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  1. Sunny Andonov

    CTD after "cancel the checklist" command

    Using P3D 4.3 and FS2CREW 777 3.1. I've never used "cancel the checklist" command before on any of my FS2CREW's that I have. Not sure if will happen on 737 or 747. I can give it a shot when I have time, but on 777 happens for sure.
  2. Sunny Andonov

    CTD after "cancel the checklist" command

    Bryan, I did reproduce it successfully! Did 2 short flights. First flight I called "Cancel the checklist" and a few seconds after CTD with the same error. Second flight I called only "Approach checklist" , continued flight and landed without any problems. It appears to be a bug. I hope you can reproduce it on your end as well. I am not calling "Cancel the checklist" command until this is resolved 🙂 Cheers
  3. Sunny Andonov

    CTD after "cancel the checklist" command

    Will give it a shot tonight. Let you know.
  4. Hi Bryan, I am not really sure if FS2CREW triggered this CTD, but wanted to let you know what happened and to hear your opinion. While flying the 777 and getting ready for final approach to EHAM, I triggered the Approach checklist. I think I did not say correctly the phrase as this was the first time flying with the 777 FS2CREW. I did not hear any response from the FO but somehow the checklist passed and on the panel switched to "Landing Checklist". I changed it back to "Approach Checklist" in order to repeat it and then weird stuff began to happen. Suddenly the 2d checklist panel started to flicker, then I issued "Cancel the Checklist" command and suddenly everything froze up ending with CTD - nttdll.dll from the Event Viewer. Is it possible somehow these events have triggered something? I've never had a crash with PMDG 777 before. I am running P3D 4.3 Thanks
  5. Sunny Andonov

    FO fuel pumps control problem

    Thanks Bryan, makes total sense. I misunderstood the manual... Will try next flight 🙂 Cheers.
  6. Hi, I tested this on two flights and it looks like the FO does not control the fuel pumps when a msg on the EICAS appears. For example: "FUEL TANK TO ENGINE" I was expecting the FO would configure the pumps and the crossfeed valves to avoid fuel imbalance, but he didn't. I've waited about 2-3 minutes after the msg was on the EICAS but still nothing so I did it myself. Correct me if I'm wrong but as from the manual the FO should be able to control the pumps? I am using SOP2 btw. Thanks
  7. Sunny Andonov

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 FS2CREW

    Hi, I know this has been discussed a few months back, but wanted to see if anything has changed since. Is there any plans in the future for a CRJ FS2CREW release. After flying with the thing for a few weeks, it feels I'm missing my F/O. The truth is I don't want to even fly without FS2CREW anymore :) It's simply not the same. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sunny Andonov

    [Explanations] Sound Issue with Majestic Q400

    Works perfectly. Thanks for the info.
  9. Sunny Andonov

    FS2Crew 737 Audio Reset P3D v4

    Are you using USB headset? I had issues with other type of headsets.. a bluetooth for example. The only way I got it working was with USB headset. Then I only select the headset in the audio options and hit the "HS" button. When you start the preflight events you will first hear the FO on the speakers and at the Preflight checklist you will hear the FO in your headset. This is a bit confusing because not all the audio is routed through the headset. Hope this helps.
  10. Sunny Andonov

    FS2Crew 737 Audio Reset P3D v4

    Exactly, that's what worked for me the very first time. Hard to explain but the HS button did not do anything until closed/re-opened the fs2crew panel. The audio was still going through the main speakers. Now after several more tests appears to be switching just fine and HS button does it's thing. I'm not sure if this has something to do with my audio cards setup because I have multiple. Been trying to get it working also with a bluetooth headset but unsuccessfully that's why I bought the USB headset and finally works.
  11. Sunny Andonov

    FS2Crew 737 Audio Reset P3D v4

    Nevermind, I got it working by turning OFF/ON FS2CREW and then selecting HS. Strange...
  12. Sunny Andonov

    FS2Crew 737 Audio Reset P3D v4

    I am having the same problem. I cannot switch to a USB headset that I just bought. The procedure I'm doing is select the headset in FS2CREW control panel and then click HS. Whatever I do the audio of the FO always goes through the main speakers as they are set as default audio device in Windows 10. Tried resetting the audio and restarting the sim. Any suggestions?
  13. That answered my question and also fully agree.
  14. Hi guys, So after reading this thread I am a bit confused. It is now to my understanding that BM it works with all ORBX global products including VECTOR (as I have them all installed) but is not really clear what is the correct setup process. Any instructions on this? I'd like to buy the whole BM package but from what I read sounds like a mess atm. Thanks