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  1. Here’s the latest excuse email received minutes ago- I flew to Hong Kong as soon as possible, to meet with the factory and my now soon-to-be ex-partner to find out what was really going on. As I suspected, things were bad, but I managed to negotiate a deal between all three parties, where my partner and his companies would no longer handle sales and distribution and I would also handle the factory partner directly. As part of the agreement, I was committing to help the factory recover the outstanding invoices by paying a significant premium on the existing stock as well as on the Charlie production. In exchange, the factory agreed to manufacture the Charlie, despite the outstanding debt, but I had to pay for the injection tooling as well as 50% deposit of the production cost upfront. Last month, all parties finally signed the agreement, and I have been able to find buyers for the majority of the existing inventory already. I used the slim margins left from the inflated cost to make sure that Honeycomb staff, who were also owed money by my partner, were getting paid. Some salary payments are still outstanding, but everyone should be fully up to date by next week. Unfortunately, this has left me unable to pre-pay for the tooling or deposit required to start the production of the Charlie right now. You can argue that the customer comes first and I should have prioritized the Charlie production but in my book, people come first, they have mouths to feed and rent to pay. Since it is highly unlikely that I will receive the payments for the pre-orders from my ex-partner, I am currently working on several finance deals to be able to start production as soon as possible. How I pay it back is not clear yet, but I am determined that all customers receive the product they paid for, regardless of the financial impact to myself. Ultimately, it is my responsibility that we are in this situation, and I can’t expect anyone to carry the financial burden but myself. I am incredibly sorry to everyone who has been caught in the middle of this and hasn't received their Charlie order as promised. I really appreciate everyone who have stuck around despite the extended delays, but I think it’s my duty to tell you that you might get the product faster if you cancel your order and reorder it from one of the official resellers once they have a confirmed that the shipment is on the way. Funding an order that is tied to an invoice is a lot easier than financing one that I have to pay out of my own pocket and while I will do everything in my power to ship the pre-orders first, I might not be able to do so. If you do cancel your order, you need to be aware that you will have to dispute the charges with your credit card company to get a refund. Shopify will not issue a refund to you. (explanation below). Call your credit card company before you cancel the order, to be sure it will be refunded. For those of you who have already cancelled your Charlie order but have not received a refund, you will have to do the same. I am really sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing I can do about the matter, I have tried. I will still send a Honeycomb hat to everyone as promised, cancelled or not, just have a little patience with me. The online store, which as mentioned, runs through Shopify and also manages our faulty return process, is controlled by the Honeycomb entity in Hong Kong, which is owned by my former business partner. When Shopify didn’t receive payments for the cancelations, they blocked further refunds and we lost our ability to send out return labels for faulty products and ship new replacement units back. Not that it mattered much, because the warehouse handling the returns had already stopped shipping out replacement products before that, due to, you guessed it, outstanding invoices. You can argue that I should have seen the writing on the wall much sooner, but I kept getting promises, that it would get sorted “next week” and sometimes it did, which restores some faith, but most of the time it didn’t. For the last two months, I have been trying to get units shipped from Europe to replace the faulty products, but my ex-partner has control of the inventory, and I have so far not been able to get him to cooperate on the matter. I am working on a solution with the factory, and they have promised to supply me with the replacement units once I've paid for the tooling on the Charlie, which should be soon. The one bit of good news is that we have reached an agreement, that he will sell his assets in Honeycomb if I can find a new partner to buy him out. That’s where I’m currently at… I’m talking to several great companies, that not only have the financial means to accelerate Honeycomb's growth but also the technical expertise to help me develop even better products in the future and I’m very optimistic that one of them is going to come through. Honeycomb is a great business opportunity and while there are some housekeeping items to be dealt with, the solutions are easily executable. Deliver the Charlie as promised, replace the faulty products, and make sure that all creditors are paid before the remaining purchase sum is paid out. Once that’s out of the way, we can focus on the future.
  2. Performance feels about right, a joy to fly. Sounds are pretty good, but some missing. Need to fly some more and test various systems, especially fuel transfer to see how well they did modeling. On a Lear, anyone having problems with ground taxi, there is a steer lock button on center pedestal you need to press to disable.
  3. Just purchased. Real life type rated LR-JET pilot with a bunch of 35A hours. Will give impression after some flights. Fun thing about Learjet's, first thing you do after rotation is gear up and pull back the power or your busting 200kts quickly and 250 not shortly thereafter. I wonder if they modeled the drag chute 😉 And, do the brakes squeak a little during taxi...
  4. The zinc tail issue was on the V tail V35 bonanzas not Dukes.
  5. I have several hundred hours in the real plane the Duke B60. I loved the Real Air B60. I thought it was surprisingly accurate. some questions from the thread- the vertical stabilizer is made of magnesium. The originally certificated ceiling was Fl300 before the RVSM rules. VNE is 232kts. max ramp is 6819 lbs and takeoff-landing 6775 lbs with 232 gallon tank; cruise is 180kts Looking forward to her in MSFS!
  6. Have you tried the CPFlight ethernet test software that shows the MCP on screen and confirms that all buttons and annunciators work? It installs in the same folder as the rest of the CPFlight software. Unfortunately, can't offer any other info as mine is the USB version. You might email CPFlight as they are responsive.
  7. I have seen Adata SSD's overheat and throttle (while Samsung SSD's in same location did not) The NVME might be doing something similar, perhaps better heat sinking. Watching the temp reported via a util like HWINFO etc will help you see if that is what is going on.
  8. Similar issue, 4090 with 12900K on 3 x 65" 4K HDR screens. Working great then all of a sudden >10FPS (when normally 30-100 depending on scenery). Only things that changed were a couple of forced windows updates and Samsung SSD firmware updates (3 SSD's updated). Checked temperatures - OK 50C-70C Updated Nvidia driver - no change Checked SSD drive speeds - OK Checked network speed - OK Checked CPU/GPU usage - CPU usage low even though MSFS dev mode reported "thread limited" Began taking out all addons from community folder in alphabetical groups, A-C, D-F etc. Got through all of them until last group no change When community folder was empty - performance was restored to normal And the funny part- Added back all addons to community folder - performance still perfect. Something must have been reset by pulling all the addons out. Good luck!
  9. Spad.next will save you so much time and just works even after all the updates to the sim... its on sale now too!
  10. Is this the Carenado sound bug? Where Carenado planes sometimes pick up nearby aircraft sounds and blend them in aka the piston-turbine engine.
  11. I got it and had it for P3D. It's better than CS turning the default 747 into the 777 for sure. Has a tablet with W&B and door control in cockpit. A lot of switch sounds missing. Has cold and dark. And some logic for APU start, ground power, and engine start. I will spend some more time with it today after SU11 is done. Probably should have been $20, but again not terrible compared to some other offerings out there. The TFDI will be excellent as their 717 on P3D was pretty good.
  12. Thanks for the info, no DLSS options show up, so I will just assume it’s DLSS3 or nothing on the 4090’s until the SU11 gets released at least on my config.
  13. Yes, that’s possible, but if anyone knows definitively I would rather not change OS if I don’t have to. i wonder if SU11 beta is required?
  14. I’m not seeing the option for DLSS in the anti- aliasing selection in graphics settings. Is there a trick to it? Windows 10 SU10 DX11 Latest Nvidia driver 522.25 do I have to be on a beta version for this to be selectable?
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