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  1. Just to add a bit more to what Jon has outlined... The EDTO requirements differ when an aircraft is dispatched up to 180mins from when it is dispatched beyond 180mins. There are additional planning considerations when flights are planned EDTO beyond 180 minutes; For EDTO beyond 180 minutes, you cannot list an airport as an EDTO Alternate Airport if the time needed to fly to that airport: 1. At the all engine operating cruise speed, corrected for wind and temperature, exceeds the aircrafts most limiting fire suppression system time minus 15 minutes for those cargo and baggage compartments required by regulation to have fire suppression systems. 2. At the one engine inoperative cruise speed, corrected for wind and temperature, exceeds the aircrafts most limiting EDTO significant system time (other than the aircrafts most limiting fire suppression system time minus 15 minutes for those cargo and baggage compartments required by regulation to have fire suppression systems). For the B789 aircraft the critical time limitations are as follows; 1.EDTO – 345mins minus a 15-minute buffer = 330mins 2.Fire Suppression – 300mins minus a 15-minute buffer = 285mins Note that flight plans must abide by BOTH of the above time limitations. At my airline, Flight plans are produced with EDTO rings that have been calculated using wind and temperature. When this occurs, the rings are no longer a circle but look a bit more like what could be described as a “potato”! There are 3 predefined OEI speeds available for the B789; M085-290KT M085-310KT M085-330KT For example, a speed of M085/330kt will produce a range of 2317nm. The default we use is: Speed: M0.85/290kt ETOPS Rule: 409nm ETOPS Usable: 2159nm However, some sectors benefit from the faster speeds (LHR/CDG/FRA/JNB/SCL/SYD Antarctic). For example SCL-SYD ETOPS Rule: 441nm ETOPS Usable: 2317nm ETOPS Speed: M0.85/330kt Regards, Mark
  2. Can I just add that Scenerytech Landclass Asia does work in 64 bit P3D. I have Asia and Indo-Pacific installed (as the rest of the world is covered by Orbx). You need to “trick” the installer that you have FSX installed (via a temporary Registry edit) but it is more than satisfactory... don’t select the two options during the install (lookup and ice caps). Even though it is about 11 years old, it really is a very noticeable improvement and creates zero issues. I will of course uninstall immediately that a Orbx Asia LC is produced!
  3. Hi Oliver, I reported this issue to Navigraph. https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10499 In essence, I can’t get 2010 v.1 to load properly into the tool. It fails almost towards the end of the SID build. Reverting to 2009 or 2008 is no issue. This is with lorbylivetraffic 3 01 b19. I trust your well... Kind regards, Mark
  4. Yes, I did that too. But sometimes AVSIM friends are quicker. I have also sent them the re-written script that works.
  5. Hi everyone, Can an owner of this scenery send me the EGKK_img_spring.bgl (.off) file from the scenery folder? Somehow I thought my script xml had become corrupted as the scenery manager would not “hold” summer (and the airport had no ground poly). A look in the scenery folder showed summer as “off” and no “spring” file at all so selecting the new season seems to have deleted the spring file (and I know it was there as I have used the airport in spring mode) and selecting summer would not delete the .off from the .bgl to activate it. Strangely a full reinstall did not fix the issue. After faffing about for about an hour I discovered that v115 ships with an error in the script xml which causes the problem. I have rewritten the script which has fixed it and I have created a spring by simply copying and then renaming the summer file. If I could get the real file from someone, I will ensure all is well and then report the issue and the fix to Jennasoft. Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi Oliver, Lovely update to version 3. Just beautiful - Navigraph and all! I have managed to find a way to avoid the issue in this topic by using GPS or great circle option rather than complex IFR or the 3rd party flight planner. I will switch back to complex IFR and see if using Navigraph solves the issue. Thanks again! Mark
  7. Hi Oliver, I have literally hundreds of hours using this excellent program and I have never had a CTD until recently. In fact I don’t think I have ever had a CTD on this PC with P3Dv4 (any version)... Using P3Dv4 HF3 at Justsim ELLX I get a completely repeatable CTD within about 2 minutes of starting LLTX. If I don’t execute the program and fly with normal UTL AI, there is no issue. I use AI mode, and route finder to generate the plan. LLTX will crash the sim both at default ELLX and at Justsim ELLX. Regardless of aircraft. From the default F-22 to a PMDG aircraft. This is for information only, as you say in your post above, there is not a clear cause. I just thought it worthwhile mentioning that I have happened to stumble on an airport where for whatever reason, LLTX and the airport don’t like each other 🤔 I just turn it on once I reach cruising altitude 👨‍✈️departing this particular airport. Kind regards and stay safe, Mark
  8. I will do a SYD-SIN or HKG-SYD or a MEL-MNL real time. Only if no one is home and I am doing a full clean of the house. I can go into and out of the study every 20 minutes. I did a real time SIN-SYD yesterday pushing at the same time as the real aircraft on the same flight plan which was fun, but I did a heap of stuff around the house and really only sat back in front of the computer earnestly about 20 minutes prior to TOD. So about 8 hours real time daylight hours is my limit if I am meaningfully employed elsewhere with jobs! Right now I am doing in real time a CX2022 freighter B748 MEL-HKG (that operated yesterday) and about to cross the AMN (Ambon) VOR. Pre COVID, I may only do this once or twice a year but currently, I have done a few! It is also nice to know that you have zero PC issues, given doing flights like this invites CTD’s. Mark
  9. Me too... I am flying 4.5 HF3 and my (reinstalled to) stock vanilla V.5 HF1 is sitting idle on a separate hard drive. Just too many issues for how I use the sim at this stage. I bought it day 1 (as I have every previous release) but this is the first time I have discontinued using the new version. It is actually disappointing and I was sad to read that a well respected person on this board who is a LM Beta Tester had recommended it not be released but it was anyway. Other releases have had issues but not like this.
  10. Hello Ray, Could you not offer to help Aeroplane Heaven, given your experience and expertise to assist in getting the best outcome possible within their parameters? Reading your contributions you seem to have accepted limitations with the FSLabs 32 bit version. Can you do the same in reverse to get the best within the parameters of what Aeroplane Heaven is offering? FSLabs can’t even talk to their customers (I have been asking for a fix for a simple A320 sound problem for 6, yes 6 months and no one will answer) so never mind committing to a Concorde 64 bit version... I will be pushing up daisies before that happens, but can you help Aeroplane Heaven turn a little bit of coal into a diamond notwithstanding you and I would like a better diamond? I quite enjoy their products which otherwise would not exist to enjoy. I flew in the RW one of their offerings and it brings a smile although I could not do a yearly renewal on the desktop as it is missing a few bits that one only sees when in the CAE sim! Just a thought. Kind regards, Mark
  11. I am disappointed that the SimObjects loading pause is still prevalent approaching an add on airport or dense city scenery. I can repeat it constantly in the same places across v4.5 HF3 and v5 so the underlying issue has migrated to v5. I have not had an invisible wall crash... and I have a GTX1080Ti so no VRAM issues... have had one CTD, with the faulting module being livingwater.dll (it is in the v5 root folder)... that was a new one for me and probably for Jim if he was still with us (RIP my friend).
  12. Benjamin, as I said, I never had any of those issues, no CTD, no poor performance, no PBR issues (I think they were one of the first to do PBR so there was some updates from memory). Now that you remind me, yes there was a disappearing terminal building issue early on however there was an easy workaround to use in sim whilst it was worked on and ultimately I think it was solved by a P3D update. However it was so long ago I am struggling to remember 🤪 Fast forward to today, it is a good add on airport and as I said, it just went to v2.3 this week.
  13. Well I have it, fly into and out of it often, and I really like it. I (well pre COVID) go into and out of it often in the RW and find the Imaginesim offering has captured the real airport very well. I use it conjunction with the SamScene Singapore and the combination is excellent. Imaginesim has just upgraded WSSS in the last week (20APR20) and to version 2.3 and it runs better than ever on my PC (P3Dv4 HF3). I never had any issues reported by some on the forum other than the first version was slightly misaligned so it did not line up properly with certain software however that was fixed. Mark
  14. In the first instance yes. If it works, ignore all of the above. If it does not, then I found the way to make it work, as per my post above. Provided that your EIDW uninstaller is in P3D root, and when you right click it, you have the file it is missing elsewhere in a MKS scenery which you can copy into the P3D root, and then proceed to use the Windows 10 app config. I have other MKS scenery so was able to work out what was wrong... all of the other scenery has the uninstaller and the lua file in the appropriate MKS file in the Ecosystem directory. EIDW for whatever reason, did not, the uninstaller was in P3D root, without the lua file.
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