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  1. Ekim

    CDU II - P3D v4

    Hi Alex! Do you have FSUIPC, registered version? You have a pdf with documentation. Once you have made the fsuipc mouse macros, i cant guide you via PM.
  2. Ekim

    CDU II - P3D v4

    Good day Alex, I don't have the Overhead A320, but i'm using the VrInsight FCU Combo with Linda software. I have mapped the MCDU via FSUIPC mouse macros. Then using keystrokes to map the keys and create a new Vrinsight's manual profile to link the cdus keys with keystrokes. It's a manual setup, but it's working fine!
  3. Ekim

    RTX 2080 installed

    I upgraded from a 1080ti to a 2080ti and i have found a real improvement in P3D4. As Gerard noted, it depends what and how are you flying. Using DL and 4K, i have increased some settings having higher number and more stable FPS flying with Storms, Rain, etc..
  4. Ekim

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    Same as Bob Scott, my FSLabs performance is almost the same as PMDG 737.
  5. I'm sorry WingRider, my english is not very good. If you are flying the PMDG 737 then you should use the CDUII without problems.. Follow the vrinsight panel modifier tool to modify PMDG panel and use the vrinsight cduII software. You can use LINDA with the vrinisght mcp. If using LINDA, the vrinsight won't detect the mcp, but it will detect the cduII. As Scotflieger says, you can't use vrinsight and linda software with the same hardware (MCP), but you can use LINDA with mcp and vrinsight with cdu. I fly PMDG without any problem!
  6. Ok! For example: Do you have FSLABS? Do you have a registered FSUIPC? - Open the Captain MCDU in a 2D Window. - Open the FSUIPC window and create a new Mousemacro. Give it a name. Ok to close FSUIPC window. - Click on the button you want to map, for example DIR. Give it a name in the macro window opened once you clicked (green text). - Go again to FSUIPC window and END mouse macro. Ok to close FSUIPC windows and close simulator. - Go to \Prepar3D v4\Modules and you will find a XXXX.MCRO file. XXXX is the how you named it. - Edit the file and you will find something as: [Macros] 1=DIR 1.1=RX200bf,3 1.2=RX200bf,13 - If everything was fine, you can return to simulator and assign a key combo to the MACRO via FSUIPC key assignment window (for example: Shift+Ctrl+D). - Go to \Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\CDU-II and execute the keymapper. - Assign the keycombo (Shift+Ctrl+D) to the key you want. Save the file in the Keymap folder as: SFP2_CDU2_Fslabs.dat - Go to \Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\bin and edit the CDU2 file. Adding AircraftX=Fslabs Where X is the next number you have in the start of the file. - Add this to the end of file. Remember to change X for the number you assigned. [AircraftX] ; Fslabs ModuleEx = Module = ../CDU-II/SFP2_CDU2_KeyCmd.dll KeyMap1 = ../CDU-II/KeyMap/SFP2_CDU2_Fslabs.dat KeyMap2 = CDU2 Win_Name = Captain MCDU Win_X =3685 Win_Y =1988 Win_W =908 Win_H =1504 Win_UX = 20 Win_UY = 20 Win_Name_Ex = Win_X_Ex = Win_Y_Ex = Win_W_Ex = Win_H_Ex = Win_UX_Ex = Win_UY_Ex = KBD_Enable= False SleepTime = 20 UpdateTime = 20 - Save and close. - You can start your simulator, open and undock the Captain MCDU window and start the Vrisim software. Select the Fslabs profile and fly. I know its an extense and complicated explication. I will try to make a small manual but you can start trying by yourself. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.
  7. Ekim

    A320 Family - Aerosoft or FSLabs ?

    FSLabs Airbus are made with love. All these small details Nyxx is talking about make a really great addon. The brake light in nose gear, special effects without any inmersion set, the vapour on cabin when air conditioning is on, the temperature differences according external temperature with doors open (and are differents if a jetway is connected), wonderful lights and sounds... If you open the window, please, don't forget to close it perfectly, i had some warnings related with pressure two times.. xD
  8. With the new FSUIPC mouse macro i can use the CDUII without problems with the original software. I'm using the Maddog, FSLABS, Aerosoft, DashQ and B717. Just some minutes making the mouse macro file. Assing keystrokes via the FSUIPC. Edit the VRInsight profile with the assigned Keystrokes.
  9. Ekim

    A320 Family - Aerosoft or FSLabs ?

    I have both. I bought the Aerosoft one because it "simulate" the 321. I only have fly the Aerosoft the first day. I can't use it once I tried the Fslabs 320 and 319. I don't mind now the 321. I'm so happy with the Fslabs!
  10. I had to uninstall the 1809 update due the black flashing. I don't know if its related with Chaseplane. Have you tryied with Chaseplane deactivated? Edit: It's not related with Nvidia drivers. I tryied with 3 different versions.
  11. Ekim

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I first returned to the 411.70 drivers but still had the black flashes issue. I uninstalled the 1809 update and then black flashes disappeared so i think is something related with the new Windows update.
  12. Ekim

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I had to rollback to the last version due to black flashes when flying in P3D.
  13. Ekim

    About VRinsight CDU II usage issues

    I use the CDUii in P3D4 with native software and some FSUIPC macros in Fslabs, PMdg, majestic, B717 and Maddog without any problem!
  14. Yep, thats true, but you will never use a temp lower than the ambient temperature. Usually temps are above 50s... Some one told you about wabpro.cz some posts ago, try it to calculate the temp. Its a easy and powerful tool.
  15. My home airport! Enjoy a great flight! There's a free LEPP airport in http://simzaleak.wixsite.com/simzaleak Only for FSX and P3D. Happy flight!