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  1. @ KBUR: Good post. I plead guilty as charged.
  2. Sure. And toad frogs will stop bumping their arses when they hop.
  3. Very interesting post giving cause for introspection. Thanks for posting it. Not a pilot but agree with everything.
  4. I just tried it with off at LVFR KMIA with Leonardo Maddog which is my ultimate litmus test for V5 VRAM burn. No real difference I could see. Didn't fly it so I don't know. To me turning dynamic lighting off makes all the difference.
  5. Interesting. So some of us with VRAM crashes in version five can benefit by turning Tessellation off? Interesting. Have to give it a try.
  6. Anders, you have been an informative contributor. Just don't take this stuff too seriously. After all it's just a pixelated hobby and full of people you don't even know or I assume you don't. Personally I just laugh and move on. Some times I have a little fun with some folks who take them selves too seriously. Always enjoyed your post and think I have sent a few likes and upvotes your way. Besides , that little muskrat or Hamster is so cute we would dearly miss it.
  7. My experience exactly with EZCA. Got aggravated and returned Flight1 and went back to OPUS FSI camera. Then I bought Chase Plane on sale and really like it. Very intuitive.
  8. Version five definitely. Just don't uninstall your present sim for a while as P3DV5 is in process of refinements and many addons not yet compatible. Soon I think P3DV5 will be the pinnacle of sims for the present.
  9. Chase Plane. More user friendly IMHO.
  10. That's a good one. I believe most of us are ground bound pilot wannabes trying to live our fantasy hence our demand for more realistic scenery. On the inferiority subject could that have something to do with the often hypersensitive back lash by so many toward differences in platform preference as well as other differences of opinion, experience or ideas on different sim subjects?
  11. Stern stuff to play a sim? Yea, you gotta have hair boy! You better have steel balls. You gotta be man enough to tear open cans with your bare teeth and gargle peanut butter. Gonna play with V5. You better be able to catch bullets with your teeth and make Covid19 wishing there was a cure from you. Next to you bad bad Leroy Brown looks like The Scarlet Pimpernel. Then and only then will you be man enough for P3DV5 in all its beauty.
  12. Actually it's V5 I'm tempted to uninstall. It's just that I know as soon as I do I'll read some one's post about how great it is and spend hours reinstalling it. I'm sorry but with all respect for those who differ I just don't see much difference for the better. In 4.5 I can use HD clouds with ENVTEX and run my scenery graphics up to pleasing levels. I just flew the Maddog from KATL to KMSY in V5 successfully but with lower setting and HDR lighting off. Doesn't look near as good as what I can do in V4.5. In V5HF1 I dare not play with the lighting. I'm defiantly not going to spring several hundred dollars for an updated graphics card just to run another version of P3D.
  13. I am so jealous. No fair. You get it and I don't. The government should pay for me a ride just to make it fair. In all seriousness I hope you have a great ride.😉
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