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    I am blind and my interests are as follows: I work with a guide dog, I am a ham operator and I love flying via FSX and IYP. If I had the chance, I would go to ISS Alpha in a heartbeat. We owe so so much to our space program. I now know with my interests that if I were sighted I would have had a career in the air and just might have earned my 1,000 hour certification for tht CDR and or PLT slot. I love computer games. I also read quite a bit as well.I don't know if this would count or not. But the Va that I fly for is the IYP VA.

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  1. For my fellow MCE users with push back. I'd like to see the following from both the flight sim and from any and all AI co-pilot assistant or AI first officer assistant programs. In the good old days of Its Your Plane the AI co-pilot/AI first Officer would ask us if we need a pushback or not.Just before we get to this point, it would be nice that the sim via our headset speakers would say that we need or wouldn't need a pushback, how far of a pushback if needed and in which direction to steer the tail towards. Either Left, AKA Port, Right AKA Starboard, and or straight back AKA aft. That way when our co-pilot asks us if we would need a pushback or not, we would have this info at our fingertips in our minds to answer the co-pilot to assist us to perform the pushback procedure for the correct distance away from the terminal, and in which direction to steer away from the terminal. Just my two cents. Now with that in mind, has anyone stress tested out the pushback program from fs 2 crew and or the program that might help we bvi pilots out is the Runway Awareness and Avoidance System or RAAS program. What interests me about this program is as follows: In short, it will guide us via audio voice output messages to guide us around the grounds and runways around the airport. The sighted follow this information from painted arrows and signs and what not painted on the runways and tarmacs. It is also suppose to help us to stay on the center line and assist us by not going to high or to low of the glide slope when taking off and or landing as well. But would like some thoughts on this program, since it might be a huge help for we BVI Flight Simmer Pilots. Also, for all Flight Simulator 2020 Flight simulator BVI Pilots. I'd like to know if and or how you're working with in fs 2020 via being a blind flight simmer pilot. I still cannot get it to fire up. I can't access the settings, I can't access the free flight button, that's if there is still one that was grandfathered from the FSX program or not. I also can't select a aircraft or fill out a flight plan. I'd also like to know if the Dassault Falcon 7X and or it's successor the Dassault Falcon 8X tri-jet is in the FS 2020 fleet or not, for we righ playboy BVI Flight Simmer Pilots. I love the DF7X and hope to use the DF8X. Why would one want to jump from the DF7X to the DF8X? 1. The fuel onboard the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than the older df7x. 2. the DF8X also flies roughly 500 miles futher than the older DF7X. For a stress test flight, I usually fly the DF7X from my home FBO Erie International KERI, down to Santa Anna California AKA KSNA and or also known by the locals as John Weign International as well. That airport is the closest airport to Disneyland. I can usually fly to KSNA in roughly four hours. You couldn't fly to KSNA on one leg of fuel to KSNA via the lear jet. The B738 and B744 needed at least six hours. So, I love the DF7X and hope to have my hands on it's successor the DF8X. If it is not in the fleet, I'd like to know if the DF7X from the Fly Away Simulation free down load library will continue to work in the FS 2020 flight sim like it did within the older flight sim FSX? For those who'd like to ship their opinions about what works and what doesn't work for we BVI flight Simmer Pilots. Here's a gentlemand to write to: Jorg Neumann jorgn@microsoft.com So, let's let the FS 2020 team know of our frustrations. Why is bugs being fixed and upgrades being written for the sim, but the biggest feature for the sim equal access for we who need to see via our ears since our eyes don't work is being overlooked?!! Why do we need to take a backseat once again? All we want is a equal chance to enjoy the program. Many thanks for listening to me, and let's let the FS 2020 team know of your needs like they're listening to the sighted list their needs. Ron Kolesar
  2. It will be nice that fs 2020 will be upgraded once again in February to make sure all of the bugs are worked out and that it will be as close to the real world as possible. But still there's one upgrade still missing. To this date as of this writing, it still isn't accessible for we who need to use a screen reader to interact with our computer. In short, it still isn't accessible to the blind like it's predicessor the FSX program was. Now, this has to be thought of as well before it becomes fully accessible to all who'd like to enjoy the new flight simulator. Ron Kolesar
  3. Steve, this BVI Pilot would like to know how you're getting access to FS 2020 please? When I fire up FS 2020, all I get is music. I can't gain access to the free flight, or to select a aircraft or to file a flight plan or gain access to the settings. From one BVI Pilot to another, how do you do it? Many thanks. Ron AKA The Blind Pilot kolesar16417@roadrunner.com
  4. For both Hadi and Orinks. Ben, from MCE support wrote to me to ask you the following questions to get FS 2020 to work. I'd like to know how you're gaining access to FS 202 from a fellow BVI Pilot's point of view. Here's the letter that Ben shipped to me. Ron. The issue isn't with your system. Some BVI pilots have managed to get into FS2020 I believe they are using OCR software. Ask Hadi and Orinks forum members how they do it in this forum thread. It's worth pursuing because the difficulty is getting past the UI into flight mode. Once there, MCE has new capability to warp the plane to any location and let you load flight plan from current location, without the need to go back to main menu. Also, with built-in ASOBO AI, you could fly manually until destination and tell FO "you have control" and he should be able to land the plane. Soething that's not possible in FSX or Prepar3D. Say "I have control" when you want to fly yourself. ASOBO AI isn't perfect either. See pdf document "Using ulti Cew Experience with FS 2020" that comes with latest MCE version. Ben So, how can I as a fellow BVI pilot please get FS 2020 to work? Also, is the rich playboy DF7X and or it's successor the DF8X in the FS 2020 fleet of aircraft to fly? If not, would the DF7X from the free down load library from Fly away simulation work within fs2020? Please, curious minds would like to know how to gain access to FS 2020. I again can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com P.S. Besides MCE, which add on programs are you using to gain access to fs 2020? Would you recommend the Runway Awareness and avoidance system or RAAS program from fs 2 crew, which you can also pick up from Just Flight? Many thanks. Ron who'd love to get back in the air.
  5. Could Hadi, and or orinks write to me privately? I'd like to ship them the stats on my pc and ask why I can't get fs 2020 to launch. I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com Ben from MCE informed me that it isn't my pc and adviced me to write to the both of you to see why I can't get FS 2020 to fire up for me. Ron who'd like to get back in the air soon.
  6. Hello back at you Orinks. This will be off topic from the topic that you listed, but I need to ask you the following question as a fellow BVI Pilot, please? My pc is a win 10 pc with a i 7 processor and 12 gigs of ram. Every time I launch FS 2020 from steam, all I hear is music. I can not gain access to the free flight, I can not select a aircraft, I can't file a flight plan, and I also can't gain access to the settings like I could with in FSX. So, as a fellow BVI Pilot, why can I not access FS 2020? Very Thankfully Yours, Ron who's a frustrated BVI grounded Pilot. kolesar16417@roadrunner.com
  7. Hello to my fellow flight simmer subscribers, from the Blind Pilot. With all of the companys out there selling USB external package it sure is overwellming. So, I'm hoping I can get some advice to pick up the following please. I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar. Now here's what I could use some help with. I've written to every company I can think of, including a letter to NASA. Maybe you can help me through your contacts to find the following? If you can't help me out, please ship this to those you think could help me out please. If you can help me to find the following here in the states would be nice. Here's what I'm looking for: I'm looking for a USB flight deck that will support force feedback and have in the neighborhood of say around fifteen to twenty buttons, or more buttons the merrier, on the USB flight yoke/USB joy stick. Even though the Hand to ear navigation Military flight simulator's manual states it will work with as low as twelve buttons for all of the features, more buttons to handle as many features for both flight sims and hand to ear games the merrier. Looking for a Yoke with a force feedback trim wheel, and or joy stick and , Throttle and a set of USB petals, and a switch panel, for switches to trip the lights with, to fire up the master battery with and so on. Looking for something that will work with the examples below, but be as close to the real world flight instruments as possible, and would support force feedback as well. I'm looking for something that would work with the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 program, with as many hand to ear programs that supports USB external hardware input and with the first ever hand to ear force feedback supportive military flight simulator called Three-D Velocity. Here's more info on the Three-D Velocity or TDV for short project, so that you may stress test it with your own equipment, to see if it would work out for me. To find the TDV program, go out to: www.github.com Then simply set up your free account and do a search for three-D velocity. Then of course, down load and install the program. The best way to describe TDV, is to take the movies top guns and Iron Eagles and combined them together. One important item that I need to warn you about the TDV program, there's no graphics. It's all hand to ear navigation, since the blind operator has to see via their ears. I know Microsoft has an adaptive USB controller, and I've written to them as well. I want to give my main source of input, the keyboard a rest and use the external USB equipment for the flight simulators and hand to ear games. Also, what is your return policy, if the USB package doesn't work out? In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes, From Ron Kolesar Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communications Station And Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station With the Call Sign of KR3DOG In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes, From Ron Kolesar Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communications Station And Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station With the Call Sign of KR3DOG Who's n
  8. Many thanks for this info. From what I saw in the you tube videos, this could be a huge assistant to us. Also, another good program that could assist us as BVI Pilots, would be the Runway Awareness and avoidance System or RAAS. Its suppose to offer to us via our ears what is normally painted on the ground for the sighted real world FAA certified Pilot. So enjoy. Ron
  9. A huge shame that both or at least the DF8X isn't in the list. I wonder if the DF7X at least from Fly Away Sim will work with FS2020? We rich playboy pilots need something to fly for their private G A flights. SMILES. I've flown several different aircraft in FSX, and for private aircraft, you can't beat the DF7X and hopefully the DF8X. When writing back and forth to Jorg from the FS 2020 team, I've requested the DF8X and some assistance on tweaking my Pittsburgh Steelers paint job. Steelers are now 6 and 0, and will hopefully be 7 and 0 this coming Sunday the 1st, when we play agains the old original browns, now the Baltimore Ravins. So, Go Steelers!! SMILES. Ron who's dreaming of a DF8X underneath his Christmas tree this year. Or if we could make it blind friendly, how about the space shuttle or STS. Ron who knows if he were sighted would have a a career in the air and hopes that he also would have made the right stuff for the port or starboard seat in the sts orbiter and hope to have a tour of duty onboard ISS.
  10. Well, Pilot 2 atc has a temo of the full program. I think but don't quote me here, but the demo is either 2 or it might be 4 weeks. But you have a peirod to stress test all of the features of the program. I think if you take a look see at the you tube videos, you might enjoy the program. I'd love to get some feedback from those using RAAS. Because FS 2 crew, doesn't offer a demo nor a refund. At least, that's what I was told when I had e-mailed them when RAAS was finely released. To answer your question about me being grounded. I'll probably try to reinstall everything this coming Sunday, before the steelers football game with the continue of their winning streak. SMILES. I have never tried to install fs 2020 with MCE. Why am I grounded? Well, when I launched FS 2020, I only got music out of my speakers. Unlike the older sim FSX, I couldn't even get to the free flight, or to select a aircraft or to file a flight plan or get to the settings. This is why I stated that this BVI Pilot is still grounded. My question to you, since it seams that you've been able to get the sim up an loaded for you. Is there a Dassault Falcon 7 X or the successor to the DF7X the DF8X availible in the fs 2020 fleet? Or, would the older DF7X aircraft from the free down load library from Fly away simulation work with FS2020? Please feel free to contact me off list. We BVI Flight simmer Pilots need to stick together. I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com
  11. Hello to you Burge, from the Blind Pilot. I too would be interested to see how Pilot 2 ATC will work with MCE and FS 2020. Also, for assisting with staying on the glide slop and for taxiing around the airport,you might want to check out the program called Runway Awareness and avoidance System or RAAS for short. It can be found on the Just Flight web page and the fs2 crew web page as well. Please keep me in the loop on the Pilot 2 atc and ARRS program to be accessible. Many thanks. The Blind Pilot who's still grounded since FS 2020 isn't accessible still for we who need to see via our ears since our eyes don't work..
  12. Good morning to all of my friends. Oh man, can I stir up some trouble. SMILES. But in all seriousness, I deeply appreciate the support. Here's hoping that Jorg and the FS 2020 team will also support us to make fs 2020 accessible as the older fsx program was so that we too may enjoy the new up coming fs 2020 program. So, with deep appreciation. I deeply appreciate the support. Ron who knows if he were sighted, would have had a career in the air and also hoped that he would have made the right stuff for the STS Space Shuttle Program and a tour of duty onbard ISS as well. Ron who'd like to see a accessible DF8X aircraft parked at Erie Internation Airport with his name on it for the sim as well.Oh, Man, can I start up some trouble or what?!! SMILES. But in all seriousness, I'm onered ande privledge that it's true that one person can make a difference for good. I hope with my feedback to this list and to other subscriptions that I'm subscribed to, that I've made a small difference. Like i stated in my last letter, all that we ask for is a eq
  13. Many thanks for your support to both Graham, and all of the others who responded to my original letter. Here's hoping that Microsoft will ask for our input and give us just a chance to prove ourselves. We're only asking for a level playing field, but of course with our blindness in mind. For an example, I interact with my pc via voice input and or via keyboard commands input, and via the screen reader, I receive audio output for my confirmation on what I'm doing. Here's an example that i share with sighted beta testing partners, when I work on a beta testing project. I ask them to ask them selves the following question. I just saw this info on my monitor with my eyes opened. How do I get across to someone who needs to see via their fingertips and or via their ears since their eyes don't work? Simple, add a little extra detailed audio narration. Here's a good example that we all can relate too. Let's take reading, since we all need to read, for enjoyment, for education, and or for employment, or for what ever. If you're sighted, you probably would scan over the ink print that's on the page and read it with your vision. You also might purchase the cdc copy of the book and listen to a volunteer reader, read the book to you as well. For me to read the same information, I would probably get someone to transcribe the book into braille, or also get the cdc audio copy of the book as well. In short, we read the same book with the same material within the book. You retained the info within the book in the best way that works for you and for me as well, in a different way that work's out the best for me. For Flying you tube videos. Think about it for a second. If there's a video with just music and the graphics is suppose to teach you how to fly, that wouldn't work out for someone who needs to see via one's ears. Also, if there's a video with just engine sounds, this too, wouldn't work out for we who need to see via their ears. So, if there's anyone who designs you tube videos and sees this letter, we hope that this feedback will help you to take a few minutes and think about who we too may enjoy and learn from your video. The old saying that one picture will say a thousand words. But if you can't see that picture, it doesn't tell you a thing. Many thanks for all of the support. Ron Who would love to be able to start using fs 2020 like all of his fellow flight sim pilots can do with their vision.
  14. Many thanks for your support Steve. Here's hoping that Microsoft will listen to us. I would prefer the screen reader JAWS for windows over NVDA and or Narrator. Just my opinion. But, yes, we take flying as serious as the sighted do. I know if I were sighted, I would have had a career in the air and also hoped that I would have made the right stuff for the NASA's STS AKA Space Shuttle Program, and also would hope to serve a tour of duty onboard ISS. Or at least, be able to swim in the world largest indoor pool at the Johnson Space Center in Houston TX to have a hands on tour of the ISS. Many thanks once again for the Support. Ron Ham Radio Station and Emergency Communication Station, both by the call sign of KR3DOG
  15. Hello to my fellow FS 2020 Flight simmer pilots. I've been seeing in the last couple of days that there's a roomer that in the October 15th upgrade, the blind who needs to see via their ears will finaly be able to enjoy FS 2020 as well? Here's hoping that the reoomers will be true for we who needs to see via our ears since our eyes don't work. Here's to hopefully, finally be able to enjoy fs 2020 as much as we once did with the older fsx program. Also, Here's hoping to see a DF8X aircraft to fly within FS 2020 as well. The DF8X is the successor to the older Dassault Falcon 7X try-jet aircraft. It has a 6,500 Notical Mile range with a top sealing of a level flight level of 510 feet. Many thanks. Ron AKA The Blind Pilot
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