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  1. very interesting info for me this , i have a 5800x3d on a strix at the moment and planning in the next month or so to go 7800x3d on a carbon wifi , i have 280 artic freezer II in the roof as iam not keen on front mounted radiators and cant fit a 360 in the roof , if i can get similar results to you i will be more than happy. Not that iam happy now if you know what i mean lol 5800x3d/4090. people will say iam pretty stupid to upgrade but that's what i like doing
  2. RAAS and Animated first officer for the FBW A32NX
  3. understand , just trying to calm things down a bit , if the guy has a genuine grip well yes , but been here before with devs being shot down down before the whole story as emerged, aim not trying to defend anybody here hope it gets fixed soon !
  4. yep he needs to give it another go , he will not regret it
  5. lol , yep we british this is unusual for us this time of year , people shouldnt jump to high pc temps all of a sudden, lol
  6. gutted i wasn't a member already , i have a good few of their airports and find them really good on the whole
  7. understand the utter frustration , but lets give the dev the chance to respond to this before we crucify !
  8. ive had jumping mice ( and rats ) in my back garden for months now finally getting on top with the help of american sniper and a good rat catcher lol, good luck
  9. type game controllers in widows search and calibrate all your joysticks etc first thing to try !
  10. these boys will put you straight , best forum without a doubt even with the odd argument lol
  11. i would try undervolting first though if your happy to do it , you may be surprised !
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