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  1. Fascinating. Coming from P3D default airports it's hard to believe the MSFS default airports need anything--but I actually like brand spanking new everything. There is ample degradation in the real world so to me it's nice to have a fantasy world that looks so pristine. I do really like what some of the 3rd party airports have done though, for example CYOW which is a work of art, while giving your hardware a run for its money.
  2. Try this Jean-Luc: MS/Asobo is first addressing what matters most to both the coming Xbox users, as well as PC desktop simmers, and that is clearly scenery and atmospherics. If you don't buy that argument then just contemplate how much money, time, learning, hassle is spent getting the other sims to be decent. I was a fool and gave LM $200 a couple of times, then proceeded to spend other $1200+ on things to make the experience even half ways immersive. That required ActiveSkyNext, REX SkyFarce, FSCaptain, GSX I and II, untold purchases of Orbx regional sceneries, airports, Navigraph, and settled on 4 planes from PMDG, Majestic, and one Coronado w/ the GTN750 to make it shine. Thank God I didn't spend a nickel and GB's of HD space to install TruEarth. And to this day, compared to canned MSFS, it's still only half ways decent. The amount of installing, uninstalling, updating, countless installers, updated installers, blah blah blah, and still my reasonably strong PC still demands I disable Orbx NCA/SCA, AND dial back autogen to laughable levels, to fly into any decent size terminal in a PMDG plane just to maintain the requisite minimum 30fps required to keep vsync to 30Hz liquid smooth. And no, nothing's wrong w/ my PC. I just don't like hitches, pauses, etc that happens in P3D regularly, and they do. When MSFS developed its infamous FPS drops I left for a week or two and returned to P3D, and it was nice to have. Since the FPS drops has improved significantly, haven't been back. Why? Because, despite its shortcomings, MSFS is vastly superior in so many ways, so many of which are flat out discounted and ignored by some here. Default airport quality is nothing short of spectacular, canned, right out of the sim. Runway slopes, default aircraft, even unmodded ones now, are so far superior to the garbage in the other sims, they are certainly sufficient to keep me up in the air until excellent 3rd party planes arrive. But back to the point--what is the direction one can conclude about the end game for MSFS? After getting scenery and atmospherics fully up to par and everything that that entails including managing servers in a soon to grow user base, DX-12 port, then we will see fine tuning of stuff that matters to the folks used to the other, ancient, unwieldy 'sims'. To me, this is far and away the easy part, truly. Improving the SDK to meet what amounts to exceedingly well-known attributes to help MSFS mature towards a more robust sim in terms of the old basics present in the other sims. This is the easy part, and is being left to when the priority is fully ready to let go of. So it's no mystery to me. They've said it themselves--it's a 10y project, they won't leave out the more seasoned simmers, etc. Unfortunately, too many are immersed in a narrow vision of where this is going because they cannot see the forest for a few old trees.
  3. God help us what a sad portrayal--nope, just trolling. Very glad my circuits don't see the reality you seem stuck in, or you're just trolling. The flight I did this morning in a default plane in MSFS was so far beyond the garbage coming out of stock P3D aircraft, airports, runways, atmospherics, etc etc etc. Oh, that's right a couple more buttons work in P3D. The entire flight, even ATC, was spot on from complete w/ the plausible descent calls, to following the procedures present in LittleNavMap. I have to think people like you just don't know how to use MSFS, even in its developmental state. Bye Bye Frank, don't care to waste another reply to this goofiness.
  4. Maybe because FSX/P3D are a hundred and fifty years old? It's where it is because their mission involves a whole lot more than FSX/P3D ever will, including porting to Xbox, which surelly will be a segue into PC desktop simulation for some if not many. You had to have a veritable PhD in troubleshooting windows, graphics drivers, editing configuration files, dealing w/ myriad updates of everything every time P3D did a new release. You're really not sure why things aren't as mature, already, a whole 8 months post release?
  5. Finally, a voice of reason and knowledge as well, amid the din of speculation frequently put forth as fact. I could tell this was the case from Day 1, have encouraged folks to appreciate they don't have a clue why things are the way they are, and that Asobo's project timeline while somewhat public likely doesn't full reflect their true prioritization schema, and they didn't get to the incredible level they did already w/o knowledge, skill and dedication required to even get this far. Thank you for this! As a side note I had an incredible flight in the default Citation L this morning from Kuwait Intl to Dubai Intl, an procedure-selected ILS approach to 31R at dusk, that was flawless and absolutely incredible! I am saddened that something in airport SDK available to developers have left out a very nice feature that almost all of the default airports have, but only rarely do 3rd party developers also enable, and that is getting the ILS Freq fields into the MFD in the G3000: Waypoint Info > Airport > Freq tab. In default airports one can scroll to the ILS freq for that runway, click it and it activates, so with no need to look for ILS freq outside of the sim and manually enter them. I really like this feature that FSDreamTeam has in fact discovered the way to get them to also work in their airports, as well Roman Designs of Canada worked to learn how to not lose this functionality. My two airports from Orbx and one from FlightBeam did not solve this. I zendesked it early on in the hopes Asobo would fix this fast so all of these airports you see released in the Marketplace will work correctly, but alas they closed the ticket and took no action. I won't buy any airports w/o this basic desirable functionality.
  6. If you use vsync to 30Hz, both GPU and CPU are no longer processing more than required to maintain 30fps, whereas when you don't restrict frame rate with this method (and perhaps some others) you will see CPU & GPU trying to generate maximum possible frame rate, so those values will typically always be higher than when you limit frames by vsync to 30. Even though I do vsync to 30Hz, I still see lots of activity on the other cores besides the main thread core in MSFS. I've never looked at per core utilization w/o vsync to 30Hz, so just curious when you said, "but when you run XP11 you can see all cores are running really high" I was curious if this was in a frame-limited state as described, or not.
  7. Jean-Luc, do you know what this looks like when you run vsync to 30hz? I use Process Lasso to view 8 core usage and I see lots of activity on the 7 cores I use--in MSFS I mean to say.
  8. I just landed at dusk in Dubai and, since there are only six palm trees () and no other vegetation had absolutely no hitches all the way to touchdown, though my 8GB of VRAM was maxed. I had one or two brief stutters from the GPU being near maxed and a brief 100% on the CPU main. You may well be on to something! If it's consistent among users it's worth a zendesk ticket perhaps.
  9. Have you noticed any improvement w/ downgrading the vegetation sliders? I'm not even clear on what the LOD sliders do to be honest. I can dial them back to 120 from my default 200, and hardly can tell. 1440p screen. 68y/o eyes w/ good near vision however.
  10. How long are you talking about on this Tomaz? I think my longest flights are only about 3-3.5h and so far I don't think this is happening to me, but perhaps I confused this with random drops. Some do seem less random and more region specific, and relatively small regions at that.
  11. And worth a look when it happens, sometimes, at server latency. I took off 15m ago from Kuwait Intl OTW to Dubai Intl in the Citation L and all of a sudden major FPS drops in the high teens for several minutes, after which west coast server latency went from about 26ms where it normally is to 101ms. I changed to east coast at 82ms and FPS returned to 30. Shortly thereafter I looked again and west coast back to 27ms, so left it on Automatic. During the big drops CPU load on the main thread was 28%, GPU 66% or so.
  12. It doesn't seem to be related to how long the flight is, it seems random over certain areas that are fine some days, and not on other days. I just TO out KPDX and while CPU load never exceeded 80% on the main thread, GPU load 82%, still had weird frame drops and stutters for a few minutes.
  13. Would you be happier if you never had to think about it again, and it worked flawlessly, such that you always had best possible IQ based on what you prioritize? If you can do it manually during a flight, then certainly code can do it likely even more effectively. Some people likely feel they need more things to do during flights, but this sort of thing I'd far rather turn over to AI as it were.
  14. I used that thread optimizer/allocator but nothing like what I'm envisioning which lets the user prioritize which specific variables (controlled by sliders) to modulate to maintain a frame rate of X, which in my case is 30 for vsync to 30Hz. I think it would be immersion magnifier if it could be done w/o creating stuttering, which certainly is plausible as it has already been done at some level in Xplane we learned. I mean how sweet to be at an airport like (you name the big terminal) that necessitated one having to dial back several settings to even MEDIUM let alone HIGH, just during taxi and takeoff, then seamlessly starts increasing variables to optimize IQ per user preference, and at the same time maintain a critical frame rate of X, then slowly dials back as the destination airport starts to impact performance. Win win and more win. $50 ready and waiting. And cheaper than RTX3090 I might add!
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