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  1. hi Guys. for troubleshooting various issues i went back to the built in weather theme "major thunderstorm" to see what is the LM endorsed way the weather should look like any kind of (theme included) setting/layer that contains wind gust the wind jumps from the lowest value to the highest without any gradation (???) shifts+Z info line shows the same, winds speed only takes two values, the min or the max the angle of precipitation jumps from one angle to another that looks very unrealistic. fsuipc ver 6109, and NoWeatherAtAll=yes what gives? which of my setting or cfg file could be screwed up? ty for any help 🍻
  2. Mr Scoob and Flyfox thank you very much for the info, sorry for the late reply i wasnt lookin. have a nice day 😛
  3. hi, did you buy it in the end? and were you planning to use it in FSX in 2023? just asking. ty.
  4. Hi Guys, does anyone know if theres a proper forum for FeelThere E-Jets somewhere on the internet, where actual information is exchanged? especially these addons in p3d4-5 and applying tweaks? (it needs them). their official forum is now a discord server thats basically a fansite for this tower simulator product, there isnt even a group for their aircraft... i undestand this dev community less and less. 😗 hey, thx for any info
  5. thanks for writing this down. im on 5 since a week or so after a properly tweaked 4.5 and I am shocked in disbelief how bad the v5 software as a whole is. its a full blown beta version and looks like they use their paying customers to beta test it just like BMW with the e60 M5. seeing they price it for 2000 dollars for pro customers feels like candid camera
  6. i have a much simpler workaround... how about LM putting an option for this into the advanced menu instead letting paying users suffer on this. should be a baseline for a software they dare to overprice this much, and lie about military and god nows who using it for "training" whatever the f that means... clearly in beta stage after so many 5.xx version this is basically a theft
  7. ok so to elaborate. ive been using it for 6 months maybe its an absolute joke. i thought it was bcos i was on w7 and latest p3d4.5. but having put up win10 and latest p5 its even worse. full of serious bugs and they lie about the content, it does not do what they say. also they dont care about, cos they didnt update since ~may, this is a beta version at best buglist: very abrupt weather changes far from immersion. weather phenomenon showed in the advertisement video very rarely appear (or not at all) many times rain and snow falls from the clear sky far from clouds weather cells cannot be seen from each other for example the airport can be overcast but you can see it from 10 miles away but when you get there the visibility abruptly changes to low and you can repeat this several times extremely slow injection that makes tweaking very difficult, and it's very hard to explain why is this slow, program load up is also slow. it does not pre-inject weather in advance along the route even if you clearly stated the destination airport there are no config file for extra tweaks --> features looks like hard coded 6SM visibility everywhere in Europe mostly visibility engine tweaks are mostly useless and buggy for example max setting disappear in certain situations. flight plan is reinjected into the simulator even if you changed it already, it cannot be turned off and it should be wise versa, also flight plan loading is very tedious it should be automatic UI way too complicated and slow emphasis should be shifted for the weather engine not the looks then you play on VATSIM or IVAO most important is quick loading quick injection also around the airport useless frills like startup screen is annoying and unnecessary. at exit it also pop an unnecessary screen that you have to push okay on if the sim crashes or restarted it does not reconnect to it. you have to exit and reload REX also
  8. for v9 maybe lol 😄 but they will still keep the pin sized map with arrows for moving tho...
  9. Quote


    You must acknowledge this warning before posting again

    Note for member
    Apart from replying to a 2 year-old topic which is frowned on your tone needs improving. This is just a verbal warning. If you persist there will be consequences.


    Hi! i find your facebook/social media type censorship extremely disturbing in these violent times. I also ran into an another admin, you probably kno who it could be, and had to screenshot him bcos he based his moderation on boasting about why he was banned from "some forum" years ago that i didnt even heard about, and he brought that up as an example why he warned me. 
    I live in Hungary as you know there is a war going on in our neigborhood and there is a huge crisis going on. as Musk said, its time for free speech

    i find extremely disturbing that you use a method where i cannot look at my post in question, and i had to ok. the warning bfore i can do anything, this is straight Zuckerberg "ess ahg eye tee" and you guys need to stop.

    also: "frowned on" by who? as P3d5 is clearly horrible as of today w the latest version and forces to use w10 so its not an outdated question.

    "there w be consequences" - like FOR WHAT??? for stating the obvious that w10 is a privacy threat?

    to add: these "word not allowed" stuff, idk who thought this up but is extremely childish, daycare like and disrespectful on so many levels when ppl have SO MUCH PRESSING problems than a few mild curse words that you hear in an elementary school every day, let alone among real world pilots. 

    this pages moderation principles really need to change. also I planning a post on how many levels p3d5 is a joke especially for the price

    you gonna censor that too? 

    1. Ray Proudfoot

      Ray Proudfoot

      AvSim is a private forum. You agree to terms and conditions when you sign up. Staff and admin decide what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you want to discuss politics or wars find another place.

      Unacceptable posts are hidden, not deleted. Swearing is also not permitted.

  10. well you don't just feel like but you indeed wasted your money. it's an absolute joke on this forum that posters are called out left and right but vendors are not questioned. I've been using this in the last weeks several aircraft on orbx Alaska scenery it is just as bad as in Midwest Europe or Florida. for example if visibility data is missing from a given metar then it automatically assumes 0SM over Alaska extremely abrupt weather changes, a thunderstorm over a big glacier that appears from nothing then disappears 10 minutes later into broken clouds. The real Life radar shows no clouds there. also when you look back there is no trace of a given weather phenomenon that you have just left. at 32,000 ft you'll see the a rectangle shaped weather zone below you best thing it turns out this version is a many times "fixed" version and probably there will be no fix they probably think this product is ready. yet it's on the level of a beta version at best. The problem with this softwares That's obviously you have a life you can't play all the time and you have to use it for a few weeks for this serious bugs to turn out
  11. prolly the same as all of their jets as all of them just the same reskinned word not allowed lol but we can be glad now as this product is perfect, cos their website says 'NEW' for at least 1,5ys now, no update, theres nothing to correct, right? 😄
  12. plz be open minded to think english is not my 1st language. so you meant 'complimnent/appreciated' as a joke? it wasnt clear. i just bought rex SF 3 weeks ago and its a complete ripoff it simply does not do what it says, weather changes very abrupt, weather itself only loose connection with real time (faa cameras), rain falls from clear sky, lightning without cloud etc and just all in all after deliberately searching for weather i was nowhere near able to replicate what they show on their videos and screenshots
  13. after watching "Flying with Rich" latest episode about the limited edition cirrus, he stating that this is the best selling general aviation airplane in the world. so I was happy to jump and try it out in the simulator. bad call I switched from A2A Comanche which is an awesome add-on albeit a little tasking in fogged in Alaska. this Carenado sr22 is a complete junk, it's full beta, simply not a release ready product. The CDI in GPS mode does not work does not show the right screen stucks and does weird things all the time like buttons not working as 5 minutes ago or stuck in weather mode and unable to bring back the main map. alphabetical keyboard working or not. it depends AP speed hold mode completely off AP logic clearly buggy can't steer the airplane on the ground without braking The so-called immersive HD sounds have clear looping artifacts and all in all just very weak and lackluster. flight model is lame and arcade like. yet what I see is still sold on simmarket for 40 Euros, the latest version being 2020 or before. also some other Carenado products I tried are the phenoms, which aren't that bad, at least the g1000 works normally without the horrible navigraph add-on...so Coronado does have a limited but working g1000 addon. how is this possible, what's going on in the simulator addon market? why aren't these bugs corrected especially if they have a working code? why aren't they called out on this forum by the administrators? guys its 2022
  14. isnt this a payware? whats appreciated, i dont understand... i hope you were joking on paying for it again...
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