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  1. I wish FSL would come up with a more modern way to release updates. Andrew from their forum said the sound issue was fixed on 18NOV17... that is coming up to 3 months ago. Captain Sim has released two Hot Fixes for their 757 since it was released... in January. I love the A320 but I am not enamoured with the after sales service given how much it has cost me (and I am not exactly poor). Cheers, Mark
  2. Sorry pal. I have shut down and getting ready for work. I will be back home Sunday mid morning so if no one else has obliged by then I will give it a whirl.
  3. I have bought it and just finished installing, re-running Vector, deleting shaders, organising Lorby-SI scenery ordering, running make runways and everything else you do now and as someone who goes to this aerodrome in anger, it is a beautiful rendition. Now I am not the sort of person who will notice that there is a small texture join not quite right underneath the Tower or anything like that but whizzing around in the default F35 in day and night... well, it looks like it does in real life and I can’t see anything wrong with it - it is a high quality scenery which blends well with FTX Global. Vector and FSGX2018 Mesh. Cheers, Mark
  4. I purchased P3D v4 Professional as on a strict reading of the EULA I could prove if ever required the “intent” of Professional. However it seems that VRS Superbug is only compatible with “Academic”. So for those in the know, does this mean if you have a Professional license you can’t use this? My reading is I can’t unless I contact “Sales” and pay some type of extraordinary price? This is the first time I have come across this type of policy? Regards, Mark
  5. EFHK works perfectly in P3D v4.1. BUT... You need the patch from - If you don’t speak and read German, be prepared to spend an afternoon on Google translator as you need to join the site, and then follow a process to “buy” for free the patch... and it’s all in German and you have to wait for links and verification. However, once your in, and you get the patch, the scenery, lights and all, works superb. What annoys me is when you look at the patch and how simple it was to make EFHK v4 compatible is why Aerosoft did not do it themselves months ago. Yes, the airport is a bit out of date now... but... Regards, Mark
  6. Tony, I am home now and firing up the flight sim PC, the version you want showing is and go into settings and see if you have "use multiple threads for downloads beta" ticked. I find (at least on this PC) that it works well in downloading in quick time. When I did a full clean reinstall Windows, install P3D v4, then my FTX products, I had them all installed in less than 3 hours and that was 106GB of data. Cheers, Mark
  7. If you have opted in to fastlane and re run FTX Cental, it should say a new version is avaialble and you let it download. Then, it should be version 3.2.8 (I think that is the latest, I am not at home to check). You should then be able to install your airports. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi Tony, When I opted into fastlane my FTX Central updated itself. Then my airports all appeared in Oceana and I selected download and they did. That was it. If that has not happened you may need specialist advice from Nick et al on the Orbx forum. Cheers, Mark
  9. Tony, You need to opt into Fastlane in order to be part of the Object Flow beta to download all of those airfields in P3D v4. This is the procedure - I have been part of the beta since v 3.2.4 and have had zero (0) [nil] issues. Regards, Mark
  10. In Nvidia Inspector set Toggle FXAA Indicator to off: you must have it on. This setting AA's the aircraft selection screen but the side effect is the green square. Switching it off will remove said square. Cheers, Mark
  11. Reinstall Orbx libraries. I am at work right now so can't tell you with precision what to do but in the Orbx documents folder there should be a library text file. Delete that then rerun FTX Central, it will tell you libraries are not installed, do you want to reinstall... then reinstall, that should fix the problem that I "think" you have (did not see the picture either). Regards, Mark
  12. That happened to me as well, in fact with all three latest installers. They don't seem to write to the registry properly. The issue is harder to fix given the aircraft is actually installed but it does not appear in the installed programs window either to select uninstall and try again. You can't use the installer to select uninstall either as the product is not written to registry. How I sorted out is install over the top and don't reboot, but then go to installed programs and uninstall, reboot, install, reboot, it should now be written to registry and the appears in the installed programs window. Regards, Mark Wagener
  13. Thank you for personally answering - it was like receiving a telegram from the Queen! (I am from the "Colonies")... All re downloaded, updated and done. Kind regards, Mark Wagener
  14. Good evening Gents, Thank you for the Update. I installed prior to the registry fix. Will some magic occur via the updater to reconcile the version in the registry or is the fix a download of full installers again? I did not want to download 1.8GB of data for such a small issue unnecessarily given the aircraft are actually the correct versions. Kind regards, Mark Wagener
  15. I have (had) both in FSX (recently decommissioned) and am on record on AVSIM as saying I prefer the iFly 737 over the PMDG version based on my real world experience. The PMDG version is a superb product, with some not so good bits, and likewise the iFly 737 is a superb product, with some not so good bits, For my purposes (emphasis on me), I prefer the iFly version because I cannot configure the PMDG version to match the equipment variations of my employers B737 fleet, therefore I cannot use it as well for work preparation purposes. The iFly 737 can be precisely figured to my Company spec. I find the dimensions in the PMDG version very off putting. The iFly VC dimensions are spot on but the textures could be better (but with a 4K monitor, they are okay). The start sequence timing in the iFly 737 is not quite right. The PMDG version is spot on. The Nav suite capability allowing all approach types (that I need to do - emphasis on me again) is better in iFly. The sound set in PMDG is slightly better. Neither is perfect, as you can see, it depends on how you want to use it. I will load the PMDG in v4 when it is released, because I do use both, even though one (iFly) is used about 75% of the time (that I am practising). When I Sim for fun, I fly Ant's Winjeel. Now there is a v4 add-on! Regards, Mark