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  1. gaab

    Falcon 50 - AP Mode Indicators - FOV

    Let me know when you start modelling her. I want to be first to buy 😉 Gérard
  2. gaab

    Replay road map ?

    Hi, Any new on that topic ? I am ready to "invest" in a paying upgrade, I am so happy with what you have developped so far 🙂 Thanks Gérard
  3. gaab

    Falcon 50 - AP Mode Indicators - FOV

    And I would love to have one well modeled. I use so far the AI version of Andrew Jarvis (privetely) converted to FSX and using the Falcon 20 (freeware) cockpit !! It's a very special beast according to Icare, a french pilot review. Gérard
  4. gaab

    Flysimwware updates for P3Dv4.4

    Hi Flysimware, thanks for your answers. I was probably not clear (english is not my native lanhuage) - the "fs_dummy.fx" and the "silence.wav" ARE supplied and used by LM, - the fx_dummy is used in the default F-16 aircraft.cfg (A, AM and C) - the silence.wav in the default PiperJ3 Cub sound.cfg No need to create them. I hate this one - it's a widely used trick and LM should not warn... 70 times in a single airport. Has been reported to LM which don't want to "forget it" [error.5] error=Taxiway path with 0 width I know this one, most of the time you can see in ModelConverterX "material editor" something like this The material name is "COCKPIT_T" but there is an associated texture with this "DDS" thing. I am not a modeler, so I don't know how this appears, and I never dare to update any model ... Maybe you - delivery guy 😉 - could investigate at FsDeveloper. If I can be of further help, it will be my pleasure. Gérard
  5. gaab

    Flysimwware updates for P3Dv4.4

    Hi Flysimware, I admire your work on the Falcon 50, and your dedication to fine tune it. As I am not a real life pilot, I wait for the final product : I follow your progress since the very first annoucement of the Falcon, so I can wait few weeks more :). But I am a real life IT guy ! So, I am sorry, but I can't agree with your statement for several reasons : - when P3D display a warning, that means that it is using "an error recovery" routine, instead of the standard code, even when warnings are turned off ! - due to the numerous cascading of folders, looking (several time) for an inexisting file does have an impact. - the too numerous gargage messages hide the usefull one ! - if a gauge, an image (texture or gauge image), a sound, shall not be used, why continue to call for it (it is not that difficult to fix) ! When I see (you may recognize the developper ) changing the image name from MyImage.bmp to MyImageNOP, (because re-using a old 2D gauge) instead of deleting these 3 lines or just commenting the block, I feal upset... <Image id="My Image ID" Name="MyImageNOP"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> Just for your information, since I switched to P3D, I fixed a lot of error messages, most of the time "garbage", in order to keep my ContentErrors file as clean as possible. And that way, I am able to fix real errors not caught by the developper - e.g. LM itself forgot to change in a panel a sound.dll to the 64bits version (in lieu of the old 32bits one). I am an old IT man and learned that every warning may hide a real error and have a side effect (and overhead), as the automatic correction may not take the right decision !!! Hope you understand my reaction. Gérard Remark default sound pointing to nothing = official LM is "silent.wav" fx_NONE.fx = official LM is "fx_dummy.fx"
  6. Hi Oliver, I would also be VERY interested. I find the P3D vehicule selection screen so awkward 😞 Regards Gérard
  7. Hi Mike, I took a look to your simobjects.cfg and noticed the last entry is pointing to the 32bits programs entry of Windows ??? Mine as only nine entries, all only refering to genuine P3DV4 directories [Entry.10] PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Ideal Flight Professional\SimObjects\Misc TITLE=IF10SimObjects ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true I suggest deleting it - and checking Ideal Flight support forum.
  8. Hi John, Thanks for the tip ! Short flights are my "cup of tea" 🙂 Gérard
  9. I would love to follow this flight plan. It is probably obvious for American people to recreate it, but for a foreigner (I am French), it is difficult to guess to most scenic viewpoints... Could you help ? Thanks Gérard
  10. gaab

    Thumbnail Exporter exception

    Hi Oliver, Thank for the update and the new option 😊 Regards - Gérard
  11. May I insist ? GParted IS the solution. Used for years to move from HDD to SSD and SSD to larger SSD (including for the system drive) as well as partitions resizing. Take a look here Trust me 🙂 Gérard
  12. For years, I use GParted (a bootable system on CD). Allow also partition resizing and move. The best opensource utility 😉 Gérard
  13. Hello Oliver, I was getting an exception "filename invalid" (on Fsx) I was not able to track down. Recently I have added few boats (on P3D) which recreated that exception. The number of added boats was small enough to decide to track down which boat was guilty 🙂 The root case is in a model.cfg file with a comment (always these comments ...) [models] normal=fremm_force0.mdl // pour un bateau stable ou immobile Deleting the comment solve the problem !!! Thanks for this very usefull utility I use VERY regularly. Regards - Gérard
  14. Don't dream and don't expect any answer from their customer support (I am not sure they even have one !). Your only chance is to borrow one from another Carenado or Alabeo plane (same folks...). I use the DME from the Beech D18S. Still waiting to find the FuelFlow one 🙂 But not sure I will soon buy another Carenado/Alabeo 😡 Gérard
  15. gaab

    Enhancement suggestion

    Question on Group Aircraft deleted. Found a solution. Thanks