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  1. Would this be of use? https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/fs-atc-chatter-overview/
  2. I still only have one installation.....I have the STeam version Wonder why I got the 'Standard Content...Mandatory Update'????
  3. Mine said Mandatory update...is that good or bad Wonder why I got the 'Standard Content...Mandatory Update'????
  4. Dillin, thanks first time I've seen this....now I know😃
  5. It's now downlaoding 'STANDARD CONTENT'........strange
  6. Just started and got an update...anyone else?
  7. It looks like the 'reading of weather data', which is coming in the next MSFS upate is for 3rd party weather radar only, so finally aircrafts will have an 'live' weather on their radars. Other 3rd party programs currently short term and I think also long term the only way to get 'live' weather(Metar and TAF) is via NOAA(which a lot of programs use....as its 'real') or by using the API from REX Weather Force. Will Active Sky ever become 'live' weather for MSFS, good question BUT unless MSFS fully open their weather to 3rd parties then we are where we are I'm afraid. No Active Sky, no OPUS and No FS Global Real Weather; but you never know by the end of the MSFS 10 year devolpment cycle they might and I mean 'might' allow access to their weather. Only time will tell
  8. Thanks, are there Alternates, missed approaches and what happens if you go 'off' route?
  9. Not BETA testing for me, I've purchased it like everyone else, it was just a thought to help out, that was all. Agree, end users should not BETA test. My question is who is going to 'test' to help move the product forward? Anyway, just an idea
  10. Don't give up yet. Try this flight KGSO > KSBM using FSHub, either import from Simbrief and/or let FSHub generate the route. Give some constructive feedback that will help the devolper Looking forward to everyones feedback Thanks
  11. I agree with Nico, I have no stuttering when using either Nico's AI or AIG with the AIG TC and I don't have a 'NASA' PC at all😃
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