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  1. Hi, i can say it works with the P3Dv 5.4 in my case! regards Pete
  2. Hi, i have tested it in edja and since two houres in eddh it works in the moment
  3. Ahh okay, i had this error this morning in eddf. i check it at another airport
  4. Thanks for help and fix this. have a nice day
  5. okay, after i create that folder by my self i can find the inlineregcode.txt. that is strange
  6. And why do you have these square brackets in the folder names? i use as explorer the totalCommander and at this is normal
  7. Hello Nico, i was going back to version 34.0.0 and with this version i get a inlineregcode.txt in the info folder the newer versions to not creat this file
  8. This is the log file from now: and this is a picture from the folder
  9. good morning nico, yes i know, but your programm did not create these folder and not the file and this is what i ask you. or must i set something in the xml file
  10. Hello Nico, thanks for your answere, but it will be helpfull to see what aircraft are this problems mate in a inlineregcodes.txt file. can you to that
  11. Hello Nico, after i installed the new version 34.2.0 i see in the log file a line that makes me confused. ********************************************** liveries summary ********************************************** 13176 liveries read from \liveries\AI_liveries.xml ===> 12 clashes in in-line regcode, see errors\InlineRegcodes.txt Offline regcode files processed, results can be found in info\OfflineRegcodes.txt 16179 registration codes 244 opf liveries 1344 airlines, 206 pax aircraft types and 73 cargo aircraft types 512 similar type definitions Generic liveries for 23 types Category Light: 395 pax liveries and 27 cargo liveries Category Small: 2118 pax liveries and 45 cargo liveries Category Large: 6746 pax liveries and 472 cargo liveries Category Heavy: 2333 pax liveries and 702 cargo liveries Category Heli: 311 pax liveries and 9 cargo liveries Category Gliders: 18 pax liveries ************************************************************************************************************** but i have no error folder with the inlineregcode.txt . can you please check this regards Pete
  12. Is there an parameter pointing to them? <parameter name="afolder2" value="D:\MSFS2020\Official" /> <parameter name="afolder3" value="D:\MSFS2020\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-airport-eddk-cologne-bonn" /> Are you sure they are not encrypted? Yes, only the update xml from the older once fsdreamteam is there Did you get them before? No
  13. Good morning nico, now i have only 68 xml files in the thirdparity folder. But the aerosoft and simwings airports are not generatet.
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