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  1. Of all the commands you listed, 3 aren't implemented OVFY, UP arrow and DOWN arrow. The reason being, we don't see a purpose for Fo to action those Some commands not accepted is due to speech grammar expecting something else. For instance, you can use this command to press the space button left cdu press space Also... left cdu press minus (instead of "left cdu press plus minus") You could use "left cdu press previous page" instead of "left cdu press arrow left". See document "FMC_Commands" Having said that, it's always interesting to hear of speech commands that come naturally to users. Therfore, expect speech grammar to also include your speech variations in next update this week. Those that are recognized and don't do anything will be looked at.
  2. Well, even when the Demo expires, you should still be able to talk and see speech recognized. Just that FO won't execute commands. The only thing that would prevent speech going through is the new Windows 10 privacy setting whereby you could deny specific apps access to microphone. Maybe disabled that accidentally. It definitely works, and we wouldn't be in this business for more than a decade if everyone had this kind of experience. I'm not sure why you didn't get in touch when you first began the trial.
  3. If it was the last one you flew, then you can assume it will be default on next MSFS start. Otherwise, load CRJ all the way to "ready for flight state", then shutdown MSFS and estart the sim. It might be OK to switch from ANY Asobo plane to CRJ or FlyBywire mod, just not from FlyBywire mod to CRJ (or vice vers), without needing to restart the sim for co-pilot smooth operation.
  4. There is one way to find out. Un-install MCE via Windows Control Panel. Do not delete anything manually. Create a new account on PC (not the type requiring Hotmail or Outlook account), with admin privileges so you can install software. That will give you a virgin account with all default permissions and UAC to default. Don't chnage any of that. Login to the new account. Install MCE to default path. Immediately after that, check that the <Aerosoft CRJ> and <ASOBO_A320_Neo> folders have been added to \My Documents\ folder. Run the wizard and you should see many more added, including <Voxkey> folder. If it's not the case, we'll look at the installer again. Obviously can't run MSFS fom new account as its DRM ties you to the one you installed it from. After that, just switch back to your usual account.
  5. Hello Peter. It's vey likely because MCE is expecting speech on wrong device or putting out audio on the wrong one. In MCE user interface, go to <About> tab and ensure both "Sound In" and "Sound Out" display your USB headset. If not, shutdown MCE and click Windows menu Start->Multi Crew Experience->Assign sound device. Carefully select your USB device in both Input and Output boxes, click OK and let the tool make automatic adjustments if required. Restart MCE and it should use the correct ones. Make sure headset is plugged to the back of the PC and not via a USB hub or front PC connectorrs (which may not deliver enough power to the device) With regards MSFS in general, do not start MCE until aircraft is eady to fly. This is to ensure it is identified properly. Specific to CRJ. For total speech control with this particular plane, ensure CRJ is set as the default plane MSFS loads on startup. Should get you up and running.
  6. Folders for older supported planes (Prepar3D or FSX) were copied when the wizard ran, from MCE installation folder. For MSFS, they are now added by installer "InstallMCE.exe" It has all the rights it needs to create new folders and copy files to them on a typical standard Windows installtion. If it fails, the only likely reason is altered folders permissions. Not telling anyone off, just letting everyone know, when one overrides those permissions, you expect to do some checking and manual intervention. You can find the flows by going back to downloaded unzipped file. Look under \Resources\Files\Voicescripts\Copilot\Aircraft\ folder. Manually copy and paste them. I will also add, many users would probably miss out on a smooth Demo experience because of that. Normally, just need to install Demo and fly. Only requirement, with MSFS, one has to wait until aircraft is ready to fly, fully settled, before starting MCE.
  7. It is. Some speech commands apply to all planes. Others are only enabled for the type of aircraft they apply to. Example "pull heading knob", "push speed knob" would only be recognised with Airbus types. I assume you're up and running with Demo.
  8. If you want to use the Dev version, as you mentioned earlier instead of the stable release it's fine. If one thing, it'll give us a heads-up with regards what may have changed and may require a few agjustments every now and then. Thanks
  9. Normally, when MCE sees Dieter as the current Fo, the "Dieter ramp agent" who pops-up at German or Austrian airports (and maybe other places) should switch to some other rampy. May want to reset MCE to factory settings. No need for speech training when you go through the wizard again. It will generate a new "mce.ini" with default settings. It's possible to disable ramp agent greeting permanently with option [RAMP] NoGreeting=1
  10. OK, good to hear you're up and running. In general, you don't need to go into all that trouble to update MCE. Just do this Un-install MCE via Windows Control panel Do NOT manually delete anything as the license,key file and installed additional recorded voice packs remain in place (they aren't part of the main installer). Download (save) latest version, unzip and just run InstallMCE. Safest option is to accept default installation path. That way, won't need to disable Windows UAC. If you have any issue, click WIndows Start->Muilti Crew Experience->Restore factory settings. That will reset MCE settings in case they are messed-up and the wizard will ensure you're all set. The flows are always saved to \My Documents\Multi Crew Experience\Copilot\Aircraft\ folder. What's more, MCE will never overwrite a flow with the same name as we always assume they will be edited by users. I'd say the number one support issue these days, is users thinking they can totally control Windiows 10 permissions the way they used to with Windows Vista or even Windows 7. Don't want to sound patronising, overriding Windows folders permissions is never a good idea. This usually causes Windows to deny the wizard (or any other app) creating those folders and copying files to them programmatically, something it should be able to do with standard rights. That's where all those Gemlins most people experience come from. In my opinion, when it comes to Windows 10, leave UAC at default, never override permissions and just set apps you trust to run as admin. See this thread for all the strange things that may happen when you play with C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder permissions.It's not worth it. Lefe's too short.🙂
  11. Go to \Community\ folder and list the folders you have there. Also, go to C;\users\your_user_name\Appdata\Roaming\Multi Crew Experience\ folder and send "Simco64_Ldr.log" to support[AA]multicrewxp.com Thanks
  12. Your issue is different Ron. You need to to activate the "use screen narrator" which is there for the Visually impaired pilots like yourself. Right-click anywhere in MCE user interface and enable "use screen narrator". After thatm move the mouse slowly within the UI and you should get some explanationevery time you hit some area of interest. Just don't move too fast. Should also get notification when you enter or exit the UI.
  13. That option means MCE will be using the Windows speech engine exclusively. All speech commands are intended for flight simulation. It is enabled by default and is the preferred mode of operation. You only need to disable it when using MCE with some other apps that cannot run in exclusive mode, in which case MCE will be running in "shared speech engine mode". This mostly applies to Windows 7 and using other speech based apps simultaneously. Haven't seen anyone needing to disable it in Windows 10 so far.
  14. Good idea for consideration. Should be doable. You may have files out of sync, having used patches earlier. I suggest you un-install previous version, then download and install the very latest
  15. Hi, Sorry, you missed out on the documentation. It is accessible via the Windows main menu Start->Multi Crew Experience. You'll find all sorts of documents there. Also, with MCE up and running, you can click the "?" blue button (when UI isn't in compact mode, then follow that with another click on specific options and you should get an audio explanation about what each option does. Feel free to ask more questions.
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