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  1. A bit like Jazz above, I bought it as an experiment as well, as I had decided as part of moving from P3Dv5 (which I still have) to not buy airports that were provided as enhanced by the MSFS package. I would get about 51 FPS at the Asobo EGLL in the Fenix, and I get exactly the same at the iniBuilds EGLL (with Asobo uninstalled). Interestingly it makes zero difference if I select the SD textures and move every slider to off! 51 FPS… and I have verified that the configurator is disabling the appropriate files. Having said that, it is a smooth experience as I have a proper Nvidia G-Sync monitor. I am on W11, MSI Z590 Pro WiFi, i7-11700K 4.85GHz, 32GB RAM, Gigabyte RTX 4080, and use Frame Generation. I suspect if I did not use FG, and used VSYNC 50% refresh rate (so capped 30 FPS) as I did when I had a Gigabyte 3080Ti that maybe the options may make a difference? Anyway, that is my experience thus far over the last 24hrs, I plan on flying a flight to EGLL later today to test the arrival experience…something short like EIDW-EGLL to have a look see. It is quite a life like scenery, better than any previous rendition (and I have had them all going back to FS9).
  2. I PREFER MSFS over P3D5 because it quite simply has a much more realistic depiction of the holistic environment (although it has quirks and issues in a number of cases however I did use the word holistic). I PREFER the FSL holistically as it is a more complete simulation of the A320 series. However, I fly almost exclusively in MSFS with the Fenix A320 as holistically (there is that word again) it is an overall better experience if you want to get the best environment possible with the best airplane possible. If you want the best airplane regardless of environment then that is FSL in P3D5. If you want the best overall experience then Fenix in MSFS. Lastly from a consumer engagement point of view, Fenix talks to you, and engages with you, so you are a happier customer even though it currently does not have IAE or SL. I have never understood the FSL community engagement strategy to the extent it exists. Thus in summary whilst specifically FSL is a better product, Fenix is a better partner in a better environment and looking at my logs, I last flew FSL in P3D5 on 22OCT22 and I have done almost 70hrs of flying with Fenix in MSFS since, except tonight where I am doing a FSL A321 flight in P3D5 because I wanted to fly a very specific flight in very specific (A321 SL) airframe.
  3. Thank you for fixing this Oliver, I still use it, every sim session, it is my favourite App. I had just been putting up with the slow load times… I just changed my routine to account for it. Kind regards, Mark
  4. Hi Oliver, Virtual beer, virtual High Five and a big thank you. Whatever you did, LLTX is now back in business.. Thanks again, Mark
  5. Hi Oliver, Yes, the IATA flight designator i.e.EK seems to be what is being sent by RealTraffic now rather than the ICAO designator i.e UAE. So put another way, in LLTX, if I don’t have Fill in traffic selected, no flight is ever picked up. If I select Fill in traffic, I will get traffic but under the flight column, it will be QF1588 for example with the airline column showing unknown. Whereas before the update, the designator under the flight column would be QFA1588 and the airline column would be populated with Qantas. When I look at the RealTraffic radar screen, the aircraft data now says for example QFA867 (QF867) B738 VH-VXE where as before the update, it would say QFA867 B738 VH-VXE. The (QF867) data seems to be is being sent to LLTX, and of course, that does not match the .cfg which is why the airline column says unknown and the aircraft will be the right type but a random airline i.e.my JQ743 (should be JST743) is a Vietnam Airlines A320 taxiing at the airport, rather than a Jetstar A320. I hope that assists a bit more. Thanks again, Mark
  6. Hello Oliver, RealTraffic has just released a new version 9 build and Lorby Live Traffic 3.03 b05_P3D_V5 does not seem to be able to read the data from the new version. Unfortunately RealTraffic auto updates and I can’t revert back to the previous version to check whether the new version 9 is definitely the issue. It seems the issue is RealTraffic is sending the two digit airline code i.e JQ when Lorby Live Traffic uses the three digit ICAO code i.e JST. It was only when I selected Fill in traffic was I able to get a stream and the flight number column was showing JQ460 not JST460. I hope you are keeping well? Kind regards, Mark
  7. I can confirm the above fix works, replacing the 3 x 2021 files with the 3 original files from the original version solves the issue. I had to install the original version into a “false” FSX directory to get the installer to run so I could retrieve the files and then uninstall however the 3 old files make the product work (and in fact, I can’t tell the difference between the three new files versus the three old files… I could launch P3D and view the airport but as soon as I moved north towards the Thai Hangar, it crashed. Doing a top view, the scenery looks the same with the old ones so it is a good fix until the developer solves the issue).
  8. Hi Michael, No issue just trying that. Disclaimer is I have Orbx Cityscape Sydney so I don’t know if that disables any default files? Notwithstanding my issue (for the first time) last night. Like everyone else, I am at a loss and interesting the file fix for MK Studios EFHK in this thread did not work for me, but lowering Autogen from High to Medium did! I don’t think this is going to be an issue users can uncover I am afraid! Cheers, Mark
  9. So to quote myself, in the interest of full disclosure, it has now happened to me. At the gate at Fly Tampa Sydney to fly to Hobart in the FSLabs A320. All of a sudden I had an awful lag doing pre-flight and looking at my GPU, it was idling where normally it would be at about 40%. CPU was normal but giving me 2FPS or 10FPS or 32FPS… it was very odd and despite all my efforts to clear in sim to save the flight, I could not. I am now on my way after re-booting.
  10. I use studio drivers only and am on the latest 472.84 (3080Ti) and I quite literally have flown all around the world over the last week or so with 5.3 HF1+1 using the PMDG 777 and FSLabs A320 almost daring the issue to occur including real time long haul SYD-SIN and SIN-ZRH (777) and DOH-HEL (A320) and nothing. I use EA On, VOL Off, with ASP3D 8027 with ASCA and the TOGA products with GSX, and I have all Orbx Global Products. I would not normally come onto a thread to state I don’t have a problem as I know that is annoying to those who do and are trying to solve it (a bit like saying my car is stolen and someone else saying well my car is not stolen - it takes you nowhere!) but I can confirm no issues on Nvidia Studio Drivers, and can back that in with more than 40 hours of real time 5.3 HF1+1 flying (as I am home in an empty house as my wife and children are overseas visiting her mother who due COVID they have not seen for 2 years). So I have been able to have a sim-a-thon. Mark
  11. Thanks Oliver, will download when I land from my current flight.
  12. Seasons Greeting Oliver, and thank you for continuing to update this great program. I went to extract the latest version of Traffic however it does not provide the box for the password, it errors with a windows error code. It may be an issue on my side but thought I should report it. I will try again later. Kind regards, Mark
  13. I bought it given I live in and fly out of Sydney and sitting at the gate in the PMDG 777 with Australia AU2 and Fly Tampa YSSY the VRAM is 7.8. That’s not an issue for me but would knock out most folk with a 8GB card. I am using 5.3 HF1 (about to download HF2) and I can’t try with FSLabs as I have it disabled due to it not been compatible with the latest P3D versions yet and it is normally heavier on VRAM than the 777.
  14. Hi Fluff, I have everything Orbx, all installed outside P3D on its own drive and I upgraded from 5.2 HF1 to 5.3 following this advice: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/192424-installing-a-p3d-v5-hotfix-or-update-correctly/ I have no issues at all and in fact I have a demonstrable performance improvement with 5.3. I am delighted with it except they still have not fixed the awful AA but that is another thread 😊 User experience could certainly be hardware related. I have a COVID PC, that I built during the lockdowns we had in my part of the world for something to do to amuse myself when I was not working from home. Intel i7 11700K CPU OC 4.8G + Corsair H100X Water Cooler + MSI Z590 Pro WiFi motherboard + Kingston 32GB (4x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz + 256G Samsung 950 Pro 2200mb/s + 2 x 1TB HDD Seagate 7200rpm + Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X Video Card+ Matrexx RGB Case + 28" ASUS MG28UQ HD 4K Monitor + Windows 11 Professional 64 + Cooler Master 850w Plus Gold Power Hope all is good at VIR… we are just getting back to INTL flying at QFA… did my first DEL plan today 😊 Regards, Mark
  15. Yes, I have had it forever as well to the extent I won’t depart YMML if the duty RWY is 16, I will choose another flight from another airport. I literally raised the issue a decade ago with ORBX when I was in FSX on v.1. On P3D 5.3 using v.3, still the same and I must have had 4 different PC’s in that time.
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