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  1. mwa05

    BugSplat654.dll CTD

    I think it is the QW B787 crash detector? Maybe the OP was trying to fly the 787? Mark
  2. mwa05

    asking for news of HL James

    I’m not an American but Orlando FL is the opposite side of your Country to Santa Ana CA, which is where HL James own profile on the forum says he lives. I don’t think the Obit is for our much thought of Screen Shot contributor, however respects to Mr Randall James.
  3. mwa05

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Effective 0000z 23DEC18 for 24hrs only you can buy it for $25 so we can both find out for that price (literally just got the Captain Sim News email 1 minute ago). Cheers, Mark
  4. LOL I will stop opening the PMDG Operations Centre every hour to see! Thanks and Merry Christmas!, Mark
  5. Gerard, in my case because I checked, the folders and third party contents remained. I thought if it failed and a full install was needed I am on vacation next week and have time to start from scratch. Was not necessary. Cheers, Msrk
  6. mwa05

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    I have no doubt it was not an invention, you provided the photos! I absolutely get it, The fact I have Mike’s issue but not yours must be the bane of developers. You have a workaround not a solution, not a fix. I am still scratching for a workaround however I might take the view that until earlier today I did not know I had a problem and just pretend I did not read this! Mark
  7. mwa05

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    Hi Mike, I have never noticed but my ZSPD is the same. I don’t think the satellite photo mesh blends properly with FTX Vector so you (and I) can’t fix it. If you disable Vector it blends reasonably well with default (which is FTX Global in my case). I think the reason I have never noticed is because the real airport during the landfill operation was like that... I would put the photo mesh circa 2015. Today, there is actually another runway there (not yet opened). However the blend could be a lot more tidy and I am sure it was at one stage however I don’t have old installers and it will need a fix from Imaginesim if they feel so inclined to blend the airport with FTX Vector. I have now had a look at WSSS and it is better but default (FTX Global once again in my case) is better. I Install, check the airport is there, my tyres don’t sink, SODE works, and fly, IFR and don’t go sight seeing as I go to the real airports so don’t feel the need... in WSSS once changed at the hotel I head to Fatties for good company and half a dozen Tsingtao... I don’t walk around the airport so I guess my Sim approach is somewhat the same! However, I don’t have the issue Chris has with Water Ultra. I don’t get his bleeds on the tarmac with the same setting (which is my setting) so that may be perhaps caused by something else he uses on his PC but I can’t help other than to say not on mine with the same setting. Cheers, Mark
  8. Electronic Flight Folder on the Company provided Flight Crew iPad.
  9. Today’s QF27 as extracted from the flight planning pilot’s app... That is the profile the flight planning system has selected for optimal fuel usage based on the grib winds. It is unlikely the crew will fly that profile however the system does profile this way to show the optimum vertical profile over the route st time of planning. QFA27 /257.VHOEF. ETD 01.50z FTI 11.58 STAB 14.10z ETA 251401z SYDSCLB01 DIST 6173 OALL WIND 271/053 (P045) F310 TEMP -43/ISA P03 OPTIC 3815S/15810E 4142S/16249E 4149S/16300E 4318S/16525E 4553S/17024E 4909S/17743E 5126S/17508W 5334S/16154W 5425S/15619W 5525S/15015W 5621S/14140W 5637S/13100W 5633S/12836W 5606S/12000W 5606S/11959W 5446S/11000W 5430S/10832W 5355S/10549W 5213S/10000W 5205S/09936W 4942S/09351W 4748S/09000W 4700S/08831W 4511S/08526W 4132S/08000W 3845S/07627W 3830S/07606W 3741S/07500W SOSTA ALGEK UQ808 EROLO PLANNED ZFW 239.980 TOW 374.212 LGW 249.049 MINRES 005.060 CRZ FL310 CI40 EOD 01.15 FOD 010.070 FL200 THA 00.38 TROPOPAUSE 31694 YSSY/310/4318S16525E/330/5334S16154W/310/5621S14140W/330/5637S13100W/ 310/5606S11959W/350/4942S09351W/370/4748S09000W/360/4700S08831W/380/4 132S08000W/390/
  10. mwa05

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    I think it is on a par with WSSS to the extent I really like flying out of it, equally so with WSSS. I am in and out of both airports IRL so the fact I like them in P3D is testament to their robustness in the Sim.
  11. mwa05

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    I have the P3Dv4 version (just recently updated by Imaginesim within the last week) and I am parked at D73 right now to do LH729 to EDDF with the 748 and I have just checked and no issues as described above. I have FTX Global, Vector, Pilot’s Mesh 2018 and all good.
  12. I would love a PMDG C-17. Enough said.
  13. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    To add to the discussion I have had time to search the PF3 forums and have come across the following... ”PF3 gains it's AI data from FSUIPC and if the format or name is not recognised by PF3 you will get the first part of the name given phonetically rather than hearing the correct callsign.” We might have been looking in the wrong direction. Regards, Mark
  14. mwa05

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, I have tested the new LLTX version and sent you an email. Thank you for the opportunity! Cheers, Mark
  15. Apologies Ray, that was not my experience. Quite the opposite. I had done everything but a Driver Booster check to rid myself of that dll crash (as I had no faith in such tools either) but Jim urged me to do so, and what can I say, I have never had a CTD since. And it has been months, whereas I was having the issue every second flight. I hope you get it sorted.