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  1. Hi James If you follow this link and scroll down you have textures for D-AIPZ: http://www.simtexture.de/side/download.php?load=AirbusXExtended&rows=3&width=&format=center Cheers
  2. Hi Check SimTexture for the Germanwings. Textures of older versions of the Aerosoft bus don't install automatically but are normally compatible, although sometimes, you also have to do one or more of the following: - if no textures detected, check if the model entry in the aircraft.cfg needs to be updated - if textures too dark, replace the texture.cfg file with a more current one Maybe worth a try on the A321. Cheers
  3. GBYD by Grand Island Sim is quite nice too and a popular holiday destination. Would love FSDG to do some more Moroccan airports: Essaouira, Tangier, Fez, Rabat...
  4. Hi does this mean you can fly RNAV approaches with G/S using the APP button like in the 737? Or using VNAV to minima?
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I'll go with the Falcon. I'm more a fan of it in real life, and I like the greater range. Plus the more advanced A/P probably means a lighter workload and more precision since I'll be using the GTN 750. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone I've been looking for a good bizjet for P3Dv4 for sometime and have been reading some very favourable opinions on Flysimware's Falcon and Learjet. Since both are on sale now, I'm thinking of getting one (both is not an option unfortunately). I get the feeling the Lear is more popular that the 50, but then again has been around for longer. I'd love to hear from those who own either or both - what you like or don't like about them, about the flight dynamics, any bugs, etc. Cheers
  7. Hi I've been using Kaspersky for quite a few years and am pretty happy with it. If it's a false positive, I'll probably just disable it during installation or make VOXATC an exception. Regarding the contact page, after filling the forms and pressing "send", nothing happens, no idea why. Cheers
  8. Hi I've downloaded version 7.43 and upon install, Kaspersky is giving me a trojan warning. It indicates the presence of the win32.trickster trojan and will not allow me to continue the installation, as well as requiring immediate disinfection. I've tried notifying the developer through the contact form on the website but it doesn't seem to be working. How can I report this so the file is checked? Rgds
  9. Thank you Alcides that was exactly the kind of analysis I was looking for. Would love to hear even more opinions 🙂 Cheers
  10. Hi everyone First of all, I'd like to make it clear I'm not looking to make this thread about the price or marketing strategies surrounding the CS767. There's already another thread covering this pretty well, and what I'm looking for is some honest feedback about the flying from those who have flown this addon. Like many of you, I strongly miss the 767, especially remembering the Level D model. That said, I'm also a big fan of the 757, and I bought the CS model a few months back. Until now, sadly, it remains for me "the plane I'd love to love" but can't. I've flown it maybe three or four times and I finished each flight feeling frustrated. Why? Essentially because of the poor flight dynamics. Hand flying this bird, especially on approach and landing, is a terrible experience. The flight model is sluggish and imprecise, controls respond poorly and the model is so badly tuned you often don't even feel the touchdown - which is quite strange when landing an 85-tonne aircraft. Also, weight and balance is very poorly simulated - unless you have an unrealistically aft CG, it will fly with an excessive nose-down attitude on approach, while in reality the stab trim should be able to compensate for this. All of this is even more frustrating when you listen to real world pilots praising the excellent handling of the real 757. So, as much as I miss the 767, my experience with the 757 leaves me wondering if they share the same flaws, and fearing that the 767 may just be a "757 v2 on steroids". That's why I'm looking to hear from those who have flown it. What are your opinions, particularly on flight dynamics and hand flying? How heavy is it in terms of FPS? Anything else you particularly liked or disliked? If you have both the 757 and 767, how do you compare them? Any feedback is much appreciated. Cheers Antonio
  11. This is exactly the same issue, and they even mention it happens with other developers' sceneries. I have already downloaded the fix. Thank you very much! 😀
  12. Hi guys Thanks for all the input, your comments have given me some food for thought: I don't use AI traffic, I was flying online and there were no other pilots nearby at the time. When I load a flight in one of those two airports this doesn't happen, it has only happened at the end of flights. I thought that too, but I'm already using 5m, occasionally 1m. I did switch the graphics profile within P3D during the flight, but I do that on occasion and never noticed anything unusual. The card is a GTX 1070 Ti, it was purchased new in December and it hasn't given me any trouble so far. That said, it makes some sense to me that this might be GPU related. The fact it only happened at the end of 2-hour flights might indicate the load became too much for the GPU. I've been monitoring the temperatures with MSI afterburner since yesterday, and the card so far doesn't seem to go above the mid 70s. That said, where I live the weather has been unusually warm (almost 30º C) and I guess that might have been straining the system. Also, I have several addons very close together in this particular area: GCTS, GCLP, GCXO, GCGM and GCLA, which include not only the airports but also vast areas around the islands with photoreal, landmarks, etc. Maybe this combination is putting too much stress on the GPU occasionally?
  13. Another strange thing is that it doesn't happen every time, just last week I landed at GCLP with the same scenery and this didn't happen. Also this last time, when I was taxiing in about 2 mins after landing, the "artifact" disappeared. Could it be a driver issue with the graphic card? Maybe I'll try a driver update and see if it keeps happening.
  14. Hello I have encountered twice a strange issue: when approaching an aiport, an artifact appears which is basically the runway / taxiway textures perpendicular to the ground, pointing upwards above the ground: https://imgur.com/a/L41eml0 I initially thought of it as a particular addon bug, but I have had this happen with two different airports by different developers - MK Studios GCTS and Aerosoft GCLP. Any idea on what could be causing this? I find it a strange coincidence happening in the same region (Canary islands) while it hasn't happened anywhere else. Cheers
  15. Hi everyone I wanted to know if there is a way to "correct" the throttle curve on an aircraft. What I mean is, I have an aircraft in which throttle movement is smooth and gradual up to 45% more or less, then extremely sensitive between 45% and 75% and then smooth from 75% upwards. The smallest motion between 45% and 75% causes large variations up and down and I find it hard to set precise N1 settings in that range - this is very unpleasant, as this range is critical for approach and landing settings. I have already tried correcting this with the calibration slopes on FSUIPC. While this has improved the issue slightly, it's still nowhere near fixed. Is there any other way I can fix this, by editing either the .air file or the aircraft.cfg? Or is there another approach with FSUIPC? Please note I do not wish to change power, fuel consumption or drag settings, I just want a smoother throttle curve in the range I mentioned. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Antonio
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