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  1. Just made a short flight after installing the new panel. Everything works very well. Thank you Bert for your outstanding work giving to the Community. Thank you, Peter
  2. No, I have not touched anything. Just installed the panel as per readme and replaced the F1GTN entries with RXP GTN.. But, as I said, when I call the GTN up with SH+2, normal ops. As soon as I put them back into the pedestal, it is dark and unclickable. But as I mentioned before, it is not a showstopper for me, I can accept that. Other question: is it possible to replace the 2 (or 1) deactivated FMC screens with another GTN? So I can use them like a moving map? I don´t like the original GTN covering a part of the panel during flight Peter
  3. Did a short flight this evening after setting up Bert´s GTN mod. Everything works a it should, no problems detected, except: my GTN750 (RXP) is dark. But when I call them up with shift+2, it pops up and works normally. If I send it back to the pedestal, it is dark again. Not a problem, if it is the way it should be. (it happens only with the F50, all other planes do not have that prob.) Anyway, a very big "thank you Bert" for the hard work. Peter
  4. Tks a lot for this quick answer Peter
  5. is the F50 equipped with auto throttle? Peter
  6. for the mod. Made a short test flight today, and found no abnormalities Big thank you. Peter
  7. Thanks guy´s I will go the easiest way via simmarket. The other course are to compicated for me Peter
  8. Hi, the Lima stock airport in v4.5 is still named as SPIM. As ATC and SimBrief do not recognice this airport, is my question: can someone explain to me if and how to rename SPIM to SPJC Peter
  9. Yes, it did help. Thanks a lot for your tip. Peter
  10. Thanks for your quick answer. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12pChuVZLNTP_EptQa7xkhJ3WvT9Pczom/view?usp=sharing In the meantime I tried your above settings, but also with this no joy. Peter
  11. Hi, can someone explain me how to remove the "0" parameter within the "control send when button pressed".Field If I delete them, and reopen FSUIPC, is back again. The trim via a selected switch at my yoke does not work, maybe because of that "0". But the FSUIPC.ini listed the switch for up/down Tks, Peter
  12. Bernt, thank you very much for your panel mod, Just finished a short flight, and everything works as expected. I just had to make a small size adjustment for the GTN, because the upper half of the Radio row was not fisible. Once more,, thank you for your mod. Peter
  13. Hi all, I´m like to update my Emb300 with the GTN750. Which one should I get: Flight1 or RXP??. I have read at Simbrief that the flightplan export works for the F1 GTN. In this case , I do not have to insert a fltpln manually, which is a big plus for me. Any suggestion? Thank you Peter
  14. Can you confirm, that ASC and P3dVxx are on the same drive, like both are on C: or D or another Peter
  15. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately it did not work at all. No Xgauge weathermap nor even a frame. I checked my gauges folder, there is no XGauge present. ActiveSky is installed in "C", and P3D in "D". So I copied over from C to D the XGauge folder, but no success at all Peter
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