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  1. Dear Button Control Lobby

    David, I suggest you get her out of the hanger and fly her single . That way you'll be a knowledgeable Captain when you do get the crew. Such a great production either way.
  2. Southwest Accident

    So very tragic the loss of life for victim and family. Every time there is an aviation tragedy I can't help but consider the attention given aviation tragedy but we seem to accept the tens of thousands lives lost on our highways every year as the cost we pay for a mobile society. If 10%that number were lost in airplanes the media and public would be demanding remedy.
  3. Short 360 on the way!

    Flying shoe box. I remember the ribbing those poor Royal pilot's took coming through Lake Charles back in 1981.
  4. Southwest Accident

    To me Midway just looks like a dangerous place. Such a small area with very high traffic totally surrounded by business and residential areas just right outside the airport boundary.
  5. Simbrief ?

    Roger that to all the above!
  6. Piston twins

    Please look up Manfred Jan's C-47 at Sim Outhouse. Not a GA aircraft but a radial twin and as well done as any payware aircraft I have seen. True systems modeling as well as flight dynamics,an interactive FO, as well as a stewardess that comes in the cockpit occasionally and flirts with you. The FO helps you with engine management and lets you know when things aren't right. Informative as well as interesting documentation not only on aircraft systems but DC3 history as well. A lot of add on liveries available and the latest beta is P3DV4 compatible. Oh yea, one other small detail, it's free!!
  7. Sunny SouthWest 737 from RDU

    The cold front moving though the Southeast this weekend has made for some interesting simming . I flew the MaddogX from KATL to KMSY and the TFDi 717 to Panama city.
  8. PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    So many wonderful fully detailed aircraft is giving me a case of multiple personality disorder. I mean somebody help me. Am I a freight dogger on the Atlas Air 744, a long hauler for AAL on the T7-300, a 1950's Pan Am Cap on the DC-6 or working on one of the several airlines I fly on the NGX variants? And even then the -700,-800 or -900? And always more more more being developed and they're compulsive purchases for me because they're PMDG. Keep em coming guys!
  9. PMDG 737 or wait?

    No Dan. I have owned the NGX since day one and was my first repurchase after moving to P3DV4. The post is about a free add-on for cockpit textures.
  10. PMDG 737 or wait?

    Thanks tons Erich! All I could get on the download was the PMDG 737NGX CTI. No zip file or anything else. Maybe because I'm not on Facebook. Thanks for the PM. Regards, Vic
  11. PMDG 737 or wait?

    Thanks Erich, Looks great but two questions, since there is no read me file how do I install it in P3DV4 and is it compatible with that platform? Thanks, Vic G.
  12. Yesterday I flew the RNAV RWY RWY 32 into Dover AFB in QOTSII. Wind was 320/14, visibility 10+ so I hand flew her down from FAF. Touch down seemed kind of hard (love the cockpit racket and rattle sound package). Watching the replay I touched down a few feet short of RWY threshold on the overrun area and bounced up about 5-10 feet before settling. There was no indication of damage to the under carriage, no busted tires and brake temp was fine at the ramp after taxi in. 2 all around. This raised questions of curiosity to me. 1. Would an aircraft with a LGW of 508652 IBS bounce like a 172? Is that realistic? 2.If so could this happen with no damage to the airframe or under carriage? 3.Knowing PMDG strives unto exhaustion to model the real aircraft I'm sure the under carriage limitations are accurate. Correct? 4. After a bone head landing like that would I still be employed with Atlas Air?
  13. TAPA to TNCM

    Beautiful eye feast! Thanks for sharing. I always found the stretch 8 to be a geometrically beautiful aircraft to look at.
  14. PMDG 737 or wait?

    I have preaty much the same rotation but add the MaddogX, TFDi717 and an occasional GA hop. Too many great planes, not enough time.