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    How to install flythemaddogx liveries

    The repaint folder should have a read me file in it explaining how to install.

    Leonardo Software MD-90(potentially) Question

    Is the MD90 flight deck and avionics not similar to the 717?
  3. My 2019 Christmas gift already selected. Maybe by then they'll have the production line on full throttle.

    Too high PMDG prices

    IMO it's quite fair considering the quality of the addon in addition to updates and on going support. The documentation itself is worth quite a bit. Well worth it to the serious jet simmer. Eye of the beholder I guess.

    A couple of quick RC4 qustions

    Thanks so much for the help Ray.
  6. First thank you for making this great add on available for free. And to continue support is a class act! A couple of quick questions which I can't seem to find an answer. 1. How to prevent default ATC from suddenly blaring. Need to turn it off entirely. 2. After take off in NGX, (the only aircraft I've flown with RC4 so far) I can barley hear RC4 under the sim sound without scaling back my sound sliders and then only barley. Can hear it fine at the gate. Such a change once I become airborne. 3. How do I move my keypad entries to the num pad? Seems only the numbers on the main keyboard work but not the num pad . Not with num lock on or off. The num pad numbers respond when entered in the key definitions but not in the sim. 4.Is there a way to use time compress on a long haul flight and keep RC4 up with the flight while you leave the sim a bit? Once again many thanks to Ray and team!
  7. I'm content. I have enough high level simulations to keep me busy a life time. I believe most of us just scratch the surface of the capabilities of these add-ons. I for one prefer routine flights and don't use options such as service failures, or emergencies. The kind of things a line pilot might face on a sim cheack ride. But I like knowing thoose capabilities are there and all the failure potential of the real aircraft is simulated.

    TFDI 717?

    Very nice aircraft. If you're a fan of the DC9 you might want to take a look at the Leonardo Fly The Mad Dog. The 717 is more modern. Both are wonderful sim planes.
  9. Thanks for the 6500 Cal diet PMDG Cola. Just what the type two diabetic needs. Gonna have some portly pilots. Seriously, thanks for the update.
  10. Heck. I'm just glad to see that seat belt on off issue fixed.

    Atlas Air 767 as PAX Transporter

    Thanks Steve. I use several of your paints. People like yourself certainly elevate our hobby exponentially! Wish you the best in 2019!

    Atlas Air 767 as PAX Transporter

    Atlas is my favorite livery for the Queen.They seem to fly the most adventurous routes.
  13. Thank you Sir! And thankyou for this fantastic addon. Perhaps I should just enhance my world awareness and learn to read and write Chinese. Now that would be interesting.
  14. When I fly out of the Asian side of the map the map is labeled in the Oriental alphabet which I can't read. I was wanting to know if there is an option to changer that so the entire map is printed in English. Thanks, Vic Green
  15. Is there any way to have the entire globe in English? Mainly the Asian side? Thanks for this amazing addon. I rarely start my sim with out it.