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  1. I like the LC products too. It has a kind of beauty of its own. I have all the orbx lc products and still have a lot to discover (Africa / South America). I also hope someday we will get the LC Asia. Rein
  2. Do you have the UK2000 common libraries for P3D installed. I had the same problem with the red X. When you download from simmarket the libraries are not included; the developer emailed me a link where I could download them. This is the link I got: https://www.uk2000scenery.net/~scenery/files/Common_Library_Package_3.74.exe This is very hard to find on the UK2000 website itself. Rein
  3. I forgot one thing. Hope to help people in this forum, ORBX and P3D forum, who run into problems. As a community we are strong and can keep P3D alive for the coming decades. 🙂
  4. Hi all, I was the OP of this thread. Thanks to all for the replies. I decided to stay with 5.4. Perhaps in the near future migrate to v6 when more airports and ac come available for it. The first ORBX products are compatible (global, vector, some LC products). Only ORBX central needs to be upgraded for v6 support. I'd like to say that I really love P3D 5.4. Today I just sat at EGPH (ORBX) for one hour just watching the AI traffic (AIG), listening to ATC and looking at the clouds and how that changed (ASP3d active). It was an immersive feeling. The lighting, the incoming and outgoing traffic and so on; everything was just very fine. And then there are so much things I haven't touched yet: ATC program (like P2ATC, VOX or another one with speech recognition GSX; never tried yet Flying the big jets; I haven't come further yet then 2 engines turboprops VATS VATSIM; haven't tried All the scenery that's available for it; payware and freeware. I already have about 30 airports from ORBX and a few other payware. Also the photoscenery that's available; what's his name who posts here in the forum with his photoreal scenery; thought it is Matthias. Wanna try that too. Also want to learn how I can upgrade airports with ADE and other tools; specifically making FSX/P3D1,2,3,4 airports suitable for v5. Look what they do at simmershome.de. Looks very nice imho. Still so much to discover the coming years. By the way; next month I will be 63 years old and start enjoying an early retirement. So plenty of time for P3D!! Rein
  5. I've seen the promo video of this product at the P3D website. Looks very, very good, although there is a little morphing. My flightsim world is for the biggest part built around the products from ORBX (LC, TE and regions). All those orbx products have a 5 meter mesh. So I ask myself what is the benefit of using the global mesh ultimate product. Don't understand so good how it works, when the base is a 5 meter mesh.
  6. You mean 5.4 is significantly smoother? That's an important factor! If so then I stay with 5.4.
  7. I was inspired by the pictures from Rogen and his P3D4.5 setup. I run 5.4 but I'm thinking about going back to 4.5. I have also a licence for this. Offcourse I could install it, but that takes some time and file management. Have to make some space for it. So I first like to know what are the most important differences between 4.5 and 5.4. Offcourse EA and Volumetric clouds. I also remember some posts saying that the FPS and smoothness in 5.4 is better. Are there other things? And is the FPS/smoothness significantly better.
  8. All FSX/P3D scenery from UK2000 is now available for 9.99 (English Pounds) each. This price is permanent.
  9. I just had a look at the first airfield in the P3D v5 airport dropdown list. It's 100 Aker Wood / TN41 / Spring City / Tennessee. I had ORBX global and OLC North America active. The airfield is just a simple airstrip. What surprised me was that there was no lake in the vicinity (at one end of the aifield). According to google earth there is a lake at one side of the airfield. After that I activated ORBX vector and started the scenario again. Now I could see the lake in P3D. So I think it's best to keep vector activated. What do you think?
  10. I know, that's why I wrote 'first step' in the title.
  11. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/219212-v6-support-prepar3d/?do=findComment&comment=1842189 Rein
  12. I did know about the lack of support. It's just that I wanted to see P3Dv6 just out of the box. Like I said I think it's a platform with enough potential. I hoped ORBX would have shared a roadmap for bringing their producs to v6. Although their CEO has told us that they are considering it, we haven't heard anymore the last weeks. When ORBX will bring their products to v6 so I can install and manage it from ORBX central, then I buy it again. But I won't bet on it, ORBX is really doing this.
  13. Hello to all of you, Lately I've been thinking about all the knowledge and experience there is in our community and if it's possible to combine those strengths in making great stuff for P3D. For example: there are people here who have great skills in using ADE. Other people are proficient in photoscenery. And then also people who have experience with modelconverterx and so on. And then there also people who have experience in making 3D models. So I think a lot of knowledge and experience here in this forum. Would it be feasible to combine these strengths, lets say to build an airport as a community task with several talented people in a projectgroup? And then the final product can be given to the community as a freeware. Has something ever been tried? Rein
  14. Yes it really looks very good! Gonna give it a try soon.
  15. I bought P3Dv6 and ASPv6. This weekend I decided to ask for a refund. Although I think the platform itself has enough potential, support from addon developers is essential for me. And then specifically ORBX. When ORBX decides to make P3Dv6 installers for their products I might buy it again. For now I enjoy P3Dv5.4. With the next REX sale I will buy skyforce. I've seen some pretty good reviews using it in conjunction with v5.
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