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  1. I never use rolling cache, and never have a CTD.
  2. Only thing it ever did for me in P3d was cause a stutter in sound. I uninstalled it and never touched it since.
  3. Just wondering, have you ever flown anything in real life?
  4. Like ignoring a grease spot on your new suit.
  5. Oh no, another EFB thread. Unreal.
  6. Nice to read something from someone who knows what they are talking about, instead of the PMDG Whiners that dwell on this forum.
  7. MSFS works fine on my system,, Maybe instead of posting things like " What have they done this sim?". you title the thread, " Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong with my system?"
  8. I decided to do a flight with the Fenix today after months and months away from it. Wow, what a drain on FPS. With the PMDG 737, I get a solid lock on 30 FPS, and if I unlock FPS, I see between 40-45 FPS most times. Today I struggled to get 22 fps with no other changes. Back to the 737....
  9. I spent about an hour today, shook out the cobwebs out of my head, and finally got the MCDU in the Fenix programmed and am flying it now for the first time in around 8 months, 😉
  10. Changing all the files from one type to another, what could possibly go wrong? 😉
  11. I guess you have trouble with reading comprehension. I was criticizing the Airbus FMC.....
  12. I am really not interested in the performance tool for the 737, I get everything else of interest to me with my Avliasoft EFB, so the 737 EFB is something I couldn't care less about. I tried firing up the Fenix, however a couple of weeks ago, and after playing with setting up a flight for about a half hour, I realized that even though I flew the Fenix non-stop for about 6 months before I got the 737, how much I hated that word not allowed Airbus FMC compared to the Boeing unit. The Boeing FMC just leads you step by step though the flight setup ( which I can do in a few minutes, and the Fenix unit has me jumping all over the place. A real trip is trying to change an approach with the Airbus, when ATC changes your arrival runway. They can keep their EFB and their FMC, I am sticking with PMDG, EFB or not.
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