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  1. honanhal

    P3Dv4 - AI ERJ’s ?

    I still haven’t gotten around to editing the model for this myself, but to be honest I may never. The truth is that my departures are much smoother without as many regional/commuter jets (with non-P3D models) clogging up the departure queue. If only we could get rid of them in real life too. 😉 James
  2. I mean that’s literally what tariffs do — raise end-consumer prices of anything imported — by design. So not really a surprise, right?
  3. honanhal

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Agreed. Brilliant pricing move. This is how you do it, guys. James
  4. honanhal

    Cielosim KJAX

    To me the saddest irony is that the scenery looked great but was a massive drain on VAS, making it all but unusable in FSX. Now we have a 64-bit sim for over a year and...crickets from the developer. James
  5. Good news! Thanks for the heads up. James
  6. One of the reviews on Simmarket says there are missing textures (not visibly missing apparently) that are causing CTDs. Pretty serious oversight if true — anyone here having that issue? James
  7. honanhal

    an idea

    Certainly seems like an interesting idea to me. That said, they key from the consumer side is that it’s an option, not the only way to get an airport. In other words, I’d absolutely want the option either to buy forever or to rent. A model where my only option was to keep paying again and again I’d view very, very negatively. James
  8. honanhal


    Yes, hobbies can be very expensive, and this has been true for the last several millennia. That argument comes out every time people complain here about the high price of a given addon. Does that actually answer the question of why pricing for some (not all!) flightsim addon software has literally doubled in the last 10 years? To put this another way: Jim, you’re right that golf is an expensive hobby. If, say, the cost of golf equipment had stayed virtually constant for decades and then suddenly spiked in the last few years, it would probably be fair to ask why that happened, beyond saying “golf is an expensive hobby.” It always was; but the question is what changed. I have yet to see an articulation of what is driving increasing (in some cases) addon pricing beyond “it’s what the market will bear.” That’s clearly true, but is there anything more than that going on? James
  9. honanhal

    Locked threads

    Apologies — I’m sure I’m missing something — but isn’t this literally describing any discussion where people disagree? A forum with no differences of opinion (even strong ones!) is a very boring place. I’m sure that’s not what the moderators here are after. James
  10. honanhal

    Aerosoft Bali - WADD for P3D V4.X?

    Also working perfectly here. This scenery is fantastic — literally maybe the best performing airport I have seen in P3D, and it’s gorgeous.
  11. honanhal

    Flashing ground tiles/textures

    I honestly don’t think what I’m taking about is a z-fighting issue (it’s not just around airports, it’s everywhere), but I could be wrong.
  12. honanhal

    Flashing ground tiles/textures

    I've posted about this on the Orbx support forums but no help so far -- anyone here found a fix for this? Driving me crazy... James
  13. honanhal

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I love this argument when applied to Captainsim... CS is based in Ukraine. In Kyiv, the most expensive city in Ukraine, let’s look at the prices in USD at a genuinely upscale restaurant, Shoti: (https://gusovsky.com.ua/restaurant/shoti) Glass of red wine (imported!): $3 Salad: $4.50 Soup: $4.50 Plate of ravioli: $4.50 Lamb kebabs: $7.50 Whole roasted chicken: $8.50 Whole roasted trout: $12.50 I don’t know where you live, but where I live you’d have to go back in time at least 40 years to get those prices... I point this out not to pick on CS or Ukrainian developers (lord knows others are charging much steeper prices) but to show how disconnected pricing in general is from actual costs. You can still defend the pricing, just not on that basis. James
  14. honanhal

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    The refresh rate is adjustable in a .cfg file in the QW directory. Default is 18 — I found even upping that just a hair to 20 made a big difference in fluidity without hitting performance.
  15. honanhal

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Everything everyone has said about the problems with Vector is true. However, it’s probably the number one must have addon for me: I fly all over the world in the sim, and default coastlines are shockingly bad everywhere that isn’t Europe or North America. Trust me — fly over default Thailand or Indonesia and even at 40k feet (let alone 15k!) you will see how horrible it looks. And hardly a river in sight in one of the most river-crossed areas in the world... Given that, I can deal with the headaches Vector brings! James