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  1. Me too... I am flying 4.5 HF3 and my (reinstalled to) stock vanilla V.5 HF1 is sitting idle on a separate hard drive. Just too many issues for how I use the sim at this stage. I bought it day 1 (as I have every previous release) but this is the first time I have discontinued using the new version. It is actually disappointing and I was sad to read that a well respected person on this board who is a LM Beta Tester had recommended it not be released but it was anyway. Other releases have had issues but not like this.
  2. Hello Ray, Could you not offer to help Aeroplane Heaven, given your experience and expertise to assist in getting the best outcome possible within their parameters? Reading your contributions you seem to have accepted limitations with the FSLabs 32 bit version. Can you do the same in reverse to get the best within the parameters of what Aeroplane Heaven is offering? FSLabs can’t even talk to their customers (I have been asking for a fix for a simple A320 sound problem for 6, yes 6 months and no one will answer) so never mind committing to a Concorde 64 bit version... I will be pushing up daisies before that happens, but can you help Aeroplane Heaven turn a little bit of coal into a diamond notwithstanding you and I would like a better diamond? I quite enjoy their products which otherwise would not exist to enjoy. I flew in the RW one of their offerings and it brings a smile although I could not do a yearly renewal on the desktop as it is missing a few bits that one only sees when in the CAE sim! Just a thought. Kind regards, Mark
  3. I am disappointed that the SimObjects loading pause is still prevalent approaching an add on airport or dense city scenery. I can repeat it constantly in the same places across v4.5 HF3 and v5 so the underlying issue has migrated to v5. I have not had an invisible wall crash... and I have a GTX1080Ti so no VRAM issues... have had one CTD, with the faulting module being livingwater.dll (it is in the v5 root folder)... that was a new one for me and probably for Jim if he was still with us (RIP my friend).
  4. Benjamin, as I said, I never had any of those issues, no CTD, no poor performance, no PBR issues (I think they were one of the first to do PBR so there was some updates from memory). Now that you remind me, yes there was a disappearing terminal building issue early on however there was an easy workaround to use in sim whilst it was worked on and ultimately I think it was solved by a P3D update. However it was so long ago I am struggling to remember 🤪 Fast forward to today, it is a good add on airport and as I said, it just went to v2.3 this week.
  5. Well I have it, fly into and out of it often, and I really like it. I (well pre COVID) go into and out of it often in the RW and find the Imaginesim offering has captured the real airport very well. I use it conjunction with the SamScene Singapore and the combination is excellent. Imaginesim has just upgraded WSSS in the last week (20APR20) and to version 2.3 and it runs better than ever on my PC (P3Dv4 HF3). I never had any issues reported by some on the forum other than the first version was slightly misaligned so it did not line up properly with certain software however that was fixed. Mark
  6. In the first instance yes. If it works, ignore all of the above. If it does not, then I found the way to make it work, as per my post above. Provided that your EIDW uninstaller is in P3D root, and when you right click it, you have the file it is missing elsewhere in a MKS scenery which you can copy into the P3D root, and then proceed to use the Windows 10 app config. I have other MKS scenery so was able to work out what was wrong... all of the other scenery has the uninstaller and the lua file in the appropriate MKS file in the Ecosystem directory. EIDW for whatever reason, did not, the uninstaller was in P3D root, without the lua file.
  7. I had the same problem. The uninstaller is in your root P3D directory (where the P3d.exe is located, and that seems to be inconsistent with all other MKS scenery). If you run the uninstaller from there (right click, run as admin) it will give you an error message that you are missing a file (I can’t precisely remember what it is called... but the error message will tell you... something like 5lua.dll). Now as I have other sceneries from the same developer i.e. Tenerife v2, the missing file was also in the Tenerife folder so you can uninstall GCTS. So I copied that file into my P3D root folder, and re-running the native uninstaller won’t work (you get a different error message). What you need to do now that you have the missing file in the P3D root is go to the normal Windows uninstall file directory, find MKS EIDW 1.x (I can’t remember the last version no) in the list, right click, select uninstall and it will now work. If you don’t have another MKS scenery so don’t have the missing file to copy, I can probably PM it to you. Mark
  8. Good morning Oliver, Whether my RT ini file got corrupted or the developer of Real Traffic sorted the data source or a combination of both 🧐 today it is all working. To use your phraseology AI mode was certainly dead last night but has sprang back to life again today... I guess such is the nature of the beast. Have a great weekend. Mark
  9. Hi Oliver, When convenient can you please check that 1.72.b02 is working with Real Traffic? I use AI mode, and with the latest release, no traffic is injected. I keep the previous installer and reverting makes no difference either. Maybe a Real Traffic issue (although the interface shows a lot of traffic, at WSSS). Currently I get nothing injected but it was fine yesterday, all I did was upgrade 1.71.b02 to 1.72.b02. I have tried live mode as well but that is not working either. Something funky is happening. I am also cognisant that you have said LLTX is hard work, so just a quick look, please don’t spend hours. It may work again in the morning! I was going to do a flight from WSSS to WADD but did not depart as I started to diagnose why no AI had generated. But can’t figure it out. Edit, googling has suggested I delete the RT ini file and that may clear the issue. I will try tomorrow (midnight where I live 😎) Thanks, Mark
  10. Thanks, that worked! Two minutes to download... have saved that page to my favourites!
  11. Except it is virtually impossible to get onto the redownload service to download the update. And once you eventually do, the download times out.
  12. I have an issue which I have not been able to solve yet, which is as soon as the aircraft is airborne it oscillates in pitch and roll and this continues even once LNAV/VNAV A/P is engaged and really only stops at cruise. It then repeats all the way on descent until landing. It is not weather settings as I have tried with no weather (default P3D) and it is still the same. I have version I have searched the Aerosoft Forum but nobody has reported (in so many words) what I seem to be experiencing. It is not controller spikes either. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  13. https://fsai-repaints.com/?p=2299 Cheers, Mark
  14. This is an interesting conversation, and the end result also depends where you live. I have an 82 year old uncle who has a lovingly cared for FSX installation on a dedicated computer. He can’t afford to “start again” and get a P3Dv4.5 HF2 installation anywhere near what he has now even though I have offered several times to pay for it all. Now he lives one and a half hours by air from me, so I only get to see him 4 or 5 times a year but last time we were together he expressed regret that he never bought a particular MD-11 which is no longer for sale. He has the FSX version of a particular MD narrow body series (his only airliner) which he has beautifully mastered over the years and was interested in moving up to big brother of that family. I have not had FSX since 64 bit P3D however I own a license to said MD-11, still have the .exe and the activation code (which I think I read somewhere is no longer needed) and I can still download it from my account. Do I give it to my 82 year old uncle? He would be the (grateful) recipient of a gift, not a pirate... So as I said, an interesting discussion and I believe consumer law in my country overrides the EULA (like Nuno Pinto above) and I too can do what I like with it provided I don’t sell it. I could always buy Uncle Harry the B717 (when they patch the CTD) and avoid this!
  15. I would do the same but it would mean having to sit and watch telly and or talk to my wife every night... so I will keep flying P3D!
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