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    Started with MS flight simulator back in 1987 when it was version 2 (I think), stuck with it till now (FSX, FSX-SE and P3D all versions), couldn't get along with X-Plane (Sorry).
    I work in aircraft maintenance since 1990, worked on L1011, MD11, B777-200/300/F, B747 classic -400 and -8F, E-170, A320/1, and B787-9.

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  1. penta_a

    Where is Rob Ainscough?

    thanks, at least we know now that he is OK.
  2. penta_a

    Where is Rob Ainscough?

    havn't seen any post from him lately, and his topics are not available (or I couldn't locate any), what happened? he used to post a very informative topics and very valuable discussions frequently.
  3. How about the cockpit? no PBR? it would be very nice to see display units (like real glass) reacting to sun light/shadow during turns, dome lights reflections, flood lights reflections, and so on.
  4. penta_a

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    for some reason P3D V4.4 CTD with no warning when I use FLAi models for UTL, going back to original UTL models no CTD. any idea?
  5. I think some users here (NOT MENTIONING NAMES) have information about P3D V5 more than EZ had about any version of P3D, EZ don't even have access to beta releases, they always wait until LM releases the new point version 4.xx for them to start testing and fixing compatibility issues, mentioning P3D V5 in their post is just advertising for complainers (and marketing reasons) ahead of time that there will be no compatibility fix/upgrade for EZ V 2.xx to work with next major version of P3D, you have to buy EZ V3 from now to use with that new sparkling P3D V5.
  6. additional info on my case with this MB, noticed lately that time/date is always stuck on the time that my computer entered sleep mode, I had to re synchronize time/date in windows to correct the issue, replaced CMOS battery (PN=CR2032) and things look stable so far including the initial BIOS boot up issue. (I need to give a few days to confirm however). Note: you need to backup your BIOS settings (profile) before replacing battery if you had to. thought it might help good luck.
  7. I have same model, with similar problem, disconnecting external USB drive solves the problem.
  8. penta_a

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    they can do it if they want to, by just providing all variables/options through sliders in graphic settings UI panel and leave it to the users to decide what to do with it based on their system capability instead of leaking it to testers (unannounced/unofficial) manual editing method to the CFG file.
  9. thank you very much gentlemen for your valuable input. full kit it is then.
  10. I'm tempted to move closer to VR in the new P3D, I found HTC VIVE Pro in a local store but with no controllers nor position sensors (they call them stations I think), any way, the store guy told me if I want to use Pro I have to buy the first generation VIVE so I can use its full package with the Pro version, do I need controllers and location stations for P3D V4.4? isn't the head mounted thing enough for P3D in combination with my normal controllers joystick/thrust levers including mouse?
  11. Final approach here EGLL to LEBL PMDG 737-800WL to be grounded till after the update.
  12. I would think it would be new rendering engine /DX12 support.
  13. OK, question to V4.4 PBR experts/testers, assuming every thing (3rd Party products) were updated/made compatible with P3D V4.4 PBR thing, are we still going to need 3rd party reshade products to enhance visuals?
  14. Great job,thank you very much for sharing however (this my opinion which doesn't undermines your great work in any way), due to PMDG design that doesn't adopt for such great tool and not providing shadows for switches, it makes them look floating above clear glass.
  15. penta_a

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    I will suggest this (it worked for me) if you didn't already do; disable XMP (use auto mode) to control your memory in system BIOS.