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  1. You're welcome. As a matter of fact, flight MCE 2005 has been spotted leaving the gate, with two good engines and granted clearance for takeoff
  2. Not ideal. Sometime in the future, we'll either have a completely separate wasm (which is a pity as it would duplicate a few things), or adjust to follow latest implementation.
  3. Received screenshot. An updated "xpmce.exe" will be posted as soon as possible. For that specific plane, flows ar expected to be in folder <Dash8Q400> in \Myvoicescripts\Copilot\Aircraft\ folder
  4. No ETA yet. Should be able to update everyone on this by the end of next week.
  5. No worries, will be looked at. Did you by any chance modify the folder access rights to C:\Users\ or \My Documents\ folder? Are you adding stuff using English keyboard or a different language one. For now, go to \My Documents\Multi Crew Experience\MyVoicescripts\Copilot\Aircraft\ folder Locate the folder for the aircraft those flows relate to, open them in Notepad only (not Notepad++ or other complex tool that may insert invisible characters) and remove the duplicate lines manually.
  6. There is no configuration required other than to run Start->Multi Crew Experience->Assign sound device to ensure speech goes through the VR mike (if any) and FO audio out comes out of VR headet output. MCE won't display in VR mode. You need to run in non-VR mode initially in order to understand how the app works. Then set your preferences in the UI and you won't need the latter until you want to change co-pilot voice, ATC system or things like that. You aren't expected to stare at the UI when flying. MCE is a "fully interactive crew simulation", not a voice activated button. Your voice runs the show. Ask the FO what you want, when you want and even using custom speech if you want. There is no protocol to follow, like start in cold and dark, keep your mouth shut, wait until you hear this, then speak this exact phrase (and only this one) before anything else happens. By default, pre-made flows are "verbose" (FO comments on everything he does). You can turn them into silent execution by switching that option off for each flow. By default FO flips all the switches. It's up to you to modify the flows so you can remove the stuff you'd rather handle yourself, If you can't be bothered to memorize the trigger sentences for the various flows, rename them to something that comes to you naturally and the new names become the trigger sentences.
  7. You don't have to do anything other than to ensure the wasm module that ships in MCE installer (also included in patch) is present inside \Community\ folder. All Lvars and hVars will then be visible to MCE. And yes, for Ecam pages, it's the hVars
  8. Certainly for PMDG planes (not just 737), very likely for Maddog, For Just Flight Bae 146, I suggest you start a thread on their forum to gauge interest. The FO is already trained to handle the Bae 146 (QW 146 is fully supported)., therefore, some stuff can be reused.
  9. Hi Stuart. Do not create folders. It's very likely, MCE isn't identifying the latest FJS release as the supported Q400 from FJY. As a result it doesn't know where the scripts are. In "xpmce.ini" set "Debug=1", then restart MCE. At some point during the loading phase, you should see a dialog box showing what information MCE is using to check which plane from which evendor is being loaded. Post screenshot here or send it to support. Revert back to Debug=0 when done. Thanks
  10. Thanks for feedback. Some switches and dials do require the use of the lvar s module. Go back to downloaded patvh and look under \MSFS\ folder. Copy the lvars module and paste it to \MSFS\Community\ folder, overwriting anything that is there. He should be able to handle almost anything (exception ois the EVAC Purser-Captain switch which is just a texture flip at this stage). Should also get all FMA callouts not just "ALT star"
  11. Forget the keyboard. There are already built-in functions to navigate the UI. Make sure you have "PilotIsBVI=1" in "mce.ini" Eventually, right-click anywhere on MCE UI and select "Use screen narrator" from drop-down menu. There should be aural notifications when you enteror leave the MCE UI, Need to make small mouse moves, and every time you hit an area of interest, you get an aural explanation as to what the button does.
  12. Maybe you have some accessibility tools that fire the spech engine. It's not just Cortana. In Windows Control Panel, speech recognition applet, make sure the speech engine issn't set to automatically start when Windows boots up.
  13. I only mentioned Ultimate so that users on MSFS edition aren't tempted to use it. They will have to wait for the other patch.
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