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  1. Assuming you have latest MCE version, download this patch Manually replace files as per folder structure. When you start FSX or Prepar3D, assuming MCE installation is still there, Windows Audio panel should pop-up and have the setting reset automatically.
  2. I suggest you update to latest uploaded package at your earliest convenience.
  3. You're welcome. If anything breaks in the future, feel free to report it and we'll address it in a timely manner. Just can't keep a tab on all fully supported aircraft update status (23 complex aircraft in X-Plane and 44 in FSX/Prepar3D/FS9 world so far). That's a lot, especially when you're not charging per aircraft.🙂
  4. Should be sorted in very latest release Un-install previous version via Windows Control panel. Do not delete anything manually. Download, unzip and run "InstallMCE" in order to get new version (V1.5.4.6) )installed.
  5. Great Giorgio. Thanks See if you can post a direct link to the Avsim library item in order to save users searching for it.
  6. Thanks for the follow up. We don't use ANY .Net library. Could have affected other X-Plane plugins which in turn caused side effects. I really don't know. Let's blame it on Covid19 😛
  7. Definitely not a regular occurrence. Check your anti-virus isn't interfering with "xpmce.exe" or "X-Plane.exe". Obviously, if "xpInsider.xpl" doesn't load MCE won't be able to connect. Are you seeing the MCE menu under X-Plane plugins menu. If missing, then it's definitely not loading. I also forgot about plugins managers that may have the "xpInside64.xpl" plugin disabled. You can do that in X-Plane. Check it's not the case.
  8. Just ran it with 11.50 b9 and it connected OK. To ensure connection happens ensure you have thse Our xpInsider64.xpl plugin in \X_plane\Resources\Plugins\ folder Our xpInsider.cfg in \X_plane\Resources\Plugins\ folder A folde named <MCE dlls> resides inside \X-Plane\ main installation folder. Should have 2 sub-folders, each containing 20+ dll (one per fully supported complex aircraft) When X-Plane loads, pay attention when it says loading "xpInsider.xpl". Unless you have an error log that points to that plugin not loading, there should be no other reason why MCE wouldn't connect. I assume you have latest MCE for X-Plane Since a few months ago, we no longer require running X-Plane as admin. You may want to try running it as admin though.
  9. Thanks for the screenshot. You definitely have enough power to handle everything. Since you have 8 physical cores, I suggest you turn HyperThreading OFF. It's possible, Windows is running the "speech server" (the Cereproc engine that synthesizes speech) on a logical core as opposed to a physical one. Another suggestion. check your Firewall isn't blocking apps related to Cereproc. It could be that the voice is calling home (software protection or something) before uttering something.
  10. Thanks for the tip regarding making a copy before downloading. I didn't know you needed a Google drive account. Managed to get it this morning, relatively quickly, while the north Americans were sleeping.
  11. Should get a message box telling you Demo has expired. It will still load though. Some speech commands, related to FS user interface control will go through without the need for a license. When Demo runs out, Fo will typically refuse to carry out orders, while speech is still recognized.
  12. That's exactly what we already do in FSX and Prepar3D. Sending key strokes and hoping for the best won't work though. The reason we managed it is by finding out how to "read ATC window content", something that's not exposed by any SDK. For instance, when MCE sees "Tune Kennedy ground on XXX.XXX", it dynamically updates the speech grammar so you can say "Kennedy Ground United 641 is ready for taxi" and also gets the Fo to dial correct frequency when you say "switching to ground". You won't hit the menu by accident. You can see for yourself using this Demo We just need to work it out for MSFS 2020 <media>
  13. Should be sorted this week. If I can manage to download it. I assume it's version 3. 42 Wish me luck. Absolute nightmare to download the zibo mod. Multiple failures right after half or three quarters through the download
  14. For checklist items that refer to switches, Fo should be able to check state. Other cheklist items where you reply with long unexpected sentence, like stating fuel quantity in pounds, kilograms or tons, or Vspeeds in squence, V1, VR V2, it would be very difficult for Fo to get it right. He'll end-up arguing with you because he got a figure that is OFF by 100 kgs, assuming he got the correct units in the first place. If you want a checklist item to be handled by Fo only, add //2 (two forward slashes followed by digit 2) to the end of the line [ ] Taxi light -- ON //2 For planes where you have a simulated flight engineer, like FJS 727, use these //3 (both you and Fo reply) //4 (only flight engineer replies) //5 (flight engineer and you reply) //6 (flight engineer and Fo reply) //7 All crew members reply
  15. TTS voices need some CPU power. Not a lot. However, the engine that makes the synthesis shouldn't be deprived of CPU time. This may happen if say you confined MCE to only a single core. Are you by any chance using Affinity masks or manually adjusting simulator priorities. Could you post a screenshot of the <About> tab in MCE user interface showing vital system resources? Edit: You may want to check those voices in other apps. At he very least perform a test in Window Control Panel in order to make sure voice is installed properly and there are no issues with voice registration and such. Thanks
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