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  1. I get regular stutters w/ GSX objects, but not a lot of them. I always see a few with every flight it seems.
  2. I have what I've called 'strobing' when I look out the window at the tarmac under certain conditions. Typically it's fairly bright tarmac and the lighting is just right, or just wrong as the case is. It only happens with movement, including panning. And it's never directly out in front of the plane, only on the sides on the tarmac. Fortunately it's not everywhere, and turning bloom off has no impact on this, nor does motion blur. I try not to look at it because it's definitely undesirable! If I turn Nvidia RTX FG off, it goes away. My hunch is even though it is related to FG it will be addressed in a future driver update.
  3. Yes, as I say I don't like crowded airports in sim or RW 🙁 I know for sure a new CPU will be the last step for a little insurance for what may come and even now. But as you know we're going to get more out of the CPU with SU15 and MSFS 2024 and the statements about the latter were sounding a bit hyperbolic! I mean MAJOR improvements to come!! I still have kind of strobing looking down at the tarmac when lighting is a certain way and it's bad enough to try to avoid looking at it when it happens. Bloom off didn't really improve it much if any. Look the other direction and it's totally stable so it's very specific for certain kinds of pixel colors or contrast or what have you. Seems like this may end up being resolvable with a driver revision aimed at addressing that.
  4. I can certainly appreciate not needing to go over 60 as it's really fabulous. This is in part why I say I can't imagine what X3D will add as it is a whole lot of CPU compared to 9900K. I could use a little more static and live traffic, but I don't like crowded airports anyway! I'm still not sure I've seen much between TLOD of 100 or 400 let alone 600 at least at cruise. More Render Scale can't hurt but 130 is pretty dang sweet.
  5. You got it, but with 7800X3D you ought to be able to do well higher than 60! I have the lowly (apparently not that lowly!) 9900K and flew into FSDT KORD w/ nary a hitch the entire way to gate! And don't forget to dial up Render Scaling it's really added sharp to what was already quite sharp! I'm happy to see others finally give RTSS Edge Sync a chance. That same smoothness comes w/o FG, but the high rate now really adds the a lovely finishing touch 🤓
  6. I'm in the middle of absolute perfection in smooth, rate, clarity, in the easy to run AS CRJ7 OTW to KPHX out of KSBP, my old home town, San Luis Obispo. Someone did the airport, and that was the airport that first piqued my interest in this crazy obsession. At age 9 or so me and my pal in the neighborhood set up a sawhorse w/ a plywood panel on one side and painted on avionics: my first flight sim, out of wood! We would sit up against his garage wall, put our legs under the sawhorse, and commence to flying! I can only imagine what X3D brings to this sim. Right now, flying into KSFO yesterday in the FBW320n was nothing short of this same level of perfection, save a couple of modest hitches, for lack of a better word. So yes, with 9900K + 4090 now, I'm able to easily manage Render Scale of 130 or even higher, but 130 seems to be good enough. Taxiing around KSFO after sundown with planes flying in and out (modest FSLTL settings) and taxiing here and there, absolutely smooth as silk. At some point I will replace the CPU. Rob, how are temps on your 7850X3D? Air or AIO? I'm committed to Air, and I know Air is fine for 7800X3D.
  7. I asked about this on their Discord channel and a lead dev there said it's built into the model they inherited to work with, and unless they build a new model themselves it will likely stay that way. Interesting Fenix has some of this too.
  8. You have the horsepower now to easily run Render Scaling to at least 130 or more. I am, with a lowly 9900K and it's absolutely razor sharp now and 4090 easily manages this and I'm using TAA as well. Just took off out of FSDT KORD in the PMDG 738 with zero stutters, totally fluid and as I say, razor sharp. I was locked at 60fps but could have easily managed 70 or greater, but 60 is already fabulous.
  9. Jolly good as SLC is integrated with GSX to add to the immersion. Here's a peek at how I have its windows set up on my second screen. It has made me so much more aware of the entire flight operation not *just* piloting the plane! Its scoring logic is fabulous!
  10. I know I can't believe it--so glad I stopped by the thread on DSR because I spaced it out, using RS again. I had used it for a year or two but not more than 110 and only in lightweight GA that were easy to process, so I gave up on it when got into airliners, A Pilot's Life, and now adding the incredible Self Loading Cargo. I also back w/ 3080Ti would get an odd sort of shimmers w/ RS over 100, but not now. To be honest w/ the VRAM and GPU utlizations w/ RS at 130 seems could easily push it up to 140 or 150, but I think you're right the hit on the main thread would bloom the higher we go. Anyway 130 is very decent! I know this a detour but have you taken a close look at Self Loading Cargo of late? It's really added massive ambience to airline flight management for me and has made the sim so much more engaging, if you can imagine! It's got issues but no wonder it is very complex with a huge amount of customization and exquisitely done documentation. It's about to be updated again.
  11. Well, I'm pretty stunned at what the 4090 & DynamicLOD has added to my 4 y/o CPU. The writing is on the wall--a top end CPU will add a whole new level of support for sustaining performance. But for now I'm able to run a solid TAA 130 render scale even into FSDT KORD in a PMDG 738 at dusk, and bumped the lock down to 60fps for this scenario and did an FTV capture from 4000' AGL to the arrival gate and it was a long taxi, with just the right amount of traffic (FSLTL). FTV was around 99.47% <2ms. I intentionally got down to 4000' for about 20 miles just to be exposed to so much dense metro objects and environs scenery, buildings etc. Nary a hitch the entire way long winding taxi to the gate. There were 3 or 4 very minor stutters during that long segment close to the ground so I wonder if dialing back to 50fps might well have made them disappear. Very fluid of course at a solid 60fps. And the next SU delivers some more optimizations? I hope they don't sacrifice quality and detail to do that! RS 130 really improves the IQ, especially around the periphery on my ultra wide screen where there is a natural stretch of the image. And the dusk stars were amazing! TBH I never saw VRAM over 15gb, and main thread was a little stressed, but GPU rarely over 60%, and cool. I can only imagine how much headroom those with top end CPUs enjoy with this now! Unfortunately my well-used 9900K just won't go away 🙃
  12. That's weird I've had DSR - Factors available as far back as I can remember, back to 2070 Super and think GTX Titan. I assume you're doing complete clean install of a recent driver? If you plug in a PC monitor will it appear then?
  13. From what you were testing it looks like CPU impact was essentially the same for all options
  14. I've had a chance to play with RS settings from 110 to 130 and performance-wise I"m not sure yet. Do you have a sense of the relative impact on the CPU main thread for DSR v RS?
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