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  1. I have a Saitek Throttle Quadrant with three levers mapped to Throttle, Prop and Mixture. I notice when flying, that there is no way to tune the prop speed manually to sync props. What are people doing, just disconnecting the prop Quadrant control and moving the prop levers manually?
  2. On the A2A T6 I used to alternate between making wheel landings and three pointers. The wheel landing, you land on the mains, and keep the tail up as long as possible after touchdown, keeping the nose absolutely straight with the rudder. If the nose starts to move even slightly, "dancing" on the rudder pedals must be immediate to avoid swerving which can easily turn into a ground loop. Once the tail drops, planting the tail wheel on the ground by back pressure on the joystick will enable the tailwheel to steer you straight. Much better luck with this method in a crosswind landing.
  3. I had a friend in Florida who owned an FBO there. He told me years ago that in order to make even a small profit, hourly rental rates dry had to be around 0.1% of the selling price of the aircraft. Back then a brand new 152 I rented for around $20 per hour. A new 172 today sells for around $350,000+. Can't imagine what the rental would be for that aircraft.
  4. I never fly two flights in a row without shutting down MSFS in between flights. It's worth the couple of minutes to restart the sim, to avoid problems.
  5. Think you can fly, try the A2A Texan in P3D in a crosswind.
  6. I have been on many flight in the Mooney, Cessna 172, and Arrow and even yesterday in the Seminole, where I got bumped around quite a bit. I use real weather all the time, which seems to be pretty realistic when high wind speeds are forecast,
  7. There was a flying school in South Florida that made each student solo on a Taildragger before moving to a tricycle gear. They used a Citabria at the time. They said that a well rounded pilot was the result, and one that properly learned how to use the rudder.
  8. That's me. I have been training on aircraft since I got my PPL 45 years ago.
  9. It is a shame that looking for these manuals in MSFS is like trying to find the Holy Grail.
  10. I flew the Seminole for my VA, four and a half hours today. I wonder how much that would cost in real life?
  11. Tell me about it. I spent hundreds of hours trying to narrow down the CTD problem I had which was continual. Finally I read a post on another forum where someone was having CTDs with the JF Arrow, so I stopped using it, ( and that was all I was flying for the last couple of months,) and haven't had a CTD since, in about 20+ flights. As far as the Seneca, I hated the waffle iron glued to the Windscreen in the Seneca, plus some are having CTDs with it on the MSFS 2020 forum so I lost all interest it buying it. I fly for a VA and my typical flight is around 120-150 miles, and the Seminole is perfect for that.
  12. I'm not hearing that. Might be my sound settings
  13. It flew really well, and frankly I can't see why some complain about the engine sounds in the cockpit. Sounded OK to me. Flies really stable, nice coupled ILS approach. AP works well too.
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