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  1. I took a look this evening and realized the Facebook page I was posting on was not the official majestic page. Hope you have luck getting this going again.
  2. Bobsk8

    Good flying books recommendations?

    If you like airline Books, Final Destination is a good book, about Eastern Airlines demise. And don't forget Joe Sutters book, 747
  3. You are correct, I was thinking the three axis of flight, forgot one of them is my CH rudder pedals...LOL.....$45 for a hall effect IC is a ton of money, must be made out of solid gold.
  4. There are three of them in the Thrustmaster T 16000M and the total cost for that stick is around $50. Hall effect IC's have been around forever and are inexpensive.
  5. Having been a forum member for decades with various forums dating back to the old Usenet, having a forum be down for a few hours is typical , a day or two at most. Down for a well over a week almost two , I have never seen. Couple that with no information on when it will be back from Majestic , is troubling ( I must have missed the facebook post, and I post on and visit that page all the time.) .
  6. Almost $1000 for a yoke with potentiometers Wow, now i have heard everything.
  7. Bobsk8

    Good flying books recommendations?

    Stick and Rudder has probably saved many lives. It is worth it's weight in gold.
  8. I have worked in electronics for my entire career as a tech and a trainer. If a manufacturer can save 2 cents on a product, many times they will do that rather than spend a few centsmore for reliability and accuracy. I have a T16000M Joystick now with hall effect IC's, and they are fantastic. I would not purchase any expensive controller that still uses pots.
  9. I guess you can chalk it up to "different opinions".
  10. Some people feel the same way about television. Back to the original topic. There is a wealth of information on the Majestic forum that won't be available on the AVsim forum, which is a shame. I wonder why Majestic isn't fixing it. Hope they are not running into a financial problem.
  11. Kind of like a bicycle for a fish, is how it strikes me.
  12. Some people still use a landline too, but most use a smartphone. I find info on the Facebook forums dedicated to flight sims, of which there are many, sometimes in minutes, where waiting for an answer on a forum could take days.
  13. Setting up a flight with Sids and Stars in PF3 takes me no more than about 10 minutes at most. Just a matter of learning how to read charts, and you can use Simbrief to tell you which SIDs and Stars will work for a flight. Like anything else in aviation, a bit of study, and eventually it becomes like second nature.
  14. I like to fly where and when I want to fly. Right now I am flying the Q400 from Billings Montana to Spokane. ATC and AI all the way. If I was on Vatsim, I would be on Unicomm with nobody anywhere near me. Like watching paint dry. Right now the closest Controller on Vatsim to where I am flying is someone in the control tower in Boston....LOL....
  15. The Dash is an aircraft you really have to fly. No cooking dinner and taking naps while you are at the controls.