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  1. Totally agree ... when i jumped in to VR, I wasn't expecting too much as have a mid range system now...but..the absolute feeling of immersion and 'being there' far outweighed the blurriness i see at times.... having a 3rd party head strap helped as well with comfort... just a totally different experience for me now...
  2. Let us know please (for those of us not using the beta) how it pans out with the update... Thanks mate
  3. Personally, i'd rather have animated passengers walking to and from aircraft... up the stairs (or down) than people in the terminal... curiously, is there such a thing yet? Hold up! I think GSX does this eh!
  4. Well, I tried the free trial and can say first impressions are good.... i downloaded a profile for the Fenix A320 which is what i fly the most... had to turn a few things off...one bizarre up and down (not breathing as had that off) motion like being in waves on the sea... almost vomit inducing for me! LOL I tried another profile which is far more user friendly... i think ill keep the program and buy it after the 7 days all going well So far so good! Will try some GA soon...
  5. Thanks guys - great advice as always... having never flown a real airliner i really have no idea of what is "realistic" and what isn't, so very helpful indeed! I might try the trial version and see if its the go.... Cheers!
  6. Just wondering if any here use this program with dialed down settings and if it makes immersion that much better? Cheers Doug
  7. With 3rd party head straps the G2 is a pleasure to wear - certainly not front heavy which is good for longer flights ... www.studioformcreative.com
  8. Have checked that out..thanks for the link! I guess we have to be careful what we listen to heh!
  9. Good to know...was just repeating what i saw on Youtube ... thanks for the heads up!
  10. Great! Im not opting in to the beta as last time it screwed up my sim big time...so will wait for others to advise...but sounds promising... as i understand, DLSS wont allow the use for the XRToolkit at the same time...so will be interesting if in-house settings will cater for the same thing...
  11. Hey guys, after much fiddling and tweaking, ive reinstalled the toolkit but it still has my last settings that i used... i uninstalled the app, then deleted the directory from the app data etc... yet still after that and reinstalling, i continue to have the same settings! I couldn't see a 'default' settings button anywhere... what am i missing? Cheers
  12. Just a quick question, and perhaps some here have tried it... the Level D training simulators that pilots use, are the graphics as good as we have in MSFS or are they generic but accurate? From watching YouTube vidoes they seem to be not so crisp..perhaps not needed as the flight model is what matters? Any ideas?
  13. 58... but feel 30!
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