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  1. Unfortunately, 35 degrees is affecting the turn radius during taxi. And you run into other issues. Actually, that needs to be fixed by PMDG, other developers managed to tone down this issue. But, the ASOBO is the problem here with unrealistic behavior and reaction to this matter.
  2. Can you take a picture of your actual settings now, please? We might be able to sort it out regarding the elevators and ailerons sensitivity. They nailed the rudder but unfortunately, the nose wheel reaction is terrible., even though I use a dedicated tiller. Despite ASOBO has an excellent menu for adjusting sensitivities, their aircraft physics are not entirely correct making every developer to face difficulties in this area. As an example, PMDG and others did not have any problems with P3D, while on this platform there are many challenges due to this very reason plus, that each yoke has its own characteristics and how you perceive all this. We can get you close but you also might need to adjust some settings in flight_model.
  3. I would like to point out that on most occasions they left unfinished products (even though they promised to fix them before the new releases or a new platform) for the same statement that "the emphasis was to get xyz released for...." We'll see, but from past experience with their way of doing business, I hold my breath. Now, don't get me wrong please, there is not only "one small bit" of issues, there are many ported over from the other versions that I'm sure you noticed as a real driver, especially the 737. That's one of the reasons why many people are not so happy about them.
  4. Apparently, those issues are not important to them for so many years. You would expect to have it fixed by now, especially that is a "study material" as they claim. Good luck with bringing that on their forum, their soldiers will jump on you for pointing out any discrepancy, including RSR, you are one of the 1%. Too bad, the potential is there. To be honest, I do like this 737 in MSFS but there is always something annoying ported over from FSX, P3D to this new platform that makes me wonder why they are so stubborn on fixing core functions on these types of the airplanes.
  5. A couple of issues on a short test flight with this new PMDG 737. Issues inherited from the P3D and never fixed carried over to the MSFS. A/P still shows intermittent jerkiness during operations, especially on intercepts (LNAV, IAN or LOC). There are instances where the airplane will bank only 15 degrees and overshoot the intercepts in LNAV or LOC as much as 1 NM L/R of course. Intermittent altitude busts are still present in excess of 200FT. On 4 occasions after exiting PAUSE, the airplane will lose control with a nose-dive and uncommanded trim down situation. Nose wheel steering was sensitive in P3D after they enhanced it, now in MSFS is totally unrealistic. Yes, this nose wheel steering is a big issue with ASOBO and for some reason is still there, BUT 414, 146, EMB110, and MD85 developers managed to get it acceptable with a few extra adjustments, except the PMDG 737. With respect to eye-candy stuff, thumbs up! Otherwise in certain aspects very disappointed even compared to P3D.
  6. From what I see in the video at time 07:00 windsock shows a left x-win of about 8 to 10 KTS and directional control during the t.o roll was very smooth and not wobbling left and right as MSFS airplanes do due to exaggerated psychics reaction to the winds and thermals. As it broke ground it did lift the wing (even if it was an aileron correction applied) as you would expect from a small airplane, not stable. Interesting, looking at the ND I don't see any wind data during t.o. roll. During climb out, it was obvious that thermals played a roll, but not as violent as is in MSFS, also we can notice at time 10:00 at 2700 ft wind 360/11 with normal light bouncing around for a small airplane. In your case, as you determined and act professionally, due to that turbulence as you mentioned "the wind gusts were relentless" (which is not every day) you slowed down to the appropriate speed. That's where people, unfortunately, get the wrong impression that this is normal (every day) and how the airplanes should react like this under normal wx conditions. It would help a lot if you had actual winds versus "it was so gusty" (any airmet or FD winds, date, time,. would be much easier to evaluate). Anyhow, thanks for the video.
  7. I would check first NVidia cp under display if you are on native resolution. In MSFS under general options, graphics there is a slider RENDER SCALING, check if that one is at 100 (that should match your monitor). From there any higher value will be crisper but with some penalty. Otherwise, I have no idea, sorry if in no help.
  8. Your help is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, this not being "humbly and nicely" it might be shadowed by the constant issues with this game flight simulator released with so many issues. Granted, even multi-million dollar simulators used in the aviation business have flaws, but if we don't acknowledge and fix those issues will be no progress, and will never ever achieve a simulation as close as possible to reality. I don't see any reason for people to be upset when discrepancies are observed by many users unless they don't know better, not the object of this discussion. Every one of us has good and bad days, as soon as we don't insult each other I would stay away from lecturing people over small details. Helping would be much better, IMHO.
  9. Unfortunately, we have some people here that can't accept that somebody has an issue or it might be actually a problem and instead of providing some useful guidance chose just to put up statements like "I had three great flights, No one forces you to use it, Not had a single CTD since release, Clickbait, etc." Why do some of us instead of trying to find a solution/help choose this path? What do we accomplish without providing a positive solution or a suggestion? @IcedOutN8 has the right attitude and is sharing some of his problem/s with a possible solution. Isn't it enough that this guy has a problem and is disappointed? Why not help this guy to enjoy this sim again?
  10. I had the same experience. Very interesting indeed. The airplane will fly very nice but still very rudder sensitive for its size and the same issues with the x-winds. For some reason, the 414 is more stable and controllable in this aspect.
  11. See for yourself, please.
  12. Excellent assessment in all aspects. What is amazing is how certain people can't accept that actually there is something wrong and some things can be improved and keep on denying and fighting over it. It really doesn't matter to them, it became like a cult sort of thing, like other forums where you cannot point out any obvious facts and everybody jumps on your back for daring to point out real issues that need to be addressed. Like here, one is comparing apples with oranges, gliders with airplanes, totally different animals, different wing designs, different flight characteristics, different aerodinamics, etc. Yes, all are susceptible to thermals, turbulence as you mentioned related to geographical location, time of the day/night, etc but not as exaggerated as it is now for all airplanes. Yes, we indeed need a slider to tone it down, and also for some people that think flying is just a constant rollercoaster drive to have it and enjoy a totally unrealistic experience. I'm happy that you also mentioned the issue related to the x-wind effect (abnormal reaction/response) and this unsettled and abrupt response pitch up/down from the elevators. I think that is somehow related to the same issue as the electrical trim, delay response that is carried over also to the elevators, not the ailerons that are smooth, fluid, and good positive response. For the delayed elevator trim response actually, there is an adjustment in FSUPIC where you can eliminate that issue. Unfortunately, nothing for the elevator if that might be the case. I also like and agree with your statement regarding the Extra 300. For sure Asobo has some excellent aspects in design (no question about that) but in aircraft characteristics and behavior (which should be the core of the flight simulation) they are way behind the curve, bad inputs, and quite stubborn. Thank you for your post.
  13. Interesting, for some reason it appears to me that actually people just refuse to read the initial post and like to argue. "I deleted the wind layer when I set up the flight to NO avail. It was like I had real weather engaged". Could not be more clear than that. That's where the problem is. Now, there is an excellent statement from @sd_flyer " I can tell you even pro pilot who predominately fly big iron often don't feel comfortable in light aircraft. Light GA and LSA are generally tossed like sh@t in turbulence" , Let's entertain the problem @Simmer2308 is describing. Also let's keep in mind that regardless of the size of the airplane there are days where flights are smooth as silk, and yes many times they fly like "on Rails". There is another excellent post of @Bernard Ducret which is right on the money. And talking about his valid points, but on a STD day, no winds, no clouds, flat terrain etc I noticed a constant change of wind direction and velocity every few seconds or so where the airplane will exhibit as we call intermittent light chop for no reason. I fully appreciate what Asobo is developing but sometimes is exaggerated, that's why I fully support the idea of having a slider where this turbulence/reaction can be adjusted. Another example of exaggerated reaction is aircraft behaviour during t.o. and landing in x-winds conditions.
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