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  1. So basically the sim is unplayable. Is anyone managing to get it to load?
  2. This is utterly appalling. What a total amateur show from MS and Asobo.
  3. Pretty much happens to me nearly everytime I start the sim now. I don't have any map enhancement mods. It does eventualy start MSFS but takes FOREVER. This is such a major issue, surely MS / Asobo must be looking to issue a patch now??
  4. I'm not sure what background I can give. Was all working fine during boarding etc. Then midflight I opened the cockpit door and the cabin was filled with the black silhouttes of doom.
  5. Deboarding is just awful, not realistic at all. I've given it a try for a couple of days, but I'll be disabling the seated passengers option.
  6. This is a joke. Look at this... https://imgur.com/zl74Y3u This is just a gimmick. It's rubbish and proper simmers should avoid and just focus on the aircraft.
  7. Trying to get GSX to load at EGLL (iniBuilds) all I get is the GSX loading screen. It was working fine before the update. Can anyone help?
  8. Trying to get GSX to load at EGLL (iniBuilds) all I get is the GSX loading screen. It was working fine before the update. Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Do I need to remove the added code line if I update through the installer?
  10. Thank you! Will we need to remove this when the update is released?
  11. When clicking load aircracft by GSX on the Fenix A320 I get: The addon is causing the Couatl scripting Engine to restart. Please run Live Update Do you want to open log to see error details? I ran Live update, no effect. The error log is below. Can anyone help? Thanks couatl v4.8 (build 5421) panic log started on Wed Jun 5 20:57:38 2024 problem raised by addon <unknown> Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\__init__.py", line 2955, in getFuelPrice TypeError: float() argument must be a string or a number {'Airport': 'EGLL', 'Requested assistance services at': 'Terminal 5|Stand 522', 'Requested parking services to': 'Terminal 5|Stand 522', 'User Pos': (51.46924547930829, -0.4878945737866038, 26.533 m, 2.8495 m, 359.5711262803319, 0.0008691987569099072, 0.001745329238474369, 0.0004479061184506036, 3.18211187210083, 1.0)}
  12. I’ve just realised the DXCache folder from NVIDIA has moved. I found it and it was full!
  13. In the iniBuilds / Origami EGKK scenery, the jetways don't meet the aircraft. They move out and stop before meeting the aircraft. Please see here https://imgur.com/nvZGUrb Any ideas? Thanks
  14. I've logged it on the Asobo bug report. But everyone needs to be submitting it too so they can release a patch
  15. So we had... "you can almost smell the warm coffee and new leather, can't you" - back in December "it won't be long now" - in February "just around the corner" - in March "roaring up on the finish line" - also in March "the end of the wait is nearly upon us" - in April This is the biggest load of BS I've ever heard. If I treated my customers like this, I'd be out of a job.
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