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  1. Have you tried the CPFlight ethernet test software that shows the MCP on screen and confirms that all buttons and annunciators work? It installs in the same folder as the rest of the CPFlight software. Unfortunately, can't offer any other info as mine is the USB version. You might email CPFlight as they are responsive.
  2. I have seen Adata SSD's overheat and throttle (while Samsung SSD's in same location did not) The NVME might be doing something similar, perhaps better heat sinking. Watching the temp reported via a util like HWINFO etc will help you see if that is what is going on.
  3. Similar issue, 4090 with 12900K on 3 x 65" 4K HDR screens. Working great then all of a sudden >10FPS (when normally 30-100 depending on scenery). Only things that changed were a couple of forced windows updates and Samsung SSD firmware updates (3 SSD's updated). Checked temperatures - OK 50C-70C Updated Nvidia driver - no change Checked SSD drive speeds - OK Checked network speed - OK Checked CPU/GPU usage - CPU usage low even though MSFS dev mode reported "thread limited" Began taking out all addons from community folder in alphabetical groups, A-C, D-F etc. Got through all of them until last group no change When community folder was empty - performance was restored to normal And the funny part- Added back all addons to community folder - performance still perfect. Something must have been reset by pulling all the addons out. Good luck!
  4. Spad.next will save you so much time and just works even after all the updates to the sim... its on sale now too!
  5. Is this the Carenado sound bug? Where Carenado planes sometimes pick up nearby aircraft sounds and blend them in aka the piston-turbine engine.
  6. I got it and had it for P3D. It's better than CS turning the default 747 into the 777 for sure. Has a tablet with W&B and door control in cockpit. A lot of switch sounds missing. Has cold and dark. And some logic for APU start, ground power, and engine start. I will spend some more time with it today after SU11 is done. Probably should have been $20, but again not terrible compared to some other offerings out there. The TFDI will be excellent as their 717 on P3D was pretty good.
  7. Thanks for the info, no DLSS options show up, so I will just assume it’s DLSS3 or nothing on the 4090’s until the SU11 gets released at least on my config.
  8. Yes, that’s possible, but if anyone knows definitively I would rather not change OS if I don’t have to. i wonder if SU11 beta is required?
  9. I’m not seeing the option for DLSS in the anti- aliasing selection in graphics settings. Is there a trick to it? Windows 10 SU10 DX11 Latest Nvidia driver 522.25 do I have to be on a beta version for this to be selectable?
  10. When I tested it out this is how I configured it- The main screen is the main screen, so you only need to add two new windows through the experimental window interface. I set the main screen as 4K and also as 1080 to test both configs. I set the two new windows to windowed mode so I could drag them to the correct monitors and then set them to full screen so they used the whole monitor. Started the sim at an airport I'm very familiar with, and then went back into settings and experimental and changed the roll, lateral and vertical axis of each monitor to give more view to the left and right. It worked well, but I went from a smooth 30FPS to around 22FPS or so and it just wasn't worth that loss. My Zotac 1080ti has served me well, but it is in a new 12900K build and it is time to make the leap to the 4 series GPU's and get up to 60FPS or 4K on all three at 30FPS which if I try now it is around 8FPS on the 1080ti.
  11. Flew last night and it sounded like the plane had a hybrid-turbine-piston engine. Not a good sound. A little searching turns up a "sound bug" that inherits the sounds of nearby planes, seems really weird. Is there a fix for this?
  12. I use the surround which gives me 5760x1080 on 4K 65" screens being driven as 1080p x 3. I tried the experimental multi-monitor and the performance is about 25% less than using the surround, but you get better side views. I'm sticking with surround until the 4090 and see if that can go 4K x 3 or at least center 4K and sides at 1080P.
  13. I drive my 3x1080P screens because that's all the 1080Ti can handle. They really are 4K 65" screens. Hopefully the 4090 will be able to drive them all at 4K at a reasonable frame rate, or frontal at 4K and side at 1080P.
  14. Recently upgraded to a 12900K CPU but still using a Zotac 1080ti with 3x1080P monitors and get around 30FPS with most sliders turned up. Dev mode shows GPU limited, no surprise! Will be getting the 4090 to take it to the next level.
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