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  1. Admin please delete Tks, Peter
  2. Hello, I accidentally deleted all my views entries in P3Dv4.5. Does anyone have any idea if and how I can restore them without reinstalling the entire sim? Thanks,Peter
  3. Hi John, Thank you for the detailed answer. I've learned something new again Peter
  4. I want to switch from FSUIPC 5.1 to 6 for p3dv4.5. Question: does 5.1 have to be uninstalled first, or can Vers6 simply be installed alongside it? Peter
  5. Tks a lot. Found it and works perfect Peter
  6. Question for AS 320 users: where exactly is the Navigraph flight plan saved? Problem: in my case it is in the d/l folder, and is therefore probably not recognized in the FMC during input Peter
  7. Many thanks to all for the recommendations Peter
  8. After my pc died without warning, after more then 10 years, now I got a new one. But I do not remember anymore which must have addon are needed V5 I remember FSUIPC and SODE, for example, Others that are useful. Thanks for any tip, Peter
  9. UTL from Flight 1 and RC4 from 1st day of release Peter
  10. Hello, thank you for the numerous feedbacks. -DDU was used in safe mode -Card was seated correctly (snapped in place) -Power supply is 800W -Power cable from power supply into GPU snapped in place -PC has no integrated graphics -After re-installing the old card all back to normal The card is on its way back. (Return) Now looking for a comparable NVIDIA one Thanks for so many help tips Peter
  11. Hello, I wanted to exchange my NVIDIA GPU for an AMD GPU. First I removed the NVIDIA driver using DDU. Disconnected the PC from the power and removed the old card. The new GPU inserted, GPU power cable connected. and the monitor connected, the PC/monitor supplied with power and the PC switched on. What happens: absolutely nothing, monitor stays dark. Question: What mistake did I make? Peter
  12. That's just a name change. The planes are basically the same. If you can choose, take Skyspirit, they are younger. But there is a possibility that Skyspirit has problems in 2004. Just try it out. Peter
  13. I have done that, locking outside and inside unlimited. Is better now, and I guess, more is not possible with my old machine Thanks all Peter
  14. Sorry for late answer. I7-920@4.00Ghz, 22GB Ram, Nvidia GTX960 4GB. Win10 Home on SSD C:\ P3D on own SSD D:\ Peter
  15. Inside P3D, locked at 30FPS. 60Hz Monitor Peter
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