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  1. Just a video how it can be done. NOT teaching anything. 😁 How to do it. Kind of...
  2. Latest version of Multi Crew Experience has it implemented. ☺️
  3. It does. I am very happy by now. Go check it out.
  4. Thank you Gerald. v.2.8.79 works. Next thing is to get ASABO to give us the option to disable the Pilot voice. I wished to get rid of "Press any key to start" and now this. Am I too greedy? Enjoing MCE so much. Indispensable!
  5. Will test it again. So far no luck with ATC in Version 2.8.78. It worked for voice commands before the MSFS Patch. Also the FO does not know any radio frequencys or navigation aid frequencies. The checklist feature works for me. And with 2.8.78 the MCE-window works flawless now. Responcive and all boxes and sliders work for me. Thanks
  6. c172 and c208. ATC worked in v2.8.5 until the MSFS patch came out. MCE shows in the textline the correct phrases. Textline does not come up in every flight. Some times it works, some times it does after severeal recovery attempts (via taskbar menu) and some time the restart of MCE in one session helps. I will do more tests this evening.
  7. Thanks for all the efforts. So far no luck with MSFS Deluxe patch #4, MCE 2.8.78 and ATC. Checklists are working great for me. Mech keeps asking for closed doors befor push back. Told the mech that he must be wrong. I told the FO to climb through the emergency hatch when he tried the doors. Doors are definitely closed in MSFS. But over all best support. By the way when ready I have to update the banner. Voice control FSX P3D FS9 XPlane & MSFS 🤩
  8. Hi. Fantastic to have MCE in MSFS. I have some minor problems regarding ATC. Every thing works just fine, but my co-pilot does not seem to understand native ATC or to replay to ATC. After the last MCE patch to V2.8.7.6 I can use voice commands and checklists (greate) but even my own ATC commands wont work (with v2.8.7.5) I could talk to ATC. Any ideas? Kind regards Rasterfahnder
  9. You just need to copy ’ fs-base-ingamepanels-lnm’ folder to the community folder and be sure to enable LNM webserver at its options. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/release-littlenavmap-toolbar-window/296952
  10. Hi IanHArrison, try the following options. 1) Try the updatepackage: 2020-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x86-based Systems (KB4566782) 2) WindowsUpdateDiagnostic: Microsoft´s repairtool 3) Microsoft´s MediaCreation Tool 2004. That worked for me after houers of fiddeling arround with other sugested methods. I do not know if this link works Link for CreationTool but in german language. Just download the tool from microsoft, accept the licence terms and let it do the magic. The exact file name is: "MediaCreationTool2004.exe" (google it). If it works please let others and me know what worked. After the update is done try the new "hardware accelerated GPU planning" funktion in 2004! Click on 'Search' on the taskbar and type “Graphics Settings”. Click on the first option to open Windows Graphics settings. Click the toggle under “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” to enable the feature. Improved the performance of MSFS immensly on my system. Helped especially to negate microstutters when panning the few with TrackIR. Happy flying. 🙂
  11. Maybe he just could not because the solution is not to be mentioned on AVSIM? Thougt about that? There are not many things that do change the lighting in P3D. 😉 But I hope ORBX is updating AUv2 with their excelent "extended night lighting". That would be the better solution for me.
  12. What? It is absolutly irrelevant how the folder is named or where it is installed on your computer. You point p3d to the singel folders for each region with in the scenery editor of p3d. Not in the scenery.cfg with a text editor (I mean you can, but I would not recommend to try it that way). It is much easier: In Windows Explorer, create a folder for the new scenery anywhere on your hard drive. You allready did that. e.g. D:\P3D\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSGN\AFR\ Copy the Scenery and Texture folders for the new scenery into the folder you just created. AFR, ANT and so on are your new scenerys, they contain all the data from FS Global for each region. All you have to do is to add them to the scenery library. Start P3D and on the bottom click the Scenery button to enter the scenery library. In the Scenery Library click Add area. In the Select scenery directory, select the folder containing the new scenery e.g. D:\P3D\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSGN\AFR\. In the Scenery area name text box, type the name as you want it to appear in the Scenery Area list. Select Cache this scenery or Use this scenery directly. Click OK. Even easier with the excelent FREE tool from Lorby 😍! Just google "Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer".
  13. Just make sure you activate the live cloud texture sync. in SF. That's why you need to start SF before p3d. I switched the clouds in SF every time I was in the mood to do so. But honestly SF generates just a vast amount of different clouds with one set that it is hard to tell them apart. You are right GEKtheReaper. I ment SkyForce (SF). Thanks for the correction. EnvironmentForce and ASCA both work together, I use them both. But that is for an other thread.
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