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  1. I totally agree with N9718. I'm a GA pilot and I've been flying GA aircraft since the early 90's. I've also been flying sims (FS2004, FSX, P3D, X-Plane) over those years as they have become available and have developed. For the past number of years its been X-Plane for me. I use sims for 2 purposes: fun and also for IFR practice (approaches etc) and practicing use of aircraft systems etc. I'm not going to get into whether MS2020 is better than X-Plane - its horses for courses. Currently, I believe there is a role for both. In my view, X-Plane is a Sim and it suits my requirements for practicing IFR work and aircraft systems etc, (its systems and flight models etc., are pretty identical to the real thing) - which you need if you are practicing your skills. MS2020 on the other hand is good for 'fun'. The visuals (terrain etc) are extraordinary as is weather depiction and it's performance is very good. But it doesn't (as yet) pass my benchmark for practicing my IFR skills and the use of aircraft systems. That doesn't mean I think its bad - far from it - as I say, its horses for courses. So for the moment I will retain and fly both. MSFS2020 for 'fun' and X-Plane for skills development and practice. Will MS2020 get there? I do hope so. But I don't think it will come from Microsoft. It will come from an eco system of 3rd parties building add-ons onto the undoubtedly technically excellent core that Asobo et al have built on behalf of Microsoft. So, until it matures, I will use both, per my points above. It's a very promising start though!!
  2. Hi, I'm an avid user of Chase Plane in P3D V4.1. All my aircraft have Chase Plane Presets. However, just got Just Flights Warrior II, set up some camera presets and all worked fine. Shut down P3D, Chase Plane disconnects as normal. Reloaded P3D and all my Warrior II presets have gone!! Tried a few experiments. Set up some presets for the Warrior - worked fine again. Selected a different aircraft - worked fine. Selected the Warrior - presets were there ok. Shut down P3D and restarted it again - Warrior presets gone?? Thinking it was possibly a Firewall problem and my presets weren't writing out I added a new preset to an existing working aircraft. Shut down P3D and restarted - the new preset for existing working aircraft was there ok. Completely bambuzzalled!! Anyone any ideas? Thanks Paul
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