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  1. The day I installed FSLTL, I uninstalled Simple Traffic.
  2. I have been using Macrium Reflect as an auto backup of my hard drives since my early P3D Days. Right now, if my Packages folder disappears for some strange reason, I can move it from my backup external drive to my main drive in about 10 minutes. has saved me more than once. https://www.macrium.com/products/home
  3. I got the checking for updates today. Waited about 10 seconds, shut down MSFS, restarted and everything fine..
  4. That Bluebird sounds like something I would be interested in. I have some hours in a 767-400 ER at an Airline Training Center, and I flew one years ago in P3D, the Level D 767.
  5. I left P3D years ago, couldn't get over that "flying over wallpaper feeling".
  6. I gave up doing long haul flights years ago and started a new hobby, " Watching paint dry" 😏
  7. The "other sim people" just looking for any opening at all to start bashing.
  8. Totally different issue? BTW , just looked at their page on Flightsim.to, reviews, half a dozen recent comments where after installing the latest version of Map Enhancement , had to do a complete reinstall of MSFS 2020 to repair issues.
  9. The Topic title of this thread clearly states the release date>>????
  10. Restart PC, do an uninstall of Map Enhancement, in windows uninstall her. Then check to make sure there is no Map Enhancement folders left on your PC, remove entries in hosts files, that were placed there by Map enhancement, and the last thing I did was to do a DNS flush, and while I was at it, I switched to the Google DNS. All issues disappeared.
  11. Even better, just program in three or four long haul flights, press start,and you could just stay away from the PC for 3 or 4 days, and when you return all the flights are finished. No pre flight, takeoff, cruise, landing etc. to worry about, it's all on auto.. 😉
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