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  1. I run P3D5.3 HF2 and most of the time I use Active Sky with ASCA. EA is always on; I like that. Is the latest version of Sky Force 100% compatible with P3D5.3? I have a vague memory there was an issue with it in combination with EA, but not sure about it. Does Sky Force really have added value compared with ASCA? What do you think? Rein
  2. In case you missed it. There is a sale at ORBX with discounts up to 40%. Also 40% at some of their partners like Fsimstudios. Sale will end at August 14, 23:59 UTC. Rein
  3. Hi, I bought Donegal last March at ORBX. I remember the installing was not straight-forward. I used lorby addon organizer to make an xml. Now it shows up under Addons. It's working fine.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. My original post was about the buying decision for the orbx sale. I pulled my wallet and bought TE GB North and I think next week I will buy 1 or 2 airports. And still hoping for a P3D v5.4 coming soon with improvements for vol. clouds and a few other things. For the most I am a happy P3D user.
  5. I own Germany North and South since they were released. I didn't regret it.
  6. Hi there, As you might know ORBX has a summersale going on until the 3th of July. I can't decide if I do right buying some scenery or not for P3Dv5. I can't decide because I don't know what strategy LM has. If I was sure there will come a version 5.4 or 6 and backward compatibility is guaranteed, then I wouldn't hesitatie one moment and buy the things I like. Because P3D for me is the number one simulator. But if LM decides to stop development now or in a few months, or year, then I stop buying stuff; it feels like a waste of money then. I just wish LM would communicate a little more about their plans for the future. I think they continue development because they have contracts with the military and professional users, but I am not sure. And will those new versions become available for the flightsim hobbyists? Questions, but no answers. I read in this forum that several of you still buy stuff for P3D? I am curious to know what your buy-decision is based on. I hope you can convince me. I really wish P3D will be further developed for the coming years. Rein
  7. Thanks Dan. Missed the post from Kevin. You're right it's only the afcad. Without the whole product from orbx it's pretty useless. Rein
  8. Thanks for your response. I think I will give it a try with the C421 and the improvement mod.
  9. Thanks Dan. Great tutorial for starters like me. Took my first babysteps and adjusted S05 (part of orbx pnw) to p3dv5. It looks much better now (no more floating runway signs and I also placed a windsock which is there in real life). As I said very simple but I have appetite for more. Thans again. Is it permitted to upload the improved .bgl to the avsim file library or do I break copyright laws when I do that. How does that work? In fact it is a modified orbx file. Rein
  10. Hi, Just two questions. I'm thinking of buying a twin AC from Alabeo (C421 Golden eagle). I read in the Alabeo subforum here at avsim that it's also compatible with p3dv5. Just point to the p3dv5 directory when installing. I only have A2A and carenado GA. How does Alabeo compare to these two. More like A2A (I hope so) or more like Carenado or something in between? The other question. How does ORBX LKPR perform (fps)? The last aiport I bought from them is YBBNv2. This one is really heavy. I have to set my p3d sliders a few notches back to get acceptable fps. I have a gtx1080ti, 32 GB RAM and a i710700K running at 5.1 GHz. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I own P3Dv5 and MSFS. Most of the time I fly P3D for a number of reasons. And yes I also do VFR in P3D. That's certainly possible with good sectional charts. Every road, lake, powerline and so on is visible in P3D, at least if you use Orbx regions, LC or photo products. Today I made a short flight in MSFS, when finished I got the steam achievement (50 hours of flighttime in a single pilot profile). Haha, 50 hours in one and a half year. In P3D it's about 300 hours. But what surprised me was the number of users who have reached this achievement; 10.9% of players have reached this achievement. This means that 89.1% of the MSFS steam users has flown less than 50 hours?? I suppose a lot of users bought MSFS in the first months after release. So is MSFS gathering dust in all those computers where it is installed but hardly used. I'd like everybody to have the sim he/she likes most, but I think MSFS is a bit hyped. Rein
  12. For Belgian scenery you can take a look at https://jancuypers.be/flightsimcorner/Scenery_JC.html A number of the airfields/airports is compatible with p3dv5 For Dutch scenery: https://www.nl-2000.com/ Rein
  13. Rein2


    Thank you all for your advice. I already own LOWS from Digital Design and I'm very happy with it. I don't own any scenery yet of MK. I decided tot give MK a try. There still is a 40% discount the next few hours (13 Euros). So I will try that. Rein
  14. Rein2


    Hi there, I like to buy Tenerife South GCTS. I prefer buying form ORBX central. I can see there are 2 versions of it. From Digital Design and one from MK studios. Any recommendations? Which one is the best regarding fpx, looks of the scenery, etc. Don't know which one to choose. Thanks
  15. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. I have not seen the post at the P3D forum so I will take a look at that. My idea is to extend the view of the cockpit / scenery. So yes I will think it has an impact on fps. Okay, I'll start reading the post at P3d first. Rein
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