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  1. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    To add to the discussion I have had time to search the PF3 forums and have come across the following... ”PF3 gains it's AI data from FSUIPC and if the format or name is not recognised by PF3 you will get the first part of the name given phonetically rather than hearing the correct callsign.” We might have been looking in the wrong direction. Regards, Mark
  2. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, I have tested the new LLTX version and sent you an email. Thank you for the opportunity! Cheers, Mark
  3. Apologies Ray, that was not my experience. Quite the opposite. I had done everything but a Driver Booster check to rid myself of that dll crash (as I had no faith in such tools either) but Jim urged me to do so, and what can I say, I have never had a CTD since. And it has been months, whereas I was having the issue every second flight. I hope you get it sorted.
  4. Hi Ray, Download the freeware version and run it. If it says that you have no out of date drivers, then I have given duff gen. I persisted for months in the belief that my professionally built and o/c’d system that cost more than my first car could not be an issue. It was Jim who put me straight so reach out to him if NTDLL.DLL continues. I bet your looking forward to your 64 bit Concorde now! Cheers, Mark
  5. Hi Ray, Yes it was NTDLL.DLL. Over and over again! Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi Ray, I had this same problem with a new build. As per the AVSIM CTD guide, I got Driver Booster, ran it and despite a new build and everything according to Windows 10 was up to date, I had something like 23 out of date drivers. I ran Driver Booster, let it update everything, and I have not had a CTD since. MT6 maybe just the program that is tipping the system over the edge. It runs fine on my system when I have it enabled (I usually use another AI program as I mainly fly in Australia). Kind Regards, Mark
  7. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Thanks Oliver, email sent. I am on vacation so plenty of time to test. Mark
  8. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, Wilco, stand by. Cheers, Mark
  9. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, Thank you, anything you do is very much appreciated. I have no issue with how it works now as I did not expect it to; the fact that PF3 was indeed talking to LLTX traffic when selected live, was a bonus! Thanks again, I think this is a very lovely little program which I really appreciate. Regards, Matk
  10. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, Thank you for replying. I have UTL installed, which is the AI program I use. I also have MT6, which is not active (via your add on tool, it is deselected and my traffic sliders in P3Dv4 are set to zero). What I do is flight plan, open AS16 and add my flight plan, open PF3 and add the flight plan, set up my callsign, departure RWY, arrival RWY, descent profile, STAR transition etc in PF3, run Real Traffic exe, open LLTX, run P3Dv4, select my departure airport, vehicle, then start the sim. Once the Sim is initialised (i.e A320 YMML G46), I connect PF3, then connect LLTX. Done. Fly as normal...the aircraft interacting on the ground are UTL aircraft and taking off and landing but once airborne, LLTX generated traffic starts interacting with PF3 ATC as well. For example, I take off, and on departures a UTL generated aircraft on the same frequency will be referred to as Singapore Two Two One (SQ221) and then LLTX generated aircraft on climb behind me from the same airport (and on the Real Traffic Radar) is for example JST441 (Jetstar Four Four One) however PF3 will refer to it as Jetstar Alpha India Romeo Whiskey... which to me seems like it is reading a table that says Jetstar Airways - it is grabbing the first four letters (an ATC callsign usually has up to 4 digits) so there is some sort of logic at play. Throughout an entire flight, PF3 handles LLTX traffic like any other AI... I did a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore earlier in the week and the skies were busy with LLTX traffic, however all were referred to in the manner I set out. Occasionally I would hear a Cathay Two Four One, and if I looked at the AI traffic list in Sim, that was a UTL generated AI, not LLTX. Essentially PF3 handles LLTX generated traffic (UTL models) in the same way it handles default traffic, FTX AU traffic (which I also have) and MT6. The only difference is the callsign, with the flight number being replaced with what seems the first four letters of the second word of the carrier i.e Airlines, Airways, Atlantic (Virgin Alpha Tango Lima Alpha). Any other questions let me know, I love this program and happy to help. Regards, Mark
  11. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Thank you Oliver for this program, I recently ran into it by accident looking for something else and I am using it with Real Traffic as the data source. This has fixed a decade problem of flying across Australia in silence as AI programs never generated enough enroute traffic even at high settings. The one thing I noticed was I expected to use AI mode to get ATC interaction, however Live mode also provides ATC interaction (I use PF3), so another bonus. On that, a program (I am not sure which one, LLTX or PF3) does not read the callsign / flight number i.e.Jetstar 524 - it says Jetstar Alpha India Romeo Whiskey (I assume Jetstar Airways) or Virgin Alpha Uniform Sierra Tango (I assume Virgin Australia). As I did not expect Live mode to have ATC chatter at all, it is a huge bonus but thought it worth asking the question. Is this the expected behaviour or is there something I should point somewhere as it is the combination of both that seems to read the airline name as opposed to the callsign? I really enjoy the program - thank you! Kind regards, Mark
  12. mwa05

    Taxi2gate VHHH

    There is an issue with Hong Kong generally that I have never got to the bottom of. If you take off RWY07R (default) with FTX Global and Vector installed, at about 3,000ft on climb, the stutter fest starts and it is because the airport behind you has gone black (terminal, taxiways and runways). When you basically get abeam the old Kai Tak it stops as the textures behind you have reconfigured. Installing T2G VHHH makes this worse, as the whole airport goes black. This does not happen if you depart from 25R/L. It also does not happen if you depart at night. I can find no reference to this issue anywhere but has been insolvable on my PC so I don’t depart 07R in the daytime (P3Dv4 btw).
  13. And I use the iFly because it is closer if not identical to my company’s B737 spec compared to the PMDG version (even using the PMDG real and verified cockpit for my airline - the iFly can be configured closer). PMDG may be a better product for a simmer but is not necessarily the best product for people who use desktop sims other RW purposes.
  14. mwa05

    Imaginesim Singapore Released

    Well done on getting a result on such a discrete issue. I did try for an evening to replicate what you had reported and couldn’t... for my own personal interest as I am attempting for the first time to create my own airport and wanted to learn. They have done quite a smashing job on this airport which I am in and out of frequently so any updates and improvements are welcome!
  15. mwa05

    Imaginesim Singapore Released

    Could it be a Magvar issue? My Navigraph Chart overlay is spot on. Gate C22 coordinates in the aircraft (777) after aligning the IRS are the same as published in the 10-9C chart. Mark