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  1. When you mentioned "USB sound device", I thought you were using another device above and beyond the headset. The part that I missed was the sound options in MSFS, which allow the user to select a device for different sounds. I incorrectly assumed this "selection" was a Windows setting instead of a MSFS setting...... "thou shall not assume" strikes again and it bit me. I tried it and it works well. I have the MPOW headset. Many thanks for the advice !
  2. What do you mean by "...ATC is going to my headphones that are connected to a USB sound device" ? I don't quite understand what this means. Sounds like there is some type of device sitting between your headset and the PC. Please explain. Thanks.
  3. In the MSFS simulator environment, having multiple concurrent sound sources is common. In a Win11 environment, is it possible to direct sounds to different devices ? Specifically, can the aircraft sounds remain on the digital speakers (connected to the monitor's audio line-out port) and have ATC sounds be directed to the headset/microphone device ? Headset/Microphone device requires a USB and a 3.5 mm. audio jack, both are available on the PC. If this can be done, I would appreciate some direction on how a Win11 PC can be configured for the above. Thanks
  4. If the lower settings I am testing for TREES and GRASSES AND BUSHES do not eliminate the stutters, I will try your recommendations. I had reduced the LOD to 150 when I had first installed MSFS about a year ago, just forgot about it. Thanks.
  5. Can you expand on the TAA and LOD suggestions. What are these ? Where are they ?
  6. Glad to see you are reinforcing my suspicions. I have already reduced these two settings to MEDIUM and there is some improvment but not there yet. LOW will be next. Thanks !
  7. Thanks but "airports" is not the issue. I have landed in many airports with "lots of scenery" and motion is always smooth. My problem is specific. The situation where this problem the most acute is landing KHPN/Rwy 16. No buildings, very few aircraft if any but lots of gorgeous trees.
  8. I have been running MSFS for just about a year and performance (smoothness of motion) has been quite good with most sliders all the way or almost all the way to the right. The one area where I have some challenges is when I am landing at an airport where the scenery on both the left and right sides of the airport has a high density of trees (KHPN RWY 16 is an example). I have moved the slider for GRAPHICS options TREES and GRASSES AND BUSHES a couple of notches to the left, I see an improvement but I am not there yet. I don't have this problem when landing on islands or in airports near urban areas with a high density of buildings. Other than the two settings above, does anyone know what other settings in GRAPHICS I can tweak to address this issue ? Thanks.
  9. PMDG is aware of this issue and it is under investigation. Their response in the PMDG forum: "Know issue under Investigation. For now if you are on Navigraph maps do not use google ones" https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-tablet/269496-switching-map-ctd
  10. With some light planning for having the frequencies along your flight path pre-entered in both COM1 and COM2, you can expedite frequency changes. If this is your primary concern, you can assign a keystroke to the native MSFS control "COM1 SWITCH TO STANDBY" under RADIO | COMM. I just wish this functionality were available for COM2 as well but currently it's not.
  11. I updated the FSLTL Injector to v1.6.2 on 10/7/23 and had two consecutive CTDs the first two times I ran MSFS after the update. The last CTD I had prior to these two was in November 2022 (MSFS scenery issue). Yesterday I updated FSLTL to v1.6.3. Between yesterday and today, I did two (2) flights- KEWR-MYNN and MYNN-CYYZ......no CTDs ! You should consider updating the FSLTL Injector to v1.6.3.
  12. I never noticed this post before and I am very surprised to see people having problems with accessing the PMDG forum site. It is possible, though I am not sure, that in order to access the PMDG forums, you must own/have purchased a PMDG product. Also as a FYI, PMDG has separate and distinct web sites for their forums, support desk and e-Commerce site. The links for each are below: PMDG Forums: https://forum.pmdg.com/ PMDG Support Portal (creating problem tickets, contact support): https://support.precisionmanuals.com PMDG e-Commerce Site (purchasing products): https://pmdg.com/ Each web site has its own, unique credentials.
  13. Keeping a key item like a flight plan under SPACE MORE....who would have "thunk" it 😄 Thanks !
  14. When starting a flight in World Map, I don't see an option/hot spot/button to load a previously created .PLN file for my flight plan. Please let me know how to load a .PLN file for my flight plan.
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