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  1. You can always use a legacy version of Navigraph, only if you want to keep everything up to date, do you need a subscription.
  2. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    So then why to you state that figuring out an appropriate sid or a star is such a difficult task?
  3. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    My last post on the subject. I flew many flights with PATC for about two years. When it stopped working properly in P3D V 3.4, I switched to PF3. What I had to do was brush up on my chart dearing abilities, which I didn't have to do with PATC, because PATC frankly makes reading charts not necessary because departures and arrivals are spoon fed to the pilot. When I flew with PATC, I became totally inept at reading charts, and when I tried Pilotedge for awhile, I quickly found out that I was clueless as far as reading charts and understanding what the SIDs and Stars were telling me to do. When I moved to PF3, no more training wheels, I had to knuckle down and learn all the material I had neglected for years. Took me a couple of weeks, and now I can look at a flight plan, figure out a proper star and Sid in a matter of minutes. I am a much better pilot now then I was with PATC telling me every move to make.
  4. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I have listened to real ATC at Atlanta, New York Airports, and Miami, where I have lived. I can't remember the last time if ever , I heard an ATC controller telling a pilot that he was not following a departure or approach procedure properly. I would suspect if a pilot can't fly a procedure properly, the management of his airline would not be very happy. .
  5. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    You are making something that is really easy sound really difficult. On a Sid, all you have to know is the active runway ( check the wind) and then look at a chart for the airport and find the Sid that connects that runway to your flight plan. If you have EFB, that can be found in about 1 minute. You don't tell PF3 the Sid you are on, just that you will be flying a Sid, because PF3 doesn't babysit your flight path while you are flying the Sid ( like in real life). The Pilot follows the Sid headings, waypoints and altitudes, from the chart. ( just like in real life) Now when you get to the arrival, and if you have EFB, it is easy to find a Star if one works for the direction you are approaching the airport from. So it will list different stars that work from the east, or southeast, or south, etc.....If you used Simbrief to make your FP, simbrief will probably have already suggested a Sid or star if one is available. If you don't have EFB, just look at the Star Charts for the airport you are approaching and see if you can find a Star that connects from your flight plan to the final approach. Now, if you don't know how to read Sid and Star charts, then just don't tell PF3 that you want to fly a Sid or a Star, and PF3 will give you vectors, headings , and altitudes, from takeoff to landing. Frankly, if someone can't read a chart, they probably shouldn't be flying sids and stars anyway.
  6. Simbrief does most of that for free if I am not mistaken.
  7. Bobsk8

    Your sim of choice poll

    Polls on forums, to me, are pretty worthless, because the vast majority of users don't post on or read forums.
  8. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    The Randomizer only tells you if you are going to have a sid /star or vectors. It is up to you to find appropriate sids/ stars. I use Simbrief for flight plans which 95% of the time will tell you sids and stars that will work. I also use Avilasoft EFB which will tell you all sids and stars and you can pick the ones that make most sense.
  9. Bobsk8

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    You didn't set a profile for the aircraft you are flying, hence the wrong speeds. The instructions will always say ILS, even if it is LOC only. Suggest reading the manual, it is pretty extensive.
  10. Bobsk8

    End It All

    Been using this for almost 3 years. Works great.
  11. Bobsk8

    Angle of Attack - FS Training

    It's useful only if you want to learn about aircraft.
  12. Bobsk8

    Advice: Orbx Germany South

    I purchased Germany North and South during the last sale by Orbx. It turned by smooth running sim into a slide show. I uninstalled them both. Glad I got them at the 50% off sale.