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  1. Djembe

    Development ideas suggestions

    A simulator database compiler is necessary in my opinion.
  2. Djembe

    Crash on ready to copy

    Same problem here. Crash after i say "ready to copy"
  3. Djembe

    Navigraph workaround

    I think you do not understand the problem: Here is what Richard from Navigraph say about it: " What I can say is, that we were never so close to the release as now but the history of this addon is long, there were many up´s and down´s, there were many empty promises - I don´t do the same mistake again, and again ... This format is so differ to the other and in normal case, the developer asks us first, if we can recommend a format. We have now nearly 100 supported addons, half of them have individual formats but none of them in such format ... To add specific formats is not always so simple and in the case of P2A nearly impossible. "
  4. Djembe

    Cockpit sounds

    The bumbs of the runway center line are simulated with AES from Aerosoft. (Only FSX) Install it is FREE.
  5. Djembe

    PMDG NGX Youtube Tutorials

    Yeah! Subscribed
  6. Djembe

    Cockpit sounds

    I want to share mi experience with NGX sound. A few years ago i get two buttkicker simulation kit for my 737 simpit. Then i start to work for get a real cockpit feeling (i never flew in a 737ng cockpit, but many time as a passenger) or what i think is a real feeling . I download every free sound pack i find it, and also i buy all payware sound addons for the ngx that i find. A spend a lot of hours find the best sounds from all that files and try to understand how the sound engine work in the ngx. I edit some of that files for add low frequency that can be pick up by the buttkicker, and provide a nice feeling, for example when retract the landing year. I also play a lot with sound levels. And finally after a lot of hours of test and editing sound files i got it. What i can tell you is you will not find a free or payware sound pack that will make you happy. You will need to spend a hours of test for get the result that you want. I hope that info can help you in some way
  7. Djembe

    Voice VoxPop Base

    This is not something new, many people complain about this in this forum. For exemple me, i just go for a new atc product (pilot2atc). This is a unsupported product. If the developer do not give any support in beta, imagine after he release the product with your money in his pocket...
  8. I think a tool for compile the simulator data is necessary in P2A.
  9. Djembe

    Pilot2ATC vs VOX

    There is a option in P2A for no recive vectors in approach, same in voxatc.
  10. Djembe

    Any news Navigraph?

    I do not know if something change in NavDataPro from two years ago, but one of my problems was that do not support TOPCAT. Also i do not like the interface from NavDataPro. Be able to download all data for manualy install is another good point to Navigraph. Just my opinion.
  11. Djembe

    Any news Navigraph?

    I try NavDataPro for two years, now i am with Navigraph. In my opinion Navigraph is much better. But the problem here is i need a nice ATC addon for my sim. Pilot2atc seems to be that addon. The problem here seems to be the data format. The pilot2atc data format is different to other addons as Richard from Navigraph told. Normaly the developer contact with the data provider for ask for a format that can run with his addon. But that was not tha case. Why NavDataPro is already compatible? I do not know. But i hope we can get soon a Navigraph data, because is the best data provider in my opinion.
  12. Djembe

    Any news Navigraph?

    No suport after last AIRAC... I post on that topic too. I hope they will release the pilot2 atc data soon.
  13. Djembe

    Demo V2.0 - questions/issues(?)

    Hello 4. I use MCE with P2A v2 beta and it work well for me. Just set your config like MCE explain. Basicly what MCE do is mute the MCE voice recognition when you press the PTT. Thats all.
  14. Djembe

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    This is a nice way to report bugs (video+ details) and track it. No way to confusion.
  15. Djembe

    Might be a daft question

    Hi, On approach you will recive a STAR with active runway Approach and transition. You need to fly by charts. If you want you can request vectors. I never was vectored by atc on P2A, and i do not know what happend if you go out of the approach. I think the FO can handle comms because there is a copilot option "Respond to radio" and "change frequencies". i never use this feature. I sugest you to install the v2 beta, have 10 days trial and comes with the airac1605.Then you will be sure how P2A handle IFR approach and you will find more things. Report any problem please. I fly in IFR and i want to know how it works too.