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    Started with MS flight simulator back in 1987 when it was version 2 (I think), stuck with it till now (FSX, FSX-SE, P3D all versions and MSFS), couldn't get along with X-Plane (Sorry).
    I work in aircraft maintenance since 1990, worked on L1011, MD11, B777-200/300/F, B747 classic -400 and -8F, E-170, A320/1, and B787-9/10.

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  1. watching those streamers and seeing how they deal with those company messages, I thought of; how about if Aamir announces the release through company messages to streamers, what do you think of that? isn't going to be so cool?
  2. this guy just had engine failure during final approach, how cool is that?
  3. some of the targeted streamers; Introducing - Fenix A320 - Twitch Intro Premiere
  4. as per their latest Q&A, DLSS is coming with SU10, and FSR 2.0 support might be as well, but it will be coming in future SU if it wasn't part of SU10. see from 08:15
  5. that is what I got when started MSFS, I don't know what is new though
  6. no worries, it happens to all of us. here is some illustration (I'm not good at it) but I hope it will help finding what you are looking for. Note: I think you need to put the mouse pointer on the required dial that you want to push/pull before pressing the assigned key. (I did not try it using keyboard, it is working just fine for me using mouse side keys)
  7. the actions are called, - cockpit interaction tertiary action (pull) - cockpit interaction secondary action (push) I don't think they are mapped to any keyboard key (I didn't check), but you can assign them to what ever key you want.
  8. I have side buttons on my mouse, to pull I press FWD button, to push I press Aft button by default (can be reprogrammed to your liking). Note: I have MS mouse (hardware) with default MSFS mouse profile.
  9. Thanks for your input Sir, I have to check that and report back.
  10. after updating to SU9 I lost weather/time selection panel from MSFS top menu, when tried to switch it on from panel selections found selection button is grayed out (inactive/ not selectable). anyone knows how to reactivate it?
  11. I think they mentioned in one of their Q&A that it is already part of terrain slider
  12. for me, when I start MSFS I get this; when I start MSFS as admin, it starts normal with no splash screen. Note: MS store edition.
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