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  1. Accufeel was the culprit on the Concorde handling and autopilot. Max speeds were too slow. Setting VNE’s to 500 KIAS and Mach 2.1 solved the problem. Now Concorde handles beautifully! Great plane!
  2. I for one appreciate Dean giving his thoughts. I think the DC Concorde is a great addition! Study level no, but lots of fun aircraft aren't. I'm a real World Jet and Helo pilot, but not Concorde! Although, I did fly on her as a passenger. I like how the cabin was modeled with the inflight mach and altitude displays -- brought back some memories! The autopilot seems really difficult to manage at first, I'm going to look more into that, but I'm using less than full fuel loads (with Airhauler) and there might be a CG issue, although it shows within limits. When I say difficult, I mean wild excursions and difficulty capturing altitudes. Look forward to future updates, and good luck with your business!
  3. The Milviz MD 530 works fine in P3DV5 as far as I can tell.
  4. It works fine! Triple-24's here with Nvidia surround.
  5. Any talented painters out there that can do a repaint on the Justflight DC8-73 model? I have pictures of a privately owned DC8-73 that I would like modeled and am happy to pay a nominal fee to do so via Paypal. Please message me here directly if interested, and what you need to complete the project. It will be used on P3DV5 Thank you!
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