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  1. Rolling Cache could be a problem, sadly many other things too. In my case, disabling Rolling Cache kept me from frequent crashes.
  2. Instead of complaining, do it better. Worst job in pandemic times is to a be a politician. You cannot do one thing right. The same applies to software developers in the flight simulator community.
  3. IMHO: It‘s not the business of the op or anyone here to judge whether the money a developer demands for his product is correct . It's a business decision and it doesn't concern you. If it's too much money for you don't buy it. Some posters are just out of touch...
  4. Confirm CTDs when leaving the aircraft alone for a while. I assume the CTD happens when the windows power save function kicks in.
  5. Hi, got my Radeon RX 6900 XT about a week ago, therefore I cannot judge older drivers. Since then I had a few flights about 200 nm long without crash. Yesterday I flew 2-times about 500-600 nm and at both flights I got a CTD at the end of the trip. Don‘t know wether my gpu, the Working Title cj4 mod, LittleNavMap or the FsEconomy client is to blame for? Tom
  6. Hi Clem... Yeah CTDs are frustrating, thankfully I experienced not many. In your specs I see an overclocked CPU. Try to not overclock your system, maybe it‘s worth a try? Tom
  7. Hi, AFAIK, all the money 💰 goes to the copyright owner and not to the interpret. Therefore I 🤔 people get away with this. 🤩 Tom
  8. Austin: Who is Howard Hughes? 😂
  9. Hi, Just Flight has announced Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. It seems, that they are at the beginning of their work. Tom
  10. Hi, I just forward what Greg (developer of wt3) wrote at the .org forum. Tom
  11. Hello, I've heard that the developer of efass recently passed away. I don't know if it's true. Would be very sad for his family and a loss for our community. http://efass.net/portal/?a=forum_posts&id=274 Tom
  12. Oh no Tony, it's a hardisk nightmare to have orthos for one season. Orthos for each one of them might be a case for sesquashtoo. Tom
  13. Tony, maybe this is a stupid question but would seasonal textures work with orthoscenery? Tom
  14. What Austin says is for a simple bavarian like me not always easy to comprehend. But I like the enthusiasm he carries over to his team. Great guys. Most things they said are already known, but what a pity, no seasonal textures in sight... Tom
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