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  1. Already asked ! Just read post #4
  2. Not trick needed for A2A, just copy the add-on.xml provided by A2A to the V6 document LM files folder. That was already the official procedure to switch from V4 to V5. Enjoy Gérard
  3. Fixed in v6 patch 5 Gérard
  4. I know two products - Active Sky P3D (v4/v5) (you can tune the turbulance effect scale on the aircraft) - A2A Accu-Feel : Turbulence modeling (can be tuned for each aircraft) Of course, these products have a lot of other actions... Enjoy 🙂 Gérard
  5. Waiting also to get the update of Central 🙂 Gérard
  6. After going on testing, it looks like effect like diffuse light (vc ambiant, green or red shield light) needs to be updated as discribed above. Landing light, beacon, nav light, etc needs "only" addition of Intensity Day and Intensity Night addition in [ParticleAttributes.x] sections... I appreciate any feedback. Gérard
  7. To make some progress, I looked at a similar effets for the LM C130 and compared V5 and V6 files : for example in fx_c130_vcgr.fx, the most significant changes are [Particle.0] was Type=19 in V5, now Type=27 in V6 Face=1, 0, 1 became Face=0, 0, 0 // not sure if this as an impact ... [ParticleAttributes.0] Blend Mode=1 Texture=fx_2.bmp // have been deleted for V6 Intensity Day=20000.00 Intensity Night=20.00 introduced in V6 (values much lower than the one suggested) Applying the Type=27 change and adding the Intensity Day and Night (20000 and 20) to the V5 effet of my aircraft gave me the V5 results. I go on testing 🙂 I would like to get your own results. Gérard
  8. So far I did not had visible issues (on my usual airports - I am sure one will find some somewhere) It includes AFM2 to help address this kind of problems (I did not use it for the moment). Concerning performance, nothing noticed. Gérard
  9. Hi, There is a topic concerning installing add-on in V6. Thank's for it. We need now a topic of what must be done to adapt V5 aircraft for V6. Specially as I have not found so far any aircraft officially V6 ready !!! One of the issue I have concerns the lights effects in aircraft.cfg [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recognition, 8=wing, 9=logo, 10=cabin What parameters need to be modified in the effect file from V5 to V6 to get back previously working lights (night and day) ? I tried the add Intensity Day= and Intensity Night= parameters with no luck. Any advice is welcome 🙂 Gérard
  10. I had previously the NG2020 version - after updating to the 2024 version I liked the improvements. Gérard
  11. I confirm that V6 is correctly detected by LNM for me. Gérard
  12. I noticed it as well and was not expecting a hot fix for 5.4. But for the Falcon, fortunatly, that's not a show stopper. Gérard
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