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  1. PMDG never disappoints. Nobody gives the simmer more for their money. Haven't seen a PMDG production yet I didn't consider a great bargain. Add to everything first rate documentation and tech support. What a world it would be if every company and individual approach their work with such a great work ethic. We would all be so much better off.

    747-8 let down

    It's the new keyless entry option. As long as you have the fob in your pocket just put your foot on the brake and push the start button.

    Should I get P3D?

    I would certainly buy P3DV4 if I was starting over. I keep FSX Steam and filled it with sceneries from the 1950's and 60's for my a2a Connie and PMDG DC6. All freeware airports from Carolina Classics. Nobody said you can't have more than one sim for different purposes.
  4. You might want to check out the Manfred Jan C47. I know it's a larger transport but the DC3 filled many different roles in it's long and storied life. You will not believe it's freeware when you see the quality, features and documentation you get. There's even a virtual FO to read check list and assist managing systems. Lots of fun.

    A change of sim?

    Fantastic lighting!
  6. Tooniight tonight tonight's the night!!!!!🕛✈🌒

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Thanks Scott. I've wondered about that since I was a kid after seeing a picture of a single yoke Bo in Flying Magazine. Appreciate the information.

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Hey Vic you didn't answer my question about the single yoke Bonanza. I always wondered if the yoke can be swiveled over from one seat to the other in flight. I've never seen a real one. If you don't know that's OK. Just a matter of curiosity.

    Wonderful PMDG DC-6

    Roger that Dan. I like to fly some of the DC6 thrill rides I had when I was a kid. Like my first plane ride when I was six sitting beside my Dad from the Canal Zone to Bogata. Later some domestic flights around the US then to Managua and back home three years later. I reinstalled FSX Steam just for a retro sim and loaded it with some retro airport sceneries from California Classics. The old recips really can make you smile.
  10. I always wondered about that throw over yoke. Can you do that in flight? Seems kind of impractical if not dangerous. Don't think I would like that configuration much.
  11. A2A has made me in to a prop addict. I just reinstalled FSX Steam for a retro sim I'm filling with 1950-60 airports from California Classics primarily for the Connie and DC6 from PMDG. I also plan on installing some retro AI traffic. Haven't decided which sim I'll buy the BO for when it is released as there is quite a bit of price difference for the P3D license. Have to sleep on that. If they have one of their famous flash sales some day I will grab the COS Stratocrusier. Just get a bit bored with glass jets. Seems props are so much more plain fun as well as rewarding since A2A bought them to our hobby with such a high level of fidelity.

    Things I don't understand.................

    Funny the FSX question should come up. I moved up gratefully to P3DV4 early this year and parting with much cash I have an enjoyable sim. Problem is missing my A2A Connie and already repurchased too many addons I already owned for FSX and couldn't see parting with another $90. After scanning through the Carolina Classics web site and discovering a long list of retro airports Sunday (for free) I got a brain storm. Why not reinstall FSX Steam and just use it as a time machine for my Connie, Michal Jan C47, PMDG DC6 (Which I already repurchase for P3D) . Just use FSX for a recip prop sim. No fancy airport addons other then the retro freeware. I hope this will keep the VAS foot print low though I did install my ORBYX Global sceneries. Now if I want to fly one of my study level jet liners I fire up P3DV4. If I feel the need to get in touch with the inner Ernie Gann I go to my FSX time machine. I've already installed 1960 ATL, Charlotte and 1961 Idlewild KJFK). Looks like FSX is to be getting more use over P3DV4 in the coming weeks. Besides, that guy sitting in the front of that Branniff DC6 is who I wanted to be when I was 6 years old watching planes at El Dorado in Bogota. Now , enlighten this colonial rustic. What is Marmite?
  13. Neat and interesting post! Takes me right down memory lane as I rode as a passenger on these as well as the old Martin 404. The CV580 of Frontier Airlines usted to come through Hot Springs Arkansas when I was a controller there in the late seventies. Such beautiful aircraft with all the romanticism of aviation in that by gone era. Wish A2A would do one of these heavier twin liners.

    Anyone have the Honeycomb Aeronatical Alpha Yoke?

    Oh. I thought it had been released earlier this year. If you go to the web sight they have them posted for $200 apiece for the yoke and quadrant.
  15. If so I would love to hear your appraisal of this product. Looks like a nice yoke for those of us not in the Go Flight economic strata. One thing that really interest me is the desk top attaching mechanism. Over the years I have been quite happy with my CH yoke and throttle quadrants except for the annoying clamps that do a sorry job of securing the controllers to the desk. In fact I stripped the left clamp on the throttle quad by over tightening. Thanks in advance for any comments on this product. Since it's my Birthday maybe I can get this past my wife if I decide to order one.😁