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  1. Thank you guys for explaining, but im too not en expert. I need to know which settings must be set by installing the AIM and TC software. I read in the manual about Tool in the fs settings, but i cant find them. I would be a grest help If there is install pdf for P3DV5 available. That´s what i am looking for. greetings Dieter
  2. The Hi everybody, i tried to install AIG AIM and TC in P3DV5 HF 3 , but it will not work. Is there any detailed Information to match the right settings, Folders , etc. the Manual includes Settings for p3dv4, but i think i dont Need the SDK for the 5 Version. did someone have a separate install PDF for P3DV5 ? man thanks for your kindness help greetings Dieter
  3. Hi there, i have problems to activate the nav mode to follow the flightplan. What are the correct settings to get the GTN working? Is there a tutorial or any help? Thx for your kindness help greetings Dieter
  4. Hallo miteinander, musste meine system ssd tauschen und P3DV 5.2 neu installieren. Leider bekomme ich GTN complete nicht zu Laufen. Habe über den Flight1 agent alles nacheinander installiert ind bekomme ich den entsprechenden Carenado Alabeo Fiegern nur black displays. wer hat für mich einen Tipp, wie und was ich tun kann damit es läuft. vielen Dank und Grüsse Dieter
  5. Hi there, i bought the RXP GTN 750 Touch instead the f1 gtn 750 complete package. i have problems to use it in Carenado products like c337, because i cannot integrate this in the panel. Is there any manual/video which shows "how to do?" Thanks for your help greetings Dieter
  6. Hi there, after setup my pc again i had to reinstall all pieces fpr P3DV5.2. Skymaster and other planes are not working with the newest GTN Trainer which downloaded by the F1 Agent. Who can help to find the last working Trainer? Zhx for your kindness help regards Dieter
  7. Problem solved!! After reinstall with a new WX advantage installer from the rex forum sites, the plane works correctly Thanks a lot for your assistance greetings Dieter
  8. OK i have done so, but the canadian support people has at this time no idea but working on it
  9. WX Advantage radar is working fine with my DHC-2 Beaver Milviz and DHC-3 Turbine Otter Milviz and MV_PC-6_Amphibian. I read that i have do nothing if the install process of the lear is finished. But unfortunately the main knob of internal radar does not work
  10. Good morning Ray, sorry for the late answer. No i dont have run the WX Advantage manager
  11. After reinstalling the newest rex software wxradar_20191021 - the same problem!!
  12. Moving the knob to test is not possible
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