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  1. I had to uninstall the 1809 update due the black flashing. I don't know if its related with Chaseplane. Have you tryied with Chaseplane deactivated? Edit: It's not related with Nvidia drivers. I tryied with 3 different versions.
  2. Ekim

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I first returned to the 411.70 drivers but still had the black flashes issue. I uninstalled the 1809 update and then black flashes disappeared so i think is something related with the new Windows update.
  3. Ekim

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I had to rollback to the last version due to black flashes when flying in P3D.
  4. Ekim

    About VRinsight CDU II usage issues

    I use the CDUii in P3D4 with native software and some FSUIPC macros in Fslabs, PMdg, majestic, B717 and Maddog without any problem!
  5. Yep, thats true, but you will never use a temp lower than the ambient temperature. Usually temps are above 50s... Some one told you about wabpro.cz some posts ago, try it to calculate the temp. Its a easy and powerful tool.
  6. My home airport! Enjoy a great flight! There's a free LEPP airport in http://simzaleak.wixsite.com/simzaleak Only for FSX and P3D. Happy flight!
  7. Ekim

    New VA

    Can't understand this very well. There are another Air Europa VA, Vueling VA and a Volotea VA. It's really necessary to duplicate all of them?
  8. Ekim

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    But your loading problem is without scenery installed? This is really strange!
  9. Ekim

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    Maybe you have a scenery conflicting your P3D installation. I'm having problems with Barcelona Cityscene. This ORBX scenery makes my loading stops at 6% for more than 12 minutes! Once uninstalled P3d loads fast.
  10. Open the load manager and check the version in the windows title.
  11. Ekim

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    No problem sir!
  12. Ekim

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    Ok, i will try the new mouse macros tool with fsuipc! Thank you!
  13. Ekim

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    Thank you Andrew for your fast update! Do you think is possible to map the mcdu keys as you did in the Maddog module?
  14. But they never made jetways movable.
  15. Wow, i didn't have any CTD with the last update. The performance is absolute delicious (forget about DL). I have some reported problems with sounds, but i can live with this errors.