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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. I have not seen the post at the P3D forum so I will take a look at that. My idea is to extend the view of the cockpit / scenery. So yes I will think it has an impact on fps. Okay, I'll start reading the post at P3d first. Rein
  2. Hi there. Since about 6 months I have a 32 inch 4K monitor. I can select the refresh rate 30 HZ on the monitor. In P3D I checked VSYNC and frames unlimited. It runs fine. I use a 11 GB 1080Ti GPU. In P3Dv5 I can see most of the time 4 to 5 GB VRAM is used. I don't fly very complex AC. All ORBX regions and airports. Now I'd like to add a second 32 inch 4K monitor; same brand and type ofcourse. My question: What does that mean for the load on the GPU? Second monitor doubles the number of pixels. Will the needed VRAM also be doubled? What will this in general mean for FPS? Thanks. Rein
  3. Hi there, Just downloaded and installed the latest nvidia driver (442.19). In nvidia control panel you can now select max FPS 30 or even 20 (former driver was max 40 FPS). By the way, my name is Rein. Live in the Netherlands and since a few monhs took the step from FSX SE to P3D 4.5. No regrets.
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