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  1. Something is wrong with your setup. I don't experience any of the problems you are describing.
  2. I don't fly long flights, but I have had no problems at all and I have the Tool Bar PB installed.
  3. I have never been able to control any aircraft using the twist on the joystick. Rudder pedals are the only way to go.
  4. Wait for Paypal to kick in and get the Fenix A 320. It is on a whole other level from other Sim Airliners. A 320 pilots in real life are raving over this aircraft.
  5. I got the Fenix A 320. I had a PMDG 737 in P3D, and I would not buy that again for MSFS. I really like the Fenix , and that is now my go to Airliner from now on.
  6. I have flown the PMDG 737 and now the Fenix A 320. I like the Fenix much better, and once you learn the MCDU, the rest is easy. Many Youtube videos on the Fenix A 320 by real A 320 pilots will get you going.
  7. I have yet to see a Youtube video with a real A 320 pilot, where the pilot doesn't like the way the Fenix handles.
  8. I don't use the tiller at all just rudder pedals, and have had no problems on either takeoff or landing with directional control.
  9. First of all it's not the autopilot. you have to have the MCDU programmed properly. That is what flies the aircraft, and so far, I have had zero problems with it. You have to learn ho
  10. KMEM KSTL Routing DCT BETYY DCT OHULO DCT MAW DCT BOOSH Boosh was missing.
  11. No, just single wayponts, last one is always missing. I just put it in manually.
  12. He just seems to enjoy criticizing. Fenix for one silly reason after another.
  13. Anyone figure out how to get wing views in the A 320?
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