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  1. 🤣😂 Even unused, deleted or dead software are not bug free ! Gérard
  2. Just in case... Have you checked your Steering Angle (mine is 35 degrees) The maximum angle (positive and negative) that a wheel can pivot (degrees). When 180, the wheel is free ... Gérard
  3. As a DC6 P3D user, I exactly feel the same. He promised an update for V5 but don't even supplied an simple installer update. When I understood that we may have V6 before that update, I had to resort to publicly known simple registry trick... What a shame... Gérard
  4. Hi, I updated the LOD_RADIS to 6.5, and I don't see any improvement on the scenery. The "apparition" of the city and airport from the scenery remains at the same position, i.e. 5.2nm from airport. "Something" is erasing the default P3D AND the EU Norway Narvik before the 5.2 nm distance. There is the same issue when coming from south (RW01), at the same distance. Other suggestion ? Thanks - Gérard
  5. Thanks to show some interest. I was really thinking that P3D was forgotten... My LOD_RADIUS=5.5 I am trying to balance my parameters for my configuration : i7-9700KF, GTX 1080, Window 10, Prepar3D V5.3 HF 1. I will try I try a larger value (is not 6.5 the max value ?) and "report"... Gérard
  6. Looks like I get a better (❔) chance to get attention by giving here the full containt of the ORBX forum post. Gérard ----------------------- Hi, Following suggestion of Doug answer on my ticket about ENNK scenery issue (Prepar3D V5.3 HF1), you will find hereafter the details of the issue and screen shots with and without ENNK scenery. Doug confirms that he see the same thing, but its first answer was "This is a limitation of the simulator and perfectly normal for this type of airport in this type of location." I am convinced that there are much more complex airport sceneries which don't exhibit this "limitation". Your feedback using V4.x and V5 is very much appreciated. I have also included the flight plan I use for this LOC19 approach. ENNK view from farther than 5.3 nm ENNK view nearer than 5.3 nm Default P3D view EU Norway only view LNM flight plan VFR Evenes (ENEV) to Framnes (ENNK).pln 5.24 kB · 0 downloads Old FSX views Thanks for your help Gérard
  7. Hi, I have this scenery since FSX time (2016) and regularly revisit Narvik... From time to time I make the short flight from ENEV to ENNK following LOC19 stiff approach 😉 Since V5 I have the issue described here https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/213504-p3dv5-v53-ennk-airport-not-showing-when-farther-than-53-nm/ I have open a ticket and was officially encouraged by ORBX to share my issue 😞 Your feedback and screenshots would be very much appreciated as I can't accept the first answer Thanks for helping. Gérard
  8. Great picture 🙂 11S Sekiu ? Easy thank to the coordinate displayed on the pic 😉 May I ask what add-on is displaying the landing assessment ? Thanks Gérard
  9. As too frequently, ORBX don't dare to use Global for update information 😡 An information hidden in the now read only support forums ! Thank you for the head up ! Gérard
  10. Me too - that will be a real buying argument for me. So far, the demo video did not convinced me. Gérard
  11. Great documentary 🙂 When will you build us a Martin 130 for Prepar3D V5 😉 Gérard
  12. Would be very helpful, now we know about the various threads used by LM (MainThread, RenderThread, FrameWorkerThread), what main parameters impact what Thread. This will give us the how to "compromise" depending on our "priorities" Gérard
  13. Thanks for your feedback. I am impressed by all the features you added and the quality of your alpha. Some devs don't even reach that level for their "finished" product... 😉 Gérard
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