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  1. Wow, that should be good in VR. ill give it a swirl then.
  2. Depends on the weather and also the time of day too. Sometimes I get 40 sometimes 70 sometimes 100
  3. Place the device on your windowsill. Sometimes gets 20-30 mbps faster..... As it is always better reception outside.
  4. Where? I’ve never seen that used. That’s what I normally use per half month (if I am flying). Maybe photogrammetry using that?
  5. Well in the U.K. an unlimited 4/5G data plan is fairly cheap. I pay £30 a month. Fair use is something like 300GB a month, which you’re never gonna hit realistically.
  6. I've just checked the salary. That is a pretty mad scenario ha.
  7. I use 4G sometimes as my internet is only 30mbps. Using my 4G unlimited plan I get 100MBPS and I’ve never had an issue in msfs.
  8. I just press the middle mouse button and it re-appears.
  9. Heard that excuse before. Won’t get in to it any further. I’m sure others will....
  10. Yes, like the release of the Top Rudder 103 ultralight plane. 🙄😆
  11. First part is known artefacts, just use a mod to fix that. Taxiing issue, this is because you cant maintain the fps with motion shooting enabled, it uses more cpu resources.
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