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  1. This is a know Navigraph issue and will be fixed in the next 'cycle'
  2. Confirmed fixed with 1.2.36 Cheers Keven
  3. Ticket and attached requested file done Thanks
  4. ...update; go back to 1.1.90 and all is good
  5. Updated this morning and now stuck on 'Loading Aircraft & Presets'. Any ideas @Keven Menard Thanks Clive
  6. Vicent, Just set the EXE to run as ADMIN. [Right Click exe] > Properties > Compatibility Tick 'Run this program as an Administrator'. Click 'Apply'
  7. Hi All All 'ini's' are active but AICuL does not seem to 'cul' any AI, just 'attempts to delete ' What have I missed? Thanks
  8. It updated with the new cinematics etc then next minute back to V.188S any one else. @Keven Menard and help on this one Thanks Clive
  9. Hi Nick Top left of main Screen
  10. CP will 'auto update still. like it used do and not have to start central to check ?
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