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  1. such a complecated procedure. Easily you can mess things up. isn't a simple way of doing it?
  2. about 3 minutes with 100GB on the Community folder
  3. Since October 12th, when MSFS servers migrated to a new cluister I keep getting the message "Due to unexpected error your game license cannot be authenticated…" When I press OK the game loads on satisfactory. Anyaone else has this? Stelios
  4. There are only 2 options (AIRAC 2103 and 2204) and none of them is free.
  5. OK but still it does not give me an option to use an outdated AIRAC
  6. Sorry but simbrief does not allow me to create a flight plan because I dont have an AIRAC cicle and too expensive for me to buy.
  7. What simple program you might have to create flight plans and import them in PMDG?
  8. It was just a question to now. I do have the PMDG 737 for FSX and I know how to use it. I just thought that the developers migh have this option. I remember I had an easy program to create flight plans and import them in the 737. I forgot the name. Do you know one?
  9. With the 737 will you be able to set a flight plan via the MSFS and not use the FMC of the 737?
  10. Due to the Boeing 737 crash the update was postponed to the 24th. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/world-update-8-iberia-postponed-to-march-24/506072
  11. Ecxellent addition. The only think that is missing is the ability of the NXi to load the Flight path in Bush trips. Thank God for this program that does the job. https://flightsim.to/file/25416/wt-nxi-bushtrips-enabled
  12. Has the Manual 1.0.1 been updated? Also I can not download the manual from the Aerosoft One application.
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