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    8 years ATC (Pre Reagan days) retired after 30 years route sales. Love my grands and simming in that order.

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  1. I bought mine through ORBX. Not updated yet. Soon I assume.
  2. Free of charge no. But I had all the stuff necessary to make P3D look that good already when msfs came out so for me that's why I still use P3DV5. Along with many reasons already mentioned. No reason to repurchase addons I already own, especially expensive addon aircraft. Those are nice screen shots @Sethos.
  3. If I want real world visual fidelity, I have plenty of photoreal regions I can activate. I don't use them much because ORBX Global and regions look so good. Many options are there, and I am primarily a short haul tube flyer but occasionally fire up some lighter planes for fun.
  4. IT actually works. It’s just the cameras change instantly instead of smoothly. Took me about two minutes to get use to it. I’m sure the update will be soon but is quite usable now.
  5. Come join us @PavlinS. You can run both sims and almost all add ones will work. You might feel you don’t need any third party shaders.
  6. Make a joyful noise! They actually did fix the issue of wheels floating above the ground in FSDT KCLT and KMEM. This has bothered me ever since release of V5 as these are two very nice addons. And to think I was bugging poor Umberto about this. Bless him, forgive me Umberto. This one fix makes the update worth it.
  7. LOL. I like that terminology.
  8. How much does it pay?🤓😂
  9. LOL, I hate crows. I always feel like they're laughing at me. If I'm putting something together in the back yard, they have a distinctive hahahahahahaha call followed by unha unha unha like you're not doing that right. I get enough of that from my wife and I don't need it from some bird on a wire.
  10. Actually I agree with you there. Destruction of someone else’s property is never justified. Just don't buy it.🙂
  11. Freedom of speech does not mean anyone else is obligated to give you an audience. It most certainly does not give you the right to interfere with other people's freedom of movement, commerce, or right to personal safety and use of their private property. This so-called freedom to protest has gotten extremely out of hand.
  12. I think we can safely conclude we won’t know anything about V6 until it is released to the general public.
  13. Very enjoyable listen. Thanks for that.
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