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  1. mwa05

    V 4.3 will not run?

    Mine did what yours is doing. If I moused over the P3D start icon on the bottom windows bar it displayed an error message (which was behind the splash screen). I googled the error and found very quickly that is was caused by the A320. Uninstalling it fixed the problem. Check that you have a message behind the splash screen. Otherwise beyond deleting shaders and cfg I have no further advice. Perhaps reach out to Poppet.
  2. mwa05

    V 4.3 will not run?

    It is the FSLabs A320. You need to uninstall it. A new version that is v3 compatible is due shortly. Mark
  3. mwa05

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    I did EGLL to YPPH in real time, WX on, thunderstorms over Central Europe, to the south of Sri Lanka and then over the Indian Ocean. From start up to shut down my Sim was running almost 17 hours. No CTD. Following the advice above from Aaron (which was originally Poppets advice on the LM forum re NTDLL crashes) no issues. I cannot get my sim to crash using the 787. I run my anti virus (Avast) in game mode, and as admin by way of right click. I did KLAX-YMML real-time yesterday and am about to launch a YMML-WADD. No TS on the TAF though. 🙄 🙄 There obviously is a conflict somewhere for so many to have an issue but maybe the 787 is the victim, not the culprit? Whatever the culprit is, I must not have “it” on my PC. Regards, Mark
  4. mwa05

    New airport from Flightbeam

    I own every Flightbeam airport, because they are the best, so I support them. My employer operates to KSFO but I don’t - not my fleet. As a passenger I have been through KIAD and KDEN. I have never been to KMSP or KPHX, but I have, often in P3D. So now we are getting NZWN. Not operated their for a decade (wrong fleet again) but a day one buy because it is Flightbeam. With PMDG 777 and 73H, FSLabs A320, ORBX NZ, what a wonderful opportunity to fly to YMML, YSSY, YBBN, YBCG (all available as addon’s), all doable in an evening operating to a real airline schedule, and with PF3 capable of HF procedures across the Tasman, wonderful. FSX and P3D have been Americentric forever (that is where the programs came from), but it would be good if our US friends continued to support Flightbeam and do what the rest of us have done for years to enjoy add on airports and fly where we don’t go / live.
  5. mwa05

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    And just reporting in after following Aaron’s advice (Dreamflight767) I have completed two flights with WX Radar on and no CTD (YMML-YSSY, YSSY-WADD) with v1.1.1.. Mark
  6. mwa05

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Thanks. Will see how I go, I have the new update but have flown without WX Radar. Look out shaders and .cfg!
  7. mwa05

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Thanks, it was actually the w/ I was asking about - does w/ mean with or without?
  8. mwa05

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Does w/ the WX radar mean with the WX radar turned on or does it mean without the WX radar? Cheers, Mark
  9. mwa05

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Paul, the B787 definitely has True Glass. I have the airplane, have flown it in the rain, and also just checked the files to make sure. BTW, I am one of the (silent majority) happy customers and one who has “some experience “ with the real thing. AS16 WX radar enabled CTD aside (which is being fixed, and can be avoided by not enabling the radar) it is superb. Mark
  10. mwa05

    Tokyo Finally!

    So I bought it, as I like to have every add on airport that is in my employers route network even though I personally don’t operate to this particular airport. It is okay. Better than default. A bit shimmery for my liking but that is P3Dv4 but this one a bit more than normal. The cvx file does does not fully eliminate default land class bleed through on the edge of the southern island complex but it does not look awful so live with that... The poster on Simmarket was right with regards to the frames; they are terrible at certain angles at the airport especially approaching / facing north. So given I had the day off and wife and kids were not home I spent 5 hours figuring out what the issue is. I did solve it in the end, it is not a Orbx Vector or Global or insert add on here issue, it is a single .bgl in the RJTT scenery folder. rjtt_liv_gs_cars.bgl is the culprit. Rename it to and issue solved. Just do it and save yourself hours. I can’t even see what the file does but I know what it does not do... 30FPS. Regards, Mark
  11. mwa05

    Imagine Sim Wsss

    Imaginesim have a new WSSS under development for P3Dv4 and it is due out shortly. Mark
  12. Mine came with an instruction that is was very important to uninstall the original first. It was a txt file I think 🤔
  13. I reported it to them last night. To their credit they replied in an hour, reset my activations and said that they need to repair the installer and will notify everyone when it is available again. Regards, Mark
  14. mwa05

    "Shimmering" of ground lights and water

    One thing I have found is ticking every “Recieve” option under Shadows / Casting and Recieving drastically reduces shimmering (on my PC). I also use Envdir/Evntex/Evnshade and with FXAA on in Nvidia settings (not P3D), and those 3 elements (cast/receive, Env products and FXAA on in Nvidia) have virtually eliminated night time shimmering of lights using Orbx FTX Global/Vector. It is still occasionally shimmery (is that even a word?) at certain angles, but largely it is gone. I use 8MSAA in Sim with 16x. And lights very small in the Orbx lights configurator. Finding that combination was months of faffing about.
  15. I have not flown it in the SIM but in YBBN on the BLAKA9A arrival for RWY19, the STAR has LEAKY BOATS SINNK which bemuses me every week without fail.