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  1. Are you sure this isn’t like the difference between “a lot of fish” and “an icthyologist studies various fishes”? After all, the OP is asking about different models and types of aircraft, much as “fishes” refers to different species or types of fish... 😉
  2. honanhal

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    Just took a look in the scenery folder and it looks like I left everything as is, nothing disabled or altered. I didn't notice any missing ground textures when I installed it and used it a while back, although it's possible I just missed it. James
  3. honanhal

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    The Orientalsim HKJK works fine in P3D v4, and even years later isn’t a bad scenery (certainly miles ahead of anything NMG have released). James
  4. No question that things have mostly moved forward, but so too has hardware — dramatically. I think it’s fair to occasionally reflect on the fact that other engines (not just shooters) have come a much longer way than ESP in that time, to be honest. That said, I am very grateful for the advances LM have made recently. James
  5. Rob, I wonder if you have any thoughts on w6kd’s situation. Would you expect running autogen on “high” at 5.3 GHz not to provide provide headroom to not have pop-in? Why might that be happening? James
  6. Wow, you couldn’t come up with a clearer case that this is a code problem, could you? 5.3 GHz and you have to limit visibility to 10-15 nm (!) to avoid popping... This is the kind of tradeoff we’ve become used to with FSX/P3D that just doesn’t make any sense. I’m done making excuses (“maybe if we can get to 6.0 GHz we can have autogen that works as well as FS2004!”). James
  7. honanhal

    New ZBAA scenery

    Did anyone ever figure out a fix for this issue? James
  8. honanhal

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    I’m sure my experiments with HT would be dismissed as insufficient by some of the very particular gurus in this area, but I’d summarize my results as: 1) significantly fewer stutters with HT off 2) very slightly slower terrain/autogen loading with HT off (no free lunch after all) 3) much lower temps with HT off (up to 15 degrees C different at the same overclock) allowing for a higher overclock without HT Bottom line, on my system with HT off there’s a slight (but undoubtedly real) disadvantage to texture/autogen loading but a massive advantage in smoothness and especially temps. What that temp difference means in real terms for me is the difference between running 4.6 GHz with temps spiking to 85 (eg probably safe but doesn’t feel great) and running at 4.7 GHz with temps never breaking 77. I’m never going back to HT on! James
  9. honanhal

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    I’ve never understood who the market is for single-season photoscenery. I know it’s not me... James
  10. I’ve never used RC, but I want to thank you guys for what is an incredibly generous, open, and community-minded approach to (sadly) closing down your operations. Many would have gone the opposite route. You’re a true class act. James
  11. honanhal

    CS 757 III v1.3

    Not the point of this discussion, but just wanted to point out that CS is based in Ukraine, not Russia. Not the same country for the past several decades.
  12. honanhal

    Its P3dv4..travel well

    These are excellent.
  13. honanhal

    HDR Issue?

    If you turn dynamic lighting off in P3D settings (just as a diagnostic) does it still happen? My guess is it will not, and that would establish that it’s connected with DL (almost certainly the “maximum lights reached” mentioned earlier. James
  14. honanhal

    PFPX 2.0 OUT

    Use historical weather from any date (via ActiveSky)? Mostly I agree though, Simbrief does almost everything it can and usually more easily/better. For example, the routes PFPX sometimes throws out are...not great. And then I go to Simbrief to get a normal one and wonder why I don’t just use it for everything. James
  15. Yes, I’ve noticed this drop as well. James