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  1. Back in the old days when you could expect a major improvement in throughput about the time the 3y warranty ended I can see not caring if the thing died at 3y. But since improvements in CPUs have been relatively modest in terms of P3D I decided to aim for durability. 6y out running an SB-E w/ HT enabled at 4.42Ghz for just a few months short of 6 years, and a lot of hours per day! I'm not so sure I'd have the same experience had I not keep the CPU down around 60C or less all of these hours, but we'll never know for sure, granted. This being said I would bet significant $$ if you took 10,000 SB-E chips all running at 4.42Ghz continuously you would absolutely demonstrate a significant difference in longevity w/ ones running at 60C over 80C. I've had to bump up core voltage this past year up to 1.325v for this clock speed, and for the first few years it took only 1.305v, which I take a possible indicator of degradation.
  2. No way I'd remove a solid connection w/ metal solder for this outcome. I will be running 9700K w/o HT so won't need this with my universal-fit A/C solution ;o) I believe more heat = accelerated wear, all else being equal. This applies to all components in the box, that very hot expensive GPU, and all the rest.
  3. Nope, our house wasn't damaged directly beyond the trees and vegetation around it, and some modest smoke damage. Only about 5% of all homes survived the fire, so we now live in the middle of our very own Hiroshima! But we're fine, thanks.
  4. The big improvement Martin over delidding and all of that is that THE ENTIRE BOX is cooled, mainboard, dimms, GPU. Not just the CPU. And further, the same cooling solution works for all future PCs, which can't be said for other solutions. And super quiet is overrated for flight sims if you care for realism! Flying in real aircraft is amply noisy! And I use Sony studio monitor headphones anyway so can't tell the A/C is running when it is. During the warm summers here ambient in the house gets up to 80F. I never run the A/C full on, not because it's any louder, but because it isn't needed. IF I run the A/C at full on at peak load flying my main core, and I am hyperthreaded for 6 cores, is around 50C. It would be right at 70C at this ambient, for a 20C decrease in temp. I adjust the A/C to allow the main thread to run at around 60C is all. When ambient is around 70 or less I either don't use A/C or just use its fan-only setting. Did I really need A/C w/ your recommended DH-14? Well, maybe if I wanted my SB-E to last 6y overclocked to 4.42Ghz hyperthreaded! Quite frankly Martin I'm amazed more people don't do what I'm doing. It's both simple to do, durable, and costs very little to operate overall. Plus you can't beat it to offset the hot GPU & CPU temps to keep the room cooler. I find it hard to fathom delidding a 9900K off of its soldered IHS adds a whole lot w/o direct to die cooling. I'd have to see several controlled tests to believe the numbers are anywhere near your stated claim of 5-10 degrees. We were victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California and are moving out to Colorado soon. I'm taking my PC and will transport it FLAT so that I don't need to remove the Noctua. I did strap it in, suspend it, for when the case is upright, but don't want to take any chances. I am trying to make the beast last until it won't go another minute because it's still good enough to run P3D V3.4 buttery smooth. Do we know what's on the horizon for next gen 6-8 core Intel CPU yet?
  5. I understand the idea of direct to die cooling. Doesn't 9900K come w/ a soldered IHS? If so, there is no point in delidding one unless doing direct to die cooling, correct? If you need another 10 to 15 degrees C cooler consider installing a thru-the-wall air conditioner and install it so that its output blows into or at your PC and its intake ports. The benefits of this approach is the entire PC case and contents cool down quite substantially including mainboard, DIMMS, CPU/GPU etc. Plus, when it's time to upgrade the box you don't need to do anything put place the new box where the old one lives. I get about 10-15C lower temps and i don't even route that air output directly into an open case which I thought might not be wise due to static electricity from higher air flow. I've done this now for around 12y and still run my old SB-E at 4.42 GHz w/ HT enabled for the past nearly 6y.
  6. Wow thank you for your well wishes for us, and for overview of XP11's less than desirable attributes. I'm actually, believe it or not, still using P3D v3.4. I've never had issues w/ OOM so never upgraded to v4.x. I have paid the professional license twice now at $200 per and that is a lot to pay for something that changes infinitesimally compared to the wonderful content from third party providers. Think about it: default terrain scenery and aircraft really are low end. And yet $400 went to LM. Really bad deal, but as they have the core what can you do beyond staying pat, which I've clearly done. V3.4 is quite decent as is fortunately.
  7. Well, thanks for the interesting replies. My sense after seeing all of this, on an XP forum no less, is that it makes most sense for me to stay w/ P3D for the foreseeable future. Cheers
  8. My P3D install is v 3.4, and it's in a box that is based on SB-E and original GTX Titan and is now 5y/o+ but still works well at 4.42Ghz. I'm wondering now what major features are missing in XP10.x now and if it's worth leaving P3D which is my intention at some point, presumably when I do a new build which won't happen until this build dies. The massive 3rd party content is the main reason I'm still using P3D. When this box finally gives up the ghost I will need to decide between P3D v4.x or v5, versus XP11.x. Is there native ATC in XP11, and if so how does it compare to P3D/FSX's ATC? Is there weather apps such as ActiveSky for XP11? If so, how does it compare? Any apps that track your pilot skills, such as FSCaptain? How about apps such as GSX to add dynamic realism? What does XP11 do better than P3D 4.x? Thanks in advance!
  9. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    P3D has always been prone to hitting both a CPU wall and a GPU wall in a given flight scenario so Vulkan or DX12 cannot de facto 'increase FPS' unless of course in that realtime segment the GPU had been the limiter of frame rate. But better visuals certainly matters to many.
  10. Noel

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    As much as I love to use what I have and I do, which is P3D v3.4, a few PMDG, the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, Orbx regions, FSCaptain, GSX, ActiveSky X, REX Texture Direct...I will celebrate the day I get out of P3D for good. I've always detested the phony EULA nonsense, and the insinuation desktop pilots are being done a favor for the the privilege of being able to cough up $200 a pop for next iterations of a base platform that is a decade old and shows it. It's really 3rd party content that make P3D worth using. Admittedly I've been less interested in supporting for example Xplane as I have so much $$ tied up already w/ P3D. As soon as I can resume using something like FSCaptain and have PMDG quality aircraft I will likely make the jump. That is, when content gets up to speed it will be time to abandon ship for good. I understand more users of XP ultimately translates to greater scope of 3rd party content so I'm very guilty of not helping the cause of getting something like XP to parity w/ P3D.
  11. Noel

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    So many people talk here about 'FPS increases' with this GPU, and yet that comment itself is almost meaningless w/o context, so I thought I bring it up for newer folks that still don't understand what's happening.
  12. Noel

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Yes he must be CPU bound for this specific test.. But that completely depends on which specific sliders are involved. P3D is neither CPU nor GPU bound all the time though you always read 'P3D is CPU bound!". If you're running GPU related sliders hard right then the sim can become GPU bound,. The fair test of 1080 Ti ver 2080 would be to first intentionally set up a GPU bound scenario and then swap in the new GPU to compare, the rest is all idle prattle. Worse still, is looking for a blanket 'FPS increase' w/ 2080 which assumes the sim is always mostly GPU bound. I understand there is overlap/interplay as well between GPU/CPU, but in general I believe my comments above are essentially correct.
  13. Thanks Rob I will go w/ 32GB then.
  14. Is there a significant downside to 32GB? It's so inexpensive compared to the rest of the box. I know you can have some reduction in overclockability and there is some sort of processing overhead the more ram you have, but as I say, is there a significant downside? I put 32Gb in my now 6 y/o box but I know I've never come close to using it.
  15. What is an optimal amount of system ram for P3D V4.x and/or XP11.x? I'm looking at a GPU w/ 8-11Gb of GDDR and also wanted to know if one of the new Turing RTX GPUs will be a better match for P3D V4.x/XP11.x over 1080 Ti if anyone has some thoughts on that. Thanks in advance!