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  1. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Silly question, but what is Your brightness setting in p3d? I have it at 1.0 at the moment.
  2. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    They are on my screen and terrain can be pitch black when not lite by moon or other scources. Sky is not black but the brightness is spot on now. And thats with out any changes in the mini UI. Just a small adjustment in the p3d hdr settings. But that adjustment was made by me befor EF and is only to satisvy my preferences to calibrate color and brightnes levels on my screen (REX can not predict wich monitor setup a user has and they are all very different, so I am glad in 1.1.3 I have full controll over thees settings). Quick general tip: Windows 10 -> settings -> system -> dsiplay -> Windows HD color settings: SDR content appearance, change the slider until it is right for you. This slider alone is totaly uncontrollable/predictable. Check your GPU settings, e.g. NVIDIA control panel -> display -> change resulution -> use NVIDIA color settings, if supported by your display, try RGB mode and output dynamic range to full
  3. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I think they nailed it. First test flight in the F-22 from KFHR to 8W3 at 05/17 1534Z. Disgusting weather in between with low visibility, two overcsat layers and rain in between both fields. I could not spot any (subjective observation) performance impacts from EF. EF Automode (with out any mini UI tweaks, so truely fire up and forgett as advertised). Cloud lighting works and provides beautiful surroundings. EF + AS4 + ORBX Regions + TrackIR p3d v4.5 hf1 Congratulation and pardon to the developers for giving them such a hard time. 🤐 blighter Raster
  4. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    New Update 1.1.3 is ready for download on the rex support forum: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51652-rex-environment-force-technical-update-11/
  5. Rasterfahnder

    P3D v4.5 HF1 - addon compatibility list

    If you install different cloud types with SF you will end up with p3d standard clouds. Cirrus seems to work fine. If you have EF then inject in manual mode and they won't change.
  6. Rasterfahnder

    4.5 - Blue textures / shaders problem?

    I dont get this. Did you updated ENVDIR ENVTEX 1.2.3 and ENVSHADE 1.0.8? I have the same setup. ORBX Libs checked/veriefyed? That gave me some groundtiles failures but nothing quite as blue as in your screenshot. Looks like ENVTEX. AS4 build 7070. Had some issue at first. Try to start in an other airplane without PBR. Just to narrow it down.
  7. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Okay I did this with the full installer but it works with the client. Download the p3dclient (filename: Install_Client.msi). Run it. click next click repair.
  8. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Uninstall EF. Run the p3d repair either by installer or in windows (settings -> apps & features -> Prepar3D v4 click on modify) then use the repair function. After that Shaders are restored and you can apply any shader you want. That´s how I have done it and worked. Same goes for reinstalling EF. Reset with repair and then instll it when the next update is available.
  9. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    @Jeff_Fortuna Point taken, you are right. Let me apologize for beeing a smartypants. Good thing about it - I learned from your posts and it had helped me a loot. So thank you and my apologie to @rstough and @fs1 about the negativity in my last posts.
  10. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I dont think there is no uninstaller ready. I had no issue when uninstalling. But I crossed my fingers and had mustard on my belly. That might have helped. But to be fair I was aware of the problem and REX informed everyone. So uninstall on your own risk, what REX also told me before I signed up. It might be that you dont run into the wipe thing. I did not. @Jeff_Fortuna call me picky about the looks of my sim. But you got the same blue night as everyone. You just dont care and thats okay. It looks like I have cat eyes and can see the markings of the runway and the terrain up to the horizon. Water is animated in High without the performance hit that comes with ultrasettings (thats a bug REX is working on). Without EF I got true night. Just Take a look at the sky nextime your outside of a city and you should not be able to see a single cloud unless a full moon is shining. No offence it might also be the settings of my monitor. But that is calibrated and I like it calibrated as it is. I wait for the patch. REX will fix it and than every one is happy and hope they make a lot of sales. Because where it works it is awesome and will be a must have in the futur.
  11. Rasterfahnder

    4.5 hot fix is out

    The hot fix is included in the download. There is not a separat patch file to download and install.
  12. Rasterfahnder

    Blurry ground textures P3DV4

    Your settings seem to be way to high for your system. First don't set your slider all the way to the right. Delete you p3d.cfg and work your way up. Or reduce your autogen to normal and draw distance to high or less. You can also upgrade your PC 🤗. There are a lot of good threads in the forum about that.
  13. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Did you change the location? EF depends on the weather in auto mode. It is possible that the weather did not change enough so EF selected just the same textures. Try to check if it changes in manual mode. Also I can be wrong but you can check the selected textures in the EF menu when you switch from Manuel to auto. Load a different airport maybe Sydney YSSY afterwards Tokyo RJAA.
  14. Rasterfahnder

    P3d lottery

    Definitely because nothing to lose. You might not remember the times with FS10 (aka fsx) where you could end up with having to make a complete windows reinstall. That was an outcome to your system when something completely gone south. With p3d you have a choice and it is unbelievable easy to switch from 4.4 to 4.5 and back. It even comes with a repair function. How awesome is that? Remember "format c:"...
  15. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    @Jeff_Fortuna I like your post. Most of it I can agree upon to. That's why it is so hard to wait for a solution. Which version of EF are you using? Also is your night dark, especially the ground? Even default p3d is darker. Do you have wave animations? And that without ultra setting (ultra provides 3d waves so clearly that works). EF provides stunning results when it works. I would like to have an option to choose if skytextures are synced by EF and SF, or not to use this feature and stay with ASCA + Envtex skytextures. But at the moment I am sick of installing and reinstalling to get it to work. I really tried and did several attempts with the original p3d shaders. But if you have no issues than maybe I can get it to work eventually.