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  1. well you don't just feel like but you indeed wasted your money. it's an absolute joke on this forum that posters are called out left and right but vendors are not questioned. I've been using this in the last weeks several aircraft on orbx Alaska scenery it is just as bad as in Midwest Europe or Florida. for example if visibility data is missing from a given metar then it automatically assumes 0SM over Alaska extremely abrupt weather changes, a thunderstorm over a big glacier that appears from nothing then disappears 10 minutes later into broken clouds. The real Life radar shows no clouds there. also when you look back there is no trace of a given weather phenomenon that you have just left. at 32,000 ft you'll see the a rectangle shaped weather zone below you best thing it turns out this version is a many times "fixed" version and probably there will be no fix they probably think this product is ready. yet it's on the level of a beta version at best. The problem with this softwares That's obviously you have a life you can't play all the time and you have to use it for a few weeks for this serious bugs to turn out
  2. prolly the same as all of their jets as all of them just the same reskinned word not allowed lol but we can be glad now as this product is perfect, cos their website says 'NEW' for at least 1,5ys now, no update, theres nothing to correct, right? 😄
  3. plz be open minded to think english is not my 1st language. so you meant 'complimnent/appreciated' as a joke? it wasnt clear. i just bought rex SF 3 weeks ago and its a complete ripoff it simply does not do what it says, weather changes very abrupt, weather itself only loose connection with real time (faa cameras), rain falls from clear sky, lightning without cloud etc and just all in all after deliberately searching for weather i was nowhere near able to replicate what they show on their videos and screenshots
  4. after watching "Flying with Rich" latest episode about the limited edition cirrus, he stating that this is the best selling general aviation airplane in the world. so I was happy to jump and try it out in the simulator. bad call I switched from A2A Comanche which is an awesome add-on albeit a little tasking in fogged in Alaska. this Carenado sr22 is a complete junk, it's full beta, simply not a release ready product. The CDI in GPS mode does not work does not show the right screen stucks and does weird things all the time like buttons not working as 5 minutes ago or stuck in weather mode and unable to bring back the main map. alphabetical keyboard working or not. it depends AP speed hold mode completely off AP logic clearly buggy can't steer the airplane on the ground without braking The so-called immersive HD sounds have clear looping artifacts and all in all just very weak and lackluster. flight model is lame and arcade like. yet what I see is still sold on simmarket for 40 Euros, the latest version being 2020 or before. also some other Carenado products I tried are the phenoms, which aren't that bad, at least the g1000 works normally without the horrible navigraph add-on...so Coronado does have a limited but working g1000 addon. how is this possible, what's going on in the simulator addon market? why aren't these bugs corrected especially if they have a working code? why aren't they called out on this forum by the administrators? guys its 2022
  5. isnt this a payware? whats appreciated, i dont understand... i hope you were joking on paying for it again...
  6. for what purpose you guys like to use a wx radar...? on which airplane/addon combo has wx an actual detrimental effect on your flight, that you need to avoid TS, or areas of severe icing etc... im asking, im really curious...
  7. does not work at all for me on P3D v45. it's doing all kinds of BS... when I connect it it twist and tumbles the heli all over the place. also the default ones. The Blackhawk even takes off on idle. tried about four helicopters then I gave up. do you have any success?
  8. That's quite interesting because if I connect it it's twist and tumbles the heli all over the place. milviz 407 but also the default ones. The Blackhawk even takes off on idle. so it's doing all kinds of BS. did you test it or just tried if it connects?
  9. Hi I'm really interested in the flysimware FMS but there's barely any info about it. Will you post some more preview, videos for example? I'm curious about vertical navigation, it's handling of holdings and editing of more complicated arrival and approach combos. does it handle vertical path properly? as you know apart from PMDG, there isn't any properly working FMS on the market. I had many bad experiences it would be nice to see before I buy thx.
  10. Hi can I kindly ask what video were you mentioning? I just bought the unit and it has serious flaws which makes it a complete hit and miss for ivao and vatsim thx🙏🏻
  11. Hi man as you know sharing is caring I just bought the unit in the Christmas sale and trying to add it to the Learjet 35. halfway there. it also has the flysimware gns. would you mind reposting the pictures? as you see and they are expired so preferably in a text version... also the mentioned gauge would be good. in the Learjet I see about 30 to 60 control variables need to be paired. it would be a huge help if I could see your solution. if I succeed I will post mine. thank you very much in advance.
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