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  1. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    This seems to be at odds with the other line of conjecture/reasoning here that LM's primary simulator customer base couldn't care less about the very stuff we would be excited for w/ a Vulkan implementation, which would mostly be in the domain of be graphically complex eye candy. As was pointed out today's hardware is adequate for the current old engine, so what would be the motivation behind LM going down the Vulkan road? I believe the vast majority of people in this forum choose P3D over XP for various reasons but mostly re the depth of what 3D content is readily available and integrated. What exactly is missing in XP v P3D, and I would think LR needs to look at those differences to try to compete for market share against LM: first class ATC, support from the highest end 3rd party content developers, and so forth. Perhaps after LR gets the simulator well optimized for Vulkan they can start systematically knocking off each of the deficits XP has until they really achieve parity with the depth of P3D at which point I believe they could potentially grab the bulk of the market from P3D. I'll be happy to kiss P3D goodbye, and I'm guessing others would be too because it's quite obvious LM does not consider much of what the common user is looking for, whereas LR seems to be fully focused on that, even if they aren't sure what that is!
  2. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    This has always been my primary complaint and is the foundation for why I am exceedingly slow to pay for new releases. I really do see it as paying beta testing. It's still the best total show in town though and I will continue to use P3D 3.4 as long as it will run as it satisfies all aspects of my training program requirements. I would happily jump ship if X-plane could match the sheer depth of content in P3D.
  3. I'm real fond of '2-fers', ie getting more than one issue solved. Yes, ambient in the house is 79-80F, outside it's 90-100F, so I use my cooling solution (a/c, versus 'fan only') in the warmer months to cool both me and the PC, and in the wintertime I'll either use fan only or nothing at all. I can't say for sure how things would be now had I not gone down this road, but over 5y now on this system which I run probably for 6 hours daily at full 4.42GHz I tend to believe it's helped, keeping the entire box cool: GPU, ram, CPU, etc. The 'noisy' is way overblown--the next time you take a real life flight in a Q400 or anything else I guarantee you the dB rating will be orders of magnitude higher than my 'lil AC cooling solution. So really Martin, it's ADDS to the aural ambience, so truly, it's actually a 3-fer ;o)
  4. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    The risk likely verges on nil as my 15+y history of near daily use under this implementation of this practice would suggest. A significant side benefit is the OS is truly as lean as it can get which has advantages of it own for flight simulation. Since I keep P3D and all add-ons on the same SSD that contains Win 7 it is a simple matter to make an image or clone which I do every 3-4 months or so, and so far I've only needed to restore once, but that had nothing to do w/ malware. The next iteration of P3D (I stayed w/ 3.4 which is fine for my now nearly 6 y/o system) will go on a new PC when V5 comes out most likely. If Vulkan, then it appears I may be able to stay w/ Win 7, we sure hope. At that point I will follow the same strategy of a squeaky clean and lean OS. I use another SSD in the same box w/ a second install of Win 7 off the same license, for other PC uses, including a few games, MS Office, internet surfing, etc. I use Avast and MalwareBytes for that install. When it's time to download an update for any component of flight simulation I download from this other Win 7 install, scan it, then copy it to my P3D SSD. Your concerns re 'next iteration of P3D', and further updates, quite obviously does not apply. Try it, you can't go wrong--anything else is I'm afraid succumbing to 'herd mentality' :o)
  5. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I've had Windows 7 as OS for P3D since P3D 2.x came out and don't install any security updates. The key is I dedicate my P3D OS install to P3D only--so I do no internet surfing, installed no MS Office software on it, have disabled Defender, and have no A/V software on it. Works a treat!
  6. FWIW, I've done this now for over a decade, and when I've brought it up in cooling-related threads there is usually little to no comment one way or the other, which perplexes me since this cooling solution works exceedingly well, and really isn't very expensive to do, and best of all, cools motherboard, ram, GPU, CPU, etc! Quite simply it's this: I installed a small thru-the-wall a/c unit and have my PC cases's primary large intake fan opening on the HAF-X case positioned so that it gets the full output of the a/c unit. With A/C on a medium setting my 3930K at 4.42Ghz which has only a Noctua air cooler at peak load while flying P3D core temps hover around 52C. In our hot summers here w/ ambient temp in the house of 79-80F I would be hitting close to 68C on my CPU w/o the A/C on. I can o/c my trusty old GTX Titan original as well. Some have complained they don't want the noise (it's white noise, FWIW) while flying, but seriously: when was the last time you flew in the real world and didn't have a little extra noise?! I often use stereo monitor headphones anyway, so I can't even tell its running with those on. The beauty of this approach is that is works w/ your next system upgrade, and the next one after that ;o)
  7. Noel

    Is V3 still worth using.

    The future isn't quite here yet I'm afraid. And that 'vastly superior' piece is largely its current iteration. Right now V3 does 99.9% of what V4 does especially w the OP's hardware, is compatible w/ the largest array of mature 3rd party content, and won't cost the OP a nickel to install and run until something truly worthwhile arrives. OP--save yourself the substantial cost and hassle and use what you already own. At some point hopefully V5 if LM gets around to rebuilding the core engine to exploit DX12 and Vulkan it will likely be worth the wait. The only reason to consider paying for V4 is if you are troubled w/ recurrent OOM, which I seriously doubt the OP will experience. I don't get OOMs ever, use PMDG & Majestic stuff, FTX regional sceneries, etc.
  8. Rob, I have best ever performance w/ HT enabled on my old 3930K with all logical processors running at 4.4Ghz using an affinity mask. When I look at CPU utilization it is common in complex sceneries for me to see cores loading terrain textures running at a higher % CPU utilization than what the main thread might be running at in that scenario, which makes me think it's useful to have those LPs running at the highest clock speed possible as w/ the main thread. With HT OFF are you seeing all cores running at 5.2-5.4Ghz on the I9-7900X? That is remarkable if so, and how common might that be?
  9. Noel

    Is V3 still worth using.

    I use V3.4 and have zero plans to change that until LM does something worth upgrading for, which for me is involves enhancing ATC, and I don't know if they've already done this, but the heinous moving map in P3D which came unaltered from FSX is so crude I'm shocked they didn't improve on it if indeed they didn't in V4. I still use it to set waypoints. The other massive thing they could do w/o massive coding effort is to create an 'optimizer' that would, for example, let the use input their minimum FPS target AND their maximum GPU utilization. The optimizer would make adjustments in realtime, for example adjust LOD and/or scenery complexity variables and the 'lighting' sliders like cloud and terrain shadowing--these areas force all users who care to maintain good fluid performance to STOP their flight and make manual adjustments. There is so much that could be done with this simple concept. Next time you're in a super complex airport like KPHX HD you can dial back LOD and autogen/vegetation to almost zero and not see it while on the ground, freeing up massive resources to cope w/ taxiing in that complex environment. After t/o, autogen/vegetation/LOD can be slowly adjusted up as tolerated. This would help users tailor performance to their specific platform and IMO a whole lot could be done with this idea. But instead you get lots of new features w/ each release you'll never use or see. V3.4 works fabulously and as you're reading here V4 adds little to nothing visually, especially if you don't own absolutely the most high end system available today. I NEVER run out of VAS and I do multi hour flights x-country in PMDG stuff and the lovely Majestic Q400 is my go to plane for regionals. Unless you're just itching to send LM another $200 I'd stay pat until V5 at least! Plus, you already own V3.
  10. Whatever cooling solution you use, whatever hardware you're using, you can augment cooling greatly by parking your PC case right in front of a thru-the-wall small A/C unit. Very nice in the warmer months, and during the cool months you can run 'fan only' at 3 different speeds to just get outside air coming into the PC case. If you're not happy w/ the noise from it use good stereo monitor headphones. Myself, it doesn't bother me because I think about how loud real flying is it's really nothing but a little white noise, but the temp reduction payoff is comparable to de-lidding, except the entire PC gets cooled. One can create ducting to route the output directly into PC fan intake ports--but it's not really necessary.
  11. Thanks HiFlyer and Michael. Sounds like serious potential exists in this sim, and that Orbx supports it seems very meaningful. At the very least I will be watching closely. I'm still quite happy w/ P3D for its total experience, but I've never liked the phony concerns in the EULA, and the fact that LM's primary relationship is w/ their commercial base, utilizing the retail desktop simmers as paying beta testers. Since going to 30mHz vertical refresh w/ unlimited frames I've had such freedom from stutters it's been fine, but now of course we're down to 30 and w/ a monitor refresh of 30 you're definitely losing fluidity even if you don't see stutters. Does Aerofly publish their ongoing goals and time tables? Any of the big aircraft and weather content developers signing on yet do we know? How about ATC? ATC has been a major pet peeve of mine w/ LM. They've left the nearly 10y code exactly as they found it, and while it was pretty funky a couple of its major annoyances could have been addressed by now I feel, but clearly it's not on their radar.
  12. Alright guys, this is my very first look at AFS2. How does its core engine compare in terms of what it can process per cycle on multi core machines w/ P3D V4, XP11.x, any other up and coming FS platforms? IOW, what engine has the most potential for running the highest def scenery, flight modeling, everything, w/ the highest GPU demands at the best possible smooth video performance looking out into the next 2-5y? I've been deep into P3D V3.4 but would consider supporting another platform that was not as robust in terms of total content and depth, but only if it was the clear winner in terms of engine efficiency as it were going forward.
  13. Noel

    CPU Affinity with P3D v4

    Sure, but I have both ultra smooth operation and fast terrain texture update rates, so what's not to love ;o) I don't think that analogy applies at all. Every one of these cooks have their own space to work in and they're all good friends and work together very well anyway!
  14. Noel

    CPU Affinity with P3D v4

    AM of 4084 seems best for me. I assign low demand parallel running add-ons on LP 0 and 1, and P3D main on 2-3, and I see strong evidence in complex scenery each LP is cranking out way more than 50%--sometimes I'll see them all at 80-100% w/ 2-3 running at only 74%. I have to think more cores is better so I may go w/ a 10 core next build.