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  1. Hi, I just forward what Greg (developer of wt3) wrote at the .org forum. Tom
  2. Hello, I've heard that the developer of efass recently passed away. I don't know if it's true. Would be very sad for his family and a loss for our community. http://efass.net/portal/?a=forum_posts&id=274 Tom
  3. Oh no Tony, it's a hardisk nightmare to have orthos for one season. Orthos for each one of them might be a case for sesquashtoo. Tom
  4. Tony, maybe this is a stupid question but would seasonal textures work with orthoscenery? Tom
  5. What Austin says is for a simple bavarian like me not always easy to comprehend. But I like the enthusiasm he carries over to his team. Great guys. Most things they said are already known, but what a pity, no seasonal textures in sight... Tom
  6. hhbrbg

    Just outrageous frame rates!

    Mitch, O man, your damned orthos. I'm infected since a few days. And it's all your fault. Just ordering harddisks at the great river. Will send you the bill... Tom Btw.: Flying with orthos is a completely different animal. Now I understand why orbx withdrew.
  7. Looks incredible!!!!!!!!! I get appetite for orthos. I assume you get provisions from Western Digital or from Seagate Cheers Tom
  8. Hi Albin, when I jumped from the regular x-plane 11 version to the 11.02 release candidate 1, I had an impressive increase in fps. Maybe the demo you tested does not reflect the current code improvements. As my colleagues above already said, the IXEG 737 is a class of its own. A new and beautiful Carenado airplane for xp11 is the Beechcraft 1000D. But do not expect the same system depth as in the IXEG 737. Tom
  9. hhbrbg

    Rotate MD-80

    Very impressive, your airplane could be in my virt. hangar soon. Tom
  10. Lol, yes there was a time... but now I'm no longer prepar(ed)3d, because the sun now shines more on the X-Plane side. Tom
  11. Not to forget that we are now on the way to the advanced rendering frameworks metal and vulkan. Another thing to mention is, that Ben started the project 60(fps). Best of all (but not visible to the enduser) LR is in a refactoring and debugging process of there software in order to be prepared for future. They know, when building a house, you cannot start at the roof. Tom
  12. hhbrbg

    Austin's Blog...

    Great, Thank you Jcomm In Austins newest blog entry, he tells a story about hitting a wake turbulence of a MD 80 in real life. Thank god he survived.... Tom
  13. You are right, the audio could be better but one can see the potential of the addon. Btw, the developer does the coding for this very complex addon in his spare time. I'm impressed. Tom
  14. I think no. The developer recorded this video himself. Tom