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  1. I don't think it is possible to take HDR screenshots - unless someebody knows how to?
  2. Yes, of course. I refrained from trying it, but when I did it was very easy and quick to do.
  3. The combination of the lights hack, the new AccuSeason Advanced, the MSFS2020 Map Enhancement tool set to High LOD, an HDR monitor and ReShade with FinalLight preset to correct the overly green tint in MSFS, is just sublime! Using ReShade to add some saturation affects everything, but the Map enhancement tool allows the ground texture saturation ONLY to be set, so more subtle saturation can be applied to the sky. Add xEnviro for many more cloud types than default live weather and MSFS is just stunning!
  4. I purchased the store version at release, but after a year of update/authentication issues I purchased the steam version. Glad I did because Steam automatically starts the updates off plus no authentication issues. I tried this hack for the sky colours - only took a minute or so, very easy
  5. Fill out the right side of the registration screen using your serial number also in the order number field.
  6. Well, if plans are changed when a firm date is given, anybody would be annoyed if the original plans are no longer available. It may be 'just' flight sim, but flight sim is a valid hobby and something to get excited about. No changed plan for any hobby is earth stopping, but annoying all the same.
  7. An alert has been posted on their Discord channel suggesting the release may not be until Friday. It is quite annoying. Many of us change plans and re-arrange times around our hobbies, so it is quite annoying to have this release date possibly put back to Friday. Why say it is releasing, put up new web pages AND instructions how to update without an update available. Why state the release will be on a particular day and then put out an alert it may not be for another three days? Ok, the earth doesn't stop revolving if the release is delayed, but we all make plans based on what is important to us. Personally I turned down some overtime because the firm release date was given. Play golf, fly aircraft, go skydiving, love model making etc - then you will change plans if something is promised because you look forward to your hobbies. If you turn up to the event to be told we forgot to tell you there was an additional step we are going through that means we have delayed until Friday.
  8. Sounds exactly what I am experiencing, stability off center (not a game stopper by any means). I have tweaked the settings to my liking and have found some good advice searching for Tobii on Google / Youtube. I currently have Eye Tracking off as I experiment with settings, but I have discovered what you have - mouth movements have a big effect! My biggest gripe with TrackIR was not working correctly in a bright enviroment, which Tobii Eyetracker has fixed. thanks for the advice.
  9. I have been using a TrackIR for a few years and been happy with it. However, I didn't like how it wouldn't work so well in daylight with reflections and window light making it hard to use. I decided to give Tobii Eyetracker 5 a go as it doesn't suffer in brighter light. Overall I am happy with the unit and its tracking performance. It is working well on my narrowboat in bright conditions. However, the view is jerky when looking off center (especially downwards towards the instruments). I am wondering if this is in response to turbulence that the TrackIR didn't have a problem with. Any Tobii users had a similiar effect and dealt with it?
  10. How would a vpn fix a problem with tiles loading? If anything it would drop your connection speed
  11. If you don't buy all three of these you should give up flight sim and be a train spotter.
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