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  1. Wow, and here’s me suffering with a 2080ti on super wide! Man, I wish my sim looked like that.
  2. So, with high VRAM stutters shouldn’t be a problem with this one? What about Texture-bandwith-multi?
  3. Got it thanks! What kinda super system aye you running for that? And all with high settings? It’s brilliant.
  4. It’s really double the frame rate? Does it also get rid of the stutter the AIG introduce?
  5. Absolutely incorrect. The GNS430 is fully updatable with Navigraph. https://www.navigraph.com/FmsDataManualInstall.aspx X-Plane GNS430, FF757/767/777, X-Crafts Embraer E-175, Aerobask SkyView, JRollon Planes CRJ200, JARDesign A320/A330, ToLiss A319 (XP10), STMA Aircraft, Magknight 787AE - native**
  6. PS, a proper G-sync monitor (and not a compatible one with vrr range) is hardware based, and will be smooth all the way from 20fps Ish to the monitors max refresh range.
  7. G-sync flicker is because your backlight isn’t fast enough to keep up with the rapidly changing refresh rate, which is tied to the FPS. (And this affects the colours, as the colours behave differently and the colours change with lower hertz.) The only way to eliminate it is by getting a better monitor. I recently purchased an LG ultra gear 38GL950G and from 30-160 hertz there is zero flickering.
  8. I use G-Sync in P3DV5, and it can go right down to around 20fps and all the way up to 60-70fps (in p3d, more in other games) and still feel good. It’s night and day over vsync or half refresh rate or any other concocted things people do. I personally wouldn’t ever fly without G-Sync activated again. Same applies to XP-11 with G-sync too. ps, G-sync works from 1hz right up to monitor limit (100,120,144,160,175hz etc etc). But I believe freesync has a lower limit of 30-40 frames depending on the monitor in question, and below these frames it uses LFC. This is because freesync is driver based, but g-sync is actual hardware inside the monitor. (Hence the higher cost!) PS here is a list of all the variable refresh rates of each gsync or g-sync compatible monitor. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/ PPS. For a sim as demanding as P3D, where frames can drop to 25-30, I’d recommend a gsync monitor over a freesync one, purley because below 30 frames g-sync is far superior. A VRR of 1-100+ plus would be my recommendation.
  9. This ^^, but I would also consider having a trial of XP-11 too. You might enjoy both...
  10. I use a 2080ti and can max pretty much all the pretty eye candy features including the new sky with little FPS impact.
  11. Dead in a year? I mean I’ve heard of pessimism, but that’s a ridiculous thing to say.
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