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  1. alpha117

    Zoom Level different

    Cheers Keven Will do
  2. Hi All Why are these zoom level different. It causes an issue when SIm starts(P3D V4.4). The SIM value is 3.8(top right). When the SIM first starts it starts at 0.717 which is to close Thanks
  3. alpha117

    Cp freezes when exiting slew mode

    Yep, hope this can be resolved
  4. Hi All, Enter 'slew' move aircraft; exit slew mode and CP does not respond. Only way is to close and restart CP V1.0.15 Exp Thanks Clive
  5. This might also help, works for any 'stuck' program Put your mouse over (do NOT click) the program in the Task Bar until the preview appears directly above it Right Click on the preview and select MOVE Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to relocate to a part of the screen you can see Press the ENTER key on your keyboard when it is moved You can then use the mouse to move and resize the window as you see fit
  6. alpha117

    Please report in Fourm!

    Thanks Nico
  7. Hi All, I'm sure someone will let me know the 'fix' Thanks
  8. The correct procedure for upgrade is as follows. Un-install previous version via Windows control panel. Do not manually delete anything. Download new version, unzip and run "InstallMCE". Since you already deleted things manually, here is how you can recover. Instead of running "InstallMCE", open "Resources" folder and run "xPack.msi". That will get MCE installed, but the new dlls supposed to go into the flight sim folder won't be copied. Therefore, un-install then re-install according to procedure above. If still no luck, run Windows tool "regedit" and search for FS++ When the key is found, you'll see a sub-key named "Multi Crew Experience". Delete it and you can re-install.
  9. If there are any relevant questions about MCE then please start a new thread, one topic per thread, easier to manage. Do not post any emails that contain personal information without that persons knowledge. I will delete posts that 'go off topic' or becomes personal. Public forums are not a place for this kind of exchange. Thanks
  10. Latest MCE V2.7.7.0 released. Adds support for Aerosoft Airbus Professional Makes it up to date with latest MaddogX for P3D V4 Get it here:
  11. alpha117

    Has Leonardo left AVSIM?

    Try here:
  12. alpha117

    Where are the developers of Maddog(Leonardo)

    Guys, there are still around, in fact one of them will reply in here very shortly 😎
  13. alpha117

    Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.3 beta (16 Jul 18)

    yep, sure will, hopefully tomorrow
  14. alpha117

    Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.3 beta (16 Jul 18)

    OK, finally got it. You have to re-select them and then save. Phew!!! All works as it should now Sorry about that
  15. alpha117

    Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.3 beta (16 Jul 18)

    Hi Andrew Not sure what I am missing to be honest. These are set, most of these do not work. What do I need to do?