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    8 years ATC (Pre Reagan days) retired after 30 years route sales. Love my grands and simming in that order.

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  1. What I found was by installing an old fs9 vintage freeware of MNCI the runway is corrected in P6D. Otherwise the default airport will put you in the trees and you’ll see a grass strip where the runway is.
  2. Remember the song by Neil Diamond; “I Am I Said”? The line “Nobody heard at all, not even the chair”. Hey Neil, how’s your Lazy Boy recliner feeling today? Still not talking to you huh. You must have really made it mad.
  3. I like the city scenes some developers have out. Jet flying you have some realistic views during departure and approach but climbing to the flight levels tile scenery is best just for the uniformity of color and seasons. You don’t have those border lines between different areas to interfere with immersion.
  4. LOL, considering the hostility you come across on some of these forums I believe a number of simmers are already there.
  5. Though I've collected a great deal of pay and free photo scenery I usually end up turning the photoreal it off and reverting back to Global and LC scenery. For me it's just that the colors don't seem right, and resolution is poor as you fly lower. Exception is the three ORBX TE regions I have.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to remove autogen trees from the middle of runway at Corn Island (MNCI) just of the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua? This is a default airport using either default or photo scenery. Turning down the autogen to low doesn't do it and turning it off makes the island look scalped. Advice will be appreciated as long as you don't tell me to just buy a chain saw😂
  7. The TFDI 717 is a very nice model but such a VRAM hog. It was originally released as a beta and took a couple of years to get to a polished state. Does anyone know if they will sell it through ORBX Central? I will wait to see how P3D users are treated before buying.
  8. I agree. I just wonder when the price increase for all these new goodies is going to hit. Addictive app for the serious flight simmer.
  9. LOL, I know who you’re talking about now. I communicated with him once about how I used to work in the control tower at Hot Springs municipal in the late seventies. It was a non radar approach control then and the FAA closed it after the strike. I didn’t know Bill was a priest. Glad he’s OK.
  10. I’m Vic Green but I’m afraid I’m kind of lost here. Who is Father Bill?
  11. I'm sorry but wrong Vic maybe?
  12. Don't stop sharing with us Birdguy. Many here enjoy your post too much. Keep em coming!
  13. Patco Lch


    This is very interesting. I didn’t know that.
  14. You would enjoy a book called “Tiger in the sea” .True story about a FT Connie carrying troops and dependents that had to ditch in the North Atlantic. Seems Flying Tiger had a lot of issues with those planes. They actually lost two that departed from Travis AFB on the same day. One crashed in Alaska ,the other somewhere over the Pacific and was never found. Very interesting book. https://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Sea-Ditching-Desperate-Struggle-ebook/dp/B08X332JNW
  15. Couldn’t agree more. @MatthiasKNU is a real gentleman and his work is second to none. I have several of his sceneries.
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