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  1. Tried XP 11 numerous times over the last few years. Each time, I thought it was dismal at best and always went back to P3D.
  2. I use UTL and love it. It just works and works well. Best GA AI there is.
  3. Makes me glad I stayed with V 3.4
  4. I fly GA 100% of the time and have been using PF3 for over 2 years.
  5. Way to drive yourself crazy, use default ATC for IFR.
  6. I ran the free update to W10 from W7, many months ago. Zero problems and PC runs great.
  7. A2A site has been down all evening.
  8. Why does updating the GTN and Trainer send chills down my spine?
  9. Been using Flight 1 GTN 650 and then the GTN 750 650 combo. Installed easily and never had a problem with it. Many people use it, so I seriously doubt that the software has major issues.
  10. I get that about every few months. I have Version 3.4 and this just started about 8 months ago. I just restart the sim and everything is fine. I suspect it is something with a W10 update.
  11. I would rather have three root canals with no Novocaine than use Norton AV. The only thing it is good at is slowing your PC down.
  12. Been using EFB 2 for over a year. Hundreds and hundreds of VA flights in mostly GA aircraft, IFR. Wouldn't fly without it. No need at all for any chart subscriptions.
  13. Bring up weather.com, look at the map, and see where it is snowing.
  14. Part of preflighting any aircraft, aligning the gyro with a compass.
  15. I tried them all, even beta tested a couple. I only use PF3 now and I think it is the best overall. Free demo too.
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