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  1. @F343G logging is disabled in FSUIPC as well as Autosave which I think is also known for causing lag. I don't know what it could be.... maybe I am way too used to turning the MCP knobs with the mouse wheel but there the response is spot on. When turning the bravo rotary I see a delay for sure, even after I stop turning the rotary I see the knob moving for a second or two in the MCP. I will keep digging what could possibly be causing this delay. Thank you for your suggestion. @PilotTe welcome, I think there is almost no difference in the LINDA settings for FSX and P3D. Maybe this thread is in a way more related to P3D but there are others with FSX that were able to achieve the same result as I read above. Just follow @F343G post https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/591723-honeycomb-bravo-shifted-functions/?do=findComment&comment=4453528 (what I also did) and he is on FSX but I was able to make it work on P3D following his post. Hope this helps.
  2. @F343G thank you very much. I finally got it working. My user.lua file was correct with all the functions etc. What I missed is assigning the User functions. However, I am facing the lag problem and I am on P3Dv5.1. I don't have it on the buttons but only on the rotaries and didn't notice it until now. I hope there is a solution for that as well. And finally, the LED lights of course. Would be nice to see that working 🙂 Thanks again!
  3. Can someone help me out here as I am very new to Linda. Where exactly does the user.lua file needs to be? I've been looking around and placed it in the C:\Users\user\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\LINDA\aircrafts\PMDG 737 NGXu folder but for some reason it is not working. Please note that I have made the changes in the file such as suggested by @F343G because I want to make this work for the NGXu. NGX_AP_VS_inc()NGX_AP_SPD_inc()NGX_AP_ALT_incfast()NGX_AP_HDG_inc()NGX_EFIS_BARO_inc() After the file is in the correct location do I need to configure some buttons in Linda itself or should just work? Thanks
  4. I am also wondering if this is possible Bryan? I am really used to the original sounds and this for me is a bit weird. An option sounds perfect to me. Thanks
  5. Amazing news. Can't wait for both products. Thanks Bryan.
  6. Bryan, you are correct. Somehow I managed to install an older version of RAAS. Just downloaded the latest one... Will be making a flight tonight and I expect the FO to announce the runways properly now. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Bryan. Will try a default one then. I've tried at least 5 or 6 airports but all add-ons and the result was 00. Let you know.
  8. I did not want to open a new thread since my problem is described here. FO speaks Runway 00 for me as well. I ran makerunways again and RAAS (unlocked) appears to be working properly but FO keeps saying 00. Any ideas?
  9. I've had a ticket open with them for weeks without a single reply from their side. I think something is definitely happening. Currently the website appears to be down.
  10. Sorry about 50 feet. You are correct the FO does not call out this one. The "approaching minimums" and "minimums" callouts is what I was referring to. A bit annoying to hear that from GPWS and the FO as well. So the only option is to disable it in the aircraft level? I don't think this is the case with FS2Crew 737 and 747 if I remember correctly. Cheers
  11. Hi Bryan, Is there any way to disable FO `approachin minimums` callout and `50` callout? It's overlapping with the aircraft GPWS callouts which I prefer. I checked the settings and manual and could not find it. Thanks
  12. I am having the same issue. However, it's not a PTA problem. Even if you restore the original shaders will very dark. LM has made night flying more realistic and darker but I have to agree is a bit more darker than it should be or at least we should have a flashlight option. Same as you, I could not find the light switch in the darkness and at airports that does not support dynamic lighting cockpit is pitch black. Maybe you could play with the VC lighting settings in PTA and see if that helps. I personally am going to wait till Matt fixes the Water problem and either download a decent preset or make my own. BTW, I also read this darkness could be cause due new moon currently as moonlight in P3D 4.4 matters. I am about to test full moon to see if makes any difference. Cheers
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