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  1. I got some icing on a recent (post SU6) flight, even though I have it switched off?
  2. That's happening to me. No update found in store; start MSFS and it tells me there's a mandatory update and takes me to the Store - still no update. Any ideas? I'm losing the will to live with this sim!!
  3. Folks, I upgraded my AVG Antivirus which also included AVG TuneUp (and some other modules new to me). Since I always like to keep my PC tuned, I tried AVG TuneUp - BIG MISTAKE!! Tried running MSFS 2020 after that and got the Black screen and blue progress line at the bottom which only got to 80% (after some while) and then stopped. Tried an number of things (eg clearing Community etc etc) but no luck. Looked like it was going to have to be a complete reinstall of 2020, but luckily I had a backup from a few days prior so restored and all now good. Avoid using AVG TuneUp - it'll mess up your MSFS 2020 installation.
  4. I stopped and restarted MSFS and it seems to have recommenced were it left off. Seems to be working again. Fingers crossed!!
  5. My download is stuck on [104/148]. Its just looping. Any ideas?
  6. Yeah or mine in Cobol, Digital (DEC) Basic, Digital Dibol and ICL Plan. Now I bet that nobody on here has heard of ICL Plan and possibly not DEC Dibol? Now that's showing my age 😄
  7. I had the same problem yesterday (see "Are MS Servers Down" topic). I've never had the problem before. Tried everything without success (short of reinstalling FlightSim again) and then I found this after some research: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message-Microsoft-Store-version- I followed the instructions precisely and all is working again.
  8. Well, what a faf!! Woke up this morning hoping the good fairies had fixed my problem overnight - but no such luck!! Tried all the various ideas found on Avsim (short of reinstalling MS2020) with no joy. Off to some Mr Google research and found this: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message-Microsoft-Store-version- Followed it to the letter and BINGO we're all good to go!! All now well again.
  9. Nope, not for me. Tried a PC reboot and it still won't connect. Marketplace is greyed out which is a sure sign no server connection. What's happening now with this thing!!! I'll pack it in for today and maybe it'll sort itself out overnight.
  10. Doesn't appear to be connecting to servers and I can't change server - just says Automatic with the circle thingy spinning. Noticed this on a flight just now and the ground textures were rubbish - so nothing was streaming.
  11. One thing I've learnt in this life and in particular with IT (which I've worked in all my life) is:- make no assumptions!! Though I do hope you're right.
  12. How do you know that this relates to a Hotfix for the performance issue - I see no details?
  13. Another all too common example of a company taking the wrong fork in the road.
  14. If MS/Asobo are doing stuff on the server side to address this, then they should tell us all eg., "we understand some users are having performance issues which we're working to address on our servers. We are sorry for your inconvenience and frustration. Please be patient, we're working hard to find a fix" That would be good customer service and at least we'd know they're doing something about the problem!!
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