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  1. Ekim


    I updated the Carenado database with navigraph via the manual addon in the Navigraph software without issues.
  2. Ekim


    XL560 is working well but has some lightning problems. Taxi and Landing lights illuminate the cockpit interior.
  3. Ekim


    Yep, Tenerife North and South are on the works. Tenerife in P3D5 video available in their facebook.
  4. Ekim


    You have Lanzarote (GCRR), Fuerteventura (GCFV), Tenerife South (GCTS) and Tenerife North (GCXO) very well done by Mkstudios. GCRR and GCFV are the oldest, so they look less perfect than Tenerife South and North, but i think all of them are worth the payment. Palma de Mallorca, Dublin and Lisbon are worth too..
  5. Good day Michael! I still have not tryied the new NGXU. If i recall correctly you should find the panel.cfg and look for: Try the bold numbers with negative values. This week i will try to modify, will report here!
  6. I had a Rift1, Rift S and now i haver a Reverb. I'm very happy with that. My brother received my rift S and tryied my reverb. The next day he ordered a reverb for him. Both of our reverbs are new and we had no problems with any of them. Maybe we were the luckiest? don't know. They have a 15days return policy so you can try it!
  7. I'v changed my rifts for a new reverb. I've still not tried the P3d but with DCS and IL2 it's wonderful. I can clearly read every switch, see any contact and use every screen. I will try with P3D next weekend!
  8. Well, the reverbs are now available in spain again, so i have press the trigger and ordered one. I'm very happy with my rift S, but i will try the HP reverb. I hope to receive the 2.0 reverb version.
  9. HP is having a lot of problems with the Reverb. In my country (Spain) they are cancelling orders and not sending supplies. Maybe there will be good news in September...
  10. I have both, so my experience: Love flying low and slow with my old rift, combat with IL2 and exploring universe with Elite Dangerous. But i need a better resolution (55" 4K) when flying airliners like PMDG, FSLABs, ... Using CDUs, FMCs and small windows are really difficult for me with VR. i haven't tried the HP reverb resolution, so i don't know if with these resolutions you could use airliners!
  11. If you have the Fsalbs, you should uninstall or deactivate it before starting P3D. They are testing the build now and will release a new update soon.
  12. I will definitely try it. Its a high step with this resolution. I hardly can't wait to try it in Elite Dangerous!
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