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  1. Morning Keven, Looks like it was a one off, I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again I'll send over the report Thanks
  2. Hi All It has been perfect for such a longtime, I've had no issues at all, until now. It will no auto start anymore and then gets stuck on 'getting computer ID' That is with the SIM(P3DV4.2) started. If I wait approx 4-5 mins it will connect, not good though Any tips would be good Thanks
  3. Update?

    Hi Paul, Just get the latest version from here: Use control panel to unistall the installed version and then install the new one. That's it
  4. ProATC/X Forum currently Unavailable

    Sunday...Forum is back up and running, thanks to the TECH guys
  5. Hi All, Just a quick note; we are currently experiencing some Technical issues with the Support Forum. We should have it backup and running within 48hrs. I'll keep everyone updated Thanks Clive
  6. V1.1 Gold has been released, update the madDog and then apply the MCE 'Gold' update to MCE (The link is on the main forum page) Yes, it does make it difficult, as there is also a 'new' BETA due later tonight! Once the guys have the 'stable' release they are very quick in updating MCE. Thanks
  7. Evening All Fixed/Changes Fo should be able to dial HDG, SPD and ALT accurately. Battery is now secured when switched. Door handling should work. A bit of a hit and miss sometimes because you don’t know on which page the COMM/CREW panel is going to pop-up. Still works in progress until end of next week. Unzip into the correct folders.
  8. Hi Detlef Are you running the just released updated version of the MaddogX V1.1.0? If so then it will take a while to make the changes, as a lot has changed in the MadDogX since the previous version Stay tuned
  9. Here is the download link for latest dll to replace file in \Prepar3D v4\MCE dlls\ folder. You MUST have V2.7.5.5 installed. This updates the functionality for the MadDogX: The dll now fetches the V1, VR, V2, transition alt and cruise alt from FMC so that the FO can make accurate call-outs.. Nav freq dialling and a few other bits not functional yet
  10. Thanks Can you confirm that you have the latest version
  11. Hi All Can anyone just check the ' Power up mad dog with ground power unit aloud ' flow to see if it works OK, or are there any issues. Thanks
  12. You could also use 'Set Comm1 standby 123.45' Then when you want say 'Comm1 switch' then comm 1 standby will be switched to comm1 active
  13. Lorby Live Traffic 1.05 released

    Everything is back up a running now, all good Thanks Oliver
  14. AddonOrganizer 1.28 updated

    phew....I've just checked and I have both is both locations with different entries, so no issues then? So, how does/would this effect the load order(exe) into the SIM? Thanks