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  1. I've tried this and it does not get brought back up when executing "Reset Cockpit View". What brings up what is save when you use Ctrl-F10
  2. I tried that with Left side Ctrl-Alt-V but no joy--thanks for the try though
  3. I'm not referring to the Ctrl-Alt-Number, but trying to activate Reset Cockpit View. I do this w/ the A2 button on my yoke. But to save this view I've been using Ctrl-F9. The problem is when I do this it does not save it in the exact position I was in--it's offset slightly both vertically and horizontally. It does capture that offset position and the A2 will bring it up. Thanks
  4. I wonder what went south for you. 55" screen at 3 feet doesn't help! I'm 34" ultra wide at 30". Here has been my strategy to fly any plane, to any airport, any time : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/617846-what-settings-do-you-use-to-reach-the-holy-grail-of-msfs/?do=findComment&comment=4757628
  5. Pre-SU5 was a very long time ago and too much has changed. If you're still after rock solid 30fps are you not able to get this now? I see no change in total performance since SU5's major performance improvements and it's really the same now for me. Terrain LOD heavily impacts the main thread and always has. When you are 2K feet AGL do you see a lot of difference between T-LOD at 100, versus 200, or even 500? I just took this screen shot near Venice and visuals are as good as ever as is performance as you can see in the OSD--the main thread is chugging along at 48% of peak, GPU nearly the same and I too have a monster GPU:
  6. This is really it for me--and it's a little hard to describe because it's so subjective. I have NEVER had the sense I was actually looking at what might actually be there until this sim showed up. I've not flown in Italy since the update but did this morning after reading DJ's post that the update killed performance and just look at this jaw-dropping image over Venice. And there is no performance hit so not sure what happened to DJ, but I only flew Venice to Milano. It's very hard to know for sure you're not looking at a photograph of the real deal--and this is present largely over a huge part of the entire world. Scenery 'artists' can certainly create lovely work, in fact w/ more detail and perhaps 'prettier'--but ultimately artificial. It's everything: the objects/vegetation/lighting all over the entire scenery scape that creates this sense of immersion.
  7. I don't know about that. If they're not making significant money why should they continue supporting it? I believe they want to develop the sim further this is always their stated goal. I think it's critically important to support it to help incentivize the producer to continue the project for its stated 10-yr service life.
  8. It happens still for sure but as I say overall I see improvements. It is so complex it does not surprise me they haven't nailed it yet by any means but very often now I have excellent outcomes for both TO and landings.
  9. My biggest gripe or should I say concern is MSFS' very raison d'etre: its cloud basis. I think having everything installed locally as has been the case until now gives one a sense of control and security that is not matched by cloud-based architecture. But the more I think about it the more I realize that control and security is an illusion in large part. Mandatory updates are a part of cloud-based architecture it would seem.
  10. You've not used P3D? Compared to MSFS that is flying on rails squared. Landings in the AS CJR700 are a genuine challenge in MSFS whereas all planes in P3D could land themselves even w/o CATIII.
  11. There would be a need because I have less than no desire to maintain two platforms--as it is now I don't have enough opportunity to fly MSFS as much as I wish to. XP12 will need to be an unequivocally better experience for me to leave MSFS which continues to improve at an impressive pace as the new arrivals appears from PMDG/FENIX and just heard yesterday FSCaptain is jumping in with their first foray. And the 'better' piece needs to incorporate all elements of the sim, including installation/maintenance. I spent decades trying to make FSX/P3D shine and won't do that again as I'm duly spoiled by planetary ortho and no need to install/maintain any of it. XP12 will be a demo install for me to give it enough of a test out of the box to see how it compares and as I say it will need to be stellar to steal my attention away from MSFS. Right now, from what I've seen in terms of their first attempt at volumetric clouds I don't see anything compelling but hopefully what I've seen is early alpha only.
  12. No I never said that but I tell you what that is exactly the kind of twisted conclusions made by a few of the dogs on the rabid dog forum you'll find yourself in good company there. What the heck is your point anyway? If it's that MSFS isn't as far along as you think it should be who cares but you. I think it's absolutely groundbreakingly stellar already, with more to come.
  13. Yeah that's what they thought too--you belong in that kennel it would appear you'll fit right in. Silly me I actually believed they might be appreciated because it was clear several knee-jerking negative reactions were made by peple who hadn't even used MSFS. I went to that forum after learning about XP12 and naively believed others there might appreciate seeing what MSFS had to offer because clearly many of the statements about it were gross exaggerations or patently false and again surprisingly these were made by people who had not used MSFS. Very naive on my part I honestly believed sharing impressions was a very good thing.
  14. I haven't bought the 737 yet as I'm waiting for the 800. I do use the AS CRJ700 which does not accept world map routing either, but I just bring up the NavLog button and input waypoints--just enough to get ATC to work relatively correctly and get me to destination w/o putting all waypoints in, so it's quite fast to do. I need to learn how to use SImBrief as well.
  15. This is my take on weather and ATC as well. AFAIK HiFi has only produced product using the old 2D sprites engine so believing that HiFi is somehow going to be able to better use the tools Asobo is currently using with perhaps zero experience doesn't seem a given at all to me. ATC while it continues to need work is actually doing some genuine innovation in blending our flight with real time online traffic and does it quite well in ways I've not seen in FSX/P3D. Even on the ground things are improving w/ regard to managing traffic at busy airports and as I say integrating my own flight w/ all of that other RT traffic is a daunting challenge and yet it's as I say improving. I agree 2-3 years for both of these seems reasonable. Right now they're both highly useable even w/ their current shortcomings.
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