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  1. I didn't know about Livetraffic! I've installed it and it is one less reason to fire up MSFS - much smoother aircraft movement than in MSFS, plus the aircraft remain visible at far greater distances. Wish I found this before paying for WorldTraffic!
  2. Huge 😯 It was on 100% for traffic and my FPS went below 19. I must stress I have not played with the settings to find an acceptable level.
  3. Every GA is displayed in live traffic using the nearest model - PC12 is often used for single engine. When flying with live traffic, the sky is full of GA.
  4. Been using AIG for ages. Installed FSLTL for 60 minutes, observed three aircraft on final (no more than a couple of hundred feet between them) with two going around, aircraft do not rotate - they rather float into the air and several Mexican standoffs on the ground. AIG aircraft are about 35 seconds behind reality, but I never saw a single aircraft in FSLTL anywhere near real time. AIG has every GA aircraft displayed that's there in realty so no need not to use AIG for GA. Reloaded AIG as fast as I could.
  5. I did a few Google searches but didn't find anything, so I re-read the SimHeaven X-World manual where I found the section relating to polygons over the textures.
  6. I noticed golf courses were 'faded out' so re-read the manual to find out why. The default library.txt file draws polygons over certain areas - golf course, grass, woods ,tennis courts and many others. However, if you use ortho like I do, you don't want these polygons drawn - you want to see all the ortho scenery. In the folder '6-scenery' (for each area you have installed) there are two library.txt files Rename 'library.txt' to 'library - standard.txt'. Rename 'library - orthos.txt' to 'library.txt' You should now have more vivid ground textures for those areas that were faded out - transforms XP-12 with orthos installed!
  7. A few screenshots from the ground in XP12.
  8. The reason the first shot looks like XP12 is the lighting, which has advanced flight simulation realism. The MSFS shot is still amazing of course, but it can't quite capture the light like XP12.
  9. I have used Ortho at ZL17 everywhere and this resolution is enough to show detail in the roads when VFR at a couple of thousand feet. The autogen roads on the side of mountains were really ugly!
  10. I have found a great way to remove autogen roads from areas where you have good Ortho4XP tiles! Those with more X-Plane experience than me probably already know this addon, but it easy to install and doesn't remove or rename any default files. As a bonus, it slows down AI traffic to 70% speed so the vehicles move more realistically. The author says you may pick up a few FPS because the autogen roads are not being generated. Download the zip file (under the CODE dropdown) here. On a windows PC, all you need to do is copy the xroads.exe file from the downloaded zip into your main XP12 directory and then run it. It creates an 'xroads' directory in your 'custom scenery folder. Required default files are copied into this 'xroads' directory. When you run XP12, 'SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Xroads/' entry is generated - this entry is left at the top of the file. That's all you need to do. If you want to remove this addon you just remove the 'xroads' directory and remove the scenery_packs.ini entry - your autogen roads will reappear. Screengrabs below show a more natural scene without autogen roads.
  11. I've noticed the frame drop in payware aircraft. Flying the Maule I was never dropping below 30fps, but I sometimes see low 20s with b4.
  12. I came across these posts to hide the roads in X-Plane to allow the roads in the ortho to show. However, these don't appear to work in XP-12. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/137541-transparent-road-and-autogen-textures-for-photoscenery/#comment-1321173 https://melb00m.github.io/Transparency4Ortho/ Has anybody used these tools in the past / with XP-12 and can advise?
  13. I have actually changed to a base of ZL17 for the whole of Europe - found ZL16 a little soft!
  14. Good grief, I was trying to point out the transition being depicted was from rain to clear skies. Consider the video shows a large shower, or group of showers, if that helps you get past being pedantic. Your replies are the irony as the thread is about realism in the simulated clouds, but you are more interested in suggesting simulator bias or ones meteorology knowledge.
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