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  1. Will you make a review like the one you did for the Alpha ? I would appreciate while (patiently) waiting for the official delivery Thanks - Gérard
  2. With what parameter - the documentation on the impact of each one is a little bit "light" (even not checked when terrain saturation mentions water saturation effect - cut and past from the water saturation effect). Gérard
  3. Thank you to the members - who draw my attention on this bird. A lot of fun. - give all the instructions to convert her to P3DV5 (specially Bert us usual). I goback flying 🙂 Gérard
  4. gaab


    I did not even succeed to register 😞 And you have to be registered to ask support for registering - catch 22 ! Gérard
  5. Exactly. I have started to update all my add-on.xml except Orbx, because - they frequently mix alt.bgl with traffic.bgl - they update very frequently their sceneries to (try to) address V5 evolution... But will happen one day 🙂 Gérard I am convinced that sloped runway is the real driver for this long waited evolution.
  6. @GSalsen, Any suggestion to solve the way too dark cockpit in V5. I don't even see switches and knobs on most aircrafts. Thanks - Gérard
  7. I have the same problem. Can you comment on what should be edited ? And all my cockpit are much darker than in V4 and it is very difficult to see most of the switch and knobs. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks Gérard
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. I am impressed and happy with the improvements already brought by V5. @Rob_Ainscough, will it be possible to get in the future the CPU, GPU and Vram hitters, like you (and Beau from LM) did for the previous versions. I am convinced that DX12 have changed some parameters impact. This would allow us to make the right choices to get the best of V5 tunned for one's configuration. Thanks for your very valuable contributions. Gérard
  9. You are right, but that was not the topic. There is a need to let people know this change (probably needed for the sloped runways). It is not as frequent to need to change the ICAO name 😉 LM has not listed it in any change log as long as I know. And the impact is not unsignificant... That is the reason why I try to insist on this point frequently. Regards Gérard
  10. Since Prepar3D V4.5 HF2 the elevation of an airport is defined by the LAST redefinition (upper in library). There is no more such a thing as Alt stub. One of the reasons of vector not being ported to V5. So the elevation must be fixed by your airport supplier. Gérard
  11. Looks like that "(L:GOAROUND_NODE,bool) " true activates the GoAround mode. Gook luck 😉 Gérard
  12. Hi Joe, I remember perfectly and used it a lot since recently, specially after upgrading my PC - thanks for that. My intent was just to try to draw attention of "knowing people" like Rob 😊, because we all have to restart from zero ! Have a great day - Gérard
  13. Thanks for this grid. I am only missing (from authorized source) the info we had concerning Performance Impact (DX11 => DX12 should have changed the impacts ?) With an added category VRAM Hitters per Rob A's P3Dv3 guide observations GPU Hitters CPU Hitters GPU & CPU Hitters FPS Hitters Performance Impact
  14. I would not say this better (as I am not a native english speaker 😁 ). That is a food for thought for some developpers (REX please, rush a EF v5 - even un early beta). Gérard
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