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  1. I just use FSUIPC and don't keep the HC Configurator installed. I just found it not very user friendly. Just my perspective.
  2. Greetings, I am currently using FS2Crew voice channeled through my headset with all aircraft and other sim sounds through desk top speakers. Is there a way to channel RC4 into my headset with the other voices in P3DV5? Thanks.
  3. GPU is definitely a factor. Which ever version you decide on (I would definitely suggest V5 if you have the hardware to run it ) you can keep your FSX with all your addons until your new sim is like you want it. No law says you have to uninstall your present sim because you bought another one unless you're like one guy who said "Sims are like women, one's not enough and two is one too many."
  4. I just installed the non PBR version of KMIA LVFR has made available. The only difference is the unrealistic shine is gone. Much less annoyance.
  5. I'm hoping to see cityscape Charleston updated to version 5.
  6. Ah ha. No payware airports. I figured that was too good to be true. Some such as Latin VFR have a high PBR usage and will eat my 8GB for lunch if I don't watch my settings. Seriously though I would like to run settings as high as yours. Sometimes I wonder if payware airports are worth the performance hit but I 'm a hopeless collector. I'm going to give your settings a try.
  7. Alas, not compatible for V5. I bought it not long before the version five release and for some reason ORBX hasn't updated Charleston cityscape. Works in V4.5 though.
  8. As I stated previously it seems to me LM is quite happy to collect plenty of hobby cash. I get this from the marketing feel on the P3D website. Who trains on a P38? Does anyone think the default fighters are really training or "study level"? On their statement on who may use P3D professional notice the last word on the list is those who are"simulating". I believe that's a sly way of throwing the door open to anyone who wants to part with the cash and simulate flight and I really don't know what else you would use the program for. I 'm not criticizing LM at all. P3DV5 is the only sim I use and I spend hours a day with a harim full of beautiful high fidelity aircraft and I love em all so much I can't identify a favorite. I don't sit in the LM board room but judging from what I 've seen I just don't believe they put this sim out for the sole purpose of a bland training tool. Any company welcomes revenue and I don't think they hold their nose knowing it comes from the hobby class.
  9. Is P3D really targeted at government/military users? One thing I learned about politicians in 69 years of observation is what they say for official or public consumption can be 180 degrees from who they are. In other words "what you do speaks so loud I can't hear what you say". How does that relate to P3D? How many militaries or civilians still need to train on Emilia Earhart era Electras, Constellations, P38 Lighting fighter planes or Mauls? Take a look at their partners articles on their web site and you will see a plenty of articles on eye candy developers unneeded for training purposes. Some black ops team may need to sneak into Telluride for some clandestine snow skiing. I think it's plain LMs' purpose extends a bit beyond training well into the hobby, corner and for that reason I believe development will continue with that venue in mind.
  10. All you guys saying no realize denial is one sign of addiction.
  11. Lol, the sim world is one place in this life I do what I very well please.:)
  12. Nice landing SAS443. I think my problem at first was that I had been flying the Maddog for a couple weeks before the T7 release. The MD80 is probably one of the least responsive jet liner due to it's dated technology and requires a good bit more muscle then a FBW bird resulting in my over controlling causing seeming twitchy movements. I seem to be improving. Food for thought. She is a totally different airplane.
  13. And constantly adding new features and updates like ACARS and an EFB at no additional charges to the customer. You can tell the Maddog is truly a labor of love rather then a profit machine to Leonardo.
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