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  1. Bobsk8

    Speeding sim rate up/down

    Be prepared for crazy things to happen especially using an ATC program.
  2. True, I stayed with V 3.4, mainly because I didn't want to have to buy a new PC.
  3. I have never had any luck with limiting frame rates except to lower my average frame rate. I have used unlimited for years with no problems.
  4. Bobsk8

    Cold & Dark Status

    Couldn't find the answer here. ?
  5. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    I don't use PATC anymore, but if I remember correctly, if it sees a waypoint that is part of a sid, it will assign that sid. Not 100% sure, so try it.
  6. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    You can't put a sid or a star in a PATC flightplan, it won't accept it. Only waypoints that are valid.
  7. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    That's correct. You don't need the runway numbers , just the airport codes.
  8. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    When you make your flight plan in simbrief, just copy the "routing" on the main page. Looks like this " DCT TNT N57 POL UN601 RIBEL DCT PFS30 DCT" I you see a Sid at the beginning of the routing or a star at the end, cut and pasted them into the remarks above the routing square. Then in the remarks square you can add if it is a sid and or star for future reference, although with PATC you don't really need that because PATC assigns the one they want you to use. .Sids and stars usually have 4 or five letters and a number example that I cut and pasted from the above FlightPlan which was EGBB to EGPF TNT6E SID LANA2A STAR
  9. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    You can just copy and paste it into PATC from Simbrief, minus the sids and stars.
  10. Bobsk8

    Using Pro ATC X

    The flight plans in PATC are some times OK and sometimes not. Much better to use a real flight planner like SimBrief. Simbrief is free, has just about everything that PFPX has, and the downloader will load up just about every popular aircraft GPS or FMC
  11. Bobsk8

    Controls reset to default

    Or, if you don't change your settings much, go here and make the XML file "read only " in windows. That way P3D can't mess with it.If you do want to make a change, you have to go back and uncheck read only.I never change mine, so it works out fine. Users/appdata/roaming/LM/V3/controls.
  12. Bobsk8

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Flight simming as we know it is a Niche market period. I know many people that play games on line, almost no one that is a flight simmer.
  13. Bobsk8

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    If you are using the Simbrief downloader, you probably do not have the downloader directed to the proper folder for the Pro Sim 737. Check that folder and see if you have any other flight plans in it, and double check the folder setting in the downloader. I don't have the ProSim 737, but it works perfectly on all my other aircraft.
  14. Bobsk8

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Use Simbrief to make your flight plans. They have a downloader that will install the plans directly into many aircraft FMC's including the Prosim 737, as well as EFB, and it is free. V2.
  15. Bobsk8

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    I used to fly for a very busy VA, Delta, years ago ( I fly for another now that has more flexibility). Anyway, they had a nice feature, it was a report every month showing the simulators that were used by the VA pilots. in percentages. These are the percentages for the latest month, July 2018. FSX 47% P3D V3 and 4 32.7% FS 2004 8.9 % X Plane 10-11 11% Other 0% Now these are reports from a couple of thousands of active pilots flying thousands of flights, many are pilots in real life. This tells me that FSX together with P3D has the overwhelming majority of serious simmers using those platforms. X Plane just managed to beat out FS9 recently. Anyway, with all teh complaints about FSX and P3D, I believe they are still the choice for almost all serious simmers.