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  1. As a loyal FS2Crew customer, I bought the Fenix edition immediately when it was released (unfortunately) and what reached my ears during preflight, synthesized robotic voice from an "android" as copilot...future is here? I don´t like the new voices at all, no more purchases from FS2Crew from my side
  2. The only Airbus at this moment is the one from FBW...when flying the bus I use this setup: - Thrustmaster Sidestick + Quadrant + Quadrant Addon - Cat3design A320 Steering Tiller V2. Highly recommended and a really nice addon with super high build quality, fast shipment, only 7 days from where the order was placed until delivered (Australia -> Sweden) !
  3. I have tested 3D lights from other publishers and I have the same issue with them and only in Istanbul, so the performance issue is not just related to SH Slim Lights. Without 3d lights in Istanbul, performance is fine with 30+ FPS. But with 3d lights activated and on ground, I have only 1-5 FPS (even without any addons). Really annoying since I have minimum 30 FPS on all other places with 3d lights activated. Without 3D lights activated With 3D lights activated With 3D lights activated but above ground level
  4. Do you have SH Slim Lights Europe South and Turkey installed? If so, deactive the lights completely or just residantial roads in Turkey and see if it helps. I had exactly the same problem as you and only in Istabul with Slim lights activated. In other countries and big cities where I have Slim lights activated there is no impact in performance at all.
  5. Many thanks James, your comments are as always much appreciated! Many thanks Darryl, regarding the site and number of comments, two comments are better then none and with your appreciated comment, the number increased with 100 % , he he . The Spanish photo-scenery is made by me
  6. Some shots from the trip to Madrid with LN-RPM "Frigg Viking"
  7. Many thanks guys! Fully agree on that, also the performance is top notch
  8. Before my flights continues to the south and sun, I did a short domestic flight to Visby on the island of Gotland:
  9. Many thanks James, your comments is much appreciated!
  10. Many thanks Sascha! I will soon come back with more screenies from flights to the south and sun
  11. Thanks Darryl! Correct, I use a small photo-scenery around the airport, but I also have ORBX Global Base installed, so no problem for me :)
  12. Thanks! I have many hard drives, he he. No seriously, I have created photoreal scenery since 2013. The scenery of Turkey and some greek islands was started in Juni this summer and was finished a couple of weeks ago. Cyprus whis was a small project took only some days to comple and was finished this week including the adaption of the scenery of Larnaca airport. Many thanks Bernd!
  13. A flight from the new version of Stockholm Arlanda by ORBX to Cyprus Larnaca..aircraft as always NGX 737 with Scandinavian Airlines
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