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  1. Oh hell! I'm so embarrassed again...I forgot that my Migration Tool was still running in the back ground. 100 lines I must pay more attention I must... Sorry
  2. Hello I've taken the plunge and installed P3Dv3.2 and have installed all my scenery and other add on planes. I have hit a glitch when trying to install the latest version of NGX and 777 however. I can't find a reference to the problem in the forums but hopefully someone else has see this. I get the error attached when trying to install. An outdated version of Prepar3D has been detected. Before you can install the PMDG 777 for Prepar3D, you will need to update your simulator. Please install Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.4 or later. My P3D v3.2 is the latest version and has been activated on line. This was complete reinstall of P3D v3.1, I uninstalled the whole lot before installing v 3.2. Any ideas? W10 64bit P3D v. Thanks Andrew
  3. I use a half head set that just covers one ear. It's very light and I attach my TrackIR to it. After a while I forget it's there.
  4. I hope you do because I can't fly without FS2Crew...
  5. Thanks for the great advice all.
  6. Hello I have searched for these words in your forum but can't find anything. I am trying to reinstall my 777 and 737NGX onto P3D v3.1 but keep getting the message; "The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because max extra activations exceeded. [incident# 6569-8147368]" Can you advise please? Thx Andrew EDIT: Ticket submitted.
  7. Just checked and after a full reinstall of Aerosoft airbus and v2.2 of FS2Crew I can't activate voice in that either. On clicking the voice button nothing happens. I have probably overlooked something simple but it all worked fine before W10 so I'm a bit puzzled to say the least... EDIT: OK, think I've solved it. W10 control panel (settings) is a little confusing. Even though I'd set it to English US in settings it hadn't changed in the speech recognition setup panel. I've now changed it and it works fine. A new feature of W10! Thanks Andrew
  8. Hi Bryan I cannot start voice control in 2015 after migrating to W10 even though I have downloaded and set the US English pack as default speech language. I keep getting the Green error message in P3D stating I have to use the English US setting. Any idea what I've missed? Thanks Andrew
  9. As for the Airbus X extended, this plane has no wing flex built into the simulation. I understand (I could be wrong) that where a plane, like the T7 and NGX, incorporates a good wing flex model there is a high degree of difficulty (or impossibility) in making the flashing strobes stay on the wing tip. Thus, as far as I know, PMDG have elected for the less obvious strobes. Personally I think they are have made the correct decision, i.e. I prefer wing flex to bright lights, and I also enjoy the feature of ground reflection of their light effects. As I said, I could be wrong but I believe I read this explanation on another site but can't remember where. I agree with Erek though, in that when you are inside a plane it's difficult to see the lights on the wingtips unless they light up something like clouds or fog. From outside it's a different story as Jason's great videos show. I assume that external lights on planes are designed to broadcast outward to traffic and not inward to the passengers. Andrew
  10. Looking forward to the 777 with FS2Crew. What a mouthwatering prospect. Almost the pinnacle of FSX IMHO. Andrew
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