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  1. I get better frame rates at inibuilds EGLL and KJFK!
  2. It was worse on approach. Once on the ground and taxiing in, it was much better
  3. I just did a EGLL-KSEA flight in the 787HW. I get decent frames with FSLTL traffic out of EGLL, but on approach to KSEA I get major stutters and a huge drop in FPS...any ideas?
  4. Will it be part of the MSFS update or will we have to download the aircraft separately?
  5. Hi, I've installed the Heavy Division 787X mod. When the new Working Title 787 is launched, do I just delete the "B78XH-main" folder from the community folder? What will happen to liveries that are made for the 787XH? I'm just making sure I get the update when it drops! Thanks, Ben
  6. If I’ve got the 787X heavy mod installed, do I just remove the heavy folder when the WT version is released?
  7. I just finished a KBOS to EGLL flight with FSLTL. I left KBOS with lots of traffic both on the ground and in the air. On arrival at EGLL (inibuilds), not a single aircraft on the ground, taxiing, taking off, landing etc. It was a complete ghost airport. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
  8. Again, another one of the limitations that MSFS has that P3D solved years ago.
  9. So, because of the sim object issue in MSFS I appear to have to choose between GSX and AI (FSLTL). If I have them both on then airports disappear, aircraft disappear etc. It's completely ludicrous and to be honest means the sim really isn't fit for purpose. I've even deactivated the additional items in the GSX menu (which should really leave me with jetways and a few service vehiciles!). But no, even with this selected, I'll fly to an airport to discover on arrival that it's disappeared...! Totally ridiculous for a programme in 2023. Any ideas how we can fix this?
  10. On the longhaul aircarcft how do I get the jetway to select door 2L?
  11. I had to choose between AI and GSX. It’s ludicrous.
  12. I uninstalled and reinstalled, flew LHR-MAD-LHR today and on arrival back at LHR, once again, NO AI aircraft on the ground. They're in the air, they're approaching the airport but everytime they attempt to land, they go around. This is a complete immersion killer - someone must be able to help with this? I've also noticed when I land at LHR, since this 'ghost airport' phenomenom the FPS has dropped a bit as well.
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