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  1. We are pleased to announce that the latest version of MCE now supports the recently released Quality Wings 787. Change log. Added support for QW 787 (both FSX & P3D) Fixed minor issues with PMDG 737 NGX interfaced switches. IMPORTANT: When you’re done installing new package, run the app wizard briefly, so that the aircraft specific flows are copied to the relevant folders. Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience->Run app wizard. There’s no need for speech training.
  2. Nope, this current problem is that the Maddog/X is getting updated (BETA) very often. We are due another BETA shortly. Due to this things keep changing and it's very hard to keep MCE upto date. Once the MadDogX becomes more stable, in terms of releases, then MCE will get updated. Hope that makes sense
  3. alpha117

    Saitek Pro Cessna Yoke Mode Switch

    just where I was checking 🙂 Not listed there either
  4. alpha117

    Saitek Pro Cessna Yoke Mode Switch

    Hi Andrew CAn't find the Saitek driver in system32, but still not working
  5. alpha117

    Saitek Pro Cessna Yoke Mode Switch they have stopped working
  6. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Jeroen, You are correct, this is off topic and any issue should be raised in the ProATC/X forum
  7. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Nope, just a normal user, need to see what others are up to, just like I do with PF3
  8. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Why did you not try using the 'say it' menu, no need for voice commands or headset. Did Pilot2ATC not work on your system due to the high CPU useage? Did you report this on the Pilot2ATC forum here on AVSIM?
  9. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Just wondering what you thoughts were about it
  10. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Surprised you haven't tried Pilot2ATC, Bob?
  11. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Mike, correct ProATC/X is IFR only, have you tried Pilot2ATC?
  12. alpha117

    ProATC coming up

    Options> Untick 'Automatically check for updates' will stop the update and/or backup your current installed version. If you decide to not update, then ProATC/X will continue to run as normal.
  13. it updates the MadDOgX support. Also, it is good to make sure you are always using the latest version of MCE
  14. alpha117

    Copying key setting to another aircraft

    Cheers Andrew
  15. Morning all, Following on from my Saitek Mode switch post, which I setup and it works perfectly with the MAddogX. Now, I load up another aircraft and have nothing at all, key assignments are all blank, rightly so. Therefore how do I copy the key setup from the MaddogX to all my other aircraft? Thanks