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  1. Also forgot to mention that it might be worth making sure your graphics card drivers are upto date. I had issues with them once causing a ntldll.dll crash. Rob
  2. I have had the ntldll dll error a few times, it's not a issue with MCE, it's a issues more with Windows. I'm my travels I have found it to be a issue with either having settings set to high, or there is scenery that's causing the crash. I would firstly reduce your settings a little and give that a try, maybe even try them at default. Just remember to back up your current config do you can go back to it. If that fails try removing the scenery your flying over one at a time and see if that works One other thing that can cause it is AI traffic, it might be worth trying a few flights with lower or zero AI to rule that out as well. I hope that helps and gives you a few things to try. Regards Rob
  3. I would like to wish the team at MCE a very Merry Christmas and New Year! I would like to extend those Christmas and New Year wishies to all my fellow MCE captains. Regards Rob
  4. Have you got the English American voice pack installed? You need that I believe for them a VR to work. You might have lost the voice pack when you reinstalled the OS. Rob
  5. Thanks for the patch, I can confirm GSX push back now working normally. Thank you. Rob
  6. Hi Dirk The latest version is here http://www.multicrewxp.com/Downloads.html There maybe be some patches on the forum that cover certain issues that people night be having and the guys at MCE can help with that side of things :) Rob
  7. Well this morning I was using the Majestic Dash 8, I've just tested with the PMDG 738 NGX and that does the same error. I've not had time to test with any others as I run out of time. Rob
  8. Hi Peter. Well the strangest thing has happened, mine started to give the Couatel error this morning. But it seems okay if I select things manually. I am really not sure why this has happened all of a sudden, it was fine last night. Rob
  9. Hi Peter, i believe FSDT have released an update in the last few days, it might be worth seeing if that helps, it sorted out a few glitches for me. just run the live updater on your desktop and then start your sim and see what happens. Rob
  10. I have to say I've seen a huge difference in the response recognition since swapping to the clearance log method. I've also tried using TTS voice packs and was stunned to hear my FO request clearance to the airport name (Arlanda) and not use the ICAO ESSA. I hope it works for you Starter. Rob
  11. Hi Starter, Can I ask if your using closed captions or the PF3 log file method? I ask as I've been experiencing recently my FO not responding to PF3 and not responding to reedbacks. Anyway I turned off closed captions and started using the PF3 log method. This improved things a great deal, I just miss the visual confirmation on screen. Might be worth you trying this and see how you get on. Rob
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I forgot that I am responsible only when AP is on. Ill leave it to my FO next time and just check its set correctly. It explains why everything went a bit squiffy :) Rob
  13. I just wanted to as if anyone has seen their FO dial in heading and altitudes which have been said by PF3? As far as I’m aware PF3 FO is set to off when used via MCE, so there should be no interaction with the autopilot MCP. This morning I was given a departure heading of 035, which I set. After that I did not check my heading as I was waiting for PF3 to guide me on to my FP, but that never came. After asking for the logs to be checked Dave at OCS said heading was 065, I can only think that my FO altered my heading after he read back the clearance. i have seen the FO adjusting headings and altitudes when really it should be me that needs to do it, and else seen this happen? Rob
  14. Okay just done a short hop in the CRJ, I can confirm that on my system my FO dials the frequency's correctly. He will even add the NAV/ILS frequency, but does so via the right FMS and not the pilots left hand one. It shows up correctly in both, but was surprised to see him enter it that side, but I guess its closer to him to enter :) Rob
  15. Hi Gerald, Yes I normally wait a few mins be for starting MCE when using the PMDG stuff. On a plus note it has just worked perfectly on my flight this morning, so may have been just a one off thing. I will test with the CRJ tonight and see if it doesn't work with that. Rob
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