view only, and just dump my normal undocked cockpit side windows views on my secondary screens but as i said no scenery loaded!, any chance of a later date fix?
  9. hi , i thought today i would finally switch to VC in P3D v4 after years of fighting against it, to help me in the switch over i got a copy of Chase plane ( latest beta ), although i loved the program great job by the way guys!, sadly because i fly with triple monitors when i undocked and dragged my side views over there was no scenery just the aircraft ( orbyx, EU LC) in my iFly 737 NG. i also tried default aircraft but got the same result. that's a pity i think i could have got on with chaseplane really well, but i am a triple screen simmer i like looking out of the windows!!, is there a fix or a work around for this or i am for ever going to have to stick with vc side views and 2d panel for the main?, cheers