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  1. Stelios

    Service Updates

    Well I did install after all the service updates and all is working OK now. Thank you all for your input. Stelios
  2. Stelios

    Service Updates

    The problem was that once the N2 reaches 58-60 the, the ignition switch stays on GRD and it doesn't go to OFF as it should do. In anycase I have unistalled the 737 and reinstalled it again and now it works OK. I am though scared to installed the update that it shows in the PMDG Operations center in case I have the same problem again. Is this update important? Stelios
  3. Stelios

    Service Updates

    No on idle state just after you start the engine. The ignition switch stays on GRD and it doesn't go to OFF and N! stays at 60.6. Stelios
  4. Stelios

    Service Updates

    Thanks Chris for your answer. I did the update via the PMDG Operation centre. I have this problen now when I start the engines of the 737 the N2 does not go more that 60.6 I have starded the negines with the same procedure as I always do (like the instructions manual) but now they never go more the 60.6 What is the problem. Is it faulty service pack Stelios
  5. Stelios

    Service Updates

    After I log in to download the service updates for the 737 and 777 does not take me to any link to do so. It takes me to my account menu with out any visible down load link. Stelios
  6. Stelios

    PMDG Operations Centre

    My PMDG Operations center does not show liveries for my purchased 747. stelios
  7. Stelios

    Graphis problem

    I have been running PMDG 737 with no problem at all. I then changed to SSD, reformat the PC and now when I load the 737 everything looks fine but when I change views the screen flickers and does not display the cockpit probably and the texture take too long to load . also when in cockpit view sometimes I cant even see the instrument panel. I have win 7 pro and my graphic cards is the Nvidia quadro 2000. As I mentioned before FSX and PMDG worked fine. Do I have to change anything in the FSC config file? stelios
  8. Stelios

    3D View too zoomed in

    On both of my PMDG planes 737 and 777 the default 3D 0.60 view is too zoomed in. The FSX resolution setting is the same as my monitor setting 1920 x 1080 Any solution to this please. stelios
  9. Stelios

    FSX Service Pack 2 not installing

    OK what I did is to uninstalled FSX and then manually deleted all FSX files in my PC. Reinstalled again and now SP2 successfully installed. thanks for your help guys. stelios
  10. Stelios

    FSX Service Pack 2 not installing

    I did uninstall SP1 as well as FSX and did a fresh installation again with no add ons. SP1 installed OK but again not be able to install SP2, It drives me nuts because without SP2 I can not installed the PMDG aircraft I bought. Stelios
  11. Hi Guys I can not install FSX Service Pack 2 on my windows 7 pro 64bit PC I get the below message: Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 Setup ended before completing installation. Your system has not been modified...." Service Pack 1 installed OK Stelios
  12. Stelios


    Thanks I have submitted a ticket. stelios
  13. Stelios


    I have purchased the PMDG 737NGX Base Package for FSX in 2013. ORDER CODE: Now I have installed this on my new laptop but when I enter the activation code received It does not recognize and it tells me that I do not have a valid license for this product. What can I do now. Since there is no email support from PMDG how do I resolve the issue? Stelios
  14. Stelios

    FSBuild and PMDG problem

    Thanks DJ that did the job. All working now :smile:
  15. Stelios

    FSBuild and PMDG problem

    DJ FS_HOME is set to: S:\FS2004 What is UAC?