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  1. Happened to me yesterday. Restarted sim - same thing. Rebooted PC - same thing. Rebooted PC again and same thing again but I just left it 'Checking for Updates' and after about 10 to 15 mins it continued on with the remainder of the startup process.
  2. FIXED!! Somehow "Volumetric Atmospheric Effects" had been switched off in the Developers Options menu.
  3. You are absolutely correct Andayle!! Somehow "Volumetric Atmospheric Effects" had been switched off in the Developers Options menu. Many Thanks
  4. I reported a problem yesterday that Live Weather was not injecting any clouds or rain as depicted on my METAR but it was injecting QNH (baro pressure) and Winds. Done a bit more investigating and have cleaned out my Communites folder and just tried to set the weather (NOT LIVE WEATHER - JUST CUSTOM) to Storm or Rain or Overcast. No clouds or rain being injected for any options. I'm at a loss - any ideas? Paul
  5. This happened today and yesterday. Set up sim and selected Live Weather. Airport was EGAA (Belfast). The Metar had broken clouds and rain with vix 8000. However, flightsim had no clouds or rain - but the QNH and wind were both correct? Any ideas? Paul
  6. This new version is a complete disaster. Please revert back to prior version. One key feature seems to have gone and that's Mark Downloads as Read, so that I only see what's new since that last time I Marked them as Read. This is MUST be reinstated!!!! I'm a Premium user - but I'll not be renewing until this mess is sorted out!!!!
  7. TDS GTNXi has blank screen since C414 latest update. I'm running the latest version of TDS GTNXi. It works fine in all my other aircraft - just not the C414. Any ideas? Paul
  8. You were absolutely right. I upgraded to Windows 11 a few months back and somehow my region got set to USA. Reset it to the UK and the purchase worked fine. As you say - weird!! Thanks
  9. Hi I'm trying to buy the ATR but MSFS seems to think I live in the USA - I live in the UK. Selected the Download and Buy option. Asks for my Windows Authentication PIN which I entered - why is that needed?? Selected Pay by Credit Card and entered my card details It then asks for my address, but will only allow United States as the Country and asks for State (all US States) and ZIP code. So can't get any further. I've bought from the Marketplace before without any issues. Anyone seen this before and how did you fix it. Paul
  10. Hi I'm on V36.1.1 on MSFS. I have noticed that no parked aircraft appear until I land and start taxiing to the terminal on all airports even though I have entered my destination airport in the PSXT screen. Any ideas?
  11. This has now happened to me 3 times in the last 2 hours!! No issue with my internet connection (its Ethernet) and I'm running at 500mbs - go figure. Getting a bit p...d off with this.
  12. Ryan, these look brilliant. Is there a location where you share these to the community - don't seem to be on Flightsim.to?
  13. Totally agree, PSXT with RealTraffic is excellent. Don't know what RealTraffic's data source is, but it appears to be better than FlightRadar24 - what you see is actually what's happening at the airport and in the cruise in real time (with a slight delay). RealTraffic is a tad expensive, I imagine that's because they have to pay for the source of the real time data feed. Models are great, from FSLTL and AIG.
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