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  1. I had a run in with them when the LAN port on my yoke broke. Under warranty. Luckily for me the chap over at https://www.flightsimwebshop.co.uk sorted it for me, he sent me a brand new unit before I even had a chance to send the old one back. Best customer service i have ever had online shopping.
  2. https://techprofet.com/lg-tv-auto-dimming/
  3. I purchased a service remote and turned the auto dim setting off that can cause it.
  4. Stick it on the AI and ATC list. Just don't look out of the window, or listen to ATC, when flying your ATR or 787 🙂
  5. well, according to someone’s response to me further up this thread; AI doesn’t make them money. So, I’d imagine VR makes them even less? If that is the case, I presume the same response is warranted. Don’t get your hopes up. 😵‍💫
  6. So; we can have a super realistic ATR, and then land at an airport and have AI go haywire on us, as I still see no updates to AI (or ATC). Interesting. I’ve been away for a few months, I think I’ll stay away till around September now. Hope it’s sorted by then for another winter of simming.
  7. Sound good, I’ll grab it when it’s out.
  8. That’s the whole point in a forum, to debate and question. Why make a statement if you don’t want people to question it?
  9. Why on earth would you want to? I just don’t get it. This isn’t a classic car, it’s a modern sim. Yeah to each their own and all that, but progress has been made, embrace it.
  10. Not this again. 120FPS is way better than 60 FPS. In terms of a fluid, motion feeling. I can tell, and anyone that says that they cant tell is telling porkies.
  11. Hence why I stuck with my 7950X. With FG, no need to switch a 3D variant.
  12. DX12 with FG. DX11 is last decade. To the user above who posted they switched back to DX11 as DX12 has higher GPU usage, why?! That’s what you want!
  13. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aerial-ground-tiles-changing-popping-in/547197/1 Vote for it, seems widespread.
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