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  1. Is reverse thrust just for sound effect or does it actually impact braking ? Thanks, Zachlog
  2. Go to avsim.com, right side of the page there is a column of links...Hangar Sites is the 4th one down.Zach
  3. >>ServInfo MapIs this an add-on ? Available of simmarket or similar site ?Thanks,Zach
  4. Harry...thanks and I will watch the fuel !Zach
  5. I use this too for taxiing in an A/P but do you find it useful when at FL350 ? Zach
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for a moving map specifically for the PMDG 747-400X ? Would like to have something that works in the cockpit.Thanks,Zach
  7. In the FMC, the Hold button I am assuming allows you to enter a holding pattern (could not find documentation in the manual). I am assuming you downselect the fix to LSK 6L. A few questions:- What is the PPOS> in LSK 6R ? How does it work ?- Is there an option on the type of holding pattern (std right hand turns or can it manage non-standard left turns ?)- Is there an option on holding pattern duration (1 minute, 2 minutes ?)- How's the holding pattern terminated ? Clear LSK 6L ?Thanks,Zach
  8. Just some feedback on this problem.I am getting the V-speed callouts again. I believe, though I am not 100% sure, the problem was that I was depending on the DEP/ARR pages to specify departure runway and did not specify it on the ROUTE page where the Origin airport and Runway are specified.Thanks again for the guidance,Zach
  9. >>TAKEOFF SPEEDS DELETED scratchpad message is displayed if you >>alter:Alter these when ? At what point ? Except the T/O rwy, I have not changed any of them but I could in the future.>>any speed differs more than 2 knots with the computed speeds at >>engine startI don't understand this one. Do you mean, for example, that if V1 is confirmed/accepted after engine start and it differs by more than 2 KTS from the computed V1 speed at engine start, V1 will be deleted ?>>Do you actually see them getting on the airspeed tape?I believe the last time this happened they were not on the tape but not 100% sure. I will look for this the next time.Thanks,Zach
  10. Mats,I do change the rwy based on what rwy is active (ATIS/ATC) but I confirm the V-speeds after any such changes (large characters) or any other route changes. Having said this, I know I am making a procedural error because I have had V-speed callouts in the past.1. Except a rwy change, what other action can potentially delete the V-speeds ?2. Before takeoff, if the V-speeds on the TAKEOFF page are in large characters/accepted, can I be sure that the V-speeds have not been deleted and that this is not the problem ?Thanks for the guidance.Zach
  11. On the takeoff roll, can hear the "80 KTS" callout but not the V1, V2 or "rotate". This has happened a few times. I have accepted/confirmed the speeds on the TAKEOFF page.What could it be that I am doing incorrectly ?Thanks,Zach
  12. Thanks to the both of you for the responses but I have a couple of follow-ups:- Is it possible to get INITIAL weather conditions and rwys used for landing at the destination airport more than 60 miles out ? At jet speeds, 60 miles is a short distance and I need some time to select an approach, rwy, deal with route discontinuities, etc.- You use terms such as "if there are no AI" and "departing AI"....what does "AI" mean ? I thought it meant artificial intelligence but it does not seem to make much sense in this context.- If an IAP approach is requested, do you request a specific IAP by name or do you tell RC that you will using an IAP ? I am asking the question from the perspective of having the same IAPs available to both RC and the aircraft's flight planning/IAP specification capability, i.e., ask for an IAP that RC does not know it exists.Thanks
  13. Looking at getting Radar Contact so I took a look at the manual and have a flight planning type of question.Does RC support in-flight modification to an IAP ? For example, I am nearing the New York area from the west using the planned STAR KINGSTON EIGHT for landing at KJFK from the west (e.g., rwy 13L or 13R). While on route, the active rwys become 31R and 31L and now I would like to use the PAWLING TWO arrival for an approach from the east side of KJFK. I can change the STAR and the Approach using the aircraft's FMC (PMDG 747-400X). Will RC support this change ? It seems to me that this is a key requirement since you don't know at departure time what to expect at the destination ? If the answer is "no", how does RC handle this condition ? Being vectored-in (down wind leg, then turn to base and then upwind leg) sounds like it's more appropriate for smaller airports.The other question...what is the maximum distance from the airport that RC can tell me the active rwys of my destination ? Any comments/advice will be appreciated.Zach
  14. Per the manual, the NAV RAD button is used for specifying VORs and ADFs. What I don't understand is how this information is used. How can these stations be used for navigation ? Are they supposed to be used for actual navigation or are they informational only ? Unlike other aircraft, there is no NAV function for capturing the course (CRS) specified in the NAV1 radio (I am aware of PB/D waypoints, etc., and their use in the FMC).I would appreciate some guidance for the FMC's NAV RAD button.Zach
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