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  1. Hello Nico, thanks for the new version, no errors. Yes, it`s to hot in the moment. regards Pete
  2. Hello Nico, in the new version of your program i got 4150 errors. in the last version nothing, can you please have a look at this. i found out that the errors came only from one folder: in the log file i see that this folder where scaned two times. but in the parameters.xml the folder is only once regards Pete
  3. Hi,again, i have now deactiveted the automatic scan and the error merssage are gone regards Pete
  4. Hello Nico, after installing the new version for P3D i got errors with invalidAircraftcfgfiles. How can i fix this one? Regards Pete
  5. Hello Nico. this morning i have a look at the log file and there i found this entry. Flight plan search, destination LFSB taken from file \\\Prepar3D v5 Files\EDDSLFSB01.pln DESTINATION_AIRPORT=LFSB ITY119 EI-IMH AMS->LIN ITY A319 =1= FSPXAI A319 Alitalia NC ! Simconnect Exception: load flight plan failed How can i fix this? in the faq and the docu i found nothing about this regards Pete
  6. Hello Nico, that is a good idea. When you change more ai aircrafts the renumber util was ferry helpfully
  7. Thanks a .lot for your fast service. by the way, i have seen that static aircraft in edds are were double on parking pos, and that was also in the snapshot.xml written regards Pete
  8. Hello Nico, sorry i forgot this to say, after landing in edds , i made a new flightplan to lfst and this was not loading automaticly as before. And this was the same when fly from edds to ETHL and back.first when i start psxseenc new then the dest arpt there regards Pete
  9. Hello Nico, the automatic loading of a new flight plan does not work anymore in the latest version. Is it possible that it is related to the xml file of the airport in which I have added the option permanent parking? because I flew yesterday and this morning from and to EDDS and there I have permanently parked helicopters. I attach the log file and the xml file. If you could please have a look. have a nice day regards Pete
  10. Good morning Nico, thanks for this info and the new version with the glider depth. regards Pete
  11. Hello Nico, one question, how can i fix this message? ===> D4231 GLID no lights control => livery will be re-created ... ===> D8603 GLID no lights control => livery will be re-created ... ===> DKGGT GLID no lights control => livery will be re-created ... ===> D9144 GLID no lights control => livery will be re-created ... ===> D5360 GLID no lights control => livery will be re-created ... D5360 D-5360 GLID =s= DG-101 D8603 D-8603 GLID =s= DG-101 DKGGT D-KGGT GLID =s= DG-101 D9144 D-9144 GLID =s= DG-101 D4231 D-4231 GLID =s= DG-101
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