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  1. Hi Ray, getting FSUIPC from the link you given, and install (overwrite existing FSUIPC). A warning was popping up, says something about simconnect, which I did not understand, but offered me a fix. So I let him fixed, started fsx and voila, you again the man of the year. All working fine. Another 2 question: I had to install a valid copy of the fsx.exe file, placed inside the P3D Folder. Can I remove that file or does it not harm anything? The 2nd one has noting to do with RC, but maybe now now a trick: whenever I open a menue inside running P3D the sim goes by by himself into "paused mode". Is there a workaround to removed that auto paused mode??? Anyway, thank you very much for your quick help Peter
  2. Hi Ray, the latest for FSX/P3Dv3 4 4.971 Peter
  3. When I start RC I get the msg: Cannot link to FSUIPC or Wide Client. I made a complete fresh install incl Win10, P3Dv3, FSUIPC, FSC RC (registered) and msstdfmt.dll succesfully registered. But, when I start RC I get the msg: Cannot link to FSUIPC or Wide Client. I have 3 SSD´s installed: C: Windows only, D: P3D only and E for programms, including RC, FSC and so on Any help is very appreciated Peter
  4. https://www.captainsim.org/forum/csf.pl?num=1419588831 go to the last entry, written by garrettprs Peter
  5. Go, get it. I´m using it since more then one year, and more then happy. There are some panel mods wich increasing the fps. In my eyes there are two faults, which are not fixes bei CS. 777-200 Pax wrong calculating of the zfw because unreliable cargo container weight 777-200F if you load the 200F for example next day, another livery, you have to reload the cargo again. Peter
  6. If you have GSX Level 2, try to disable Level 2 via the Add On manager and check again. Peter
  7. A couple of weeks I switched from HDD to SSD. Made a fresh install Win10 on 250 SSD C:\ drive, and also fresh FSX onto 500Gb D:\ Since then it takes a looong time to start FSX, and even much more longer if I change to another plane. It feel like double then on the old HDD. FSX performance itself is equal or even better during flight. No other change in HW or SW. Trim is on for both. Thank you for any tips Peter Win10Home, I7@3,8 8Gig RAM
  8. Hi Ray, you are my HERO. You found the prob and, inportant, you give me also the solution. A very very big thank you for that. Flt plan without changing anything is only Simbrief. FSC10 shows Win crlf but only utf8 and can be converted to utf8bom, So OnlineFlightPlanner, I was unable to convert. But no prob at all,leave them away. Here my files in "rcv4x\Data" a4, c4, f4, m4, n4, p4, r4, s4, z4. All cvs. Once more thank you very much, RC4 is back Peter
  9. Ray, first of all thank you very very much for your help. The solution you gave me is a little bit hard to undersstand for me. But I will try. One more question: the pic, which you attached, is that a screenshot of your "rcv4x\Data" folder?? If so, I do not have them all. I have only *4.** files. Can that be the problem? Because those 3 fltplan are from 3 diff sources, like FSC10, OFP and Simbrief which I use since years without prob. Peter
  10. Ray, try this: right click the link, save link address, open a new browser window, paste the link inside, a web.de notification comes up, wait a second and you have the file Peter
  11. Ray, I do not know what that problem now is.I copy and paste the link from my mail inbox. If I click on the link within my mailbox, then it is working. Do you have anything where i can sent the mail? Peter
  12. Ray, here is the link: C:\Aerosoft\FSC10\Flightplan\RC https://www.filehosting.at/file/details/780996/EDDW-EDDM.pln Peter
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