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  1. I definitely don't disagree that there's room for a lot more regional/seasonal lighting and color effects. That said, humidity does affect lighting, albeit in a slightly odd way. Too lazy to find the thread (and can't remember if it was here or on the official MSFS forum) but in MSFS higher humidity increases bloom during the day. You can test it for yourself by playing with that weather variable. High humidity live weather like in SE Asia makes for extremely bright, "bloomed out" scenes. It doesn't look bad, exactly, but I'm not sure it's quite capturing what high humidity environments really look like, either! I'd love to see more variety in sunrises/sunsets as well. Given the overall MSFS approach, it's probably something they'll do "right" at some point (meaning genuine variation based on weather or seasonal variables) rather than "quick" (e.g. like in FSX, where you had a different type of rise/set for each of the seven days of the week). Here's hoping. James
  2. Second bundle this week so far where even though I already had one of the airports included (Nadi the other day, LAX today), the bundle was still a great deal for me! I wish we saw more sales like this from other developers/shops. I’m putting a lot of money in Inibuilds’ pockets but I‘m also getting good value. You know, that whole “win-win” thing. 😉 James
  3. Same here. Seems like the site has seen a lot of technical issues in the last few weeks.
  4. Almost certainly a coincidence. The vanished/blurry airport problem you’re describing is what happens when the sim hits the Simconnect objects limit (as a consequence of AIG).
  5. I’m also skeptical that 1) this is actually close to P3D release, 2) they’ll sell more than a small number of copies for P3D, and 3) that we’ll see this in MSFS in the next couple of years. That all being said, I genuinely love the stuff about how they’re recreating the kind of paper charts crews would have used, virtually. This is great, this is something new! It’s exactly this kind of innovation in simming that I wish we’d see more of from the big developers, in whichever sim. If this makes it to MSFS before the heat death of the universe, I’ll buy it! James
  6. Even more than a trim indicator, I'd love a small and unobtrusive rudder indicator. Not having rudder pedals, always pretty annoying to guess at what position the pedals are in at any given time. (This goes beyond annoyance to a hazard in the Fenix on landing -- forget a "graceful" landing, I consider it a win if, after a ballet of swerves, I manage to keep the thing on the runway in the end!) I don't know of any apps for either trim or rudder, unfortunately.
  7. Do PMDG simply need to hire more full-time staff? Honest question. I still don't really get it. Every aircraft they release in MSFS is going to net a huge level of sales and thus revenue for them. But it doesn't seem like they're in a hurry, does it? And sure, I'd like to see an EFB in my 737, but even as a customer, if I had to choose between a 777 and an EFB, I'd choose the 777 in a heartbeat. How much easier is that choice from PMDG's perspective, since one makes them money and one doesn't? And yet here we are in a situation where this EFB (which is going to take them longer than it took the Manhattan Project to build the bomb!) is apparently indefinitely cannibalizing their development of new aircraft. That seems...basically inexplicable to me from a business perspective? PMDG's general lack of hustle suggests an assumption that the MSFS addon-market will always be there, and will be just as robust in 5 years as it is today. That seems extraordinarily optimistic to me! James
  8. Huh, I had no idea this was a thing. It is what it is (and I wouldn't really advise messing around with the files given the way the installer works), but I have to agree that 10% fictional liveries is kind of a lot! Bit of a strange design decision, especially given how GOOD all the other design decisions FSLTL has made are.
  9. Just pulled the trigger! Thanks all. Decided to stick with the 240 water cooler as both adequate and something I wanted — I’ve never tried it and maybe now’s the time to start. If I hate it I’ll let you know you told me so, turbomax. 😀 James
  10. Thanks! There's literally no way to tell from CyberPowerPC what the CAS is...I see from looking at the Team site that their T-Delta DDR5 6000 memory comes in CL38 and CL30. (Would CL38 be a disaster?) I don't see anything about AMD Expo certification on their site. (Again, is that a disaster?) James
  11. Hi all, My current computer is a 6700K from 2016 -- it's served me extremely well, but it's time for an upgrade! I've always built my own systems but in the 7 years since the last time I've decided I'm too old for that nonsense. 😀 Does this configuration seem reasonable from CyberPowerPC? (I'm especially wondering whether the 240mm water cooler is likely to be adequate cooling -- I've also never had a build with watercooling before, so I have no idea...) BTW, my sim is MSFS. Appreciate any insights from the experts here! James CAS: CyberPowerPC KIRA II 241V Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ Tempered Glass Side Panel + 4X ARGB Fans Included (White Color) CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 7 Processor 7800X3D 8-core/16-thread 4.2GHz [Turbo 5.0GHz] 104MB Cache AM5 CS_FAN: Default case fans FAN: CyberpowerPC MasterLiquid Lite 240mm ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler with Dual Chamber Pump & Copper Cold Plate (Intel) HDD: 4TB WD BLACK SN850X (PCIe Gen4) NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 7300/6600 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 1200/1100k [+373] (Single Drive) MEMORY: 32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/6000MHz Dual Channel Memory [+105] (Team T-Delta RGB) MOTHERBOARD: Asrock B650M-C AM5 Micro ATX w/ Wi-Fi, 1GbT LAN, (4)PCIe x16, (3)M.2, (4)SATA CEC POWERSUPPLY: 1,000 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold w/ PCIE 12+4Pins Connector for PCIe 5.0 graphics cards VIDEO: GeForce RTX™ 4080 16GB GDDR6X Video Card (Ada Lovelace) [VR Ready] [+742] (Single Card)
  12. Literally can't tell if this is a joke or sincere. Poe's Law strikes again!
  13. Honestly, I'm glad to hear it! Maybe it's as simple as I'm flying in the wrong places. I've flown a decent amount since SU7 but haven't really seen this that I can recall, but it was something I saw a lot pre-SU7.
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