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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback...
  2. Hi guys, Am thinking to jump in to a helo for some low flying for a change... Ive done some looking but nothing like getting comments form those who have them in sim.. Whats the best helo to nab at this time? Cheers
  3. Holy cow! A 77 inch screen! That must be super awesome and lifleike!
  4. Thanks for the comprehensive reply! Ive done a few of those things as above and have already set the ground clutter, airport vehicles and such to zero... Ill change the GSX settings as well which i need to do... I use FSLTL for traffic... maybe i need to change that too? Thanks heaps!
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if others see the same thing here... at times I'm at the gate and part of the Jetway is completely missing! Usually the part that connects to the terminal... just a small part sticking out..... large gap... then the rest! Happens on default scenery so is this just a default thing or does GSX mess things up here? (Cant really see why it would?)
  6. Hey guys, just got employed by Virgin Australia and in the hunt for a compatible livery for the Fenix? Does anyone have and i dea? My searched proved futile! Hmmmm Cheers D
  7. Turbulence slider down to medium based on IRL pilot feedback, hoping we can uncover some voodoo for better control on this in the future. Sorry to be word not allowed... but where is this found? Cant recall seeing it? Hmmmm
  8. Is there a new simbrief profile we need?
  9. I bought it and like the fact that its all automatically generated in different phases of flight... and indeed, reducing the volume to 10 percent is more realistic... good buy in my books!
  10. Well, interesting experience in my flight form LEBB to EIDW (Dublin)... using the Fenix A320.... The route and runways were supplied by Pilots Life 2... flying Aer Lingus which just employed me, so first flight... Usually im not to fussed about reviewing the Go Around procedure as up to this point of flying, Ive never used it or had too... but... After configuring for landing in filthy live weather...almost zero visibility in Dublin...im on the glide slope to 28R... only to find at 300 feet there IS NO 28R in the default scenery! Just what looked like earthworks and trees! So for the first time (and in order not to crash and waste 1.5 hours of my tracked flight) i executed a hasty go around and configured for 28L which went well... it was quite a nerve wracking moment i must admit! Do any other pilots here actually review the go around procedure - just in case?
  11. I went ahead and followed the above by disabling all the ground clutter , passenger density and default airport life...i use FSLTL which ive kept to my usual settings... Happy to say the toolbar has no issues..so seems it was the simobjects causing the issue as you have correctly said... i dont know what to increase or how to even check where the limit is, but very happy the toolbar is back!
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