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  1. If you're using traffic global for P3D which uses default BGL traffic files - it will work with FSHud. However, regarding FS Traffic for MSFS - please follow this forum: https://community.justflight.com/topic/4346/integration-with-fshud
  2. Why don't you open a ticket from the application (so we can see logs) instead of just keep guessing here?
  3. Please contact provide me your email privately and I will try to accelerate email change process with Flight1
  4. You have pin/unpin button on top-right corner which allows you to move the panel off simulator screen anywhere.
  5. 1. No, we are using Cloud Services and every user costs us Cloud Usage - therefore trials are not allowed. 2. Using 1 license you can only run it on one computer, however we can provide you second license for another computer. 3. FSHud support any airports as long as airport is not broken as described in video below. 4. Yes, you can use same FSHud installation for P3D and MSFS.
  6. We have separated User Management system (from Flight1) - therefore, when you start FSHud on first time you should click on Activate. If you already did that in past, click on forgot password (you can do that via email or Flight1 token).
  7. Have you tried to change it manually to see if it has any effect? Several things - you can't force OS from program to use some of the cores (you can only recommend, but it's up to OS if use it or not). As a user, you can change it manfully - but I don't think it will bring the necessary result.
  8. Hello, When you had stutters in the airport - did you check how much percentage of CPU FSHud consumes? There can be many reasons of airport stutters (including some AI Aircraft model dirt effects) - so it's not completely under our control.
  9. Basically anything that is recognized as a button of your controller in Windows Default controller settings: But if there are still some problems with it, please open a ticket from application so we can see in logs what buttons were been sent and how they're mapped.
  10. @TomCYYZ @filou Are you using Frame Generator?
  11. Copilot doesn't know anything about MSFS and your flight or what is happening in it. It's just an speech AI, so you report your position and ask for instructions in ATC was and it does it.
  12. I will just put it here - it's not FSHud or any other ATC program, just default Windows AI called copilot (nothing common with aviation or MSFS):
  13. Thank you! we are keep working on improvements. Personally saying - never understood FS ATC Chatter or similar software 🙂 Why don't you just open YouTube on background like this (correct me if I'm wrong):
  14. As said previously - many of NavData parameters are completely missing in MSFS built-in AIRAC and it's just impossible to use it - no matter how new it is.
  15. MSFS airac doesn't provide all necessary data that is needed.
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