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    8 years ATC (Pre Reagan days) retired after 30 years route sales. Love my grands and simming in that order.

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  1. I would guess none of these wonderful planes are compatible with P3DV4or5? Tempted at times to reinstall fsx.
  2. Yep, a few years ago they held here in little ole Easley SC. Had teams from far away as Japan.
  3. My nine-year-old grandson is now in his third year of LL baseball. After a not so good performance on Monday, Friday night he strode up to the plate like he owned it, spun his bat around like an old west gun slinger and knocked the first pitch into left field getting a double and an RBI. Major League Baseball doesn't come close in fun to watching these little men play their hearts out while the tiger Moms' and Dads cheer them on. Brings a tear to your eye to see these fellas compete with the focus, teamwork and intensity of Major Leaguers, come off the field for their post-game huddle, Gatorade and snack and as soon as they walk through the fence transform back into kids, laughing and cutting up and generally acting their age. Or get beaned by a fast ball upside the head, arm or in the back, cry for a minute then shake it off and run out and take their base and play more determined than before. My daughter said when he first tried out for Little League about four years ago, he was so bad she went to the car and cried. She took him for some personal batting lessons from Mr. Youngblood who had been on the coaching staff at Clemson. A little encouragement and personal attention can work wonders in helping a little fella gain self-confidence. I relate that to my own Dad who was professional Army and considered punishment and negative reinforcement the way to raise kids. I used to have a negative attitude toward sports due to the commercialism, steroids and other scandals but the young are really what sports is all about. It's an educational and development tool. This brings me to my final point. Not enough appreciation for the men and women who have full time jobs, and all the responsibilities of everyone else but find time and energy to spend many hours a week to contribute to the development of young boys and girls while most people are headed home to the supper table and the TV tube. Friday night both teams took a knee and thanked the Lord that one little fella found out he didn't have the suspected bone cancer. That's sportsmanship and a life lesson in itself. Hope for the future yet. Nothing to do with aviation, computers or simming but this is my only social media and just had something I wanted to express. Thanks for reading.
  4. Of all things to steal, video games. What a world. One person I worked with said people will steal the stink off feces if it's not nailed down.
  5. I would really like to hear some honest appraisals from some of you good folks who have had some time to use this now.
  6. I remember when the theme song was played on the radio with the top ten count down and kids danced to it at the school sock hop.
  7. Includes: SIDs, STARS, Enroute low and high, Airport diagrams including gates and taxi routing with moving map on all charts. Integrates with Simbrief and Topcat if you have that. All information a simmer needs for IFR flight. Not as detailed as Navigraphs Jef charts but nothing left out you need and IMHO much easier to use. Shows Meteorological data, integrate check list and much more. I keep a Navigraph Nav Data subscription to keep my FMC and real-world routes up to date but by no means required, just a luxury. Navigraph will update your EFB. Like Ray said, go try it out for free and decide for yourself. Very inexpensive for a one-time purchase of world charts.
  8. Aivlasoft EFB is a very good value considering the annual fee for a Navigraph charts subscription. One purchase price and updates free thereafter. I can’t think of any other add on I’ve gotten more use out of. Highly recommend.
  9. They look about as 3D as you can get on a 2D screen. Beats VC imho.
  10. Back then if you lived to sixty you would be ancient indeed.
  11. I hope they do. It’s going to quite some time before PMDG focuses back to PD3V5 if ever again.
  12. Happy camper here. I've been on a Megascenery Earth kick and have about five states so far and am awed at how realistic and stable my sim feels. Photo scenery really rocks in P3DV5.3 with the autogen addons available and is pretty cheap right now. So why not MSFS? Short answer is I have it but the aircraft I greatly enjoy I have in P3DV5 so I will spend most of my flying time there. I have some pics over California that look like photographs. I know we're not the target market for P3D but I'm glad LM made it available to us. Eight states acually.
  13. It comes with a marvelous training system that helps you learn this not so simple vintage jet.
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