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    8 years ATC (Pre Reagan days) Simi retired after 30 years route sales. Love my grands and simming in that order.

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    My Sims...and gotta love Steam

    Just P3DV4 and FSX Steam as a retro sim for A2A Connie and PMDG DC6. I filled the FSX with retro airport sceneries from California Classics. That's about all I have time and money for.

    an idea

    Bad ideas and failures are many times stepping Stones to success. Paul, I see your point but if you want to fly you terrific A2A bird to a hundred airports tomorrow no one says it would have to be a rented, payware, freeware or default. That would be up to you as it is and always has been. Why not the option? Don't need new business ideas because of big brother? Come on now. We can't go through life that paranoid. I hardly think renting sim airports is going to be the vehicle of tyranny. That's definitely a threat to peace and prosperity but I doubt this would matter one way or another. Besides, this isn't anything that's going to happen soon so no issue to worry about.

    an idea

    I don't think abranpuko was saying he had the mechanics and business model worked out but was only putting forth an idea. You know, like Edison , Bell and the Wright Brothers had an idea. "They'll never get that thing off the ground." The customer would simply be given the option to rent for say a day or buy the product if he so chooses. Or he/she could simply use default airports if so desired. Much the same technology that allows some developers to offer time limited trial periods. No one could make anything mandatory. It would be completely up to any developer if they wanted to offer their product through this or any other venue. Purchase prices might go down if developers were seeing decent return on their product from rental or at least encourage further development. Maybe not. If you don't want to spend you can start your sim and fly free as a bird to any default airport in your sim as I often do to places over seas I fly to knowing it will be a while before I fly that route again. Or to an addon you already own. Yes. it would be started with out a certain profit, like every other business venture since the dawn of man. In reference to the Big Brother he's already there so what more intrusion would you be worried about. Good idea abranpuko. Keep thinking man. Every improvement begins with an idea.

    an idea

    Interesting. How many addon airports I have purchased and used less times then I have fingers to count. Kind of like a Netflix for add-ons? Rent with option to buy.
  5. Young man, His name is Father Time. He knows your name, has your address and he's coming for you.
  6. On Flowmax myself. Great stuff.
  7. My mother always told me that I should've been a lawyer Kyle, Thanks for the interesting and introspective reply. I could always picture you as the intimidating professor in "Paper Chase." The one who said "you will leave here thinking like lions." I thought he was a pretty cool dude in his on way. On a side note I think it would be interesting to have a similar autobiographical introduction from all our AVSIM moderators. Maybe a "meet the moderators forum. I guess you could just visit their profile.
  8. Major improvement!
  9. Kyle, may I say with all due respect I think with your analytical mind you would make a stellar University law professor! Please don't take it wrong, I'm not trying to be funny but you are a smart dude and may just be wasting your time moderating a hobby forum with a bunch of old fellows playing pilot.(Such as myself). I know you stated once you have taught school before or am I wrong? I have wondered if you may just be over qualified intellectually leading to some of the frustration with folks here. I don't mean to sound smart but maybe something to think about. Enough advice from granddad. Regards, Vic
  10. Paul, Have you considered the diplomatic Corp?!!
  11. Signs of the times my friends. Isaiah 5:20: " Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet for bitter".
  12. Not me. I spent my alottment for the month on the A2A Bonanza! And lovin it!
  13. I remember a customer being addressed with the acronym RTFM. Read the -manual. We don't have to guess what the third letter stood for. I've never known of a company to allow an employee to address a customer or anyone in that manner and remain employed. Justified or not. When I was working I always kept this advanced mathmatical formula when annoyed by a customer: Customer=revenue, staff = overhead therefore customer>staff. Seemed to work well for me. At least it kept me working. Oh well, it is what it is, let's go fly!
  14. On a positive note Leonardo, A2A, and TFDi seem to have a much more customer friendly atmosphere on their forums. Those of us who spent most of our working lives in customer contact end of business know customer criticism though not pleasent to hear is the spring board to a better product or service . The ability to receive it and turn it to a positive note is a much sought after human relations skill as well as a mark of maturity. Iron sharpens iron.

    A2A made me sick

    Keep plenty of that around but never thought I would need it for a desktop aircraft. Things are getting serious when you actually feel like you've been flying after a session. Off subject this reminds me of the time when I was about 13 and my Dad gave me a chaw of Day Of Work chewing tabbaco and laughed while I threw my groceries. Rest his soul.