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  1. Flew into KIAH this evening. On descent, 10K message came on at 16,800 feet and landing lights switched on. Airport elevation approx 100 feet.
  2. Everything is set to feet in P3d. Last night I landed at KPIT and lights came on at 16,000 feet. In FS2Crew CFG, lights set to come on at 10K. I double checked everything.
  3. Flying into KATL Elevation 1040. 10K activated at 16,000 Is that correct? ..
  4. Why do I keep getting the 10k descent procedure at 15,000 feet?
  5. How to use NGX 737 FMC and AutoPilot?

    There is no GPS in the 737. Did you do the tutorial flights?
  6. Navigraph

    That is a Star when it has 5 letters and a number, not a waypoint. Try putting in JJEDI without the 2.
  7. Navigraph

    The data will be the latest update you put it in. It will not revert back.
  8. Apparently you didn't understand my comment on this thread...
  9. That is the way I have started P3D for years. never ever had a problem doing that.
  10. Disregard. I dropped the temperature 10 degrees and have all kinds of smoke on engine startup.
  11. Question on A/T override.

    I fly so many different types of aircraft and copters, that without FSUIPC, assignments I would go crazy.
  12. Question on A/T override.

    I just found the problem. Hadn't flown the 737 in well over a year and had a different joystick / throttle when I did. When I calibrated the Saitek throttle quadrant which I got about 6 months ago, somehow it was sent to FSUIPC calibration for the 737 instead of just straight to the sim. I just parked the 737 after a flight, and noticed with the engines still running that when I pulled the throttle to the low stop, before the reverse switch, that the reversers came on. I heard this from the cockpit, and went outside to look, and sure enough the reverser was engaged. I set the setting for the Throttle in FSUIPC to direct instead of calibrating, and problem is instantly fixed.
  13. Question on A/T override.

    MCP speed. Right now I am flying an approach at 220 knots, and if I pull throttle to minimum, the power immediately drops to flight idle and it starts slowing down. Move the throttle just a tad away from the bottom, and the power comes back up , and speed returns .
  14. Question on A/T override.

    This speed drop I saw was about 70 knots and approaching stall speed.