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  1. Thank you for your fast reply! I will try tonight!
  2. Good day, Yesterday i was trying to setup the Vrinsight CDU via keywords. I did it fine with Right and Left lines selectors and Functions but i can't do it with the Alphanumeric keys. With the FMS Functions i used from 0 to 15 in the command parameter, but what should i use to receive a letter or number with FMS_Alpha?
  3. Good day Dave, Does the "Reload Cfg from LM" option in the Maddog menú the same as loading the aircraft from the Menú? Once i have landed, i should change the load and fuel on the LM and then use this option to receive the new CG and ZFW. Or does it work different?
  4. In Europe we had some flying with Meridiana, departing from Olbia to some Italian cities. But they retired the last one in January. You have 1 MD-83 flying with DAT, you can follow their charters on Flightradar.com https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/oy-rue Bulgarian Air Charter was using MDs. Some times subcharter routes. I think in winter are stored but maybe will return in summer season.
  5. Good day! Tomorrow will be a great day!!! Will the paintkit available the realase day?
  6. This week we will discover it! :)
  7. I was using the MCDU version with the old maddog. They don't have changed the way you can assign commands to keyboard so you could config the vrinsight cdu with the software they include so the keys will react as key commands.
  8. Great! Thank you very much!
  9. Simbreeze made one some years ago. Manual installation worked well for me in v4.
  10. There are two nice free airports developed by Simzaleak, LEPP and LESO. LEPP can receive a 737 and has a nice VOR approach. Happy flights
  11. If he's using v4 version, macros are still not supported by FSUIPC.
  12. Great job!
  13. I think its still no compatible for version 4.
  14. Yes, i'm having the same message... [E] *** LUA Error: D:\Prepar3D v4\modules\linda/system/common.lua:61: attempt to call global 'InitDsp' (a nil value)
  15. Yep, i have the same issue.