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  1. Bobsk8

    Best Flight Planner

    Simbrief does everything and it's Free.
  2. Bobsk8

    PFPX V2

    Simbrief is free and works every time.
  3. You are incorrect in some of your statements regarding PF3. You do not have to use the Randomizer for departures, arrivals or departures. You also don't enter manually for each airport/ and runway. The only thing you enter when flying is telling PF3 if you want a Sid or Star when setting up the flight. I use Simbrief for my flight plans which suggests a Sid or Star, if they are available for your route. You could also use charts or a program like EFB, to see what sids and stars are available for your route. Then you just fly the procedures. If you just want vectors rather than Sids or stars, you can select that too, and PF3 will vector your from takeoff to landing. Problem I found with Pilot2ATC when I tired it is the extremely high cost of getting voices for controllers, at sometimes $40 a voice or more. I have 140 voices in PF3, it would costs me thousands of dollars to purchase that many voices for Pilot2 ATC.
  4. A controller once in awhile, wouldn't be a bad idea. I gave up on Vatsim,. got tired of flying On Unicomm 90% of the time.
  5. I used Radar Contact when it was the top one, but that was many, many years ago. I have tried each one extensively and the one that is the most realistic and immersive for me and the only one I use now is PF3. Hundreds of controller voices come with the program, and it is constantly being improved and the developer is always on their forum answering questions. Try the demo, it's free.
  6. Bobsk8

    GSX Question

    No, there isn't.
  7. Switching to XP would be like leaving a wife you really love because she has a freckle.
  8. Been reading that the dodo for P3D is " almost ready" for many years.
  9. Bobsk8

    Milviz recommendations

    Best Milviz Copter by far is the 530.
  10. Bobsk8

    Landing Rating Calculator

    I am amused when someone posts a topic on this forum like " When landing, it is best to make sure the landing gear is pointing down versus pointing towards the sky at touchdown,", and there will then be 20+ follow up posts telling the OP why he or she is wrong.......LOL....
  11. Bobsk8

    Landing Rating Calculator

    That is the one I have used for years. Works great.
  12. Bobsk8

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    I wonder if P3D will have submarine races someday?
  13. Bobsk8


    I purchased the payware, used it about 1/2 dozen times, and that was enough for me.
  14. Bobsk8

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    That's what I figured. 😍
  15. Bobsk8

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    I subscribed to aviation safety publications from the late 70's and read each one multiple times. ( One is still available on line if anyone has any interest in learning about accidents ) I also attended AOPA meetings on safety at least once a year, What is your experience and please be specific?;