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  1. Just checked and after a full reinstall of Aerosoft airbus and v2.2 of FS2Crew I can't activate voice in that either. On clicking the voice button nothing happens. I have probably overlooked something simple but it all worked fine before W10 so I'm a bit puzzled to say the least... EDIT: OK, think I've solved it. W10 control panel (settings) is a little confusing. Even though I'd set it to English US in settings it hadn't changed in the speech recognition setup panel. I've now changed it and it works fine. A new feature of W10! Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi Bryan I cannot start voice control in 2015 after migrating to W10 even though I have downloaded and set the US English pack as default speech language. I keep getting the Green error message in P3D stating I have to use the English US setting. Any idea what I've missed? Thanks Andrew
  3. As for the Airbus X extended, this plane has no wing flex built into the simulation. I understand (I could be wrong) that where a plane, like the T7 and NGX, incorporates a good wing flex model there is a high degree of difficulty (or impossibility) in making the flashing strobes stay on the wing tip. Thus, as far as I know, PMDG have elected for the less obvious strobes. Personally I think they are have made the correct decision, i.e. I prefer wing flex to bright lights, and I also enjoy the feature of ground reflection of their light effects. As I said, I could be wrong but I believe I read this explanation on another site but can't remember where. I agree with Erek though, in that when you are inside a plane it's difficult to see the lights on the wingtips unless they light up something like clouds or fog. From outside it's a different story as Jason's great videos show. I assume that external lights on planes are designed to broadcast outward to traffic and not inward to the passengers. Andrew
  4. Looking forward to the 777 with FS2Crew. What a mouthwatering prospect. Almost the pinnacle of FSX IMHO. Andrew
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