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  1. Hi Kevin, Agree but it about setting the prioties during development, because when any ATC developer reads posts/thread like this, they would think that the end users are more interested in AI control and not ATC, making the end product great with AI control but just average when it comes to the USER ATC experience and then the 'moans' start
  2. What about the question about ATC for YOU, isn't that the primary objective? Controlling AI surely comes secondary??? So, it has to be able to : 1. Give correct taxiway route to Active runway 2. Allow intersection departures 3. Hold short if crossing another runway on taxi out and taxi in 4. Use Preferental runways as per real world data 5. Allow arrival and departure runways as AI is using 6. Allow changing of departure; runway SID, vectors 7. Cancel departure if not 'off blocks' on time +/- X mins 8. Give 'random' off course headings (like Radar contact)...keeps you on your toes during cruise 9. How do it handle if you go off course by 'x' miles 10. When does ATC give you your arrival data (STAR, Runway).....before TOD...if so when 11. Does it handle missed approaches back to arrival AP 12. Does it handle missed approaches to Alternate 13. How does it handle 'holding' patterns; 14. Does it 'randomly' give 'shortl cuts instead of flying the complete STAR 15. How does it handle emergencys....to Alternate, back to departure or nearest airport 16 Does it allow route deveation due to weather 17. Does it allow you to change cruise altitude if you so wish 18. Does it allow you to return to depature if you have an emergency....how does it manage that process 19. What emegencies does it understand 20. Use comapany gates on arrival..if they are definded.......maybe reading a user generated file So, if you don't want Beyond ATC to achieve the above items BEFORE worrying about AI control, then perhaps you don't want a GOOD ATC program but a Better AI control program with ATC just tagged on the end Just a thought
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to close a program that is launched via the exe.xml, so it closes when the sim closes? Thanks
  4. Hi Pete, Ok resolved: 1. Do ot run fenix APP as ADMIN 2. DO NOT start APP before SIM...just let the 'process' auto start the APP All good...phew! Case closed
  5. Morning all, Have latest update, everything power up OK but the EFB only shows the Fenix 'LOGO', how do you get to the password screen on the EFB? https://ibb.co/xGTnP6q Thanks
  6. Sorry, busy currently. These are the aircraft that supports FMC Flightplans You can use whatever aircraft you have.
  7. https://www.pointsoftware.de/ 😀
  8. Not long to wait now, PRO-ATC/SR is now in internal Alpha testing. Firstly, we have no release date but hopefully it should not be very long before entering BETA. This is a NEW version and not an update and works also with MSFS2020. There are a lot of improvements and updates the most notable one is now PRO-ATC can now be voice controlled ATC. Standby for more information over the next few days Thanks
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