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  1. Latest MCE V2.7.8.4 should address the issue with native P3D ATC.
  2. Sorry, cannot replicate in P3D V4. It's working as expected, at least with latest CS 737 V2100 .
  3. Download this zip file Unzip and replace "mcMaddogV2.dll" in \Prepar3D v4\MCE dlls\ folder.
  4. FS++

    FO & PF3

    Nope, not implemented. Maybe you can create a custom request in VoxKey and tie it to the relevant Hotkey.
  5. 1 and 2 will be looked at. To clarify regarding landing lights implementation under MCE. Commands "landing lights on/off" are shared by many aircraft. When you say, "landing lights on", Fo will typically put all the landing lights switches to ON, eventually extending those that are extendable. Similarly, "landing lights off", will get Fo to turn all 4 landing light related switches off, including retracting those that do. There are separate commands "extend landing lights", "retract landing lights", that apply to some aircraft and are only enabled when aircraft has that abilityTry creating a command in Voxscript, "retractable landing light on" and alias it to existing "extend landing lights". It should fully extend the lights and turn them on. Similarly, create custom command "retractable landing lights off" and alias the command to "retract landing lights". I am guessing the issue might be with full retraction, when you only want the lights off.????.
  6. FsInn is a dll that loads as part of Vatsim or other online ATC. Do you have such software that may have a permanently displayed dialog box that might be fooling MCE that one of FSX dialog boxes is pausing the sim when it isn't?
  7. FS++

    PMDG 747-8

    Thanks. Looks like the best course of action is to acquire the -8 extension for FSX. Won't be buying twice (for P3D) though. Therefore, you're welcome to test on P3D V4, once changes that take into account the -8 series are made. It will take a few weeks though, as MaddogX, CS 757 as well as SSG 170 EVO (X-Plane)are grabbing attention this week.
  8. No, GPU has no incidence here. It's very likely, when you re-installed MCE, you also deleted <Multi Crew X-Plane> folder manually. It is expected to still hold "XPlaneEdition.lic" file after un-installing MCE. Find your e-mail with latest key and put it back where expected. Otherwise contact support, as we don't discuss activations (and protections) on forums, for obvious reasons. Thank you
  9. 3. Commands alreay implemented. extend landing lights Retract landing lights If you want to use "retractable landing lights on", alias the command to "extend landing lights". 4. Due to extreme grammar flexibility, It's not currently possible to script a command that includes dialing a number, like "set transponder one two zero zero".
  10. Youi can force flight mode as follows... Right-click anywhere on MCE user interface and select "Force flight mode" from drop-down menu. As for audio going faint, please read this thread. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/537699-crew-voice-volume/?tab=comments#comment-3860441 Are you running FsInn by any chance?
  11. fuel lever engine one on/off fuel lever one on/off open fuel lever one close fuel lever two etc... etc..
  12. FS++

    QW787 MCE flow

    Always start interaction with ground mechanic by first establishing contact [SCRIPT] Notify=ground from cockpit (optional as feedback FO is establishing contact with ground mechanic ground from cockpit (actual request from FO) Pause=6Notify=mechanic connect ground power mechanic connect ground powerPause=6ac voltmeter to ground power No need for "Pauses" lower than 3 seconds. MCE will always automatically insert a 2 second delay between 2 consecutive actions.
  13. Re-install MCE to default C:\Program Files (x86)\… path. If using a launcher app to start the sim, make sure it also runs as admin. Reset MCE to factory settings Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience->Restore factory settings. No need to redo speech training if already performed. Start the sim, load aircraft and wait until it's ready to fly. Start MCE It should end-up in "Flight mode" where commands for FO interaction are enabled. Should only be in "DIALOG MODE" when one of FSX or PREPAR3D dialog boxes is active.
  14. Should have received the edited checklist from support. Check your Spam folder.