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  1. I use AIG for AI traffic, but since upgrading to 5.2, I've noticed default 'fake' airlines are also appearing (alongside the real world AIG AI). How do I get rid of just the fake P3D generated airlines? thanks
  2. I have always stayed away from EA as I've had ASP3D for weather and I was very conscious that EA only created one cloud layer and wouldn't give WX radar returns on the QW787 and PMDG777. So, my questions are: 1. Does EA work well with ASP3D? 2. Does it create more than one cloud layer? 3. Can I get returns on the WX radars (when using alongside ASP3D)? 4. What is the performance impact? Thanks, Ben
  3. I've just disabled ALL information text (brakes, name of view, everything...) and it seems to have stopped the freezes on view change for me. However, the ATC window still doesn't allow me to select anything...
  4. So I've done another complete uninstall (Client, Content, Scenery, Main file) and reinstall (using the all in one installer), did a Checksum of the download (all ok). I am still getting the following issues: 1. A hang of between a few seconds and a few minutes when changing from internal to external view (this hang gets longer, the longer I've left it since the last change of view). 2. ATC window. Displays ok when pressing ' but I can't select options (occasionally it does work, but only about 10% of the time). System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 64GB RAM
  5. So I've now reinstalled four different times...installing the separate client / content / scenery as well as installs using the P3D installer. I uninstall everything before every install including deleting the .cfg and shaders folder. Still, I am getting massive freezes when switching views and the ATC still doesn't work. Bizarely, when selecting 'Tune to ground', the same radio communication text to another jet keeps appearing over and over. Put it simply, 5.2 is flawed. I had 5.1 working brilliantly; no changes to my system except this upgrade. I really hope LM get their act together soon and get this sorted. As a paying customer, I expect a better level of product quality than this.
  6. When I uninstall to reinstall, as well as uninstalling client, content and scenery, should I also uninstall the 'P3D v5 Academic' file too? Then just install client, content, scenery (in that order), delete the shaders folder and the .cfg and then I should be good to go?
  7. I've tried using the numbers across the top of the keyboard and using the mouse to click the options, no effect.
  8. When I click on the options, nothing happens. I can't tune radios, request clearance etc...
  9. It's not nonsense. My setup worked extremely well with 5.1, absolutely no problems at all. I have not made any changes to my system except upgrade to 5.2 and this caused huge problems with freezes when changing views (one of the hangs lasted almost five minutes) plus the ATC window now doesn't work at all. It has totally ruined any enjoyment of the sim. There must be a solution to this?
  10. Just about to complete a flight from VTBS to EGLL, been flying for almost 13 hours, switch to 'over the wing' view and the whole sim hangs...it's been non-responsive for nearly five minutes now (eventually came back to life). Is this genuinely how we're expected to use the sim now...not change views? I notice that the longer I go without changing views, the longer the hang or freeze is when I eventually do. Also, the ATC window appears but doesn't work at all. I can't select anything from it (even though I can see the selections available). Are we expecting LM to fix this ASAP? Are there any other workarounds for the problems I'm having? I've decided to not use the sim in this state as it's not enjoyable at all, which is so frustrating considering the time and money I've invested in it. EDIT: Oh, and now a crash to desktop 😞
  11. Are you not getting the freeze on view changes?
  12. Are both the ATC and freeze problems known issues?
  13. Hi all, I've yet to get an answer to this, so I'd really appreciate any help. Since upgrading to 5.2 (I uninstalled everything and then ran the main installer program). I have these two problems: 1. ATC box appears on command, but I can't select anything in it. 2. Every time I switch to external view, the whole sim hangs for between one and 10 seconds. Are these known bugs and are there any workarounds? Cheers, Ben
  14. Can someone explain what the actual workaround at the moment is? Is just renaming the file to appmenu.off enough? I've done this, but still have freezes when switching views and the ATC window still isn't working...
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