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  1. What I miss the most in MSFS is the AI traffic flying correct levels NOT 37600 feet… Very very annoying thing. The aircraft are all over the place on navigation display when it comes to levels.
  2. Navigraph FMS Data Manager only updates FMS navigation data within 3rd party aircraft. It does not update Prepar3D’s internal nav data.
  3. A website for AS P3D V6 Early Access Beta is up on HiFi's website showing Active Sky in P3D V6 and describing some of its features. For the moment they are saying that we should keep our eye on their website in the coming days. Check it out on this link: https://hifisimtech.com/asp6/
  4. I work, earn money. It’s my hobby so I really don’t mind paying for updates if that means they bring their products over and even maybe improve it a bit. I wouldn’t even mind paying a subscription if that would mean that the airport devs would update the airport as per real life changes / improvements (impossible or possible?) Call me stupid. Probably I would be stupid enough to pay subscription but hey I won’t pay for Netflix.
  5. In some way, I would say yes they are. And maybe this just shows on which developer worked as per the way Lockheed Martin intended them to work in the platform and not hacking your way around it to make it work.
  6. While I believe in some way there might be some things they would have to be tuned but I don’t completely believe them about their planes being completely not compatible. It’s more of a, we want to focus on MSFS and we can’t be bothered checking whether what we need to do them and just quickly do it.
  7. The screenshot is "cut in two". One is reflecting how 12.05 was and the one in the right shows how it will be with the 12.06 improvements. It took me a while to notice it too. At least that is the case in the first two screenshots.
  8. Has everybody overlooked the huge changes hidden behind their bad wording: Snow and rain accumulates on the ground = bye bye for the need of winter textures. That is a huge change, at least for me it is. There is a shot in the trailer where they show Multiplayer. Just look at the ground and see the snow covered hills that are no longer covered in rectangles but covered only where the snow fell. Also their move away from True Sky and introduction of a new atmospheric model. In the trailer, when they show NYC with the skyscrapers look at the sun shining between the buildings and reflecting on the water only where there is a gap (between buildings) compared to the previous P3D versions where the sun's glare would show through the clouds and reflect on the water no matter what was in the way. One might say it's a small thing. Small improvements can make a huge difference though. While the sim isn't on Unreal Engine, the atmosphere is borrowed from within or something like that. Also AO (Ambient occlusion) is coming to the sim. A long requested feature that will make things look better surely. For me the snow covered ground based on the type precipitation is a huge thing. I have been annoyed with the old system of rectangles being changed to snowy per season was just a very dated thing and I find it a cool feature. Also I can not wait to see their new atmospheric model and the lighting in the sim. I will buy it for sure and will do just what Chris Metel (P3D product owner from Lockheed Martin) said and support the developers that stick with us for this new ride.
  9. In what way it impacted my setup I have no clue. However following many YouTube videos back in the days when I thought everyone’s setup for the flight sim was good caused me a lot of headaches.
  10. I am glad you sorted it out, hopefully for good 😌
  11. I doubt that ORBX would cause any crashes really. Reason being is that ORBX only changes the textures (talking about Base, OpenLC etc...). Unless it's one of their ObjectFlow modules that might be causing a crash but I doubt that too. Ntdll crashes are usually way too high of settings, excessive overclocking, GPU running high etc. There is a crash to desktop guide somewhere here on avsim detailing ntdll.dll crashes.
  12. Many might say otherwise but as far as I know it's better if you don't set anything in Nvidia Control Panel. Just leave it default. For two decades of simming I have never positively benefited of it. In fact it has been constantly causing issues for me on multiple different sets of PC's and configs. Try to restore it to default and see if that helps. It's just my two cents to your problem 😉
  13. Hey, While with P3D v4 you might get away with it on the laptop because it’s using DX11, however with v5 you will have issues with the vram as v5 is using DX12. I am running v5 on my RTX2070 Super (8gb vram) on desktop PC with texture resolution of 1024 and in some areas I’ve got close to 6 gigs of vram usage out of 7.1GB usable vram. Now with your GPU’s 4GB vram won’t be enough. Especially that the usable vram is a bit less than 4GB as Windows reserves a small bit for itself.
  14. I have looked everywhere (Orbx, Simmarket) to try to find the updated Dublin scenery with RWY28R / 10L but the most up to date version is 1.3.0 for me which is strange because in their FB post they mention 1.2.0 with the updated runway. Orbx also does not show any updates for Dublin scenery...
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