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  1. Let me know if still experiencing same issue with replacement files.
  2. Get the latest Beta Callouts now have their dedicated panel for customization to negate the need to fiddle with "mce.ini" GSX Pro integration has begun, but it's far from complete considering the sheer number of supported planes. For now JF Bae146 has basic support for the items you would need most like Fo assisting with all dials, flaps and external lights. It will take more time to train the Fo to accurately control 90%+ of the switches. Don't use flows or expect checklist to work right now, unless you're using option "No state check".
  3. Asobo 787 is fully supported. Just a matter of finding out what they added. Similar to Asobo A320 V FlyBywire. Incidentally WT CJ4 is already supported You can bet it will be fully supported too.
  4. Although cannot replicate, Might be something to do with switching C++ compiler recently to generate those dlls that contain the text which TTS voices are supposed to speak. Get this file , unzip and replace <TTS> folder inside \Multi Crew Experience\Voices\ folder, overwriting everything in that folder. Only 2 dlls are loaded at any given time, and randomly selected periodically to provide variety in speech. Human recorded audio hasn't been touched for at least 2 years. Edit: Don't forget, for the scenario where MCE is stuck while loading, enable "Debug=1" in "mce.ini" and a "startup.log" will be generated. Send it to support. Thanks
  5. Which Windows version? Which third party TTS voice was assigned (from which vendor)? I assume you didn't override folders permissions to C:\users\ folder or any of its subfolders as that can cause strange behaviour like the app not being able to edit settings or things like that.
  6. Thanks for reporting this. It appears, the automated process that generates the installer package has recently missed including that file. You can grab it from this link: http://www.multicrewxp.com/mcpmd73X.zip A New package (same version) will be uploaded ASAP to make sure the file is there.
  7. All PMDG planes (737, &&& & 747 QOTS) and variants are supported in P3D V4 & V5. Go to \Prepar3D v4OrV5\MCE dlls\ folder and check you have "mcpmd73X.dll" That one handles both NGXu & the older NGX
  8. The verbose option applies individually to each flow. You need to enable/disable it per flow. The only time where it won't work as expected is when somehow the "whatever_flow_Name.vscr" file attribute is somehow in "Read Only", in which case Windows will deny MCE setting "verbose=1" or "verbose=0" from the UI.
  9. This aircraft now has its own dedicated product for those who don't understand why MCE Ultimate Edition (which fully supports iFlyMAX and many others) can never be discounted or only care about this specific plane. Available from Simmarket https://secure.simmarket.com/fs-limited-multi-crew-ifly-737max-p3dv5.phtml
  10. It's not about bothering or not Andy. All we can do is tell Windows to not activate its "auto-attenuation" feature (by selecting Do nothing) After that it's up to the OS. Note that we could just have told users to read the manual with instructions such as Go to Windows Control Panel Double click <audio> Go to <Communication> tab and set "Do nothing" option. We automated the action for users convenience. May want to go to Windows device manager and ensure the USB ports don't go to sleep. Eventually, try a different USB connector. If you have options between USB 2 or 3, use USB 2 even though the other one is faster in theory.
  11. OK, since very few have a need for that, and yes that particular speech sounds robotic, it will be simply removed in next revision. For those who want the print out, could always use a speech variation like "print out the latest Metar for Frankfurt" or "print out the latest TAF for Echo Delta Delta Foxtrot" in which case Metar or TAF won't be read at all, just sent to the printer
  12. It IS prohibited. The vast majority of critical actions are safeguarded against accidental trigger. Command "extend slats" should be dealt with similar to first flaps detent extension, with a "speed check" first and only proceed with the command if speed is below damagiung speed which he gets from a reference file. This isn't VoiceAttack. Which MCE specific product are you on? Which simulator, and which plane did it happen with?
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