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  1. This does not answer your question per se but does address it from a different angle. I would guess you've been doing this already and wish to change, but it's also possible you didn't frame the problem this way, simply: find something else to do while waiting. Hit the MSFS start link 5 minutes before you really need to be sitting down. I have fast I/O but that is my approach, which is easy to do for me because I do also have stuff to set up for each flight coming out of A Pilot's Life and Simbrief, Live ATC.net, PACX etc. And, sometimes I will go in and start the PC and MSFS before I plan to sit down.
  2. You can fly any planes you hold a license for on any route in a schedule you select, from it's schedule generator component. And ALL variants are covered under the license. All routes will be actual routes the airline flies. Your rating is based on how well you score each flight completed. I find it's really a great blend of career yet pilot-focused in terms of the scoring piece. There is ample flexibility after you've accumlated enough cash to buy your way out of flights on the accepted schedule you might not want to fly, and you can also buy ad hoc flights done by any airlines on any route that airline flies. AH2 was a total waste as I was not interested in managing an airline company as my focus is piloting. A very cool side effect of APL is that you will find yourself flying all sort of routes you had no idea existed, by flying for airlines you're not familiar with all over the world. I typically fly for an airline that has hired me for maybe one month, then apply for a job at another airline. Fabulous program still under active development and I heartily recommend it. It's the most like FSCaptain from whence I came in the P3D era.
  3. I'm pretty sure this only happens when everything you purchased isn't installed yet, or when there is a new update for all users, and those are mandatory and can't be avoided. FWIW, for 2.8y now I've never had a download/update that I didn't essentially approve/authorize, IOW clicked 'Update' or whatever the prompt was.
  4. I would guess you need to uninstall the original copy first, then add to the new PC.
  5. Hi Noel, which TM plan do you have? Is it 5G UC capable where you are located? I have TM also, and during a 4600 road trip we used the hotspot everywhere and had bandwidth of 80-300mbps. We have the Magenta Max plan which includes unlimited data. Noel
  6. I'm referring to here Bob, there is enough of an 'n' of simmers using Win 11 to conclude that kind of reduction in load on the main thread didn't come from moving to Win 11.
  7. I think my chief complaint having to do w/ the low voxel density is you end up with a certain sameness everywhere. Yes of course the shapes are different always which is great, IOW they're doing what may be about as good as it can get at this resolution. As hardware improves or as Asobo adds a slider to give users access to higher resolution clouds such that when able to process them more detail becomes apparent, as in this photo of a RW cloud which you can discern an opacity and with it higher contrast lighting. We'll get there some day and I agree it seems we're on the right path but I feel we really won't get the kind of resolution to afford very distinct types of clouds until the hardware improves:
  8. Yes and I wasn't disagreeing with him. I was trying to compare volumetric clouds with the sims Mace, that's why I asked in case someone had an opinion. I'm not convinced moving to voxel-based volumetric clouds was the right pathway at this point in time, hardware capability wise, though I believe there is headroom to improve resolution even w/ today's hardware. I bring this up because everyone wants more cloud types and yet low resolution and the voxel basis of volumetric forms may make these largely undoable.
  9. And despite all of these shortcomings it still garners the lion's share of desktop flight sim hours, or so the circumstantial evidence suggests. I guess that is a testament to just how valuable sensing one is flying thru this real world appears to be. Will they ever get there? I think they will it's still relatively early as far as flight sim deployment goes, especially one of this scope which is very different from the other sims in what it has tackled in a relatively short time. How much better are other voxel-based, volumetric clouds in P3D & XP12 by comparison? I've not seen EA in P3D. From my brief foray into XP12's demo I can only say they seemed far worse than even what we have today in MSFS. One wonders is sticking w/ 2D sprites might have been better.
  10. Mark, use freeware CapFrameX and obtain a capture of what you're seeing. Here's what you could see, if set up for it, and I would not accept anything less. You simply hit F11 to start a capture of Frame Time Variance and Stuttering. Here's the PMDG 737 from pushback to altitude. This equates to ultra smooth animation w/o stuttering and that includes at arrival airports. This approach is visibly superior to using in-sim vsync w/ an appropriate divisor in MSFS: Here is a short capture however w/o my method of frame locking, so wide open. While the frame rate averages around 47 or so it's nowhere near as smooth as the above locked at 35: PM me if interested others here have heard this ad nauseum--but often will ignore this under the belief the higher the frame rate the better, which is not always the case, at all.
  11. I'm not an aviation expert in any way shape or form, despite the fact I've enjoyed this hobby for nigh on 3 decades now. Historical weather has no use whatsoever for me it simply does not come into play. For glider sailing behavior (Hi jcomm!), same same. I do appreciate plausible wind effects on aircraft when flying thru inclement weather. What matters most to me is plausible and detailed cloud depiction involving the various cloud morphologies one sees in the RW, and I live in a weather machine in the Front Range of the Rockies, so am privy to a big variety of changing weather and cloud morphologies. And near as I can tell HiFi won't be able to play a big role in this component of atmospherics. I observe comments about the current weather in MSFS has died down markedly over the past many months or so, at least until a topic like this one appears which rekindles the discussion. HiFi's role in P3D is totally different because P3D does not include live RW weather so one had to pick up an addon for this ginormous element of a flight sim. I've purchased I think 3 versions of HiFi's work over the years. This is why I'm a little here nor there on this topic, and I'll venture a guess I'm a bellwether for a majority of MSFS users. Most users will be impressed with visually plausible weather and clouds more than esoterica related to weather dynamics as it relates to aviation per se. Damian sums this up nicely in the first words in this post in response to what can AS bring to MSFS, "These are NOT features that all users will appreciate or even understand...." What all users will appreciate is distinct cloud morphologies with enough resolution to be able to recognize them clearly, the cirrus, stratus and all the rest. My belief is because of the obsession with frame rate as the de facto indicator of a good experience there does not appear to be headroom to amp up cloud resolution. But there is for me, with my now 3y/o system. My GPU sits at around 40-55% tops because it's not being hammered to crank out 70FPS, and I have a 3440x1440 display which helps. I'm convinced my system could easily handle a substantial increase in voxel density. I think low voxel density is the primary reason we don't see the kind of cloud depiction detail required to make cloud morphologies distinct. All that being said I support opening up the API for HiFi for those after more esoterica, historical weather, etc. And yes there may be some effects I can appreciate as well.
  12. For me watching all of MSFS unfold it became apparent just how vast the workload and scope really is in developing something like this. Plus, I think it's easy to dismiss all of what has already been done, and never been done before for that matter in terms of planet scope ortho scenery for the masses at budget prices. Then there are the steady arriving World Updates, all included in the original price. So some important but perhaps minor things have yet to be addressed. My fantasy is they will hopefully get it to a point were a lot of small but meaningful amendments to the sim can become the major focus, for a change. Right now there are still bigger fish including weather and ATC, seasons, ad infinitum. It's really only been 2.8y since launch and to realize just how good it already is in many ways. It's a giant feat that continues to evolve. But yes...where are the simple fly-by and tower views dang it! Aurora Borealis and shooting stars! And trains! Would love to see them on tracks moving across the landscape! 🤞🤞🤞
  13. Not that I know of, but while it's doing its loading I'm busily setting up my flight in A Pilot's Life, Simbrief and PACX. RIght about the time the welcome screen World Map appears I'm just finishing that up and can enter the flight details into the sim and hit the Fly button. Just a thought...to find something else of value beside watching what is happening during loading, which seems on a par with watching paint dry using a paint-dryness analyis app. 😉
  14. You're the guy who referenced FSX/P3D and HiFi worked its magic there with 2D sprite based cloud morphology which is entirely different from what is being used in P3D EA and in MSFS meteo blue based volumetric clouds.
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