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  1. Oh wow you are coming to Ireland. I live in Dublin, Ireland. Don't believe anyone that the weather is that bad. It's grand it just takes a bit of getting used to haha 😄 Good luck and enjoy your stay!
  2. You see, I seem to be bad at being factual 😅 I admit! But I will try your suggestion on how to approach the topic in the future and address it to Robert directly. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. I wrote my complaints multiple times about the way things are going these days, but usually two things happen when one writes criticism: - I am never seen as someone important on their forum because there are so many other more known customers in their eyes there and never get a reply or het ignored. or - Get shouted at that my thinking is absurd or it doesn’t make sense and that this is the future and I just gotta move on and accept that P3D is nothing in their eyes anymore. Venting my frustration over on PMDG’s forum gets me nowhere as there are hundreds of people defending their reasoning and then it always feel justified from their sides. I feel like I (we) are getting nowhere with them on their forum. They claim to listen to their customers but all I see is every constructive critique just falls to deaf ears. I also suggest just the same just like Ray is saying, to go over to PMDG’s forum and let’s start a new thread and let’s show them how much we still care about P3D product line. But let’s behave yeah?! 😉😅 Good luck to all of us. P.S. I don’t want to start a new thread, they never care about what I have to say for some reason (and I have always behaved well), so I invite others who are but more famous on these forums to start off 😉😆
  4. I am also here hoping that it will continue to be developed. I would also be happy donating if needed as it's has become an essential program for my type of flying.
  5. I think I have had this problem before. It was solved by reinstalling audio drivers. The sim doesn't like custom drivers for audio that is something I learned 😉 So if you've got new audio drivers try reinstalling what Windows suggest instead of what your headset / whatever audio device came with.
  6. I'd be the same. PMDG in my mind are digging themselves further under ground by putting out such statements and also completely abandoning their products. Now, I don't want to be a fire starter here with this. Just my opinion. I am sure there is a business side of this that all makes sense but as their customer for probably as long as since FS2004 days I feel very much left behind... and also after purchasing their 200ER which I absolutely didn't mind paying for I expected a bit more than just hey we are now 100 per cent focusing on something else and you guys are nothing for us anymore. If one pays for something you also have an expectation that they at least continue to put out updates for it. And again I would not mind paying for it, since they would be working on it then. But this is ridiculous from them.
  7. Yep, correct, but that's a while they been saying that. I was playing with the idea doing it myself and reconstruct the airport and renumber the gates at least by myself, with a little tiny bit of knowledge and skills I got haha, that's how much it bothers me. SFO is maze with all the gate renumbering... 😅 So bad I have no clue and it seems to be more difficult then writing a program then to learn on how to replace textures for gates haha, anyway, rant over 😉
  8. KSFO's newly renumbered stands with the newly built terminal.
  9. ASP3D is now updated, see this thread and the link for the changelog:
  10. There seems to be no configurator for the airport thus no way of easily changing the winter textures. I haven’t seen the winter texture folder but I also didn’t dig into the installation yesterday so let me check it out today. But definitely missing a configurator app for the airport to enable / disable some features.
  11. @sivart2000, I could not agree any more than this. With exception of their people on the forum - with that I didn’t see any issues. While it might be there but I just simply didn’t experience it. However with the rest it is so spot on. They definitely should take some constructive criticism and indeed sort out their priorities with their products. I indeed feel not welcome because there is always someone to tell you what their excuse could be for not sorting out issues with products.
  12. Yeah that’s a bit of a strange way of doing things for sure! 🤔🤔 Seems like cutting corners to put it out fast - though I would like to believe it otherwise 😉
  13. You can use simmarket keys on their store to get half price off so I bought it there.
  14. Fair enough if most people feel like this. I just simply wanted to vent my feelings about the topic because I have a feeling that PMDG does not seem to listen on their forums and just simply given up trying to add my thoughts there. Not like saying anything on here would make a difference but hey that's how conversations go haha
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