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Found 233 results

  1. I tried flying the P3Dv4 "stock" Carenado A36 Bonanza last night and the landing and taxi lights are so dim they're useless. Other aircraft in my P3Dv4 setup and PTA preset seem fine. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to modify the lights .bmps to fix? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what the holdup is from FSlabs releasing the update for V4? They have been silent on their site so I was wondering what the delay is. I am not asking for a release date but I am just curious on what is keeping them from releasing. The info over there is basically it will be ready when ready but that can mean a number of things!
  3. I saw a youtube clip of some guy doing a flight into ORBX KJAC for V4. I thought that wasn't available yet. Was this just released or is there a roundabout way to get it installed? thanks
  4. Variance in Mountain's Switzerland this time! Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment...Darryl
  5. June 14, 1924: The rooms of the Imperial hotel had 20 foot ceilings and beds so soft when you were in then you sank out of sight. For breakfast they were served bowls of raspberries and cream so delicious Arnold said “it was almost worth flying around the world to eat them”. Despite the luxuries they all wanted the holiday in Paris Smith promised them if they could get there ahead of schedule, so before 7am they left the Ancient city of Vienna for Strasbourg France. It was raining heavily when they left, which kept them low over the Danube river as they followed it into Germany, They emerged into bright sunshine as the crossed over the Black Forest and landed in Strasbourg after 6 hours of flying, where despite the festivities planed for them, they hurriedly had lunch and got there planes ready for there next leg. September 19, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the Cessna 195. The 195 was one of Cessna’s first post war aircraft, there last with a radial engine and there first one that was all aluminum. Because of the big radial engine it was larger than other Cessna models and more expensive to buy and operate so was marketed as more of a Business aircraft. First flying in 1945, about 1180 were built before production ended in 1954. The model I am using today was made by FlySimWare and is nice. Weather for the flight from Vienna started off good, 11 knot winds with a few clouds at 1300 feet and a temperature of 12C/53F, quite a change from the 31C/88F five days ago. It was a bit cloudy so stayed between 2000-3000 feet while I found the Danube and followed it west to hear the city of Linz and then west into Germany. Ran into a fierce thunder storm over Munich but soon emerged from that as I approached the Black Forest, we crossed over the river Rhine and descended into Strasbourg, the 358nm flight had taken 2.4 hours. Here are the pics: Ready to go. Staying low, where is that river. Following the Danube. Lightning is very close. Clear weather again. Over the Rhine river and into France! Our destination. Secured. July 14, 1924: Although elaborate arrangements had been made to entertain them, they stayed in Strasbourg only long enough to refuel the aircraft and get a quick lunch before being back in the air bound for Paris. A hundred miles from Paris a flight of planes from the French joined them to escort them to the city. Fifty miles out they could see the Eiffel Tower and the great buildings of the city, as they got nearer they could see thousands of people in the streets celebrating Bastille day, with there French escorts in tow they flew past the Eiffel tower, made a circle around the Arc de Triomphe to pay tribute to the French tomb of the French Unknown Soldier and proceed to Le Bourget Airport where more than five thousand Parisians were crowding the airport. They landed and were quickly mobbed by the throng while diplomats and French officials tried to shake there hands, it took an hour before they could get there aircraft into the hanger to do there post flight servicing. After they were taken to there hotels they accepted an invitation to the famous “Folies Bergere”, as the lights went down for the show they promptly fell asleep. September 19, 2017: The North American F-86 Sabre, the Sabre is best known as the United States' first swept wing fighter that could counter the Soviet MiG-15 and was considered one of the best and most important fighter aircraft in the Korean war. Although it first flew in 1947 and was outdated by the end of the '50s, the Sabre proved versatile and adaptable. The last was retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994. Over 9800 were built in the US, Canada, Japan and Italy. I tried to use the very nice Milviz model but it proved a bit beyond my skills. I started the flight but part way to Paris noticed the gauges had stopped, I fiddled with the power switches and got them back but then the engine was running at 100% and I could not get it to power back. Fiddling with the switches some more the engine stopped and I could not get it restarted, finally aborting before it crashed into a field. So instead I tried with the Virtavia model, which does not look as nice, especially the VC but it is much easier to fly. Started the flight with light rain, 7 knot winds, a few clouds at 700 feet, overcast at 6000 and a temperature of 10C/50F. I headed northwest toward Paris, at about 5000 feet to get over the first bank of hills and then dropped to about 2300 to stay below the clouds. It cleared up a bit as I approached Paris but I did not see the Eiffel tower as far away as Lt. Smith and the boys did . I finally spotted it and did a few passes by the tower and the Arc de Triomphe before landing at Le Bourget. The F-86 just ate up the 207nm flight in just 35 minutes, often cruising at over 540 knots. Here are the pics: Ready to go. Climbing out of Strasbourg. Try to stay between the clouds and the hills. Its clear and I am good on fuel, drop the tanks. There is the Eiffel Tower Never sean so few cars around the Arc Another pass by the tower. Landed. Thanks for reading ATB.
  6. Hi all, Did I make a mistake when updating/downloading my C172RG Cutlass for Prepar3D v4 ? The FuelFlow and RadioDME gauge are INOP, confirmed by the contenterror.txt : Some other issue as well with the clock and Radio_KR87. Other C172RG customer can check their contenterror.txt on Prepar3Dv4 to see if you have the same error ? Remark : its hard to know the version, but the .exe (ALC172RGX.exe) installer date is 06/19/2017 (downloaded from Alabeo web site with a new serial).
  7. Been looking for a while for a new monitor to use primarily for P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11. My current screen is a Hazro HZ27WC which is a 27", 2560x1440 only capable of running at 59Hz which makes it impossible to get smooth performance in P3D. GPU is a GTX 970 so I don't know how well it will handle a 4K screen. I find it hard to find detailed specs for refresh rates to include 30Hz. Any suggestions? Would like 30" and at least 2560x1440 resolution.
  8. Recently I have been having trouble with blurries and popups but can't figure out what could be the cause. I never noticed them before recently and haven't messed around with my settings too much. The only thing I can possibly think of would be that I just upgraded to a Dell Ultrasharp U3415 curved widescreen. I bumped the resolution in the sim to the highest so maybe that is a cause? Or something in my graphics card? My specs and settings are follows: Win 10 Intel 7th Gen Core i7 7700K (4.7GHz Overclock) Quad Core 16gb mem 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, PCI Express 3.0 500GB Samsung EVO 850 Solid State Drive sliders mostly right, 19m texture distance, 8 x MSAA, 16 x AA, highest resolution Orbx Vector, North America LC, Orbx Global, US payware airports, PMDG 737/747, PTA, Active Sky and ASCA, Rex Textures What else can I provide to see what could be causing this? This only started happening recently. The pop ups will either be autogen trees or full tiles of scenery. I won't be able to double check settings or get a screenshot until after work, but would love any advise or things I should be looking for. All airports I have are very clear and sharp. Thanks
  9. Dear Customers, VAInterface is not yet compatible with Prepar3D V4. We are working on implementing it, but there is no committed release date yet. But rest assured that the support will be available for the MCP, EFIS and all our products soon. Best Regards, VA Support Team
  10. P3Dv4

    Hello all! First of all, my sim is running,I could solve my problem already. I just want to let you all know about this problem (some might have). I updated my 777, when the update came out. Since that day i tried 5 flights with the 777, and all ended up after about 60-90 min with a CTD, the faulting dll was the ai_player.dll I was looking for the problem a few days now, tried removing my ai traffic, tried reinstalling the P3D Client, tried reinstalling the 777 (with the 12SEP update) and and and... Now I could solve this problem by installing the 777 without the 12SEP update. It is running now again. When installing the 12SEP update again, it is crashing after 60-90 mins. I am not sure, what exactly causes these CTDs, because I cannot something in the cangelog which could cause this CTD, but I am sure the developers know that better than me... Like I've written above, without the latest update the 777 is running as it should, so at the moment I have no problems, I just want to mention it. I wish you all a nice weekend!
  11. Hi, I was wondering how ORBX, REX and other add-on's are integrated into p3d v4. Currently I am using P3D v3 and the above add-on's and they are taking nearly 175GB of disk space all together. I now have approximately 130GB of free space left on my 500GB SSD. Now I planning to get P3D v4 and do not want to uninstall v3 yet, till I have a stable v4. I am curious if add-on's like ORBX utilize the same set of scenery and related files/folders or do they take up additional space. I am afraid the latter might be the case (because of 64 bit codes) but was not sure. I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. Thanks in advance. veemaniq
  12. I will soon visit Antalya (third time now) in real life, in a nice autumn vacation with my wife. Inspired by this, I have now completed my first flight to LTAI in my FS history
  13. July 9, 1924: The Flyers were used to getting up before day break but this day the slept in till after 7am and were not in the air until after 11am for there flight to Aleppo Syria, escorted for the first hour and a half by British Fighters. There route followed the Euphrates river and more monotonous desert They landed at the French Airfield northwest of the city and were greeted by laughing French pilots who insisted on toasting them with a special Champaign they had been saving for the occasion. After servicing there aircraft they were taken into town and to a reception and dinner that lasted until 2am. September 13, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the Vought F4U Corsair. The Corsair first few in 1940 and was the first US Fighter to fly faster than 400 mph but it did not enter combat until 1943. Over 12,500 were built before the final delivery in 1953, the longest production run of any piston engine fighter in US history. I am using the ‘Birdcage’ model by JustFlight, which is quite nice. My flight to Aleppo was uneventful. Weather was good, clear with 5 knot winds and a temperature of 23C/73F. We cruised at 4000 feet, mostly following the Euphrates river, the Corsair made short work of the 388 mile flight cruising at over 290 knots and landing at the Aleppo International Airport after 1.4 hours of flying. I am happy that the civil war that has engulfed Syria does not invade the virtual space I fly in because I know the people of Aleppo have suffered quite a bit and as far as I can tell there airport is still closed because of the fighting. Here are my pics; Climbing out of Baghdad. Heading out over the desart. Not much out there. Selfie! No eclipses here. Following the river. Over Syria. Landed. July 10 1924: Despite the dinner than ended at 2am the night before the flyers were up at 6am and in the air by 9am for Constantinople (now Istanbul). Ahead were the 10,000 foot Taurus mountains that they planes could not fly over, so flying single file at 4000 feet they followed the Berlin-Baghdad railroad that cut through the valley, often uncomfortably close to the to the Mountain walls. Here they experienced the first real cold air since they left the Kurile islands. At 2:30 pm they landed at San Stefano aerodrome in Constantinople. To greet them was Admiral Bristol the American ambassador and few other American and Turkish officials but not the large crowds that would have been there had the cables Smith sent from Baghdad and Aleppo arrived, the telegraph system in this part of the world had not caught up to the technology of the day. After servicing there aircraft they went into the city but there were no dinners or receptions to attend since nobody really knew when they were coming. That evening they had dinner at the hotel and went to a Cabaret. September 14, 2017: For the next flight I will be using the Lockheed L-049 Constellation. The Connie came out of a reqirement from TWA for an aircraft that could fly 3500 miles with 40 passengers. It used four R-3350 engines had a pressurized hull and wings similar to that used on the P-38. The aircraft first flew in 1943 and by then all civilian orders were taken over by the military. Designated the C-69 it was used as a high-speed, long-distance troop transport. Production was slow because the B-29 program had priority for the engines and by the end of the war only 22 had been built. Eventually 856 of all models were built by the time production ended in 1958. It set the standard for speed and luxury until replaced by Jet aircraft. A Connie still holds the record for a flight between New York and Washington, a record that will probably not be broken because it was done before the FAA speed limit below 10000 feet was imposed. The version I am using is made by JustFlight and is included as a default aircraft within P3D. As much as I would love to keep flying WW2 aircraft for the rest of the flight, history moves on and I figure this aircraft will be a good transition between that era and the post war aircraft I will be flying next. The weather for the flight from Aleppo to Istanbul was good, Clear with no wind and a temperature of 23.4C/74F. Being able to cruise higher than the Douglas World Cruiser I flew at around 10000 feet over the mountains on a direct course for Ataturk International Airport. Landing safely the 489nm flight had taken just 2 hours. Here are a few pics. Getting ready to takeoff. Climbing out of Aleppo Heading out of Syria. Flying over Turkey. The Taurus mountians. Cruisin. Our destination is in site. Secured. Thanks for reading, ATB.
  14. Hi, simfriends with the annonces of realityXp and fligh1 of new versions of gns530 for p3dv4... i'm unable to make mine choice between. Mine configuration of data in v4 is done with navigraph integrate by fsaerodata. I hope using directly mine .pln done by flight planners compatible with navigraph... thanks for your minds... and helps. regards
  15. Just for a bit of fun, here's a comparison between the Just Flight Piper PA28R Arrow III (or IV or whatever) in FSW and in P3D V4, and purely for the comedy value of alluding to that 'Arrow to the Knee' meme from Skyrim, I took this particular Arrow to Kneeland Airport in California. And you thought this comedy stuff was just thrown together eh? Some things to note: FSW is on medium settings with no AI traffic because my PC struggles a bit with it at the moment and will continue to do so until I put more RAM into it (next week), and it is apparent that FSW is not optimised properly yet since it is rubbish in full screen mode and shouldn't be if P3D V4 can run like this, because P3D V4 is on the other hand on pretty high settings and has Active Sky and Cloud Art in there and also has Terraflora in there as well and the AI traffic is up high too and all the fancy HDR lighting options are ticked. For performance reference, the computer has a ASUS Strix RX480 GPU with 8Gb of DDR5 RAM, the processor is a Kaby Lake 7th generation i5, the motherboard is a ASUS Prime Z270P with 4Gb of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM on it, both sims get about 45 FPS on the noted settings with that hardware at present, but performance is brought down somewhat by FRAPS. Other things worth noticing: The lighting in general on the textures in FSW is better because of all that PBR malarkey, but the PA-28R does not have internal objects casting shadows in the VC (yet), which are there in P3D, although FSW does have directional lighting affecting the surfaces, so things like the ambient light falling on the panel do look better than in P3D and FSX, but those large moving shadows certainly are missed in the FSW version at the moment as they do add a lot to the feeling of being there:
  16. Orbx San Diego (KSAN) + Ultimate Traffic Live
  17. Hello all, Whenever I try to load in the PMDG 737NGX into a multiplayer session with friends, the aircraft always bugs out and sinks in to the ground as if it had no landing gear. It dances all around the place! This only happens on multiplayer, and when disconnecting from the session the issue then persists in single player. The only way to fix it is to restart the sim. Any thoughts? Oliver Moss
  18. July 7 1924: In Karachi the flyers were hosted to a dinner by the RAF officers, the first time they had dinner with ladies* present since leaving the states, in a speech the base commander reminded them they had traveled 12,577 miles since leaving Seattle, father than anyone before, but still had over 14000 to go. With the help of the British mechanics they spent two days replacing the engines on there three aircraft, they worked during the day and spent the evenings having dinners at the homes of various British officials. The morning of July 7 they were up at 3am for breakfast and were in the air by 6:30 for Chahabar Persia (now Iran). They flew over sand, ancient lava flows and mountains which Arnold described as the “most lonesome, barren and desolate place imaginable”. Shortly after noon they crossed into Persia and descended on a small port city on the Gulf of Oman. * I assume 'Ladies' means upper class women of European extraction. September 6, 2017: For the next flight we will be using the Consolidated B-24. As I am sure you all know, the B-24 is a four engine bomber that first flew in 1939. Designed with a efficient high aspect ratio Davis wing, the B-24 could had a high cruise speed, long range and a heavy bomb load at the expense of being difficult to fly and having poor low speed performance. While the aircrews preferred the B-17, the general staff preferred the B-24 and it was produced in very large numbers, over 19000 were built making it the most produced multi engine American military aircraft in history. The aircraft I am using today was produced by Virtavia and despite being a FSX model works well in P3Dv4. It’s a bit difficult to fly but once you remove the bomb payload it becomes much easier. My flight to Chabahar was pretty easy, weather was good, 9 knot winds with scattered clouds at 3000 feet and a temperature of 27.8C/82F. We flew at 4000 feet along the coast of the Gulf of Oman and landed at Konarak Airport, the 358 nm flight had taken 2.2 hours. One historical note, after crashing in Alaska, Sergeant Harvey completed flight training in 1926 and was commissioned as an officer. In September 1941 he flew over 3150 miles in a B-24 to carry a lend-lease delegation to Moscow, he then continued around the world through India, Australia, Wake island and Hawaii, Here are a few pics from the flight. Ready for takeoff. Engines running. Airbourn. Check the gauges. Selfie! Along the gulf of Oman. Glamour shots. Landed. July 7, 1924: In Chahabar they were met by a representative of the Indo-European telegraph company who had arranged there supplies. The fliers quickly refueled there aircraft as they ate the sandwiches supplied by the wife of the British. They were in the air again at 2:35 for Bandar Abbass. The four hour flight was uneventful and when they landed in Bandar Abbass they were greeted by Mr Richardson, the British Consul who had volunteered to act as there advance agent in the area. September 7, 2017: For the next flight we will be using the Supermarine Spitfire. As I am sure you all know the Spitfire was the star fighter of the RAF for most of World War 2. First flying in 1936 the Spitfire was produced in greater numbers than any other British aircraft and the only British fighter to be in continuous production throughout the war with the last being built in 1948 after over 20,000 were built. The model I am using today is a Mark IX and was produced by RealAir and is one of my favorites (great shame they shut down). The weather for takeoff was good, 6 knot winds, few clouds at 2000, temperature of 27.7C/82F I flew along the coast of the Gulf of Oman at 4000 feet and after a short time ran into increasingly thicker cloud layer that forced me to descend to 1000 feet to keep the coast in view. I landed at Havadarya Airport, Bandar Abbass after flying 249 nm in 1.3 hours. Here are a few screenshots: Ready for takeoff. Selfie! Glamour Shots Flying along the Gulf of Oman Clouds ahead. Staying low to keep under the clouds. Following the coast. Landed.
  19. Hi, Every time I've gone to fly the NGX in P3D V4 on a chartered flight in the ngx VNAV has failed about an hour into the flight. It also gives me problems on takeoff. Not sure if this has been reported yet. I'm flying with: Pro-ATC X and Active sky. Every autopilot function is disabled in pro-atc x is disabled and it's even happened without the software running. Thank you
  20. Hello, I received an email from SimMarket today announcing an update for the Milviz C310R Cessna. I downloaded the update and installed it into P3Dv4. The filename included a V4 bit. Is this for V4? If so, it doesn't work: missing or blank textures etc. Thanks.
  21. Can someone please walk me through how to get the new runway config for O'Hare installed correctly from the version in the download section? No matter what I do I can't seem to get it to work. I think I am following the instructions but each time I load up the sim, it is the old config. Thanks!
  22. July 3, 1924: That night in Ambala the temperature stayed between 102 and 106 and the flyers got very little sleep despite the Indian servants waving “Punkas” over them all night. The British pilots, concerned about the Americans and there flying suits gave them RAF pith helmets and British shorts and light shirts which the fliers would use until they left the desert countries. In the morning they left for Multan and climbed to 6000 feet to escape the heat, following the railroad tracks to guide them. They soon encountered a sandstorm that completely obscured both the earth and the railroad, they descended to 50 feet to keep the tracks in sight. The sand stung their eyes and sifted through their clothes. They flew right over Multan without seeing it, when Smith noticed they had passed the airport they returned to the area, made several passes over head and landed. Once they had parked there planes the men had difficulty getting out of there planes. As Colonel Butler, the British commander, shook the hand of each of the lobster-red faces, bloodshot eyed man, he handed them a glass of Ice cold lemonade that Arnold wrote was one of the most delicious drinks in his life. September 2, 2017: For the next flight I got ready the Hawker Typhoon. Designed as a successor to the Hawker Hurricane but had several design problems that delayed its introduction. When the FW-190 was introduced the Typhoon was the only aircraft that could catch it at low altitude and the Tiffy went on to become one of the most successful ground attack aircraft of WW2. The aircraft I am using today as recently released by Aeroplane heaven and is very nice. With it I am using the ‘Silver Bullet’ repaint by Peter Watkins. The flight to Multan, Pakistan started with great weather, 5 knot winds, Scattered clouds at 8800 feet and a temperature of 25.5C/78F. The flight was fairly easy, flying at 4000 feet, the Typhoon made short work of the 280 nm flight, cruising at just over 300 knots. Things were going well until 15 miles from the destination the visibility dropped to about 4 miles and I had difficulty finding the airport, I actually few over it before spotting it and circling back to make a safe landing. The trip had taken 1 hour to complete. Here are some pics. Ready for takeoff. Flying out over Ambala. Glamour Shots. Flying over the Indian countryside. Does not look much like desert. Selfie! Nice flying weather. Visiblity drops as we get close to Multan. Safely on the ground. July 4, 1924: It was 120 degrees in Multan; Arnold thought the name should be Molten instead. The reporter Wells who was following the flight reported that “No sensible person would ever go there voluntarily” and “only the constant threat of revolt by fanatical, unfriendly Indians makes the place endurable”. They were off the ground a 6am headed for Karachi. They flew over the Sind Desert this time there were no sand storms although they could see them swirling in the distance. They were cruising at 4000 feet to escape the heat when about a hour out of Karachi the engine in New Orleans started to rattle and bang as if it was coming apart. White smoke trailed the aircraft as oil spewed dpwm the sides of the engine and pieces of the engine itself started being ejected from under the cowling and ripping holes in the fabric of the aircraft. But the engine continued to respond and Nelson later reported that it continued “to run very nicely on eleven cylinders” He was able to nurse it all the way to the RAF field in Karachi, home of the best repair depots in the world at that time. September 3, 2017: For the next leg I got ready the Grumman TBF Avenger. The Avenger first flew in 1941 and was designed as torpedo bomber, first seeing action at the Battle of Midway, and despite the fact that 5 of the 6 Avengers there were lost, it survived in service to become one of the outstanding torpedo bombers of World War II. Greatly modified after the war, it remained in use until the 1960s. Over 9800 were built. The aircraft I am using today was made by Vertigo Studios and is nice but the engine is a bit touchy if you run it at full power for too long. The weather was not the best when I started, 4 knot winds, 3.1 mile visibility, and scattered clouds at 4000 with a temperature of 33C/91C. We started off at 2000 feet to keep the ground in view but the clouds soon cleared up and we had great visibility. I climbed to 4000 feet and followed the Indus river valley, the clouds got a bit thicker as we approached the coast and we dropped to 2000 feet to stay under them but visibility stayed good. At some point I accidently hit the throttle lever on the joystick and before I knew it the engine was stuttering and trailing white smoke behind it, I decreased the throttle and tried to keep it in the air long enough for the engine to cool down and keep flying, almost crashed a couple times it finally recovered and I was able to follow the coast to Masroor Air Base in Karachi. The 398 nm flight took 3.1 hours of flying. Here are a few pics: Ready for takeoff. The visiblility is a little limited. Glamour shots over the River Indus. Following the Indus River Valley. You can see the desert beyond. Finally reached the coast. Karachi and my destination. Landed. Thanks for reading! ATB
  23. H Everyone, I tweaked my highway lighting once again, made them a bit brighter; so that's done. Next I want to continue work on the street lighting, I'm close but they still need some work to display nice on my 4Ks..