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  1. Ohh and I did that purely for "smoothness" and "fluidity" and "science" 🤣 🤣🤣. Never for frames.
  2. So, to run msfs in high priority I just copy pasted this together with google. Works for me. But I have to read a bit more about batch file creation. But give it a try, for free. Create a file with the editor. Name it for example MSFSfast.bat. Please check the bold text below. It should be the name off your msfs-folder. Mine was found here: C:\Users\Rasterfahnder\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyxxxxxx --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyxxxxxx!App -FastLaunch ping -n 36 > nul wmic process where name="FlightSimulator.exe" call setpriority "128" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It just set the priority to high if MSFS starts with in 36 seconds (you can alter the timeout to your needs) and skips the intro. This does not affect affinitymask. I will never touch those settings again with msfs. The .bat file opens a comandline window that needs to be closed manualy, but can stay open for the flight. I guess it is because there is no endline. I will google this later 🐵.
  3. Finaly after a week MSFS is reinstalled. The most helpfull answers in this thread where in lose order: I could not find the failure but this is how it got fixed on my system: 1) started the installation from the xbox app. I chose the default directory on c:\ (wich by the way can be selected from the xbox app very easily). I did so from day one. 2) when the installer stopped I closed the flightsim.exe via the taskmanager. Thats because even when closed it played music and you can see that it is still running in the background. 3) most of the time it looped when installing files regarding c152 or the airport lzdr (or something like that). So I deleted those files and the folders several times in the last days. 4) after many tries it run thru. It was a crawaling race from package to package 😻 Since I did not overclocked my i9 10900k one thing I noticed. IF you have overclocked your system AND have the same problem. DADs advice is well worth a try. Reset your BIOS to default. You can oc later again. The decrypting of the files taxed my poor little 10900 in peeks more then flying in 4k on ultra/high. 😂 Which seems ridiculus to me but it is what it is. I overcklocked my cpus all the time for FSX and P3D. And if needed I will for MSFS (thats why I have the k-version). But since last week every thing whent super smoth for me and I still dont feel the urge to oc. The 10900 is a beast in stock configuration. I did oc my 3060 🤫. Ohh and first start of the sim after install it crashed. (First time for me). Just ran the savemode, closed the sim, restarted my computer an done. Next weekend I will reinstall the PMDG DC6, Kodiak, and bijan-seasonsmod. If I feel adventures I will also reinstall the brilliant "we love VFR" mods from Puffin. And mybe some ships too. Big shout-out to DAD, DylanM, rayharris108 and every body that did try to help. You guys rock 🤩
  4. Can you help me out? Do you know the meaning of "Klugscheißer" in english? thx
  5. Same for me since monday. All of a sudden my communityfolder was gone and so my MSFS. But I never had to tinker with the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION in MSFS. 🤕
  6. Hi Toneal2, try to set your destination airport in the GPS or create a flightplan with your GPS. Activate the direct--to or flightplan that you just created. After that the ATC window should show you the option to request an IFR clearance for that new or altered route. Acknowledge and you get IFR instructions for the remaining fligth. It does not matter if you have started the session in VFR or without a flightplan. But I do not know if you always get to chose an ILS clearance. Hope it works for you. Cheers
  7. https://forums.naturalpoint.com/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=7445&sid=4e85706bd7ecc8504e9f348b6b521692 copy and paste here: C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles
  8. Just a video how it can be done. NOT teaching anything. 😁 How to do it. Kind of...
  9. Latest version of Multi Crew Experience has it implemented. ☺️
  10. It does. I am very happy by now. Go check it out.
  11. Thank you Gerald. v.2.8.79 works. Next thing is to get ASABO to give us the option to disable the Pilot voice. I wished to get rid of "Press any key to start" and now this. Am I too greedy? Enjoing MCE so much. Indispensable!
  12. Will test it again. So far no luck with ATC in Version 2.8.78. It worked for voice commands before the MSFS Patch. Also the FO does not know any radio frequencys or navigation aid frequencies. The checklist feature works for me. And with 2.8.78 the MCE-window works flawless now. Responcive and all boxes and sliders work for me. Thanks
  13. c172 and c208. ATC worked in v2.8.5 until the MSFS patch came out. MCE shows in the textline the correct phrases. Textline does not come up in every flight. Some times it works, some times it does after severeal recovery attempts (via taskbar menu) and some time the restart of MCE in one session helps. I will do more tests this evening.
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