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  1. Does HDR need to turned on in W11 as well , this is confusing ?? lol. P3D HDR / W11 HDR/ TV HDR 🥴
  2. thats correct but it is very early days , to me it has good potential
  3. i think so early days with good potential, the live tweaking is a good tool and good presets, i just download a preset try it and tune to my liking , just more useable than envshade etc. it reminds me abit of REX Enviroforce which i really miss in v5 one thing iam careful with are the tweaks it makes to the CFG file , i disable those exept tree optimization
  4. well mister Flyinggok you fixed it for me thank you so much for that 😀
  5. guys, is anyone else getting this message after re installation of RDshade " you need to install .NET Desktop 6.0.2 (x64) for this application to work ( or words to that effect ) I have even downloaded the .NET manually program still doesn't run ?
  6. As Tina Turner once said , "simply the best , better than all the rest" 😎
  7. if you think its quite here, try and go to FSLabs , its like a ghost town , something is definitely going right!!! lol 😀
  8. yes re install from FSL control panel , maybe even just a repair
  9. C/Users/YOU/Documents/Prepared3D Addon-ons/FSLabs/A320/Data/UMPolicy Cut and paste to desktop( do not delete yet). Do that for all your FSL aircraft. i only fly 320 SL so i have removed the UM for that aircraft. I read on this and other forums there is a conflict with p3d affinity, give it a try !
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