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  1. So... just a tad above the default A320 then?? 🤣🤣
  2. Traditionally i have doen just that to save any errors...easy enough to do...just delete the FBW folder in the Community folder
  3. Ive reinstalled 3 or 4 times...your settings are saved in the cloud so no config file to save..at least not for me...every time they are back!
  4. Thanks for the reply, i usually rename it to back up...but have since discovered that the whole sim has been installed twice ! Once on the d drive and the other is on the co drive! That seems to be where my community folder is instead of where i originally wanted it! looks like an unistall and reinstall needed again! Doh!! ** Decided to do another full reinstall..couldn't figure it out... fast internet so doesn't take long... a pain though!
  5. Hey guys, bit of a panic here... Installed the hotifx (and it also downloaded the whole darn thing again!!) anywho... i deleted the community folder so it would create a new one and i could put my addons back as needed.... Ive added the A320 as usual and the nohandle toolbar mod...started up and both do not appear! Its as if the sim is not detecting the community folder or made another somewhere and pointing to that! How on earth do i find where it could be and change it back> Stumped! Thanks guys
  6. I started the sim and the update routine happened, its said mandatory update - 110.58 gig, then deluxe upgrade 2.17 gig and premuim upgrade 2.17...i had no way to get around it... how come? Should i cancel it? Just reread the notes, its the previous update its doing! What is going on??
  7. Gulp! My download is 114 gig!!! Must be some kind of update! Whats that all about???
  8. Great update for me so far... Specifically no lag when using pop-out screens (PFD etc)... loading times drastically reduced...smooth panning with Track-IR, no stutters to speak of...all round super happy with this one! I was a bit slacked off with the default introduction of illuminated buttons and having to manually change the mouse to legacy mode... but once that was done its all good
  9. AHHHH! I see! Many thanks for that -ill crank it up and change the mouse to legacy Thanks guys, saved heaps of stress! 😬😬 D
  10. Ah! So, go back to legacy and then back to modern? I heard legacy is no good for the FBW A2NX...?
  11. Hey guys, Awesome update for me so far...the A32NX flies lovely (when they fix the no1 engine start) ..but i did find that the mouse selection has changed for push and pull..along with stupid glowing buttons when you hover over them...i did manage to turn off the tool-tips..but is there a way to change the mouse back to what is was and stop those blasted glowing buttons? Thanks guys.. Doug
  12. I simply rename my community folder to BACKUP community...update creates a new one and then filter the addons back in as needed - easy peasy
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