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  1. You got me scracthing my head over this. Could you please clarify? Thanks
  2. You may not be aware of the current implementation... When Fo has the COMMS and PF3 instructs to dial a specific transponder code or tune a VHF, he's expected to do that (albeit not instantly). Because that happens via a low priority worker thread which gives the Fo the ability to service simultaneous requests, I wonder whether this was caused by Fo dialing the code (as per PF3 request) and also attempting to dial again as a result of the direct speech command to dial. Normally, shouldn't happen when he's busy dialling something, but you never know.😛 Also, the dialling technique varies from one plane to another, therefore we need to know which flight sim and airplane this relates to. All dialling commands will eventually time out after a number of seconds. Usually 60 sec, but could be up to 90 seconds for cases where dialling is known to be slow (some planes). Therefore, no need to restart MCE.
  3. Thanks for feedback. You could update to latest version, then just replace that file..
  4. Affirmative Only change from the very latest version, when the file simulates a bunch of keys down followed by keys up, the delay inbeteen has been increased to give a chance to FSUIPC to catch the separate events in case it was the issue.
  5. I suggest the following... Save "Simco64_Ldr.exe" found in MCE installation folder somewhere else. Download new file Replace file and see if it behaves as expected with regards Hotkeys.
  6. The assumption is that you have "Talk to ATC controller" feature enabled and the <ATC> tab is showing "Using PF3 ATC". The only time where the Fo is expected to dial a new frequency is when PF3 instructs through the "clearance.log" in \PF3\Logs\ folder In much older versions, there was abug whereby when native ATC menu would change and show "Tune whatever on XXX.XXX" the Fo would comply (which is normal when using Native ATC), but it's not the case anymore when in PF3 or Radat Contact ATC mode. I suggest you install the latest just in case: https://www.multicrewxp.com/Downloads.html
  7. Assuming it's the FSS 195 we are talking about, the new patch adds a significant level of support for that plane. Still works in progress, but the most exciting features you need with voice control are already there. I mean autopilot dialling, radios dialling, flaps control, checklist via voice and almost total control of the entire overhead panel. Get the patch here: Manually replace/add files as per folder structure.
  8. Believe it or not, Google Chrome has started flagging anything that comes from ANY site other than https as potential malware (Microsoft Edge or Explored never did that). We had to add a SSL certificate to the site. Now,Google Chrome no longer complaining about anything. https://www.multicrewxp.com/Downloads.html
  9. Should be back to normal now. Just go to website and download Demo from there https://www.multicrewxp.com/Downloads.html You may need to refresh the page with F5 key if you have been visiting the site recently and the page was cached. Anyone having issues downloading from there, please report on this thread. Thank you
  10. If you still tend to forget about mechanic, Add the following option [RAMP] CanHurtMechanic=0 It's enabled by default. Get new patch before the option can be accepted.
  11. If you're on the Ultimate Edition, grab the new patch and replace/add files as per folder structure. If for some reason the PMDG SDK doesn't report the Metric vs Imperial units setting correctly, MCE will use own setting with a new option in [OPTIONS] section inside "mce.ini" [OPTIONS] UsingMetricSystem=0 (set it to 1 if using tons for fuel, leave it at zero for pounds. By default, missing entry in file means NOT using kilograms.
  12. Indeed. FO doesn't need to know about aircraft geometry or performance. It would be just a matter of telliing MCE. when you see this specific plane from Toliss loaded, treat it as their A320. If I recall well, the hydraulic panel is different for the A330 but that's not a biggie since we already interfaced other A330 (Aerosoft, JAR, RDW) and the FO already has the audio, speech commands specific to Airbus and actions coded to handle those Go to C:\users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Multi Crew X-Plane\ and open "xpmce.ini" Change "Debug=0" to "Debug=1". With that plane loaded, start MCE and you should see a mesage box showing the info MCE has gathered for identifying the plane. Post the screenshot. Also state the "whatever_name.acf" the aircraft file has. Thanks
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