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  1. I’m glad that you’re happy with the live weather depiction, but no — the changes in cloud depiction/lighting, beginning with SU5 and then SU7 were real and quite dramatic. It’s not just that we got used to the wow factor. It was immediately obvious to many of us as a “step backward” at the time as well. That said, something I’ve seen every time this discussion comes up here is that what’s “immediately obvious” to some is very clearly not so obvious to others. 🙂 Much like the whole “can the human eye see frame rates above 24 fps” discussion. However, in both these cases there’s a correct answer — whether or not you still like the MSFS clouds, they were prettier, more varied, and more performance-sapping prior to SU5. James
  2. Based on the clues they gave, this is 100% Dubai (especially "blend of modern-day and tradition"). Great news!
  3. Yikes, when your product is Concorde and you've lost Ray...😲 In all seriousness, I hope FSL are able to iron out these issues and prep a clean MSFS release in a reasonably short period of time (read: not 5 years from now, which is if I recall correctly around when I submitted my response to them that I'd buy a Concorde for 64-bit P3D). They seem to have done some innovative things here (with varying degrees of success, apparently!) and I'd love to see this thing in MSFS. James
  4. All lovely, but the shot of the AirAsia approach to Hong Kong is stunning!
  5. I had this happen a couple times recently -- once landing at Cloudsurf WSSS and once with Asobo LFPG. It's doesn't happen consistently, but when it does, exactly as you said: normal performance on approach until about 1000 feet and then the FPS dropped dramatically (I wasn't running a counter but my eyeballed estimate is that it went from about 50 FPS to 20 in both cases). With WSSS it stayed that way until I ended the flight, with LFPG the FPS recovered after I was on the ground. Both times this was a demanding area/airport with a lot of AI traffic, but I've flown into enough similar situations in the sim to know that something else seemed to be at work...something seemed to have gone wonky, somehow. James
  6. Oh no, I know! AIG also takes forever to set up. I just meant that even the act of opening the program takes bizarrely forever. 😀
  7. You can literally download and fully install FSLTL in the time it takes either the (already fully installed) AIG Manager or Traffic Injector to open on my brand-new system. Whatever else can be said for AIG’s merits, that’s bonkers.
  8. Ok, I guess I deserve that, especially for using the word "implausible" in talking about this. I apologize. What I really mean -- and I think you've illustrated this well, to be honest! -- is that people quote CPU temps without giving the full context, and then people (who may be considering which CPU to buy) then run with them without having that context, thinking the results are in fact something you'd get "out of the box" in a standard use case. You're right, you did mention the context of running at 4K, so that's on me. That said, you didn't mention the other key, and frankly pretty advanced, stuff you've done, like custom RAM overclocking and custom curves. (Yes, you're quite right that I just slapped on a profile! I'm guessing most people do.😀) Seriously though, good on you for getting that performance/cooling using a 240mm AIO through messing with voltages/curves. My hat goes off to you, genuinely, for your skill and patience in seeing that through. Let me start by saying that I went with a 7800X3D for a reason, so I obviously agree with the thrust of this.🙂 I guess my other point is that -- skillful manipulation of voltages etc. aside -- while it's true that AMD chips are much less power-hungry than their Intel brethren, the X3D chips put out a lot of extra heat (by virtue of that 3D cache) that narrows the temperature gap a good deal, which is something that wasn't obvious, at all, to me as a fairly casual hardware news-follower until I was looking for a new CPU. You see a lot written about how cool and energy efficient the AMD chips are, which is absolutely true, but there's an asterisk there with the X3D. (It can be mitigated, obviously, as you have you done.) Anyway, I'll leave it there. I really didn't mean to suggest you (or actually anyone else, for that matter) were lying about the temps, just that there was probably more context there. Which there was. 🙂 James
  9. I feel compelled to jump in here to note that my own 7800X3D at KDTW with the Headwind A330 and FSLTL traffic at UHD (not 4K) was in the mid-50s sitting at the gate today. For precision's sake, this is with water-cooling, 240 radiator, and an ambient room temperature of roughly 23C. To be clear, I'm thrilled with the performance I'm getting with this chip. It's super smooth most of the time (and when it isn't, it's due to MSFS bugginess, not the CPU), and the temperatures in MSFS never seem worrying or excessive (they mostly stay below 80C, though they can get above 80C for short boosts especially flying in busy European airspace with tons of AI traffic). But there's sometimes a tendency on these forums to throw around numbers for CPU temps that don't really seem plausible, unless your computer is in a freezer and/or you're running some very special custom cooling. For the record, my hot take: if you're happy with the actual performance, e.g. FPS, smoothness, in heavy scenarios, you're not melting your CPU, and you're not running up an insane electricity bill, does it really matter whether you're sitting at EGKK with your CPU running at 40C or 60C? James
  10. I just hit (momentary) high 80s a couple times on the approach to de Gaulle in the Headwind A330, in a thunderstorm, using high amounts of FSLTL and TLOD 200. (Average CPU temps over the whole flight were something like 60C.) Going with a 240 radiator may arguably have been a minor mistake, but FWIW my temps very rarely break 80 in a typical MSFS session and usually hang out in the 50s and 60s. In cinebench, on the other hand, temps range between 85 and 89. As I understand it, that’s because that’s the way these CPUs are designed: when there’s demand, they basically throttle up right to the thermal limit and then throttle back as needed. In that sense, Rockcliffe is right that more cooling would enable higher sustained boost speeds. It’s mostly academic for MSFS at this point, but the theory is sound. 🙂 James
  11. I definitely don't disagree that there's room for a lot more regional/seasonal lighting and color effects. That said, humidity does affect lighting, albeit in a slightly odd way. Too lazy to find the thread (and can't remember if it was here or on the official MSFS forum) but in MSFS higher humidity increases bloom during the day. You can test it for yourself by playing with that weather variable. High humidity live weather like in SE Asia makes for extremely bright, "bloomed out" scenes. It doesn't look bad, exactly, but I'm not sure it's quite capturing what high humidity environments really look like, either! I'd love to see more variety in sunrises/sunsets as well. Given the overall MSFS approach, it's probably something they'll do "right" at some point (meaning genuine variation based on weather or seasonal variables) rather than "quick" (e.g. like in FSX, where you had a different type of rise/set for each of the seven days of the week). Here's hoping. James
  12. Second bundle this week so far where even though I already had one of the airports included (Nadi the other day, LAX today), the bundle was still a great deal for me! I wish we saw more sales like this from other developers/shops. I’m putting a lot of money in Inibuilds’ pockets but I‘m also getting good value. You know, that whole “win-win” thing. 😉 James
  13. Same here. Seems like the site has seen a lot of technical issues in the last few weeks.
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