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  1. hello i'm trying to reinstalled the boeing 314 A for p3d v5 and i have the base boeing 314A installed but when i tried to open the boeing 314A zip folder i get a error saying the zip folder is invalid and i have tried to redownload it twice both times it was the same error pic of the error https://prnt.sc/map8gN4TzAwy
  2. hello nico, a question, if I make permanent parking for helicopters, e.g. in LIPZ where the factory of Augusta Westland is and the A139 is built, the helicopters stand on the parking positions created by me. If I activate the option add helicopters in PSXSeenconntraffic, the helicopters are displayed twice on the permanent parking positions. how can I prevent this?
  3. Thought I would fly my "routine" NZCH to NZQN via Mt Cook in the Vertex DA-62, a flight I have done a LOT without incident. However, the DA-62 woke up "wonky", not in its normal cold-and-dark state, and when I tried to correct things the model would not respond. The normal (excellent) Vertex dashboard was not functioning either. So, I uninstalled and attempted to re-install. No go - I get a "setup error" that kills the installation - the DA-62 appears dead for me... ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž All Windows scans (i.e., scannow and Dism) indicate a normal (such as it is) and correct Windows environment. Anybody else seen problems with the DA-62? Hoping it is a "transient" error...
  4. When PBR 1st came on the scene in the P3D world, painters scrambled to figure out how to use this new tech to it's best advantage. PBR in the graphics world is "Physics-Based Rendering" for the uninitiated to the subject, and has since allowed your flightsim painter's to do things like this.... This particular South African airline polishes its engine's leading edges to a mirror finish. Note how the leading edges of the wing are matted by contrast. PBR makes this possible...and seeing the sun glint off that metal when the plane is in motion is a sight to behold. ๐Ÿ™‚ Before I broke out my virtual buffer and can of Brassoยฎ ...both engine leading edges looked like the one depicted on the left engine shown below: I love not only how far simming has advanced over the decades, but also how the new technology allows devs to create even better visual experiences for us. We've come a looooong way from this:
  5. Just FYI, a new version of SF3D for P3DV5 has been released... check out their website... Version 20210316 Technical Update 2.5 of REX Sky Force has been officially released. The following is a list of the fixed items associated with this release: ADDED โ€“ Support for Prepar3D v5 FIXED โ€“ Improved visibility and haze effect rendering for Prepar3D v5 FIXED โ€“ PMDG wind file missing folder issue FIXED โ€“ Optimization risk negative numbers with higher-end graphics cards FIXED โ€“ Registration failures FIXED โ€“ Cloud brightness modification for Prepar3D v5 FIXED โ€“ Overcast cloud models for Prepar3D 5 (Non-trueSkyโ„ข) FIXED โ€“ Green bar rendering when disabled FIXED โ€“ Backup files will not overwrite with both 64bit and 32bit installed FIXED โ€“ Export file not updating FIXED โ€“ Export JSON file not being downloaded FIXED โ€“ Flight plan not being cleared within the application FIXED โ€“ Client connection database error IMPROVED โ€“ Rendering moderate rain handling when BR is recognized within the metar report INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 - Open Sky Force. Step 2 - If you receive a popup stating a new update is available, click the Download button to download the latest build. Save the file to your desktop. Step 3 - Close Sky Force and uninstall the application. Step 4 - Unzip the new update and right-click the rexinstaller.exe to run the file as Administrator. You may receive a popup from Windows requiring extra steps to run the installer. Be sure to click the More Info link and then the "Run Anyways" button. Step 5 - Once Sky Force is installed, right-click the Sky Force desktop icon, choose properties, choose advanced and then check Run as administrator. SUPPORT If you need support, please submit a support ticket at: https://rexsimulations.com/support.html
  6. Hi, my UTLive suddenly stopped working in P3DV5. I noticed it today - I am not aware that I changed something in my simulator. I am using P3D5. When I start P3D I can see that it is initialising but after that it shows this error. Also, if I start Utlive.exe it shuts itself after a few seconds. Any thoughts what might be the problem? I cant post a screenshot here but the error says: Ultimate Traffic Live encountered an error while loading external data into the simulation engine. Error: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. I already tried to reainstall UTlive but no result.
  7. Hey guys, This is going to be mega thread with pretty pics - here are my settings on my PC to get 30fps pretty much with 30hz 4K Monitor on P3Dv5. My PC is i7-5820K OC to 4.4GHZ, 16GB Quad channel DDR-2400 Ram, RTX 2070 super 8GB, all ssds, pcie-ssds. 4K monitors Here is quick TL/DR WINDOWS 10 2004 (10.0.19041.208 Release Preview) is a MUST for VRAM management (Right now you have to be Windows Insider to get - pros/cons to this - google it) Nvidia Drivers Latest 445.87 Drivers 8GB+ Video Card req (if less than that - ymmv but Windows 10 2004 build will help to some degree) Do the 30hz Monitor trick with VSYNC ON+Triple buffer+Unlimited Frames in P3Dv5 Affinity mask it is upto you. I have 6 core with HT on - I am using all cores except for the 1st core and its logical core. 4092 on my end. My P3Dv5 Manual 4 Configs (rest are in pics below) 1) RS_MIN_OBJECT_PIXEL_RADIUS=1.000000 (Default is 2) - Update 6:54pm - see Rob's Answer below - this is better left alone to default 2) TextureMaxLoad=9 - @Rob_Ainscough can you help on this - I went to 9 as I was getting black textures when I went panning outside the VC and then back to VC in PMDG 747. Weird I never had to do anything like this before. This setting helped on the black VC textures reload etc I dunno what the frak is going on. This setting has to be in on [DISPLAY] section. See P3Dv5 Documentation it is listed in Advanced Config Section. 3) UseGlobalTerrainView=True - Default is False. YMMV. True does take some VRAM but I have always enabled it (from p3dv4). Again Rob can chime in on this one. 4) Affinity Mask is set to 4092 for my cpu If you disable TrueSky - you do save way more VRAM that is true but this is to show with Truesky I was getting great VRAM management and it looks so nice except for this patchy truesky blocks around things. It is Beta lol. Addons Used: Orbx Global OpenLC NA Global 2020 NG Mesh (this may not be needed at all moving forward), FSDT Airports AIG Planes Active Sky P3D (Beta #2) PMDG 747 RAAS 64bit Unlocked, FSUIPC 6 @Rob_Ainscough and @simbol Please let LM know that Windows Build 10 2004 (RP) does better VRam management infact I accidently installed latest fast ring that was showing me 500MB consumption of VRAM vs 800Mb of VRAM - but fast ring is Not recommended at all for us simmers. Things will break with it. Now the Long part with pretty pictures (All Images are 4K - you will have to click them to see vram usage and fps) P3D is love/hate relationship - we all are paid testers for LM - no denying this. I wish we can get awesome graphics like other titles do but we are stuck with legacy code which I am amazed that LM decided to use for v5. Freaking annoying but this is the fact of sim world. We are now have come full circle to the land of OOMS (good old FSX days are back ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ. Now it is VrOOMS - but I didn't worry as much this time with latest windows 10 build but this is now a moving target. Any update could bring horrible VRAM management, even Nvidia drivers could. Multiple vectors are there for freaking annoyance. Sure bigger VRam cards are key but honestly I can't justify in this time of covid pandemic era to buy a new card when I have a 2070 RTX (which I bought on release 2019). As more features keep getting added even the 10 gb+ vram cards are not the answer. Efficient coding is KEY from all devs to leverage hardware properly (DX12 requires that). If the product you buy and devs are sloppy - screw their product. I am ultra strict now. I vote with my wallet plain and simple. LM will release Hotfix to get this sim to stable quality I am sure of that - so install addons which install outside the sim. If you value your time - you will save it here. At least keep it to minimum when installing addons which bury itself into SIM's root directory (b/c some devs will NEVER change their bad habits). Here is what I do. 1) Install Sim 2) Install only addons which install outside the sim root - Orbx , FSDT etc 3) Configure Sim 4) New Update comes - Download Update 5) Move third addons from their addon directory to another directory (disabling them) 6) Run the current Sim - updates the addon files and it shows no addons are active 7) Uninstall the sim - completely - delete all P3Dv5 directories 8 - Install the new Sim update - Full Build Install 9) Best Part - Move all the third party addons into the original prepar3d addons directory, for Orbx I just put them back where it was originaly, and run sync my sim again. 10 Use Lorby Tool to check everything is fine and dandy - It usually is 11) Time Saved insane amounts ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I truly wish PMDG and Flightbeam will install outside the sim. Atleast in Flightbeam's case they have files like Flytampa has hooks to install outside the sim. I have done it in the past manually but I wish they would listen and do it. FSDT @virtuali is always ahead of the game - just amazing. And now Orbx followed suit and boy everything works flawlessly. PS - I did alpha test Orbx Central lol for a short time - it truly has come a long way. 1) Windows 10 2004 Default VRAM usage It shows 905 MB b/c I had windows Snipping tool open. All windows open take some VRAM (but it is not crazy usage like Windows 1909 builds). 2) 4K Monitor Set to 30hz 3) P3D v5 Settings with TrueSky 4) FSUIPC Settings with Aggressive Traffic Settings I just want to see some planes period and not drag my FPS down as it loads up entire airport. I want FPS and fun bits. Without AIG, my FPS is way over 30 fps. I usually get like 45 fps with these addons at monitor set to 60hz but for now it is set to lowly 30hz. 5) VRAM Consumption = PMDG 747, AS P3D Beta 2, AIG, Truesky, FSDT KORD v2, Orbx Global, openLC NA, Pilots FS Global 2020 NG = 30fps+ --- See the weather 6) VC Shot - FPS is near 30 fps - around 25-27fps - Can't beat that - It is pretty stable Hope it all helps - Enjoy and be safe out there. Wish you all good health and success. -Skywolf
  8. Not sure if this was answered already. Delete Generated Files are still at same place as V4 and with Icon....I deleted....But also managed to wipe all ORBX files.... Not sure if DGF have a same function as in V4....
  9. P3D v5 HF1 installed. I get a CTD with no error window or something else overflying the region of CYMM Ft. McMurray far up in Canada! ORBX, PMDG 747, FS Global Ultimate NG2020 all installed with v5 installers. Is this reproducible on other systems? Any ideas? Best regards Bruno
  10. Hey guys, Few days ago Rob casually mentioned 5.1 and today on post at pmdg - RSR mentioned 5.1. Looks like LM is working hard and improving the sim (very grateful); they know about pbr issues etc. Just giving heads up - enjoy the sim (I know I am especially with the fun tweaks). MaddogX for V5 is Wow!!!!! and even the Queen's weather Radar is working. These addons are sure keeping me busy. Be Safe and have fun
  11. Does anyone know which gate works with GSX ground services for the PMDG 747? I tried Gate for which shows up as supporting HEAVY but once I park there and try to activate GSX it says this parking is too small.
  12. The next hotfix will be launched in the next couple of weeks: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=219259#p219259
  13. SKUNK WORKS Aircraft for V5 Free at SimMarket.
  14. Hello everyone! I hope to be not the only who need a well made long-range Business jet like the Bombardier Global Express, Global 7000, Falcon 8/7X. Is there somebody thinking/deciding/working in that category in the future? Not necessarily P3dv4/5 only...I'm talking about any sim platform including future ones like MSFS2020. Personally, I'm totally in love with the Bombardier series, but I wish I don't have to wait to get rich and buy a real one ๐Ÿ˜‚ Regards from Italy, Alex
  15. I am running my sim on a large 55" 4K TV and would like to know how I can set P3D to run in Window mode at a specific resolution? I'd like to have it running at 2560x1440 as a window so that I can use my left over space for other apps like my flight planner or have my browser open. Also would running P3D in a lower resolution window vs at 4k fullscreen give the sim better performance this way?
  16. Hi all, I am very close to buying the Reality XP GPS, GTN 750/650 or GNS 530/430. I have some questions, if you don't mind? Any reason to buy the F1 version over these? What's the difference between the GTN 750/650 compared to GNS 530/430 ? I assume that the GTN 750/650 is a newer better version of the GNS 530/430? Is that correct? Do I need to buy both? Any advantage to having both? What's the difference between the GTN 750 or 650? Is the 650 just the smaller version but otherwise the same? Is there anything else you think I should know? I'm fairly comfortable editing ini/cfg files or whatever. Many thanks for your input! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bully. PS I'm running p3d v5.
  17. I bought P3D v5 last week, a couple days after RTM. Since then..it been a blast of discovery and sheer enjoyment. Where I use to daily haunt the MSFS20 forum, honestly, I haven't even viewed in days. I am having a blast with P3D v5, and am even 're-discovering' Orbx products, in that I had ALWAYS thought how 'synthetic' all the land class scenery looked since FSX RTM. This is the first flight simulator platform, that has removed that 'shiny' cartoonish rendering of landclass etc. As I flew from KOAK to KLAS yesterday over Orbx titles...I was amazed in how life-like the color pallets were now...the (so hard to put into words..) the 'feel'...the 'look' of the terrain as I flew over farmland, mountains, desert..the all of it. It now (within the limitations of landclass and not photoreal), looks close enough to real terrain, fields, rocks, strata, that it no longer is 'in my face' to dampen the total immersion. I'm sure that MSFS20 will blow our socks off...but now, I am in no hurry to see it. Let it mature and grow in Beta. In the meantime, I am finding P3Dv5 absolutely keeping me so entertained...my shoulders are once more, relaxed. Dawn breaking over San Diego, set with TrueSky enabled;
  18. In the last few days every time I launch P3Dv5 it requires all my Orbx products to be enabled (a succession of Enable Request Boxes). I am running P3Dv5 HF1 and I have uninstalled and re-installed the Orbx products, but no change. Also, Orbx themselves cannot help! Anyone seeing this? Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this?
  19. Hi, I just signed up for a 3 month FsAerodata and look at the latest installer - picture is worth thousand words. I hope F1, and all other people who are developing Prepar3d content can plan and prepare for P3Dv5 lol - Rob, get me on the prepar3d v5 beta team pretty please!!! I will buy you a beer every month (for 2019 that is) ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‹ Have a happy new year 2019. 2019 - Year of Prepar3d v5 My guess is that there will be no 4.5 and probably around Apr-May-June 2019 time frame---- looks like we all are going straight to v5 whoohoo
  20. Hello All, As you may or may not know, Aerosoft have a 50% sale on at the moment, including the CRJ Pro. I haven't seen any mention of the CRJ on here for a while, so just wondered if anyone was still using it with the latest version of P3D and whether you would say it was worth picking up? Obviously there is the whole Aerosoft/P3D support thing (not wishing to start another conversation about that) but just wondered if it was actually flyable/enjoyable, or whether even at 50% off it's not worth the hassle? Thank you!
  21. Hey guys, i have the following problem: Everytime I try to move the camera, chaseplane generates conflict with the P3D camera, i dont know what to do any ideas? This video is the issue Im having https://youtu.be/vDNwDK7XauU
  22. I really can't fly out of the Latin VFR KMIA v2 or KMSY as they it suck all my VRam up. With graphic settings at normal (4K) both are using 6.1GB of my 7.1 when I load any plane. Interesting that Latin VFR KBWI takes about 4.1. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Thank you in advance! Bob
  23. Hello there, my biggest problem with P3dV5 at the moment is the broken lighting at addon airports. Of course, some of them have been properly fixed, but others cause problems because PBR aircraft don't reflect light (even though the airport was ported to v5 by the developer) and in some cases, airports just won't be provided in the short term (for example Imaginesim refusing to fix ZSPD for P3dv5 at the moment...). I've read about the new parameters and frickled around a little bit with effect files but no success up to now. Has anyone accomplished this yet? Or could somebody explain to me, what exactly the difference between P3dv4 und v5 is in regard to dynamic lighting and how it can be fixed? Given the speed, that a lot of developers took to fix their airports, it can't be so difficult, I assume. Thanks alot Adrian
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