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  1. Thanks HiFlyer and Michael. Sounds like serious potential exists in this sim, and that Orbx supports it seems very meaningful. At the very least I will be watching closely. I'm still quite happy w/ P3D for its total experience, but I've never liked the phony concerns in the EULA, and the fact that LM's primary relationship is w/ their commercial base, utilizing the retail desktop simmers as paying beta testers. Since going to 30mHz vertical refresh w/ unlimited frames I've had such freedom from stutters it's been fine, but now of course we're down to 30 and w/ a monitor refresh of 30 you're definitely losing fluidity even if you don't see stutters. Does Aerofly publish their ongoing goals and time tables? Any of the big aircraft and weather content developers signing on yet do we know? How about ATC? ATC has been a major pet peeve of mine w/ LM. They've left the nearly 10y code exactly as they found it, and while it was pretty funky a couple of its major annoyances could have been addressed by now I feel, but clearly it's not on their radar.
  2. Alright guys, this is my very first look at AFS2. How does its core engine compare in terms of what it can process per cycle on multi core machines w/ P3D V4, XP11.x, any other up and coming FS platforms? IOW, what engine has the most potential for running the highest def scenery, flight modeling, everything, w/ the highest GPU demands at the best possible smooth video performance looking out into the next 2-5y? I've been deep into P3D V3.4 but would consider supporting another platform that was not as robust in terms of total content and depth, but only if it was the clear winner in terms of engine efficiency as it were going forward.
  3. CPU Affinity with P3D v4

    Sure, but I have both ultra smooth operation and fast terrain texture update rates, so what's not to love ;o) I don't think that analogy applies at all. Every one of these cooks have their own space to work in and they're all good friends and work together very well anyway!
  4. CPU Affinity with P3D v4

    AM of 4084 seems best for me. I assign low demand parallel running add-ons on LP 0 and 1, and P3D main on 2-3, and I see strong evidence in complex scenery each LP is cranking out way more than 50%--sometimes I'll see them all at 80-100% w/ 2-3 running at only 74%. I have to think more cores is better so I may go w/ a 10 core next build.
  5. Advice on Optimizing W10 for P3D?

    Ahh, it's finally getting more plug 'n play. Great :o)
  6. Yes, easy to imagine how things ought to be, but that dang hardware holds it all back ;o) Could be there's a smarter algorithm to apply to existing approaches to building believable skies that will allow programmers to to display colors like I am hoping for some day w/o the need for massive processing overhead. It seems to me if I can see various shades of gray on the clouds I see now, adding color to them *should* be possible w/ very little penalty. I guess TrueSky's approach to modeling clouds is fundamentally different, but apparently involves big processing overhead for this piece.
  7. Yes I agree it has potential thanks--it looks like something LM would have to purchase for P3D.
  8. Advice on Optimizing W10 for P3D?

    Wow, impressive response
  9. I'm still using REX Texture Direct and Essentials w/ Active Sky Next, and until someone figures how to get some real COLOR into clouds, like I see every day in the real world, I'm not seeing enough to change anything. This IMO is the biggest deficiency by far in cloud textures and behaviors. Beyond this, it's gotten quite decent, all except this is a glaringly missing piece. From a few days ago here in Northern California.
  10. Just went to 3.4 after a long run on 3.0. Performance is fully restored and excellent for my needs despite my 5y/o PC. OOMs have never been a significant problem for me so this concern isn't relevant at least for the time being. So what I'm after is really, what improvements could I expect to appreciate rather immediately in going from 3.4 to 4.x? PC: 3930K@4.42Ghz, GTX Titan original, 32GB of 2400DDR3. Thanks!
  11. Really, who uses dynamic lighting?

    Oh I see, or don't as it were since I am the resident luddite, just recently upgrading from P3D 3.0 to 3.4 ;o) It's the DR that I can't tell if anything beyond GPU utilization is affected. Thanks!
  12. Really, who uses dynamic lighting?

    I give, what does DL do? I move the slider from zero to maximum and can't see any difference in what I'm looking at beyond GPU utilization goes to 100%! GTX Titan original, P3D V3.4, lots of ORBX FTX and some addon airports from FBS, ORBX, FSDT I think.
  13. Resize ATC window permanently?

    Now see I used to think this same way. But now I just like to fly and not test anything ever again!
  14. Resize ATC window permanently?

    To add to your knowledge base Jeroen, some folks get away with it completely, like myself. I use PMDG NGX and T7, Majestic Q400, RA Lancair Legacy and Turbine Duke. All of these planes behave properly simply by my saving the default flight in the Dash 8. Mine is not to question why, but to accept it when it happens even if by dumb luck! But I get it, the other way is bullet-proof as it were, so thanks for that!
  15. Resize ATC window permanently?

    Very good, thanks Jeroen, though likely I'll never use the information as I've lost all patience and tolerance for fiddling w/ P3D. I treasure making no changes and having it all work perfectly, which is normally the case, until I decide to change something, after which commences the troubleshooting!